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Robert Mitchum

Robert Mitchum



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  • Woodpecker

    • Cris McHenka
    • 2015-02-24

    I was cleaning stalls for a neighbor who was picking up a horse, They had a newly purchased horse in the barn and expected the former owner to drop by since he had been off his feed since he was moved to their barn. A car parked outside the barn and a fellow in a windbreaker walked in the barn. A could hear his voice drift to the hay barn and I thought to myself, wow that guy sounds just like Robert Mitchum. Turns out he was moving from Maryland to California and sold his horses. He was telling "Pecker" aka "Woody" as we knew him by, that he would be back, that he was just going away for a while. He fed him some carrots, rubbed the top of his head and turned to me." He will be alright now. I did not get a chance to talk to him before you picked him up. He was my horse, you see." He handed me the half filled bag of carrots and got in his car and as he drove by he lowered the window and said to call him Pecker and he would do anything I asked. I promised I would and he drove away. Woodpecker cleaned up his grain from then on. That horse and I were very good friends. Never saw Mr. Mitchum again. Always liked his films even more so after that day.

  • Robert Mitchum

    • Norine
    • 2011-04-12

    My comment after reading the reviews about my favorite male star is - I am pleased to see there are still people with excellent taste who classify Robert Mitchum as outstanding, in so many respects. I'm sure many of today's viewer's were not yet born when he was a big star. However, thanks to Turner Classic Movies, we get to know and enjoy the stars of yesterday who really knew how to entertain. They just don't make 'em like that any more.

  • Robert Mitchum

    • Cyrus Gohari
    • 2010-11-21

    I thind Robert Mitchum was the second best actor after Behrooz Vosooghi in the movie industry Cyrus Gohari

  • Complex Man;Robert Mitchum

    • Gloria Burge
    • 2010-03-04

    For those fellow Mitchum lovers, do read the many books about him. He was such a complex man with such an interesting past. I have seen all his movies I can get my hands and same with the books. I don't think there was another actor who can compare to him. He had so many other talents besides acting.

  • Just reviewing Mitch

    • gloria burge
    • 2010-03-04

    Robert Mitchum was the ultimate package. He could express most any emotion with just his eyes. He didn't have to make grand jestures like so many. Not only a wonderful actor, he was so intelligent; read the classics, had a photographic memory, put that great baritone voice into beautiful songs; wrote poetry. He was also the sexiest man ever to grace the silver screen. He is obviously my favorite actor of all time. Please play more of his movies!

  • Bob Mitchum the Singer

    • Bob Karam
    • 2009-12-28

    The voice behind the credits in THE RIVER OF NO RETURN is that of Tennessee Ernie Ford. Strange I never realized the similarity to Mitchum's before Linda's comments. Anyway, we do get samples of Bob's singing voice in RACHEL AND THE STRANGER and (eerily) THE NIGHT OF THE HUNTER, which is perhaps his best film.

  • He Can Sing

    • Linda kiselburgh
    • 2009-12-04

    I ordered two of his CD's and they were great. I could tell that he sang the title song for the movie the "River of No Return". I think that if would have had some training that he could have given Frank Sintra and Bing Crosby a lot of competion. He could play a lot of parts and he wasn't afraid to play parts that went against the norm. I always thought that he should have won an academy award. He is a ten all the way.

  • He's Great!!!

    • Linda Kiselburgh
    • 2009-12-04

    I think that Robert Mitchum is one of greatest actors of all time. I also think that he had a great singing voice. He was so good looking. I can definely see why all the ladies liked him. I just love Turner Classic Movies for playing all his movies and for sending me a reminder notice for each time they are showing one. Put me down for all of the Robert Mitchum movies that you will be showing next year!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Linda Hardin
    • 2009-11-03

    I AGREE JOHN re: voice recognition**! I can be in another room, and know at least 100 actors (not even the STARS), since it IS A GREAT part of their ability. (Supporting actor EX: EE Horton, James Gleason, Ann Miller, Henry Daniell, etc.) BACK TO MR. MiTCHUM: In my opinion, he was one of the most sexy, handsome and versatile actors who lived. I also think he was (still is) underrated, as his work is not shown much. From what other actors say in the TCM interviews, and his background - his private life should be well regarded, not just based on some stupid 1948 "pot" arrest. (Only reason why I can figure the number is fairly low.) That aside, he is always wonderful to watch - having just seen movies I had never seen him in today (11-3-09). THANK YOU TCM for showing him, and PLEASE SHOW MORE (have requested it). IT IS TIME HE GOT "Man of the Month"! With 133 credits, he certainly could make a lot of fun for the month! **Sure wish there were more like him TODAY...then, I would probably enjoy the movies more. (No John, I would not recognize Ben Affleck, L. Di Caprio, etc. today!)

  • Smooth/confident/versatile

    • Louise Cicchini
    • 2009-08-28

    Jonathan, you said it all.Listen to Whippoowill the song he wrote.His voice is so fine.Man he has it all,for men as well as women.I followed him since 1949.Quiet & smoldering, a natural.

  • Its his voice stupid

    • John
    • 2009-08-17

    What many people cant put their finger on with many great actors is their voice. Yes, they recognize John Wayne for the weirdness of his voice but dont realize it was Grant, Gable, Bogart, Heston, and Mitchums voices that made them stand out. Today, the shallow talent scouts dont get this. They only look for face. My point is ---would you ever be mesmerized by Ben Afflecks or Brad Pitts voice if you heard it on a radio play? yet any actor I named above would stand out big time.

  • Sexy, Strong, Versatile & Great Actor

    • Susan H
    • 2009-06-17

    Out of all the actors, I don't know exactly why - but I think I like MITCHUM best. (Of course, Cary Grant and Astaire/g.Kelly are GREAT for their genre), but I find Robt. Mitchum to be so sezy. I like the way he comes off as "I don't care avout being a movie STAR - like Joan Crawford - but it was a job he just happened to be gifted at. Unfortunately, I think his indifference to being "the best of the best" may have wworked against him, since he didn't strive to be NO. 1 in Hollywoood. In any event, a "Michum" movie is always worth seeing - a great & gifted actor, who was a real man!

  • robert mitchum: sleepy eyed tough guy

    • robert beatty
    • 2009-05-26

    robert mitchum with his sleepy eyes and rugged good looks became a top star of the 40's and 50's. a laid back good actor with a easy going manner. best roles include "the story of g.i. joe", "crossfire", "out of the past", "the big steal", "his kind of woman", "angel face", "the racket", "the night of the hunter", "home from the hill" and "cape fear". he played heroes and villains with ease. a rebel who was one of the biggest stars of his time. mitchum also became one of the most important actors of the film noir era along with robert ryan, dana andrews, richard widmark and humphrey bogart.

  • out of the past

    • alex
    • 2009-04-23

    Mitchum movies are a pleasure to watch. no actor of today gives me the same feeling.

  • the greatest!

    • zhny
    • 2009-04-04

    Mitchum was without a doubt one of the best actors we've ever had... I wish I could see more of his movies especially the rarer films that aren't available on dvd. I am a big fan and it's a shame Mitch doesn't get more credit these days -- he deserves it. What an actor!

  • Magic

    • Anna
    • 2008-08-11

    Simply one of the greatest actors ever. Mitchum's depth and soul as an artist is unmistakable and impossible to forget. His very presence morphs a so/so movie into something of beauty. Still waters sure run deep.

  • He's got it all

    • Shane
    • 2008-07-29

    I always enjoyed his acting, especially in "Cape Fear" and "The Night of the Hunter". These two films are my favorite. The sound of his voice and the calm confidence that he exudes as an actor in entrancing. Weather he was playing a gunslinger or in the military he always brought the level of acting to new heights. I don't think he is truly appreciated for his talent, skill and abilities.

  • No One Cooler

    • Jackie
    • 2008-02-09

    There's not another actor to compare with Robert Mitchum, he is the ultimate in cool, grace and style.

  • Singing Voice

    • Ray
    • 2007-11-05

    Mitchum sang "Thunder Road". I thought he did an exceelent job on it.

  • Bob

    • Rochelle
    • 2007-11-03

    I thought he had a beautiful singing voice, didn't he make a few records? I was surprised when I saw the low rating for singing

  • Second chance

    • Judith
    • 2007-08-28

    I always liked to see a Robert Mitchum movie. Unfortunately, since a lot of his work was done when I was young, I didn't get to see his whole body of work. I appreciate TCM giving me the chance to "catch up" on this wonderful actor. There is always something smoldering under the surface of any Mitchum character.

  • Robert Mitchum

    • Connieand Geo
    • 2007-08-01

    For me this actor was truly underrated. He always gave me the impression that he could take care of me. I felt wonderful when I watched him in: River of No Return,Rachael and the Stranger,What A Way To Go,Holiday Affair,The Grass is Greener,Home From The Hill. There are many other movies that he was great in but when a man can might me forget Gary Grant like he did for me in The Grass is Greener. Now that's a STAR.

  • Great Strong Actor

    • Josephine Sikora
    • 2006-12-09

    I've enjoyed many movies made by Robert Mitchum. I actually liked anything he played. He was terrific. Everything from Rampage to Midnight Ride. I'm still desiring to see Rampage on Cable or DVD if it ever comes out. He played every part well and he was a memorable actor. I may not remember all the movies he made but when they play him, I do try to watch. I even liked him in his later years.

  • One of the best

    • gwendolyn mitchell
    • 2006-11-20

    ROBERT MITCHUM,is one of best actor that i have seen, i just love everything he made.I wish you would please play(murder my sweet) thanks

  • He was one of the greatest.

    • James Ness
    • 2006-10-26

    You are right about his being underrated, but I've seen just about all his movies and i thought of how natural he seemed. All his characters seemed to be Robert Mitchum.

  • so many greats films!!

    • michael york
    • 2006-10-09

    he was repulsive in cape fear but also so damn sexy!!! he is grossly underrated i love him in heaven knows mr allison he gets so tender with deborah kerr! i also think he ws great in the story of g.i. joe out of the past pursued homefrom the hill his performance in night of the hunter is so ruthless and also iconic-love and hate!

  • underrated

    • Jonathan
    • 2006-09-21

    simply the best. there's nothing else to describe how he aptly assumes the character. his quiet demeanor, sure, cocky but not overconfident, never die spirit... puts all other actors to shame

  • Underrated actor

    • Arkie Great Grannie
    • 2006-07-15

    In order to win awards in Hollywood these day, you have to be a wife beater or cheater, a public boozer, homosexual or have 10 spouses. The really good actors or actresses, don't do it for the fame. they do it for the love of acting. Robert Mitchum was a great star. Take a look at the men and women with 40-60 years of wedded bliss and you will find a good actor. The movies today are not worth the price to go see them.


    • 2006-07-04


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