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Cast (feature film)

The Milagro Beanfield War (1988)
Impoverished farmers in New Mexico fight off land-grabbing developers.
Wild Wild West Revisited, The (1979) as Spanish King
The intrepid team of Old West government intelligence agents are brought out of retirement after ten years to hunt down a cunning new adversary, the son of their former arch enemy, who is suspected of cloning imposters to be substituted for the crowned heads of Europe and perhaps even the President
Doc Savage: The Man Of Bronze (1975)
Doc and his team battle Captain Seas for control of a fabulous resource.
Master Gunfighter, The (1975) as Elder Chavez
Shortly after Calfornia became part of the United States, it was common for American settlers and the U.S. government to discriminate against Mexican landowners and even take their land by force or trickery. When some rich Mexican rangers in the Santa Barbara area realize that their property and wealth are at risk, they devise a plan to divert the focus of the government by misdirecting a ship carrying a cargo of gold and wiping out the local Chumash Indian tribe. The family''s estranged adopted son tries to stop his family''s unethical plan and save them some other way.
Family Rico (1972) as Chauffeur
A drama about underworld pressures on a crime syndicate chief, played by Gazzara, who is torn between his love for a younger brother who defects and his own loyalty to the organization. The 1957 theatrical version of the story, "The Brothers Rico," starred Richard Conte and Kathryn Grant, who had ju
The Mephisto Waltz (1971) as Bennet
Alan Alda plays a classical piano player on the rise who befriends a famous player himself who's at death's door. Unknown to Alda, the guy is a satanist, who arranges to have thier souls switch places at his death, so that he can be young again and continue to play piano (thus needing a skilled piano player like Alda to switch bodies with).
Chisum (1970) as Delgado
A cattle baron enlists Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid to help him fight a land war.
The Cheyenne Social Club (1970) as Ranch foreman
An aging cowboy finds that the successful business he has inherited is actually a house of prostitution.
Two Mules for Sister Sara (1970) as General LeClaire
A wandering cowboy escorts a gunrunning nun through rough territory.
A Dream of Kings (1969) as Aristotle
The father of a dying boy tries to find the money to move his family to Greece.
Backtrack (1969) as Alvarez
Trampas, a cowhand from Medicine Bow, Wyoming, is sent to Mexico to buy a bull for his employer. The ranch foreman warns him to watch out for himself in Laredo, a tough town on the Texas/Mexican border. Despite the warning, in a western version of the Dumas classic, "The Three Musketeers", Trampas manages to get himself engaged to fight three separate Texas Rangers within an hour of his arrival. Unlike D'Artagnan, he has no notion of actually fighting the Rangers: all he wants is out of Laredo. He's on his way out of town when he runs into the three Rangers--who turn out to be partners--on their way to track down a missing train carrying a payroll. The Rangers, learning Trampas is headed in the same direction they are, suggest they all ride together--that way, they can fight him after they have fulfilled their mission. Without much choice, Trampas wryly agrees. When they find the train, however, they quickly forget their quarrels--the train was robbed and everyone aboard killed, except for one infant covered by his mother's body. Concerned the baby won't survive long without care, they proceed across the Rio Grande to the nearest town, where they know of a cantina owner with innumerable children. They get the baby to Mama Dolores, but not without run-ins with Mexican Urales and marauding Yaquis. Somewhere along the way, the Rangers begin to suspect it was the Yaquis who robbed the train--but Yaquis don't rob trains and they have no use for money...and where did they get those fancy new rifles?
Hellfighters (1968) as General Lopez
While fighting a perilous oil-well fire, a demolition specialist seeks a reconciliation with his wife and daughter.
How I Spent My Summer Vacation (1967) as Jewelry Dealer
An offbeat thriller (well received in Great Britain where it was shown theatrically under the title "Deadly Roulette") tells of a ne'er-do-well with an obsession that he is the victim of a conspiracy after compiling a dossier on the activities of a mysterious billionaire.
For Those Who Think Young (1964) as Butler
Teens fight to keep a wealthy businessman from shutting down their beachside hangout.
Fun in Acapulco (1963) as Hotel manager
A trapeze artist tries to use love to conquer his fear of heights.
It's Only Money (1962) as
Lester is a clumsy and awkward TV repair man who is nevertheless gifted technically. In helping out a friend, he is drawn into a mystery involving a missing heir in a rich family. He begins to notice little things, like how much those family portraits look like him. can't be...can he ?
This Earth Is Mine (1959) as Petucci
In 1931, Elizabeth Rambeau comes from England to live in California with her aunt and uncle of a winemaking dynasty, who are still wealthy despite 12 years of Prohibition. Object: marriage to the heir of another vineyard, to further consolidate holdings in the Valley. But John Rambeau, Elizabeth's illegitimate cousin, has other ideas about who she should marry, and sharply opposes patriarch Philippe's refusal to sell wine grapes to bootleggers. John's activities bring violence to the valley, and soap opera to the Rambeau family...
The Buccaneer (1959) as Maj. Latour
French pirate Jean Lafitte tries to redeem his name helping the U.S. in the War of 1812.
Sing, Boy, Sing (1958) as Waiter
A young Pop Star struggles with his singing career being "sinful" and his gospel roots that his grandfather who raised him instilled in his heart.
The Young Lions (1958) as Bartender
A Jewish soldier faces anti-Semitism when he enlists to fight World War II.
Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? (1957) as Frenchman
A lowly adman tries to better his lot by courting a glamorous Hollywood star.
The Wings of Eagles (1957) as Assistant manager
Biography of Frank "Spig" Wead, the pioneer aviator who turned to writing after being grounded by an accident.
Les Girls (1957) as Stage manager
Three showgirls recall different versions of their time together touring Europe.
Jet Pilot (1957) as Russian guard
An Air Force colonel in charge of an Alaskan base has his hands full when he falls in love with a defecting Russian pilot.
An Affair to Remember (1957) as Bartender
A romantic shipboard romance inspires a couple to promise to meet six months later.
Anything Goes (1956) as Captain of waiters
The members of a song-and-dance duo promise the lead in their next show to two different women.
Pillars of the Sky (1956) as Sgt. Major Frenchy Desmonde
A cavalry officer trying to stop an Indian war gets involved with a married woman.
The Conqueror (1956) as Drunken soldier
The great warlord Genghis Khan falls in love with the daughter of a conquered enemy.
Jupiter's Darling (1955) as Arrow maker
A beautiful Roman mounts a romantic campaign to halt Hannibal's invasion of the empire.
To Catch a Thief (1955) as Detective
A retired cat burglar fights to clear himself of a series of Riviera robberies committed in his style.
My Sister Eileen (1955) as Brazilian consul
Two sisters from Ohio, one pretty, one witty, plot to take New York City by storm.
Jump into Hell (1955) as Maj. Riviere
This film reenacts the battle of Dien Bien Phu, focusing on the struggles of the French troops stationed in Vietnam.
Untamed (1955) as Driver on Bree St.
When the great potato famine hits Ireland, the diaspora begins as thousands emigrate. Among those leaving the Emerald Isle is Katie O'Neill and her husband, who decide that the promised land is South Africa and make their way there. Once there, they discover the hardships that are the reality of the homesteader experience. To complicate matters, Katie meets up with the love of her life, Paul van Riebeck. Will there be betrayal on the veldt?
The Last Command (1955) as Official
Texas hero Jim Bowie defends against Mexican general Santa Ana.
Green Fire (1955) as Carlos
An emerald prospector clashes with a beautiful plantation owner in South America.
Three Coins in the Fountain (1954) as Waiter
Three American roommates working in Italy wish for the man of their dreams after throwing coins into a fountain.
King of the Khyber Rifles (1954) as Rahim Bay
A half-Indian, half-British soldier is given command of a native fighting unit by the ruling British to squelch the uprisings of a rebellious guerilla group.
The Last Time I Saw Paris (1954) as Pareel
A writer recalls his turbulent marriage to an expatriate heiress.
About Mrs. Leslie (1954) as Maitre d'
An aging woman recalls the affair that consumed her life.
Titanic (1953) as Dock employee
An unhappily married couple realize their problems seem minor when the ship hits an iceberg.
The Man Behind the Gun (1953) as Pico
A cavalry officer sent to stop a rebellion helps found the city of Los Angeles.
The Story of Three Loves (1953) as Mr. Sendes
Passengers on an ocean liner recall their greatest loves.
The Glory Brigade (1953) as Sgt. Lykos
During the Korean War Lt. Sam Pryor volunteers his platoon to escort Greek troops to perform a reconnaissance mission behind Communist lines. Due to his Greek heritage Pryor is initially proud to accompany the Greek contingent but his feelings change to scorn and mistrust when what he believes is cowardice shown by the Greek soldiers and their leaders results in the near annihiliation of his own platoon. An uneasy alliance is maintained between the US and Greek troops as the enemy's true objective is learned.
The Man from the Alamo (1953) as Trooper
A survivor of the battle at the Alamo returns home to find his family has been killed by a bunch of thugs disguised as Mexican soldiers. He then grows intent on enacting revenge despite the lack of support for his cause.
Mexican Manhunt (1953) as Pablo Armondares
The Iron Mistress (1952) as Coachman
American adventurer Jim Bowie fights to make his way in the lumber business.
Horizons West (1952) as M. Auriel
Brothers Dan and Neil Hammond return to Texas after the Civil War. Ambitious Dan turns to rustling and then shady land deals to build an empire. Being held for a murder, he is rescued from a lynch mob by Neil, who is now the Marshal, but there is eventually a falling out between the brothers, good triumphing over evil.
Lydia Bailey (1952) as Lieutenant
5 Fingers (1952) as Butler
A British valet in Turkey during World War II sells secrets to the Germans.
The Mark of the Renegade (1951) as Cervera
His Kind of Woman (1951) as Rodriguez
A deported gangster causes problems for guests at a Mexican resort.
Target Unknown (1951) as Peasant
In 1944, an American bomber squadron is tense and discontented from too many missions over France. Luck runs out for Capt. Stevens and his crew; they must bail out and are promptly taken prisoner. Their wily German captors, sensing that they have valuable information unknown even to themselves, use every form of velvet-glove trickery to worm it out of them. Will Stevens discover the danger? If so, what can he do about it? The fate of 100 planes depends on the answer...
Too Young to Kiss (1951) as East Indian
A grown woman poses as a child prodigy to advance her career as a concert pianist.
My Favorite Spy (1951) as Hotel employee
A comedian poses as an international spy to recover mysterious microfilm.
On the Riviera (1951) as Radio control man
A nightclub entertainer temporarily replaces a tycoon he's famous for impersonating.
Under Mexicali Stars (1950) as Capt. Arturo Gomez
Treasury agents join a traveling circus to catch a band of gold robbers.
Side Street (1950) as Ismet Kimal
A New York City mailman is chased by both cops and crooks when he steals a shipment of dirty money.
Dakota Lil (1950) as Rurales captain
Fortunes of Captain Blood (1950) as Miguel Gonzalez
A doctor exiled from England becomes a pirate of the Caribbean.
The Gunfighter (1950) as Pablo
The fastest gun in the West tries to escape his reputation.
Rio Grande (1950) as Lieutenant
A cavalry unit located on the Mexican border must control Indian uprisings.
When Willie Comes Marching Home (1950) as Frenchman
A small-town soldier gets a chance to be a hero when he accidentally crosses enemy lines.
The Asphalt Jungle (1950) as Eddie Donato
A gang of small time crooks plots an elaborate jewel heist.
Tripoli (1950) as il Taiib
Abbott & Costello in the Foreign Legion (1950) as Lieutenant
Two zany wrestling promoters join the French Foreign Legion by mistake.
The Capture (1950) as Clerk
We Were Strangers (1949) as Sánchez
A Cuban American returns to his homeland during the Revolution and becomes involved in an assassination attempt.
The Great Lover (1949) as Porter
The French Surete and private eye Higgins are after a killer who uses innocent young Americans in a crooked gambling racket, and who sets sail on an ocean liner that also carries inept scoutmaster Freddie Hunter and his troop of boys. Freddie, who's been a "boy scout" too long, has designs on gorgeous Duchess Alexandria. The boys, far better organized than Freddie, are determined to save him from himself. But who will save Freddie from being the killer's next victim?
The Bribe (1949) as Jose, a waiter
A sultry singer tries to tempt a federal agent from the straight-and-narrow.
The Kissing Bandit (1949) as Lotso
A timid young man is forced to follow in his father's footsteps as a notorious masked bandit.
In the Good Old Summertime (1949) as Waiter
In this musical remake of The Shop Around the Corner, feuding co-workers in a small music shop do not realize they are secret romantic pen pals.
The Fighting Kentuckian (1949) as Pierre Le Brun
A militiaman falls for a Frenchwoman and tries to protect her people from land grabbers.
Strange Gamble (1948) as De Lara
In the 63rd of the series based on the Clarence E. Mulford character, Hopalong Cassidy (William Boyd) is working on a counterfeiting case for the government and, with his two pals California Carlson (Andy Clyde) and Lucky Jenkins (Rand Brooks), enters a town where they meet Nora Murray (Elaine Riley) and her brother Sid (William Leicester), who have come to claim the "Silver Belle" mine. The brother is killed by the gang led by Ora Mordigan (James Craven), and Cassidy discovers a lost mine where the gang has been holding John Murray (Herbert Rawlinson), Nora's father, a prisoner and forcing him to print the bogus money.
Angel on the Amazon (1948) as Radio operator
Key Largo (1948) as Skipper
A returning veteran tangles with a ruthless gangster during a hurricane.
The Three Musketeers (1948) as Bazin
Athletic adaptation of Alexandre Dumas' classic adventure about the king's musketeers and their mission to protect France.
The Foxes of Harrow (1947) as
An Irish rascal and inveterate gambler uses his considerable skills at the gaming tables of New Orleans to become fabulously rich.
Tycoon (1947) as Hernandez
While building a tunnel through the Andes, an engineer falls in love with his possessive boss's daughter.
Twilight on the Rio Grande (1947) as Vargo
In yet another version of probably Republics most-used single plot---the basis for "The Leathernecks Have Landed"-"Rough Riders Round-Up", "Guns in the Dark", "Remember Pearl Harbor" and a couple of other films from Republic---and with revisions to fit the Autry mold, Gene Autry(Gene Autry) and his pals Dusty Moran (Bob Steele) and Pokie (Sterling Holloway) are in Mexico where Dusty is killed. With the help of Elena Del Rio (Adele Mara), whose father has also been murdered by unknown assailants, Gene discovers that the killings tie in with a jewel-smuggling scheme.
Ivy (1947) as Dock worker
To win a wealthy man, a British woman plots to kill her husband and pin it on her lover.
Do You Love Me (1946) as French waiter
A dean of a music school undergoes a transformation after she meets a swing bandleader.
Holiday in Mexico (1946) as Headwaiter
An ambassador''''s daughter falls for a famous musician.
Assignment in Brittany (1943) as Arab mechanic
A French Resistance fighter discovers he''''s a dead ringer for a Nazi official.
For Whom the Bell Tolls (1943) as Soldier
A U.S. mercenary and an army of peasants fight for Spain.
The Desert Song (1943) as Mahammud
The Invisible Agent (1942) as Free Frenchman
Frank Raymond, grandson of the original Invisible Man, still has the old formula but considers it too dangerous to use, even when Axis agents try to get it. But Pearl Harbor brings him to volunteer his own services as an invisible agent in Germany. Though a bit cold (clothes aren't invisible), his adventures are more comedy than thriller (with occasional grim reminders) as he makes fools of Nazi officials and romances a luscious double agent, in search of Hitler's secret plan...
Tennessee Johnson (1942) as Clemenceau
Biography of Andrew Johnson, who followed Abraham Lincoln into office and became the first U.S. president ever to be impeached.
Casablanca (1942) as French officer
An American saloon owner in North Africa is drawn into World War II when his lost love turns up.
That Night in Rio (1941) as Eca
A nightclub entertainer pretends to be a noted financier, only to fall for the man¿s wife.
Week-End in Havana (1941) as Clerk
A ship company employee, Jay Williams (John Payne), is sent to Florida where one of the company cruise ships is stuck on a reef off of the coast. He obtains waivers from all of the passengers with the exception of Nan Spencer (Alice Faye), a department store salesgirl who wants her vacation NOW, not later. Jay is instructed to take Nan to Havana and set her up in the best hotel and keep her entertained. She visits a night club where the star attraction is Rosita Rivas (Carmen Miranda), and meets Rosita's worthless manager, Monte Blanca (Cesar Romero), who makes a play for her. Trouble also comes in the form of Jay's fiancee, Terry McCracken (Cobina Wright Jr.), when a romance develops between Nan and Jay.
Outlaws of the Desert (1941) as Nicki Karitza
Hoppy and his pals accompany the Grants to Saudi Arabia to buy horses. When the Karitga's have El Kader kidnap Charles Grant for ransom, Hoppy engineers his rescue. When they return to the Sheik's camp, El Kader and his men attack.
Blood and Sand (1941) as Attendant
A married matador's rise to stardom is complicated by an affair with a beautiful aristocrat.
Drums of the Desert (1940) as Hassan
Charlie Chan in Panama (1940) as Hotel clerk
Charlie impersonates an employee of the U.S. government to foil an espionage plot which would destroy part of the Panama Canal, trapping a Navy fleet on its way to the Pacific after maneuvers in the Atlantic.
The Lone Wolf Keeps a Date (1940) as Manuel
A reformed thief tracks down a missing stamp collection and a kidnapped businessman.
Earthbound (1940) as Elevator operator
Nick and Ellen's second honeymoon in Switzerland is interrupted when he is called back to Paris on business. But it turns out to be funny-business when he discovers his ex-mistress Linda sent him the telegram. Nick spurns her, leading her to shoot and kill him. His ghost cannot rest, though, since Linda's husband Jeff is arrested for the crime and tried. Nick hovers over Ellen guiding her to the evidence that will clear Jeff and convict Linda, at which point he can rest at peace.
Flight Command (1940) as Waiter
A cocky cadet tries to prove himself during flight training.
Another Thin Man (1939) as Waiter
Not even the joys of parenthood can stop married sleuths Nick and Nora Charles from investigating a murder on a Long Island estate.
Gone With the Wind (1939) as René Picard
Classic tale of Scarlett O'Hara's battle to save her beloved Tara and find love during the Civil War.
Outpost of the Mounties (1939) as Jacques Larue
Wade Beaumont (Dick Curtis), R. A. Kirby (Kenneth MacDonald) and Burke (Edmund Cobb), of the Caribou Trading Company, have reduced the miners and trappers almost to the point of slavery by charging them exorbitant prices for provisions. Beaumont threatens to quit and the other two are thrown in a panic, but a fistfight between Beaumont and Larry Daniels (Stanley Brown)gives Burke an idea. He stabs Beaumont with Larry's knife and RCMP Sergeant Neal Crawford (Charles Starrett)arrests Larry for murder. Neal's romantic interest in Larry's sister, Norma (Iris Meredith), makes this task difficult. Not happy at the evidence brought out in the trial, Neal takes a leave of absence and begins his own investigation. He ties up the gold at the trading company until a successor to Beaumont is appointed, and thus keeps Burke and Kirby from absconding with the gold. Norma and Neal see the crooks burn the evidence that will free Larry. Burke, Kirby and Jacques LaRue (Albert Morin) clean out the vault and ride away, but are pursued by Neal and the Mounties.
Wings of the Navy (1939) as Armando Costa
Pilot brothers vie for the same woman.
Bridal Suite (1939) as Italian guest
A playboy''''s fiancee sets out to reform her future husband and his flighty mother.
Honolulu (1939) as Clerk
A movie star trades places with a Hawaiian plantation owner.
It's a Wonderful World (1939) as Waiter
A runaway poetess helps a fugitive prove himself innocent of murder charges.
News Is Made at Night (1939) as Waiter
Secret Service of the Air (1939) as Pedro, bartender
A government agent battles smugglers.
Everybody's Hobby (1939) as Ramon Castillo
A hobby-mad family makes their obsessions pay off.
The Girl of the Golden West (1938) as Juan
A frontierswoman shelters a notorious outlaw.
Too Hot to Handle (1938) as Newsreel man
Rival newsreel photographers vie for scoops and a beautiful lady flyer.
Suez (1938) as Achmed
A young French nobleman dreams of building the Suez Canal.
Alexander's Ragtime Band (1938) as Proprietor
A forward thinking bandleader fights to make ragtime respectable.
Always Goodbye (1938) as Steward
A Trip to Paris (1938) as Pilot
The Toy Wife (1938) as Emile
A Southern belle finds herself torn between two suitors.
Café Metropole (1937) as Page boy
Mama Steps Out (1937) as Gendarme
A dizzy society matron runs wild on the Riviera.
I Met Him in Paris (1937) as Headwaiter
Kay Denham, romanced in Paris by friends Gene and George, can't figure out why George disapproves of Gene.
Espionage (1937) as Waiter
Rival reporters fight off spies while vying to interview a munitions tycoon.
Thin Ice (1937) as Attendant
Nobody's Fool (1936) as Bus boy
Storm over the Andes (1935) as Intern

Film Production - Main (feature film)

Under My Skin (1950) as Technical Advisor
When jockey Dan Butler wins a steeplechase race he had agreed to throw, he is roughed up and threatened by the racketeer he disappointed, Louis Bork. Dan and his young son Joe travel through Europe, Dan hoping to win enough to pay off Bork and get Joe safely back to America.
Prince of Foxes (1949) as Technical Advisor
In 1500, Duke Cesare Borgia hopes to marry his sister (widowed by poison) to the heir apparent of Ferrara, which impedes his conquest of central Italy. On this delicate mission he sends Andrea Orsini, his sister's lover and nearly as unscrupulous as himself. En route, Orsini meets Camilla Verano, wife of the count of Citta' del Monte (Borgia's next intended conquest); and sentiment threatens to turn him against his deadly master, whom no one betrays twice...
Mr. Belvedere Goes to College (1949) as Technical Advisor
A middle-aged genius goes to college for the first time.

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Winds of War, The (1983)
Herman Wouk's best-selling 1971 epic about a fictional Navy family in the days leading up to Pearl Harbor came to TV in this 16-hour miniseries over seven nights (initially it had been planned for only twelve hours). At about $40-million, it was the single most expensive television event up to that

Cast (short)

Anaesthesia (1938)
This short film examines the history of anesthesia.

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