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Dorothy Neumann

Dorothy Neumann



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Cast (feature film)

Family For Joe, A (1990) as Bag Lady
A television movie pilot for an NBC comedy series. A homeless man poses as the grandfather to four orphaned children to prevent them from being separated. When he starts to take his role as family patriarch very seriously, the children discover that they've gotten much more than they bargained for.
Donor (1990)
A young doctor stumbles across a series of mysterious series of events at a hospital, including a case of human experimentation, murder, and a cover-up.
Angel Dusted (1981)
Drama about the effects on Jean Stapleton and Arthur Hill when their teenage son (John Putch, Stapleton's real-life son) gets spaced out on a marijuana joint laced with PCP, or "angel dust," and the family wrestles with the crisis.
Private Parts (1972) as Mrs. Quigley
A young girl moves into her estranged aunt¿s hotel when she begins to suspect that a guest was murdered.
The Shakiest Gun in the West (1968) as
A dentist cleans up the West with the help of a reformed lady bandit.
Get Yourself a College Girl (1964) as Dean
A music publisher courts a student songwriter at a ski resort.
The Man From the Diners' Club (1963) as Spinster
A gangster tries to use a Diner''''s Club clerk as the fall guy in a scheme to fake his own death and escape his police problems.
The Terror (1963) as Old woman
A lost soldier discovers a mysterious beauty haunting a half-deserted castle.
The Rise and Fall of Legs Diamond (1960) as
A small-time thief kills his way to the top of the New York rackets.
The FBI Story (1959) as Landlady
A dedicated FBI agent thinks back on the agency's battles against the Klan, organized crime and Communist spies.
Ghost of Dragstrip Hollow (1959) as Anastasia Abernathy
A group of drag-racing fanatics move into an old deserted mansion.
The Miracle (1959) as Gypsy
When a 19th century nun elopes, the Virgin Mary takes her place at the convent.
Gigi (1958) as Designer
A Parisian girl is raised to be a kept woman but dreams of love and marriage.
The Brothers Karamazov (1958) as Old crone
In this adaptation of the Dostoevsky classic, four brothers fight to adjust to the death of their domineering father.
Lonelyhearts (1958) as Mrs. Cannon
A sensitive young reporter assigned to write an advice column gets caught up in his readers' lives.
Hot Rod Gang (1958) as Anastasia Abernathy
A young man enters a rock band to raise money so he can enter a big drag race.
The Oklahoman (1957) as
A Western doctor stands between Natives and a ruthless oil baron.
Carnival Rock (1957) as Clara
Christy runs a rock and roll nightclub on a carnival pier with his righ-hand-man Benny. Christy has a crush on the club's star, Natalie Cook, but she has eyes for Stanley, a local business man, who wants to buy out the club. When the club is sold and Christy is asked to stay on, as a party clown, he plots to destroy the club and abduct Natalie away from Stanley.
The Undead (1957) as Meg Maud
Two psychical researchers procure the services of a lady of the night and send her back in time under hypnosis. She finds herself in the body of a past existence - a woman in medieval times waiting to be beheaded as a witch. By avoiding this fate she unwittingly starts to alter history.
Teenage Doll (1957) as Estelle Bonney
The Black Widows, a teenage girl gang, find one of their number killed; they suspect Barbara, sometime girlfriend of the leader of rival gang The Vandals. As the gangs prepare for a rumble, we glimpse the members' home lives, exaggerating every type of family dysfunction; but that of their "average American" quarry is no better. Full of shadowy urban night scenes.
Spring Reunion (1957) as Roseanne
An alumni reunion spells romance for former college lovers.
The Ten Commandments (1956) as Hebrew at Crag and Corridor/Slave/Hebrew at Dathan's tent
To escape the edict of Egypt's Pharoah, Rameses I, condemning all first-born Hebrew males, the infant Moses is set adrift on the Nile in a reed basket. Saved by the pharaoh's daughter Bithiah, he is adopted by her and brought up in the court of her brother, Pharaoh Seti. Moses gains Seti's favor and the love of the throne princess Nefertiri, as well as the hatred of Seti's son, Rameses. When his Hebrew heritage is revealed, Moses is cast out of Egypt, and makes his way across the desert where he marries, has a son and is commanded by God to return to Egypt to free the Hebrews from slavery. In Egypt Moses's fiercest enemy proves to be not Rameses, but someone near to him who can 'harden his heart'.
Three for Jamie Dawn (1956) as Sadie, cleaning woman
Anything Goes (1956) as German woman
The members of a song-and-dance duo promise the lead in their next show to two different women.
A Man Called Peter (1955) as Miss Crilly
A Scottish boy follows his faith to a bright career preaching in Washington, DC.
The Prodigal (1955) as Mother
Biblical story of a young man led astray by an evil priestess.
Blackboard Jungle (1955) as Miss Panucci
An idealistic teacher confronts the realities of juvenile delinquency.
Sudden Danger (1955) as Miss Morse
Désirée (1954) as Queen Sofia
A young woman wins the heart of Napoleon, though the two can never be together.
The Long, Long Trailer (1954) as Aunt Ellen
Life on the road isn''''t what it''''s cracked up to be when a honeymooning couple invests in an oversized motor home.
Geraldine (1954) as Mrs. Peabody
Take Me to Town (1953) as Felice Pickett
Saloon entertainer Vermilion O'Toole and her former partner in crime Newt Cole escape from a train ride to prison and hide out in logging town Timberline. Meanwhile, the three 'cute' sons of widower Will Hall come to town in search of a wife for their dad, and pick our heroine. Vermilion needs to lay low to escape the marshal, so she accepts the boys' offer to visit pioneer community Pine Grove. Once there, she annoys local Mrs. Grundys but eventually starts to fit in. But what is that blackhearted villain Newt Cole up to?
The I Don't Care Girl (1953) as Cashier
This musical biopic presents the life of vaudeville headliner Eva Tanguay.
The Fabulous Senorita (1952) as Mrs. Black
The Pace That Thrills (1952) as Mrs. Anderson
A reckless motorcycle racer and his designer vie for the same beautiful blonde.
Holiday for Sinners (1952) as Rosa Carducci
Three old friends reunite during Mardi Gras and try to forget their problems.
Latin Lovers (1952) as Mrs. Newman
An heiress searches for true love while vacationing in Brazil.
Weekend with Father (1951) as Rita
Love blooms when two single parents send their children off to camp.
The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951) as Secretary
An alien demands that Earth''''s leaders choose between peace and destruction.
Mr. Belvedere Rings the Bell (1951) as Librarian
A genius tests his ideas about staying young at a retirement home.
Riding High (1950) as Dan's secretary
An heiress and her sister''''s fiancee defy her family to race horses.
Wabash Avenue (1950) as Reformer
Andy Clark discovers he was cheated out of a half interest in partner Mike's business, now a thriving dance hall in 1892 Chicago. Unable to win it back, Andy schemes to make Mike's position untenable. He also hopes to turn Ruby Summers, Mike's motor-mouthed burlesque queen, into a classier entertainer, and incidentally to make her his own. But at the last minute, Andy's revenge comes unravelled.
My Blue Heaven (1950) as Miss Amelia Evers
A married song and dance team tries to adopt a child.
For Heaven's Sake (1950) as Western Union woman
An angel''''s earthly mission takes a wrong turn when he falls in love with mortal life.
Two Weeks with Love (1950) as Miss Pinwhistle
Two sisters find romance during a turn-of-the-century family vacation.
Love That Brute (1950) as
In 1928, Big Ed Hanley (Paul Douglas), boss of a gang of Chicago racketeers, has money and power, but he is bored. Watching some kids play in the park, he sees Ruth Manning (Jean Peters) and is interested at once. He tells her he has a couple of kids and gives her the job of taking care of them. He moves Mamie (Joan Davis) in as a housekeeper, but the best he can scrape up as a son is Harry, a pint-sized monster. A couple of henchmen sent by to rub Big Ed out by his rival, Pretty Willie (Cesar Romero), are relieved of their hardware by Quentin (Arthur Treacher), Ed's butler, and Bugs, his right-hand man. They march them downstairs, supposedly to drop in the river, but actually leave them in a very nice jail maintained by Ed for gangsters who drop by to rub him out. Ed's problems include keeping Ruth, who has begun to like him, from finding out about his activities, increasing his family and keeping uninvited guests from dropping by.
The Snake Pit (1948) as Champion
A young woman tries to recover her sanity in a corrupt mental institution.
B. F.'s Daughter (1948) as Girl with glasses
A professor doesn't know his wife is an heiress.
Sorry, Wrong Number (1948) as Miss Jennings
A neurotic invalid accidentally overhears a phone conversation plotting her own murder.
The Luck of the Irish (1948) as Employment agency manager
The Miracle of the Bells (1948) as Miss Milkhouser
A town supports the memory of an aspiring actress who dies before her first film premieres.
High Wall (1948) as Mrs. Miller
Psychiatry provides the key to proving a veteran flyer innocent of his wife''''s murder.
The Shocking Miss Pilgrim (1947) as Stenographer
In the late 1800s, Miss Pilgrim, a young stenographer, or typewriter, becomes the first female employee at a Boston shipping office. Although the men object to her at first, she soon charms them all, especially the handsome young head of the company. Their romance gets sidetracked when she becomes involved in the Women's Suffrage movement.
The Unfinished Dance (1947) as Betsy
A young dance student accidentally cripples a teacher she doesn't like.
Gentleman Joe Palooka (1946) as Mrs. Johnson
Two Sisters from Boston (1946) as Guest at party
Two girls with Broadway aspirations find work in a Bowery saloon.
Molly and Me (1945) as
An actress becomes a housekeeper for a grumpy retired politician.

Casting (feature film)

Out of Season (1998) as Casting
Micki has come home to the small town of Cape May, New Jersey to care for her sick Uncle Charlie. Charlie sets her up sorting belongings and getting his breakfast every morning for a diner run by Shelley. There she meets Roberta who likes small town life as opposed to Micki who is all about the big

Cast (special)

Dig That Cat... He's Real Gone! (1989)
A derelict's life is changed by a scheming scientist who has discovered a surgical procedure that proves the cliche about cats having nine lives.

Cast (short)

Tale of a Dog (1944)
In this comedic short, a town is led into panic after a child names his dog "Smallpox."

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