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Lester Matthews

Lester Matthews



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Cast (feature film)

John Q (2002) as Human Services Representative
John Q. Archibald is an ordinary man who works at a factory and takes care of his family. His wife Denise and young son Michael are his world. But when Michael falls seriously ill and needs an emergency heart transplant operation that John Q. can''t afford and his health insurance won''t cover, he vows to do whatever it will take to keep his son alive. With time and options running out, a desperate gamble becomes his only hope--he takes the emergency room hostage. As John Q. barricades himself inside the hospital along with his unwitting group of emergency room hostages, many of them in need of medical care themselves, he faces off with a veteran police hostage negotiator and a quick-tempered police chief who both want to bring a swift end to the stand-off.
She's So Lovely (1997)
A romantic fable about Eddie and Maureen--young, married and passionately crazy about each other. Drunk, unstable and about to have a baby, they live in a world of funky barflys and colorful low-lifes, living it up on no money and their manic, co-dependent need for each other. When a neighbor attacks Maureen, Eddie snaps and it costs him ten years of his life in a mental institution. Upon Eddie''s returns, he discovers that his wife has re-married and she is caught in the middle between the past and the present.
Star! (1968) as Lord Chamberlain
Gertrude Lawrence rises to stage stardom at the cost of happiness.
Scorpio Letters (1967)
An American is enlisted by British Intelligence to replace one of its recently murdered agents and smash a ring of blackmailers headed by a nefarious figure known as Scorpio.
Assault on a Queen (1966) as Doctor
Mercenaries salvage a sunken submarine to rob the Queen Mary at sea.
Mary Poppins (1964) as Mr. Tomes
Two banker's children lose their nanny due to her frustration with them. A change in the wind blows in an assertive nanny who matches the qualifications of the children and not the father. As she helps them magically explore the world around them the father grows increasingly disapproving of her methods, and must eventually deal with his own distance from his children.
Walk Like a Dragon (1960) as Peter Mott
A cowboy''''s love for a Chinese slave girl triggers controversy in a Western town.
The Miracle (1959) as Capt. John Bolting
When a 19th century nun elopes, the Virgin Mary takes her place at the convent.
Slander (1957) as Frank Grover
A TV star almost loses his career and his marriage over a tabloid story.
Something of Value (1957) as Game warden
Childhood friends end up on opposite sides of a bloody African uprising.
Flame of the Islands (1956) as Gus
Rosalind Dee is a cabaret singer who aspires to enter high society. When she comes into dirty money she forms a partnership with two gambling-club owners to build the establishment into a gathering place for the only the most elite.
The Far Horizons (1955) as Mr. Hancock
Romanticized version of Lewis and Clarks voyage of discovery through the American West.
The Seven Little Foys (1955) as Father O'Casey
The famed vaudevillian puts his children in the act to keep the family together when his wife dies.
Moonfleet (1955) as Major Hennishaw
A British buccaneer is torn between three seductive women.
Ten Wanted Men (1955) as Adam Stewart
A cattleman''s dream of law and order is threatened by the ambitions of a ruthless rival.
Charge of the Lancers (1954) as Gen. Stanhope
A soldier masquerades as a gypsy to rescue his best friend from the enemy.
Jungle Man-Eaters (1954) as Commissioner Kingston
King Richard and the Crusaders (1954) as Archbishop of Tyre
King Richard''''s attempts to win back the Holy Lands are complicated by his love of a tempestuous Englishwoman.
Bad for Each Other (1954) as Dr. Homer Gleeson
A doctor returned from the Korean War must choose between setting up a glamorous practice and helping the poor.
Désirée (1954) as Caulaincourt
A young woman wins the heart of Napoleon, though the two can never be together.
Sangaree (1953) as Gen. Darby
Originally released in 3-D, the film covers the post-Revolutionary War of Dr.Carlos Morales (Fernando Lamas), the son of an indentured servant, who has been raised and educated by General Darby (lester Mathews), and made legal executor of the Georgia estate when Darby dies. He is opposed by Nancy Darby (Arlene Dahl)who tries to break the will and also her father's desire to set up a group of free medical clinics for the poor to be overseen by Carlos. The true culprits behind her opposition are her fiance, Harvey Bristol (John Sutton) and his father, Dr. Bristol (Francis L. Sullivan), who are in reality preying on the Darby holdings. A plague that hits Savannah is thrown in the mix.
The Desert Rats (1953) as Foreign secretary
A desperate band of Allied soldiers fights off the Nazis in North Africa.
Young Bess (1953) as Sir William Paget
The future Elizabeth I fights court intrigue in the turbulent years before her ascension to the throne.
Jamaica Run (1953) as Mr. Willoughby
Promoter William Montague (Patric Knowles) wants to buy the estate owned by the Daceys, Mrs. Dacey (Carroll McComas)and her daughter Ena (Arlene Dahl) and son Todd (Wendell Corey), in order to build a resort hotel. When they turn him down, he produces a couple of distant relatives, Janice (Laura Elliott) and Robert Clayton (Michael Moore), and sets about to prove that the estate rightfully belongs to them. The identity of the rightful heirs is thought to be buried in a sunken ship off of the Jamaican shore and the search begins, led by a schooner skipper, Patrick Fairlie (Rayy Milland), who is in love with Ena.
Savage Mutiny (1953) as Major Walsh
Jungle Jim fights enemy agents to help move natives from a nuclear testing site.
Fort Ti (1953) as Lord Jeffrey Amherst
Trouble Along the Way (1953) as Cardinal O'Shea
A famous football coach uses underhanded means to turn a bankrupt college's team into winners.
Niagara (1953) as Doctor
Honeymooners get mixed up with an obsessive husband and his cheating wife.
Rogue's March (1953) as Brig. General
After being unjustly accused of spying, a British officer tries to redeem himself in India.
Man in the Attic (1953) as Chief Inspector Melville
A landlady suspects her mysterious new tenant is Jack the Ripper.
5 Fingers (1952) as Undersecretary
A British valet in Turkey during World War II sells secrets to the Germans.
Les Miserables (1952) as Mentou, Sr.
An obsessive policeman relentlessly hunts a man who escaped prison after stealing bread.
Stars and Stripes Forever (1952) as Mr. Pickering
A film biography of the composer John Philip Sousa.
The Brigand (1952) as Dr. Lopez
A disgraced military officer stands in for an injured Arab ruler.
Operation Secret (1952) as Robbins
After World War II, a Paris court investigates the murder of Maquis resistance leader Armand Dubois. French agent Marcel Brevoort joins a German agent, a British foreign office member, agent Maria and Maj. Letrec to testify about a mysterious American soldier of fortune, Peter Forrester. Their testimony paints Forrester as a reckless but daring field agent, whose actions influenced a mission in which Dubois was involved.
Lady in the Iron Mask (1952) as Prime Minister Rochard
Captain Pirate (1952) as Col. Ramsey
A reformed pirate returns to the seas when cutthroats start imitating his modus operandii.
Jungle Jim in the Forbidden Land (1952) as Commissioner Kingston
The famed explorer leads an anthropologist to a lost civilization of giants.
Against All Flags (1952) as Sir Cloudsley
A British officer must face off against the pirates of Madagascar.
The Lady and the Bandit (1951) as Ridgeley
A dramatization of the life of the English bandit Dick Turpin.
The Desert Fox (1951) as British officer
Following his work with the Afrika Korps, Field Marshall Rommell joins in a plot to assassinate Hitler.
The Son of Dr. Jekyll (1951) as John Utterson
The son of the notorious scientist fights to clear his father''''s name.
Tales of Robin Hood (1951) as Sir [Hugh] Fitzwalter
Anne of the Indies (1951) as Wherry
LaRochelle, a former pirate captain, is caught by the British. To get his ship back, he works as a spy against other pirates, first of all Blackbeard and Providence. He works on some ships, crossing the Caribbean sea, with the intention of being enchained, when a pirate ship is in sight, to make them believe he's an enemy of the British. One day, his ship is conquered by Captain Providence. What nobody knew before, Providence is a (beautiful, of course) woman. She believes his story and so he joins her crew. But Blackbeard, her fatherly friend, doesn't believe him. Providence and LaRochelle fall in love, although he is married. When LaRochelle tries to deliver her to the British, she forebodes the trap, kidnaps his wife and escapes. As for revenge, she wants to sell his wife on a slave-market. LaRochell gets his ship and his crew back and follows her. ...
Corky of Gasoline Alley (1951) as Ellis
Lorna Doone (1951) as King Charles II
Barbara Hale, Richard Greene, Carl Benton Reid, William Bishop, Ron Randell, Sean McClory, Onslow Stevens, John Dehner, Queenie Leonard. English farmer Richard Greene leads a village uprising against their corrupt landlords in this second screen adaptation (The first version was filmed in 1935) of the popular Richard D. Blackmore novel.
The Woman on Pier 13 (1950) as Dr. Dixon
Communists blackmail a shipping executive into spying for them.
Tyrant of the Sea (1950) as Lord Horatio Nelson
Rogues of Sherwood Forest (1950) as Alan-a-Dale
Robin Hood''''s son reunites the Merry Men when King John reverts to tyranny.
Montana (1950) as George Forsythe
An Australian gets caught in the battle between ranchers and sheep men.
Free for All (1949) as Mr. Aberson
The Paradine Case (1948) as Inspector Ambrose
A married lawyer falls for the woman he's defending on murder charges.
Fighting Father Dunne (1948) as Archbishop [John Joseph Glennon]
A dedicated priest tries to reform a group of homeless boys in turn-of-the-century St. Louis.
Banjo (1947) as Gerald Warren
A southern orphan has to leave her beloved dog behind when she moves North.
The Exile (1947) as Robbins
A deposed king fights for his life while hiding out at a farm.
Dark Delusion (1947) as Wyndham Grace
A young doctor tries to keep a neurotic beauty from being committed.
Bulldog Drummond at Bay (1947) as Shannon
When thieves rob his country estate, Bulldog Drummond¿s investigation uncovers a deadly jewel heist.
Objective, Burma! (1945) as Major Fitzpatrick
An American platoon parachutes into Burma to take out a strategic Japanese outpost.
Son of Lassie (1945) as Maj. Ellsworth
The beloved collie goes to war to help the resistance in occupied Norway.
Two O'Clock Courage (1945) as Mark Evans
An amnesiac discovers he's wanted for murder.
I Love a Mystery (1945) as Justin Reeves, also known as Mr. G
A detective tries to protect a man who has predicted his murder will take place in three days.
Salty O'Rourke (1945) as Dignified salesman
Salty owes money to Doc Baxter; he and his pal Smitty have one month to pay up. They get a race horse and a disbarred jockey, Johnny Cates, who must fake his identity to race. Johnny and Salty both fall in love with Barbara Brooks and, to get even, Johnny considers throwing the horserace.
The Beautiful Cheat (1945) as Harley
The Invisible Man's Revenge (1944) as Sir Jasper Herrick
An eager scientist (John Carradine) tests his new formula for invisibility on an escaped fugitive (Jon Hall). When the formula works the criminal runs off to terrorize a family he believes cheated him out of a fortune years earlier.
The Story of Dr. Wassell (1944) as Dr. Ralph Wayne
A Navy doctor fights to help wounded sailors escape the Japanese during World War II.
Nine Girls (1944) as Horace Canfield
When a sorority girl is found murdered, her classmates set out to solve the case.
Between Two Worlds (1944) as Dispatcher
Passengers on a luxury liner realize they are en route to the afterlife.
Ministry of Fear (1944) as Dr. Morton
When hidden microfilm comes into his possession, an innocent man is drawn into espionage.
Four Jills in a Jeep (1944) as Capt. Lloyd
Shadows in the Night (1944) as Stanley Carter
A criminal psychologist tries to help a beautiful heiress going mad in a haunted mansion.
The Mysterious Doctor (1943) as Dr. Frederick Holmes
Nazi agents use a headless ghost as a front.
Northern Pursuit (1943) as Colonel
A Mountie tracks a downed Nazi flyer through the Canadian wilderness.
Appointment in Berlin (1943) as Air marshal
A British secret agent poses as a radio personality for the Nazi's.
London Blackout Murders (1943) as Oliver Madison
Two Tickets to London (1943) as Treathcote
Corvette K-225 (1943) as British captain
In 1943, 'Mac' MacClain, Canadian Navy, has lost his ship and many men to a German torpedo. While waiting for a new ship, he befriends Joyce Cartwright, sister of one of his dead officers. We follow the building and launch of new Corvette K-255, the 'Donnacola'. And who should be Mac's new subaltern but Joyce's other brother Paul, fresh out of the academy. Mac will do his best to make a good officer of Paul...if they both survive their hazardous sea duty.
Sunday Punch (1942) as Smith
A young girl copes with a boarding house full of boxers.
Born to Sing (1942) as Arthur Cartwright
Fledgling entertainers put on a show for Uncle Sam.
The Pied Piper (1942) as Mr. Cavanaugh
Englishman Mr Howard is on a fishing holiday in eastern France when the Germans invade in 1940. Setting off to try and get back home he is persuaded to take along the two Cavanaugh children, and as his journey progresses his family keeps growing in size. Once in German-occupied northern France a new problem arises - the risk of being heard speaking English.
Son of Fury (1942) as Prosecutor
A young adventurer seeks his fortune in the South Seas so he can return to England and reclaim his birthright.
Across the Pacific (1942) as Canadian Major
An American agent tries to keep Axis spies from blowing up the Panama Canal.
Manila Calling (1942) as Wayne Ralston
When the Japanese capture the principal radio station of the American Radio Communications Company in the Philippines, the staff manages to escape into the jungle, tie up with a band of Filipino Scouts (Moros) and make their way to the coast. The party, radio technician Jeff Bailey (Cornel Wilde) and communications men Lucky Matthews (Lloyd Nolan) and Tom O'Rourke (James Gleason), finds an advance Japanese unit on the plantation of an old friend and, working with the Moros as a guerilla unit, attack and seize the site from the Japanese in order to use the radio transmitter. Solidifying themselves in the stronghold they discover there is no food or water and it is surrounded by the Japanese. A night club singer, Edna Fraser (Carole Landis), escaping from the Japanese, gets into the plantation. Jeff is working to fix their radio set, hoping to send a message of hope and courage to the conquered and enslaved Filipinos of the district, and the Japanese, aware of this possibility, are using every means to wipe out the group.
Now, Voyager (1942) as Captain
A repressed spinster is transformed by psychiatry and her love for a married man.
Desperate Journey (1942) as Wing Commander
American pilots stranded in Germany during World War II fight their way to freedom.
A Yank in the R.A.F. (1941) as Group captain
A hot shot flyer discovers the hero within when he joins the British Air Force during World War II.
Life Begins for Andy Hardy (1941) as Mr. Maddox
A small-town boy tries life in the big city before going to college.
Man Hunt (1941) as Major
An Englishman goes behind enemy lines to assassinate Hitler.
Scotland Yard (1941) as Doctor Gilbert
Inspector Cork pursues a bank robber who serves in the army and receives facial injuries. After plastic surgery he shows up as a bank president planning an enormous robbery.
Northwest Passage (1940)
True story of Rogers' Rangers and their fight to open up new frontiers for Colonial America.
British Intelligence (1940) as Thompson
A lady spy uses a British nobleman''''s home in her undercover work for the Germans.
The Lone Wolf Keeps a Date (1940) as Mr. Lee
A reformed thief tracks down a missing stamp collection and a kidnapped businessman.
Sing, Dance, Plenty Hot (1940) as Scott Durham
Gaucho Serenade (1940) as Frederick Willoughby
Gene Autry and sidekick Frog Millhouse depart Madison Square Garden and NYC heading west for home in their car and a horse trailer carrying Gene's horse, Champion. They discover that Ronnie Willoughby, a young boy just off the boat from school in England, has hitched a ride, thinking that Gene and Frog were sent by his father to meet him. Ronnie thinks his father is a big rancher in the west and doesn't know that his father, Alfred Willoughby, is serving time in San Quentin prison because of a frame-up by the officials of a packing company. To keep the father from testifying against them, the packing company officials, Carter, Jenkins and Martin, have arranged for the boy to be kidnapped. Along the way a runaway bride, Joyce Halloway, and her young sister Patsy join the troupe. Various members of the cast sing and dance their way through The Singing Hills, Gaucho Serenade, Give Out With a Song, Heading For the Wide Open Spaces, 'Tis Be, Keep Rollin' and A Song of Sunset before every situation is solved, and Gene gets Joyce, Frog gets Ringeye, the father is cleared and reunited with his UK-accented son and the villains are sent to the Republic Big House.
The Biscuit Eater (1940) as Mr. Ames
Two little boys have faith in a dog they name Promise, so much faith that they enter him in the championship trials for bird dogs. The favorite is Georgia Boy bred and trained by the boys' fathers. And if Georgia Boy doesn't win, the fathers may both lose their jobs.
Women in War (1940) as Sir Humphrey, the King's counsel
Should a Girl Marry? (1939) as Dr. White
Rulers of the Sea (1939) as Lieut. Roberts
The Three Musketeers (1939) as Duke of Buckingham
A parodic remake of the story of the young Gascon D'Artagnan, who arrives in Paris, his heart set on joining the king's Musketeers. He is taken under the wings of three of the most respected and feared Musketeers, Porthos, Aramis, and Athos. Together they fight to save France and the honor of a lady from the machinations of the powerful Cardinal Richelieu.
Conspiracy (1939) as Gair
A shipment of poisonous gas is delivered for use in a mythical Central American country.
Susannah of the Mounties (1939) as Harlan Chambers
Shirley Temple plays an orphaned survivor rescued by mounties.
Everything Happens at Night (1939) as Philip
Two reporters compete to discover a scientist living in hiding and win his daughter.
There's Always a Woman (1938) as Walter Fraser
While working on a simple case, married private eyes uncover a murder.
Three Loves Has Nancy (1938) as Dr. Alonzo Z. Stewart
A country girl follows the man who jilted her to the big city, where she finds two new suitors.
I Am a Criminal (1938) as District Attorney George Lane
The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938) as Sir Ivor
The bandit king of Sherwood Forest leads his Merry Men in a battle against the corrupt Prince John.
If I Were King (1938) as General Saliere
Vagabond poet Francois Villon wins the chance to improve life in Medieval France, if he will give up his lower-class friends.
Time Out for Murder (1938) as Phillip Gregory
A bank runner (Kellard) is accused of killing a woman (Hussey) for whom he deposited a large amount. Reporter (Stuart) and bank official (Stuart) investigate.
Mysterious Mr. Moto (1938) as Sir Charles Murchison
Mr. Moto has himself imprisoned on Devil's Island so he can help his cellmate (Ames) escape and thereby get the goods on a gang of international killers.
Lancer Spy (1937) as Captain Neville
An Englishman impersonates an imprisoned German officer and "returns" to Germany to become a national hero. A female German spy is assigned to check him out but falls in love with him.
The Prince and the Pauper (1937) as St. John
Rousing adaptation of the Mark Twain tale of a 16th-century prince who trades places with a lookalike peasant.
Crack-Up (1937) as Sidney Grant
Song and Dance Man (1936) as C. B. Nelson
Thank You, Jeeves! (1936) as Elliott Manville
Erudite manservant Jeeves hopes to keep his frivolous employer Bertie out of new harrowing adventures, but a damsel in distress, carrying half of some mysterious plans, intrudes on their London flat one rainy night. Bertie follows her to country hotel Mooring Manor, prepared to do slapstick battle with crooks posing as Scotland Yard men.
Too Many Parents (1936) as Mark Stewart
Lloyd's of London (1936) as Captain Hardy
A young man's love for a married woman leads him to help found an insurance company.
Professional Soldier (1936) as Prince Edric
A mercenary is hired to kidnap a prince.
15 Maiden Lane (1936) as Gilbert Lockhart
Tugboat Princess (1936) as Bob [Norfolk]
Werewolf of London (1935) as Paul Ames
A strange animal attack turns a botanist into a bloodthirsty monster.
The Raven (1935) as Dr. Jerry Halden
An insane plastic surgeon plots to kill people in ways inspired by Edgar Allan Poe.
Called Back (1933)

Film Production - Construction/Set (feature film)

Unhook the Stars (1996) as Set Production Assistant
Mildred is a widow who discovers a whole new world when her grown children move away. Monica, Mildred's troubled next-door neighbor, leaves her young son J.J. with Mildred while she works a split shift. A friendship develops between Mildred and the six-year-old that opens her eyes to things she neve

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