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Una Merkel

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Also Known As: Died: January 2, 1986
Born: December 10, 1903 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Covington, Kentucky, USA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Spinout (1966) as Violet Ranley
A singing race-car driver has to choose among three amorous females.
A Tiger Walks (1964) as Mrs. Watkins
A tiger escapes from a circus truck as it passes by a small town, and hides itself in the surrounding woods. This throws the town into a panic and everyone wants the animal killed immediately, except for the daughter of the sheriff. She wants to capture the tiger and put it in a zoo, thereby saving the tiger's life. Her determination starts a nationwide campaign among children to raise the money to buy the tiger from the circus, but first, she, her father and an Indian tiger trainer must find the tiger before the National Guard do, who have orders to kill it on sight.
Summer Magic (1963) as Maria Popham
A small-town postman helps a Boston widow and her family adjust to country life.
The Parent Trap (1961) as Verbena
Twins separated by divorce plot to bring their parents back together.
Summer and Smoke (1961) as Mrs. Winemiller
A small-town spinster''''s repressed love for the local rebel spells danger.
The Mating Game (1959) as Ma Larkin
A tax agent falls for a farm girl whose father he''''s investigating.
The Girl Most Likely (1958) as Mom
A girl accepts three wedding proposals at once and dreams of marriage to each man.
The Fuzzy Pink Nightgown (1957) as Bertha
A kidnapped movie star falls for one of her captors.
Bundle of Joy (1956) as Mrs. Dugan
A shop girl is mistaken for the mother of a foundling.
The Kettles in the Ozarks (1956) as Miss Bedelia Baines
Ma and the kids head back to the Ozarks for a visit with Uncle Sedge (essentially a Pa Kettle replacement). He's working his way through a twenty years long relationship with Miss Bedelia Baines.
The Kentuckian (1955) as Sophie Wakefield
A backwoodsman and his son fight to build a new home in Texas.
I Love Melvin (1953) as Mom Schneider
A photographer''''s assistant promises to turn a chorus girl into a cover girl.
With a Song in My Heart (1952) as Sister Marie
This film focuses on the rise of an aspiring songstress.
The Merry Widow (1952) as Kitty Riley
A prince from a small kingdom courts a wealthy widow to keep her money in the country.
Rich, Young and Pretty (1951) as Glynnie
A rancher's daughter visits Paris to meet her mother and find love.
Golden Girl (1951) as Mary Ann Crabtree
Against the background of the Civil War, sixteen-year-old song-and-dance artiste Lotta Crabtree works her way across America, becoming ever more popular.
A Millionaire for Christy (1951) as Patsy Clifford
A woman sets her hat for a man who's inherited a million dollars.
Kill the Umpire (1950) as Betty Johnson
To appease his family, a retired baseball player signs up for umpire school.
My Blue Heaven (1950) as Miss Irma Gilbert
A married song and dance team tries to adopt a child.
Emergency Wedding (1950) as Emma
Man from Texas (1948) as Widow Weeks
The Bride Goes Wild (1948) as Miss Doberly
A womanizing author of children's books borrows a son to woo his illustrator.
It's a Joke, Son! (1947) as Magnolia Claghorn
The first Eagle-Lion film stars Kenny Delmar as Senator Beauregard Claghorn, his "Allen's Alley" resident-character heard on Fred Allen's radio program. Claghorn was a blustery, one-man-Chamber-of-Commerce for all things Southern, who had no tolerence for anything north of the Mason-Dixon line, although he made allowances for South Philly. The character inspired the creation of one of the most popular of the Warners' cartoon characters, Foghorn Leghorn, who re-worked most of the originals material and style. The title of this movie is a stock line- "it's a joke, son"---he would feed a befuddled Fred Allen each week. In the film, Claghorn gets into some financial difficulties and is forced by a machine-political gang to enter a race for state senator against his wife (Una Merkel) who appears to have a good chance to beat the political hack backed by the machine. Claghorn is in to siphon votes and ensure his wife's opponent will win and is expected to run a campaign that will defeat himself and his wife. But, he runs to win and the machine's henchies abduct him.
Sweethearts of the U.S.A. (1944) as Patsy
When she's knocked out accidentally, a defense plant worker dreams she's a famous detective.
This Is the Army (1943) as Rose Dibble
A song-and-dance man's son stages a big show starring World War II soldiers.
The Mad Doctor of Market Street (1942) as Aunt Margaret [Wentworth]
A mad scientist is forced to leave San Francisco when his experiments become known. He lands on a tropical island, takes control and terrorizes the local populace. The survivor of a shipwreck washes ashore on the island, sees what is happening and determines to free the natives from his rule.
Twin Beds (1942) as Lydia
Double Date (1941) as [Aunt] Elsie [Kirkland]
Road to Zanzibar (1941) as Julia [Quimby]
A lady con artist scams two out-of-work entertainers into financing a safari.
Cracked Nuts (1941) as Sharon [Knight]
A young man in a small town wins $5000 in a radio contest. He goes to New York City to propose to his girlfriend, but gets mixed up with a crooked attorney and two con men who are trying to sell a fake "robot."
Sandy Gets Her Man (1940) as Nan [Clark]
The Bank Dick (1940) as Myrtle Sousé
When he foils two robberies in one day, the town drunkard is hired to guard the local bank.
Comin' Round the Mountain (1940) as Belinda Watters
Destry Rides Again (1939) as Lily Belle Callahan
A deputy who''''s sworn not to shoot again takes on a corrupt town boss and a sultry saloon singer.
Some Like It Hot (1939) as Flo Saunders
A carnival con artist tries to ride his girlfriend''''s singing talents to the big time.
Four Girls in White (1939) as Gertie Robbins
Student nurses cope with life''''s problems.
On Borrowed Time (1939) as Marcia Giles
An old man and his grandson trap Death in a tree.
Checkers (1938) as Mamie Appleby
Don't Tell the Wife (1937) as Nancy Dorsey
A milquetoast banker gets caught in an investment swindle.
The Good Old Soak (1937) as Nellie
A small-town drunk catches a temperance campaigner in dirty dealings.
True Confession (1937) as Daisy McClure
A compulsive liar, married to a scrupulously honest lawyer, confesses to a murder she didn''''t commit to help further his career.
Saratoga (1937) as Fritzi [Kiffmeyer]
A horse breeder''''s daughter falls for a bookie.
Speed (1936) as Josephine Sanderson
A race-car driver fights to prove the worth of his new high-speed carburetor.
Riffraff (1936) as Lil
Young marrieds in the fishing business run afoul of the law.
We Went to College (1936) as Susan [Standish]
Three middle-aged men try to recapture the joys of their college days.
Born to Dance (1936) as Jenny Saks
A sailor on leave helps a young dancer make it to the top on Broadway.
Broadway Melody of 1936 (1935) as Kitty Corbett
A Broadway columnist tries to use an innocent dancer to frame a producer.
It's in the Air (1935) as Alice Churchill
One New York Night (1935) as Phoebe
A farmer on the loose in Manhattan finds a dead body in the next hotel room.
Biography of a Bachelor Girl (1935) as Slade
A portrait painter is reunited with a lost love when her upcoming memoirs threaten his political career.
Baby Face Harrington (1935) as Millicent
A milquetoast has to fight off cops and gangsters when he''''s mistaken for a criminal.
Murder in the Fleet (1935) as Toots Timmons
Seamen hunt down a deadly saboteur.
The Night Is Young (1935) as Fanni
A European nobleman falls for a ballerina.
Have a Heart (1934) as Joan
A street vendor tries to help a dancing teacher who''''s lost the use of her legs.
This Side of Heaven (1934) as Birdie
An eccentric family tries to work together when the father is accused of embezzlement.
The Cat's-Paw (1934) as Petunia "Pet" Pratt
Naive Ezekial Cobb, brought up by his missionary father in China returns to America to seek a wife. Corrupt politicians enlist him to run for mayor as a dummy candidate with no chance of winning. Their plan backfires as he wins and embarks upon a reform crusade.
Paris Interlude (1934) as Cassie
Expatriates and foreign correspondents mix in a Paris bistro.
Murder in the Private Car (1934) as Georgia [Latham]
A speeding train becomes the setting for murder.
Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back (1934) as Gwen
Algy, Bulldog Drummond's right-hand-man, is getting married. Bulldog attends; on the way home, in the fog, he enters the (apparently deserted) mansion of Prince Achmed in search of a phone. He finds none, but he does find a body - which disappears when he summons a bobby. Bodies keep disappearing as Drummond keeps summoning the authorities, particularly his long-suffering upstairs neighbor, Captain Nielsen; the ever faithful Algy also finds his wedding night disrupted by, among other things, some emergency code-breaking. And of course, there's a beautiful woman there's always a beautiful woman in this case, Gwen, who turns out to be the daughter of the dead man who started all this.
The Merry Widow (1934) as Queen [Dolores]
A prince from a small kingdom courts a wealthy widow to keep her money in the country.
Evelyn Prentice (1934) as Amy Drexel
A criminal lawyer's wife faces blackmail when she has an affair.
Reunion in Vienna (1933) as Ilse [Hinrich]
A woman is tempted to betray her husband with an old flame.
Bombshell (1933) as Mac
A glamorous film star rebels against the studio, her pushy press agent and a family of hangers-on.
42nd Street (1933) as Loraine [Lolly] Fleming
The definitive backstage musical, complete with the dazzling newcomer who goes on for the injured star.
Midnight Mary (1933) as Bunny
An abused orphan sinks into a life of crime.
The Women in His Life (1933) as Simmons
When his ex-wife is murdered, a hard-living lawyer defends the chief suspect.
Whistling in the Dark (1933) as Toby Van Buren
A mystery writer's plan for the perfect murder greatly interests a mobster.
Her First Mate (1933) as Hattie Horner
Clear All Wires (1933) as Dolly [Winslow]
Foreign correspondents clash over working methods and love.
Beauty for Sale (1933) as Carol [Merrick]
An innocent young hairdresser snares herself a rich husband but he's already married.
Day of Reckoning (1933) as Mamie
A man's nagging wife drives him to crime.
The Secret of Madame Blanche (1933) as Ella
A murder brings together a woman and the son she was forced to give up years earlier.
Broadway to Hollywood (1933) as Chorus girl
Three generations of vaudevillians fight for stardom on stage and screen.
They Call It Sin (1932) as Dixie Dare
An innocent young chorus girl fights the advances of her lecherous producer.
Men Are Such Fools (1932) as Molly
Huddle (1932) as Thelma
A steelworker''s son becomes a college football hero.
Man Wanted (1932) as Ruth Holman
A female executive falls in love with her male secretary.
She Wanted a Millionaire (1932) as Mary Taylor
Impoverished Jane Miller is loved by millionaire Roger and newspaperman William. Though William warns her otherwise, she goes with the millionaire to his French chateau where she risks terrible cruelty and even death.
Red-Headed Woman (1932) as Sally
An ambitious secretary tries to sleep her way into high society.
The Impatient Maiden (1932) as Betty Merrick
The Secret Witness (1931) as Lois Martin
A wealthy, cheating husband is found murdered in his penthouse apartment. The police soon arrest a suspect, but the victim's downstairs neighbor believes the man is innocent and sets out to prove who really committed the murder.
Command Performance (1931) as Princess Katerina
Don't Bet on Women (1931) as Tallulah Hope
A bachelor bets his married friend that he can get a kiss from any woman in 24 hours -- including the man''s wife.
Six Cylinder Love (1931) as Margaret Rogers
Troubles begin for the Sterlings when they buy an expensive car. Friends press them for rides; Marilyn has an accident which Gilbert must get $5,000 from his boss to pay for. They finally sell the car to the janitor.
The Bargain (1931) as Etta
Private Lives (1931) as Sibyl [Chase]
A divorced couple rekindles the spark after landing in adjoining honeymoon suites with new mates.
The Maltese Falcon (1931) as Effie
In the first screen version of The Maltese Falcon, detective Sam Spade investigates the theft of a priceless statue.
Daddy Long Legs (1931) as Sally McBride
Wealthy Jervis Pendleton acts as benefactor for orphan Judy Abbott, anonymously sponsoring her in her boarding school. But as she grows up, he finds himself falling in love with her, and she with him, though she does not know that the man she has fallen for is her benefactor.
Wicked (1931) as June
Abraham Lincoln (1930) as Ann Rutledge
In this biography the simple backwoods boy rises to become one of America's most beloved presidents.
The Eyes of the World (1930) as Sybil
The Bat Whispers (1930) as Dale Van Gorder
A masked criminal terrorizes the residents at a deserted country house.
The Fifth Horseman (1924) as Dorothy

Cast (short)

Hollywood Goes to Town (1938)
Thousands of stars and fans gather in Hollywood for the world premiere of "Marie Antoinette" (1938) in this promotional short film.
Menu (1933)
In this comedic short, a magical chef helps a housewife cook her husband''''s dinner.

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