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Also Known As: Died: January 5, 1997
Born: February 2, 1912 Cause of Death: lung cancer
Birth Place: New York City, New York, USA Profession: Music ...


Cast (feature film)

The Fred Astaire Songbook (1991)
A loving tribute to Astaire the singer.
Hell's Angels (1930) as
Two buddies take on World War I flying aces and a seductive blonde.

Writer (feature film)

Affair in Havana (1957) as Screenwriter

Music (feature film)

Post, The (2017)
Small Time Crooks (2000)
Ray Winkler is a meek, addle-brained ex-convict who decides to rob a bank to support the spending habits of his ex-stripper, New Jersey wife, Frenchy. To do so, Ray and his inept accomplices, Denny, Benny and Tommy, rent a vacant store next to a bank and set up a false storefront with the hopes of tunneling from the basement into the bank. While they bumble below ground trying to avoid water mains and other subterranean hazards, Frenchy turns the store upstairs into a thriving cookie shop. Suddenly the Winkers find themselves richer than they could ever imagine and rising up the social ladder at a speed that does not quite fit their tastes.
Excess Baggage (1997)
A woman plans her own kidnapping in order to get back at her father. When she gets locked in her own trunk in the process, she inadvertently starts up a relationship with a car thief. She is then tracked by a former Green Beret who is employed by her father.
That's Entertainment! III (1994)
Classic musical numbers and rare behind-the-scenes footage show how MGM created the screen''''s greatest musicals. Featuring clips with Gene Kelly, Lena Horne and Debbie Reynolds.
Rich in Love (1992) as Song ("I Hear Music")
A 17-year-old high school girl from the South deals with her parents' sudden divorce.
The Fisher King (1991)
A DJ tries to help a homeless madman whose life he had unwittingly ruined.
The Fred Astaire Songbook (1991)
A loving tribute to Astaire the singer.
Two Jakes, The (1990)
Sequel to Roman Polanski's 1974 film "Chinatown." It is eleven years later and private eye J J Gittes becomes entangled in a murder and conspiracy scheme, stemming from the real estate deal that was part of the original film's plot.
Man Against the Mob: The Chinatown Murders (1989)
George Peppard reprises his role as Sergeant Frank Doakey, an honest police detective who is fighting to keep organized crime out of Los Angeles in the 1940s. In this sequel, Doakey follows a trail of murder which leads him to uncover a prostitution ring operated by mobsters in Chinatown.
Racing With The Moon (1984)
Two blue-collar young men in a small California seacoast town in 1942 prepare to enlist in the Marines but plan to have some romantic flings before they go off to war.
Heidi's Song (1982)
The orphaned Heidi moves in with her grandfather in the mountains. After his initial resistance to taking the little girl, the two becoming close. After Heidi is taken away to live with a family in the city, both she and her grandfather are unhappy and long to be together again.
Raggedy Man (1981)
Nita, a divorced mother of two boys, is stuck working as a telephone operator in a small Texas town in World War II. Her friendship with a sailor, who is ''on leave'', causes judgemental tongues to wag in town.
Get Carter (1971) as Composer
A small-time gangster searches for the truth behind his brother's death.
On a Clear Day You Can See Forever (1970) as Composer
A psychiatrist falls in love with a patient's past life.
Finian's Rainbow (1968) as Composer
A leprechaun follows the Irishman who stole his pot of gold to the U.S. South.
The Horizontal Lieutenant (1962) as Composer
During World War II, an inept intelligence officer falls hard for a military nurse.
Jazz Ball (1958) as Composer
Against the backdrop of the Italian-Austrian war of unification, troubled Countess Livia Serpieri betrays her country for the love of an Austrian rogue, Franz Mahler. As her resources dwindle, Livia comes to realize that their love might not be as pure as she thought.
Sing, Boy, Sing (1958) as Composer
A young Pop Star struggles with his singing career being "sinful" and his gospel roots that his grandfather who raised him instilled in his heart.
The Young Lions (1958) as Composer
A Jewish soldier faces anti-Semitism when he enlists to fight World War II.
The Party Crashers (1958) as Composer
Short Cut to Hell (1957) as Composer
A professional hitman is hired by a friend to commit two murders. His friend pays him off in what turns out to be stolen money, and the police soon trace the money to him. On the run, he kidnaps the girlfriend of the police detective in charge of his pursuit and threatens to kill her unless the hunt is called off.
Jupiter's Darling (1955) as Composer
A beautiful Roman mounts a romantic campaign to halt Hannibal's invasion of the empire.
Money from Home (1954) as Composer
Matt and Dean are in trouble. Dean owes tons of gambling debts. To pay it off, he promises to fix a horse, so that it does not run. To do that, he intends to use his animal lover, veterenian apprentice cousin, Jerry to do this. Of course, he doesn't tell Jerry the real reason. Hilarity ensues as mistaken identies are assumed, while along the way, Jerry meets a female vet and Dean falls for the owner of the horse he's promised to fix. Goons and mobsters are also lurking around; so beware!
Give a Girl a Break (1954) as Composer
Three young dancers vie for a starring role on Broadway.
Don't Bother to Knock (1952) as Composer
A man with anger issues finds himself drawn to an unstable young beauty.
Everything I Have Is Yours (1952) as Composer
On the eve of her big Broadway break, a dancer discovers she''''s pregnant.
Royal Wedding (1951) as Composer
A brother-and-sister musical team find romance when they tour to London for Elizabeth II's wedding.
Strictly Dishonorable (1951) as Composer
An opera star risks disaster when he marries a lovesick fan.
Feudin', Fussin and A-Fightin' (1948) as Composer
Small towners kidnap a salesman to help them win a race against their rivals.
I Walk Alone (1948) as Composer
An ex-convict discovers the world of crime has changed drastically since he went up the river.
This Time for Keeps (1947) as Composer
A famous singer's son falls for a swimming star.
The Great Morgan (1945) as Composer
An actor's attempt to produce a movie results in a collection of random musical numbers.
Rainbow Island (1944) as Composer
A girl is raised as a native while living on a tropical island.
Hollywood Canteen (1944) as Composer
A serviceman and a starlet find love at the star-staffed serviceman's center.
Thousands Cheer (1944) as Composer
An egotistical acrobat joins the Army and falls in love with his commander''''s daughter.
Meet the People (1944) as Composer
A fading stage star tries to revive her career by taking a job in a shipyard.
Presenting Lily Mars (1943) as Composer
A small-town girl fights for her big chance on Broadway.
Du Barry Was a Lady (1943) as Composer
A night club employee dreams he's Louis XV, and the star he idolizes is his lady love.
He's My Guy (1943) as Composer
Vaudeville performers Van Moore (Dick Foran) and Terry Allen (Irene Hervey) split up after a quarrel. Terry moves in with Madge Donovan (Joan Davis), a dancing comedienne friend. She gets a job as secretary to Kirk (Donald Douglas), personnel manager of a defense plant, and conceives the idea of staging a talent show from among the workers. She sends for Van to help her stage the show but he arrives and finds her with Kirk and they break up again. When the show goes on, Kirk takes bows for its success. When it comes Terry's turn to sing, she is terrified without Van. But when she hears her accompaniment, she knows it is Van playing it, and walks out on the stage to find him at the piano. Madge tells the plant president (Samuel S.Hinds) that Van, not Kirk, really produced the show and he announces that Van and Terry are now co-directors of the entertainment for all the company's plants.
Babes on Broadway (1942) as Composer
Show-biz hopefuls stage a benefit for an orphanage.
Ship Ahoy (1942) as Composer
A dancer sailing to Puerto Rico hides government messages in her tap routines.
Her Cardboard Lover (1942) as Composer
A flirt tries to make her fiance jealous by hiring a gigolo.
Seven Sweethearts (1942) as Composer
A father insists that his seven daughters marry in order, from eldest to youngest.
Panama Hattie (1942) as Composer
A nightclub owner in Panama takes on Nazi spies.
Dancing on a Dime (1940) as Composer
Saint Louis Blues (1939) as Composer
Some Like It Hot (1939) as Composer
A carnival con artist tries to ride his girlfriend''''s singing talents to the big time.
Cafe Society (1939) as Composer
Flight at Midnight (1939) as Composer
Spinner McGee (Phil Reagan), devil-may-care mail pilot volunteers his courage and skill for the task of raising $100,000 to save the small airport owned by Pop Hussey (Harlan Briggs) from being condemned. Spinner's recklessness, combined with the efforts of others who have a vested interest in seeing the field closed, make it a hard task to accomplish, but Colonel Roscoe Turner (played by Colonel Roscoe Turner who was always billed with his rank) is on hand to help.
She Married a Cop (1939) as Composer
College Swing (1938) as Composer
In 1738, a pact is drawn up between the Alden family and a highly respected Colonial college: If any female member of the family can pass her college exams within a 200-year period, ownership of the institution will be turned over to her. Two hundred years later in 1938, the last of the Alden girls, Gracie Alden hires Bud Brady to help her pass her exams. She also tries to win over no-nonsense professor Hubert Dash, who has no intention of handing his college over to a ditzy young lady like Gracie.
Partners of the Plains (1938) as Composer
Lorna Drake arrives from England to take over the ranch. Although she and Hoppy argue most of the time she takes a liking for Hoppy, angering her fiance Ronald. This enables Scar to enlist Ronald's help in his plan to kill Hoppy. But when Hoppy foils that plan a forest fire develops endangering Lorna.
Cocoanut Grove (1938) as Composer
Spawn of the North (1938) as Composer
Two Alaskan salmon fishermen, Tyler Dawson (skipper of the "Who Cares") and Jim Kimmerlee of the "Old Reliable," are lifelong pals. Their romantic rivalry over young Dian ends amicably. But a more serious rift, with violent consequences, arises when Tyler befriends Russian fish pirates while Jim finds himself aligned with local vigilantes. Notable glacier scenery.
Champagne Waltz (1937) as Composer
Angel's Holiday (1937) as Composer
Swing High, Swing Low (1937) as Composer
When success goes to his head, a bandleader could lose everything.
King of Gamblers (1937) as Composer
Blonde Trouble (1937) as Composer
Fred Stevens (Johnny Downs), on his way to New York City with hopes of succeeding as a songwriter, meets and falls in love with Edna Baker, an employee in a dentist's office. In New York, Fred meets Paul Sears (William Demarest), a broken-down songwriter, his wife Lucille (Helen Flint) and her gold-digging sister, Eileen Fletcher (Terry Walker.) They are indifferent to him until they discover he has his life's savings with him. Eileen makes plans to marry Fred and ignores her song-publishing boy friend, Joe Hart (Lynne Overman.) Fred and Paul write a song together and take it to Hart, who sees a way to get Eileen off his hands by giving Fred a large advance. Fred, who is completely swayed by Eileen, parts with Edna. Hart continues the advances but when Fred and Paul go to him asking why the song hasn't been published, Hart tells them it isn't any good and he was using Fred to help rid him of Eileen. Fred now realizes he loves Edna. A popular radio singer sees Fred's song in Hart's office and sings it on the air, and it becomes a hit.
Wells Fargo (1937) as Composer
An employee of an express shipping service helps to provide people with the supplies they need.
Double or Nothing (1937) as Composer
A dying millionaire instructs his laywer to drop four purses on the streets of New York City. Four honest people find them and return them to the lawyer. Under the terms of the will, each of them is given $1,000,000, which they must double within 30 days in order to claim his entire estate. However, the greedy relative cut from the will are determined to thwart each one's plans.
Love on Toast (1937) as Composer
Artists and Models (1937) as Composer
An ad man gets his model girlfriend to pose as a debutante for a new campaign.
Night Club Scandal (1937) as Composer
Dr. Ernest Tindal kills his wife and plants clues pointing to her lover, Frank Marsh. Vera, Frank's sister, enlists the aid or reporter Russell Kirk in proving the innocence of her brother. Detective McKinley thinks that gangster Jack Reed is involved and shoots Reed when he attempts to escape. Reed gets away but goes to Dr. Tindal for treatment of his wound and Tindal kills him on the operating table. Kirk has uncovered some new evidence and confronts Tindal with it.
Her Husband Lies (1937) as Composer
College Holiday (1936) as Composer
A group of men are invited to spend the summer with a lady hotelier interested in eugenics.
Every Saturday Night (1936) as Composer
Hideaway Girl (1936) as Composer
The Perfect Gentleman (1935) as Composer
A retired military man helps an actress make a comeback.
Shadow of Doubt (1935) as Composer
Murder charges threaten an actress's marriage plans.
Folies Bergère de Paris (1935) as Composer
An entertainer impersonates a look-alike banker, causing comic confusion for his girlfriend and his double's wife.
L'homme des Folies Bergère (1935) as Composer
Here Comes the Band (1935) as Composer
A songwriters takes on the corrupt publisher who stole his music.
Reckless (1935) as Composer
A theatrical star gets in over her head when she marries a drunken millionaire.
Coming Out Party (1934) as Composer
Strictly Dynamite (1934) as Composer
A radio comic runs out of jokes, triggering a desperate search.
Kid Millions (1934) as Composer
A musical comedy about a Brooklyn boy (Eddie Cantor) who inherits a fortune from his archaeologist father, but has to go to Egypt to claim it.
Bottoms Up (1934) as Composer
Promoter Smoothe King helps a pair of phonies con their way into a movie company. As Wanda heads toward stardom, she turns more and more from King toward the matinee idol. King must decide between his plans and her happiness.
A Wicked Woman (1934) as Composer
A woman kills her drunken husband to defend her children.
Dancing Lady (1933) as Composer
A musical star is torn between a millionaire playboy and her stage manager.

Cast (special)

Ira Gershwin at 100: A Celebration at Carnegie Hall (1997)
Concert tribute to popular American lyricist Ira Gershwin, from Carnegie Hall, taped on his 100th birthday.
Music By Richard Rodgers (1990)
A presentation of "Great Performances" in which Shirley Jones hosts a musical tribute to composer Richard Rodgers. This profile uses film clips and newly taped performances of musicals in which Rodgers collaborated.
Musical Comedy Tonight (1981)
Hit numbers from Broadway are restaged via four plays: "Finian's Rainbow" (1947), "South Pacific" (1949), "Sweet Charity" (1966) and "Lady in the Dark" (1941).

Music (special)

Ira Gershwin at 100: A Celebration at Carnegie Hall (1997)
Concert tribute to popular American lyricist Ira Gershwin, from Carnegie Hall, taped on his 100th birthday.
Ira Gershwin at 100: A Celebration at Carnegie Hall (1997)
Concert tribute to popular American lyricist Ira Gershwin, from Carnegie Hall, taped on his 100th birthday.

Music (short)

Gypsy Night (1935)
In this short film, gypsies sing and dance around the fire while their children dream.

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