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Henri Jaffa

Henri Jaffa



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Film Production - Main (feature film)

Reprisal! (1956) as Techicolor color consultant
New ranch owner Frank Madden, half Indian but posing as white, arrives just as an all white jury finds the three white Shipley brothers who lynched three Indians innocent. There is soon trouble between Frank and the Shipleys who are using Frank's land to graze their cattle. When the brother of one of the Indian victims kills a Shipley, Frank is accused and put in jail. The Shipleys then organize a lynch mob and head for the jail.

Post Production (feature film)

Comanche Station (1960) as Color Consultant
After saving a woman kidnapped by Indians, a cowboy has to fight to get her back to civilization.
Song Without End (1960) as Color Consultant
Musical genius Franz Liszt betrays his lover to court a married princess.
The Flying Fontaines (1959) as Color Consultant
After military service, a trapeze star fights to rebuild his career and his love life.
Face of a Fugitive (1959) as Color Consultant
A man framed for murder tries to build a new life after escaping the law.
Gidget (1959) as Color Consultant
A young girl dreams of winning acceptance from a gang of surfers.
Forbidden Island (1959) as Color Consultant
Jon Hall, Nan Adams, John Farrow, Jonathan Haze, Greigh Phillips, Tookie Evans, Martin Denny. A psychotic treasure hunter hires a freelance frogman to recover an emerald that went down in a shipwreck. The exotic theme song is performed by Martin Denny who also appears in the film.
Ride Lonesome (1959) as Color Consultant
A bounty hunter tries to bring a murderer to justice through perilous territory.
Pillow Talk (1959) as Color Consultant
A man and woman carry their feud over the telephone line they share into their real lives.
It Happened to Jane (1959) as Color Consultant
A small-town businesswoman takes on a railroad magnate in court.
Good Day for a Hanging (1959) as Color Consultant
A reformed bank robber has to choose between his former gang and doing the right thing.
Bell, Book and Candle (1959) as Technicolor Color Consultant
A beautiful witch puts a love spell on an unknowing publisher.
Gunmen from Laredo (1959) as Color Consultant
A corrupt saloon owner frames a rancher for the murder of his wife but Rosita, the Indian girl has the last laugh.
Edge of Eternity (1959) as Color Consultant
A modern-day western follows a Midwestern sheriff''s deputy on the trail of a murderer who killed a gold trader and sold the stash to Mexico. The crazy pursuit involves hostage taking, a Thunderbird, and a climactic encounter at the Grand Canyon.
They Came to Cordura (1959) as Color Consultant
Six American military heroes in Mexico fight treacherous conditions to get back to their base.
Operation Petticoat (1959) as Color Consultant
During World War II, the crew of a decrepit submarine takes on a team of Army nurses.
The 7th Voyage of Sinbad (1958) as Technicolor Color Consultant
Sinbad hunts for a roc''''s egg to save his love from an evil sorcerer.
Cowboy (1958) as Technicolor Color Consultant
Real-life writer Frank Harris signs on as a ranch hand and learns the ropes from an experienced cowboy.
Gunman's Walk (1958) as Technicolor Color Consultant
A rancher''''s rebellious son tries to teach him that violence is no longer an answer.
Buchanan Rides Alone (1958) as Color Consultant
Clever gunfighter tangles with a gleefully corrupt family over control of a border town.
Apache Territory (1958) as Color Consultant
A cowboy sets out to try to stop an Indian war.
Return to Warbow (1958) as Technicolor Color Consultant
Pal Joey (1957) as Technicolor Color Consultant
An opportunistic singer woos a wealthy widow to boost his career.
The Tall T (1957) as Technicolor Color Consultant
An out-of-luck cowhand falls for a married woman being held hostage.
The Hard Man (1957) as Technicolor Color Consultant
Madison is a Texas Ranger who resigns after he gets a reputation for bringing them back dead. He takes a job as deputy sheriff and quickly becomes embroiled in a range war against Greene, a rancher intent on taking over the whole range. He also begins an affair with French, Greene''s wife, who wants Madison to kill her husband for her. She ends up doing the job herself.
The Guns of Fort Petticoat (1957) as Technicolor Color Consultant
A Union deserter helps a group of women fight off an Indian attack.
Decision at Sundown (1957) as Technicolor Color Consultant
A gunman seeks revenge on the man he believes stole his wife.
You Can't Run Away From It (1956) as Technicolor Color Consultant
A reporter stumbles on a runaway heiress whose story could salvage his career.
He Laughed Last (1956) as Technicolor Color Consultant
When a chorus girl inherits a gangster''''s nightclub, her boyfriend accuses her of cheating.
The Eddy Duchin Story (1956) as Technicolor Color Consultant
The famed pianist loses the love of his life and almost loses his son''''s love as well.
Hot Blood (1956) as Technicolor Color Consultant
A gypsy''''s brother tricks him into marrying a tempestuous beauty.
7th Cavalry (1956) as Techicolor col consultant
An alleged coward tries to redeem himself by reclaiming General Custer''''s body.
The Last Frontier (1956) as Technicolor Color Consultant
A backwoodsman signs on as scout for a remote Army fort.
Jubal (1956) as Technicolor Color Consultant
A rancher''s wife falls for a wandering cowhand.
My Sister Eileen (1955) as Technicolor Color Consultant
Two sisters from Ohio, one pretty, one witty, plot to take New York City by storm.
Bring Your Smile Along (1955) as Technicolor Color Consultant
A New England schoolteacher goes to New York to become a songwriter.
The Man from Laramie (1955) as Technicolor Color Consultant
A wandering cowboy gets caught in the rivalry between an aging rancher's sons.
The Gun That Won the West (1955) as Technicolor Color Consultant
A cavalry attempts to establish a chain of forts in the Sioux Indian territory while simultaneously avoiding a war.
Picnic (1955) as Technicolor Color Consultant
A handsome drifter ignites passions at a small-town Labor Day picnic.
Duel on the Mississippi (1955) as Technicolor Color Consultant
Count Three and Pray (1955) as Technicolor Color Consultant
A Westerner turns preacher to overcome his shady past.
A Lawless Street (1955) as Technicolor Color Consultant
A Marshal's past comes back to haunt him.
Rhapsody (1954) as Technicolor Color Consultant
A wealthy socialite is torn between the classical violinist who excites her and the pianist who needs her.
Give a Girl a Break (1954) as Technicolor Color Consultant
Three young dancers vie for a starring role on Broadway.
I Love Melvin (1953) as Technicolor Color Consultant
A photographer''''s assistant promises to turn a chorus girl into a cover girl.
Easy to Love (1953) as Technicolor Color Consultant
Two men vie for the heart of a Cypress Gardens swimming star.
All the Brothers Were Valiant (1953) as Technicolor Color Consultant
Brothers on a whaling schooner become romantic rivals.
Dangerous When Wet (1953) as Technicolor Color Consultant
A family of fitness freaks sets out to swim the English Channel.
The Story of Three Loves (1953) as Technicolor Color Consultant
Passengers on an ocean liner recall their greatest loves.
The Band Wagon (1953) as Technicolor Color Consultant
A Broadway artiste turns a faded film star's comeback vehicle into an artsy flop.
Small Town Girl (1953) as Technicolor Color Consultant
A sheriff's daughter falls for a playboy arrested for speeding.
Young Bess (1953) as Technicolor Color Consultant
The future Elizabeth I fights court intrigue in the turbulent years before her ascension to the throne.
Lili (1953) as Technicolor Color Consultant
A French orphan gets a job with a carnival puppet show.
Torch Song (1953) as Technicolor Color Consultant
A tempestuous musical theatre star falls for a blind pianist.
Scandal at Scourie (1953) as Technicolor Color Consultant
Controversy erupts in a small Canadian town when a Protestant couple tries to adopt a Catholic child.
Sombrero (1953) as Technicolor Color Consultant
Three sets of lovers are caught between feuding Mexican villages.
Million Dollar Mermaid (1952) as Technicolor Color Consultant
True story of Annette Kellerman, the world''''s first great swimming star.
Because You're Mine (1952) as Technicolor Color Consultant
After being drafted, an opera star falls for his sergeant's sister.
The Prisoner of Zenda (1952) as Technicolor Color Consultant
An Englishman who resembles the king of a small European nation gets mixed up in palace intrigue when his look-alike is kidnapped.
The Merry Widow (1952) as Technicolor Color Consultant
A prince from a small kingdom courts a wealthy widow to keep her money in the country.
Lovely To Look At (1952) as Technicolor Color Consultant
All-star remake of Roberta, with three Broadway producers inheriting a Parisian fashion house.
Latin Lovers (1952) as Technicolor Color Consultant
An heiress searches for true love while vacationing in Brazil.
Skirts Ahoy! (1952) as Technicolor Color Consultant
Three women join the Navy to find husbands.
Plymouth Adventure (1952) as Technicolor Color Consultant
Epic dramatization of the Pilgrims'''' journey to the new world on the Mayflower.
Everything I Have Is Yours (1952) as Technicolor Color Consultant
On the eve of her big Broadway break, a dancer discovers she''''s pregnant.
Singin' in the Rain (1952) as Technicolor Color Consultant
A silent-screen swashbuckler finds love while trying to adjust to the coming of sound.
Scaramouche (1952) as Technicolor Color Consultant
In 18th-century France, a young man masquerades as an actor to avenge his friend's murder.
The Belle of New York (1952) as Technicolor Color Consultant
A turn-of-the-century playboy courts a Salvation Army girl.
Kim (1951) as Technicolor Color Consultant
Rudyard Kipling''''s classic tale of an orphaned boy who helps the British Army against Indian rebels.
An American in Paris (1951) as Technicolor Color Consultant
An American artist finds love in Paris but almost loses it to conflicting loyalties.
Quo Vadis (1951) as Technicolor Color Consultant
A Roman commander falls for a Christian slave girl as Nero intensifies persecution of the new religion.
The Painted Hills (1951) as Technicolor Color Consultant
A faithful collie protects a prospector from claim jumpers.
Vengeance Valley (1951) as Technicolor Color Consultant
An honest rancher tries to block his evil brother's plots while keeping them from their father.
Texas Carnival (1951) as Technicolor Color Consultant
A penniless carnival worker runs up a mountain of debts when he's mistaken for a millionaire.
Show Boat (1951) as Technicolor Color Consultant
Riverboat entertainers find love, laughs and hardships as they sail along "Old Man River."
Rich, Young and Pretty (1951) as Technicolor Color Consultant
A rancher's daughter visits Paris to meet her mother and find love.
Mr. Imperium (1951) as Technicolor Color Consultant
An exiled king and a film star try to rekindle a romance from the past.
Across the Wide Missouri (1951) as Technicolor Color Consultant
An explorer leads the way west for 19th-century settlers along the American frontier.
The Great Caruso (1951) as Technicolor Color Consultant
The legendary opera singer fights to win his place in society.
Excuse My Dust (1951) as Technicolor Color Consultant
An inventor''''s new automobile could put his girlfriend''''s livery stable out of business.
Royal Wedding (1951) as Technicolor Color Consultant
A brother-and-sister musical team find romance when they tour to London for Elizabeth II's wedding.
King Solomon's Mines (1950) as Technicolor Color Consultant
A spirited widow hires a daredevil jungle scout to find a lost treasure in diamonds.
The Toast of New Orleans (1950) as Technicolor col consultants
A New Orleans fisherman fights snobbery to become an opera star.
The Happy Years (1950) as Technicolor Color Consultant
Friends and family try to tame an unruly student at the turn of the century.
Duchess of Idaho (1950) as Technicolor color consultant
During a Sun Valley vacation, a woman tries to solve her roommate''''s romantic problems only to get caught in a love triangle of her own.
Pagan Love Song (1950) as Technicolor Color Consultant
An American tourist romances a Tahitian beauty.
Three Little Words (1950) as Technicolor Color Consultant
Musical biography of songwriters Bert Kalmar and Harry Ruby, who surreptitiously helped each other out of jams.
The Outriders (1950) as Technicolor Color Consultant
Rebel soldiers try to hijack a Union gold shipment.
Annie Get Your Gun (1950) as Technicolor Color Consultant
Fanciful musical biography of wild West sharpshooter Annie Oakley.
Two Weeks with Love (1950) as Technicolor Color Consultant
Two sisters find romance during a turn-of-the-century family vacation.
Summer Stock (1950) as Technicolor Color Consultant
A farmer gets sucked into show business when a theatrical troupe invades her farm.
Nancy Goes to Rio (1950) as Technicolor Color Consultant
Mother-and-daughter singers compete for the same role and the same man.
On the Town (1949) as Technicolor color consultant
Three sailors wreak havoc as they search for love during a whirlwind 24-hour leave in New York City.
Challenge to Lassie (1949) as Technicolor color consultant
A faithful dog changes the lives of all who know her after her master dies.
Neptune's Daughter (1949) as Associate (Color)
Mistaken identity complicates a polo player's romance with a bathing suit designer.
The Barkleys of Broadway (1949) as Associate (Color)
A married musical team splits up so the wife can become a serious actress.
That Midnight Kiss (1949) as Technicolor color consultant
A singing truck driver battles snobbery to become a star.
The Kissing Bandit (1949) as Associate (Color)
A timid young man is forced to follow in his father's footsteps as a notorious masked bandit.
Little Women (1949) as Associate (Color)
The four daughters of a New England family fight for happiness during and after the Civil War.
That Forsyte Woman (1949) as Technicolor Color Consultant
An unhappily married woman falls in love with her niece's fiance.
The Pirate (1948) as Associate (Color)
An actor poses as a notorious pirate to court a romantic Caribbean girl.
The Three Musketeers (1948) as Associate (Color)
Athletic adaptation of Alexandre Dumas' classic adventure about the king's musketeers and their mission to protect France.
Easter Parade (1948) as Associate (Color)
When his partner leaves him, a vaudeville star trains an untried performer to take her place, finding love in the process.
Three Daring Daughters (1948) as Associate (Color)
Three young girls try to help their widowed mother find the right husband.
On an Island with You (1948) as Associate (Color)
A movie star falls for a handsome naval officer during location shooting in Hawaii.
Summer Holiday (1948) as Associate (Color)
Musical remake of Ah, Wilderness!, about a small-town boy's struggles with growing up.
A Date with Judy (1948) as Associate (Color)
A teenager thinks her father is involved with a fiery Latin singer.
Hills of Home (1948) as Associate (Color)
Lassie helps a Scottish doctor deal with his patients' problems.
Till the Clouds Roll By (1947) as Associate (Color)
True story of composer Jerome Kern's rise to the top on Broadway and in Hollywood.
Good News (1947) as Associate (Color)
A football hero falls in love with his French tutor.
The Unfinished Dance (1947) as Associate (Color)
A young dance student accidentally cripples a teacher she doesn't like.
Fiesta (1947) as Associate (Color)
A Mexican beauty replaces her toreador brother in the bull ring so he can pursue his musical career.
This Time for Keeps (1947) as Associate (Color)
A famous singer's son falls for a swimming star.
The Yearling (1947) as Associate (Color)
A Florida boy's pet deer threatens the family farm.
Ziegfeld Follies (1946) as Associate (Color)
Legendary showman Flo Ziegfeld imagines the kind of Follies he could produce with MGM's musical stars.
Easy to Wed (1946) as Associate (Color)
In this remake of Libeled Lady, a tough newspaper editor hires a gigolo to compromise a woman suing his paper for libel.
Courage of Lassie (1946) as Associate (Color)
A young girl tries to rehabilitate the famous collie after his return from combat service in World War II.
The Harvey Girls (1946) as Associate (Color)
Straitlaced waitresses battle saloon girls to win the West for domesticity.
Holiday in Mexico (1946) as Associate (Color)
An ambassador''''s daughter falls for a famous musician.
Thrill of a Romance (1945) as Associate (Color)
A soldier returning from World War II finds love with a lady swimmer.
Yolanda and the Thief (1945) as Associate (Color)
A con man poses as a Latin American heiress'''' guardian angel.
Anchors Aweigh (1945) as Associate (Color)
A pair of sailors on leave try to help a movie extra become a singing star.
National Velvet (1945) as Associate (Color)
A British farm girl fights to train a difficult horse for the Grand National Steeplechase.
Son of Lassie (1945) as Associate (Color)
The beloved collie goes to war to help the resistance in occupied Norway.
Broadway Rhythm (1944) as Associate (Color)
A retired vaudevillian clashes with his producer son.
Meet Me in St. Louis (1944) as Associate (Color)
Young love and childish fears highlight a year in the life of a turn-of-the-century family.
Thousands Cheer (1944) as Associate (Color)
An egotistical acrobat joins the Army and falls in love with his commander''''s daughter.
An American Romance (1944) as Associate (Color)
A European immigrant becomes a master of industry but almost loses his family.
Kismet (1944) as Associate (Color)
In the classic Arabian Nights tale, the king of the beggars enters high society to help his daughter marry a handsome prince.
Bathing Beauty (1944) as Associate (Color)
A songwriter enrolls in an all-girl school to court a pretty gym teacher.
Coney Island (1943) as Associate (Color)
A con man fast-talks his way into managing a Coney Island nightclub with a temperamental star.
Salute to the Marines (1943) as Associate (Color)
A retired Marine gets caught in the middle of the Philippines campaign.
Hello Frisco, Hello (1943) as Associate (Color)
My Friend Flicka (1943) as Associate (Color)
A boy''''s love for a horse helps him grow up.
Best Foot Forward (1943) as Associate (Color)
A movie star wreaks havoc when she accepts an invitation to a military academy dance.
The Desert Song (1943) as Assoc Technicolor col dir
Crash Dive (1943) as Associate (Color)
Against his personal preference, PT boat commander Ward Stewart is made executive officer of the submarine USS Corsair. On leave before sailing, he meets schoolteacher Jean Hewlett and gives her a romantic rush...unaware that she's the sweetheart of Dewey Connors, his new commander. At sea, the men bond while fighting German Q-ships. When will they discover their mutual romantic rivalry? Will it interfere with a spectacular commando raid on a secret German base?
Lassie Come Home (1943) as Associate (Color)
A faithful collie undertakes an arduous journey to return to her lost family.
Du Barry Was a Lady (1943) as Associate (Color)
A night club employee dreams he's Louis XV, and the star he idolizes is his lady love.
My Gal Sal (1942) as Associate (Color)
A chronicle of songwriter Paul Dresser as he moves up into New York society.
The Forest Rangers (1942) as Associate (Color)
Ranger Don Stuart fights a forest fire with timber boss friend Tana 'Butch' Mason, and finds evidence of arson. He suspects Twig Dawson but can't prove it. Butch loves Don but he, poor fool, won't notice her as a woman; instead he meets socialite Celia in town and elopes with her. The action plot (Don's pursuit of the fire starter) parallels Tana's comic efforts to scare tenderfoot Celia back to the city.
Thunder Birds (1942) as Associate (Color)
A veteran flyer and the youngster he''''s training fall for the same girl.
Springtime in the Rockies (1942) as Associate (Color)
A pair of Broadway partners threaten to breakup after old flames enter the picture.
Beyond the Blue Horizon (1942) as Associate (Color)
Captains of the Clouds (1942) as Assoc Technicol color dir
A mail flyer joins the Canadian air force for fun but has to prove his worth when he goes to war.
The Black Swan (1942) as Associate (Color)
When he's named governor of Jamaica, a former pirate sets out to clean up the Caribbean.
The Shepherd of the Hills (1941) as Associate (Color)
A young man seeks to murder his father that abandoned his mother, yet fate plays a hand when a stranger appears.
Fiesta (1941) as Associate (Color)
A lady rancher upsets her family by bringing home a fiance from the city.
Virginia (1941) as Associate (Color)
Smilin' Through (1941) as Associate (Color)
An embittered man threatens the love life of his niece, who's a dead ringer for his lost fiancee.
Blossoms in the Dust (1941) as Associate (Color)
True-life story of Edna Gladney, who fought for orphans' rights in Texas.
Billy the Kid (1941) as Associate (Color)
A misunderstood youngster turns into one of the West''''s most notorious outlaws.
Typhoon (1940) as Associate (Color)
Bitter Sweet (1940) as Associate (Color)
A voice teacher and his star pupil run away together to a life of love and poverty.
Dr. Cyclops (1940) as [Color] assoc
A brilliant physicist in the Peruvian jungle discovers how to shrink his enemies.
Untamed (1940) as Associate (Color)
The Ice Follies of 1939 (1939) as Assoc, Cinderella finale
An ice-skating team breaks up when both partners fall for the same girl.
Drums Along the Mohawk (1939) as Associate (Color)
A young couple fights off Indian attacks to start a farm in the Mohawk Valley.
Hollywood Cavalcade (1939) as Associate (Color)
Michael Linnett Connors takes Molly Adair from Broadway understudy to 1913 Hollywood star. Although she is in love with him, she marries her co-star reckoning wrongly Connors thinks of her only in terms of movies. He fires her in pique, apparently terminally damaging his career.
Jesse James (1939) as Assoc technicolor dir
When a railroad agent kills their mother, Frank and Jesse James take up robbing banks and trains.
The Wizard of Oz (1939) as [Technicolor] Assoc
A Kansas farm girl dreams herself into a magical land where she must fight a wicked witch to escape.
The Goldwyn Follies (1938) as Associate (Color)
A movie mogul hires an innocent girl to teach him what the average audience member likes.
Men with Wings (1938) as Associate (Color)
Kentucky (1938) as [Technicolor] assoc
A Romeo and Juliet love story set amidst horseracing.
Sweethearts (1938) as Associate (Color)
Bickering husband-and-wife stage stars are manipulated into a break-up for publicity purposes.
Nothing Sacred (1937) as Associate
When a small-town girl is diagnosed with a rare, deadly disease, an ambitious newspaper man turns her into a national heroine.

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