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Claude Rains

Claude Rains



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  • claude rains sons of luberty

    • susie latham
    • 2015-03-04

    loved it. is there anyway to purchase the movie on dvd?

  • One of the Greatest Actors

    • Jene Byrnes
    • 2014-07-09

    His beautiful speaking voice, combined with true talent, makes Rains one of the greatest actors ever. He elevated every vehicle he appeared in - see his strength and snap alongside a leaden, loutish Lon Chaney, Jr. in the Wolfman. Even his evil characters give you something to root for - delightfully insane in Deception, taunting Bette Davis and Paul Henreid over dinner. Watch his touching performance in Mr Skeffington, as he is emotionally and financially bled out by sociopath Bette Davis. Bette's tribute to him on Dick Cavett showed how well regarded he was among his peers, a true working actor as opposed to "movie star." My only regret is that they did not allow his height to be contrasted with Ingrid Bergmans in Notorious (ramps were constructed to match their height). It would have emphasized his characters charisma, intensity, and power to flaunt this difference.


    • Michael Steven
    • 2012-08-08

    This past Sunday,I finally got to view "MR.SKEFFINGTON".As with "MARTY"I'd been aware of these films,but really didn't take the time to actually view them.Claude Rains was great in this film.He had a history of making even "B"films like "THE WOLFMAN",an event.Bette Davis has gone on record,as stating that Claude Rains was her FAVORITE actor.He was a success on stage,film,radio,& occasionally on record. For a man who started life on the wrong side of the tracks,as well as having problems with his speech, with some help,he learned to overcome these & many other difficulties in his life.HE JUST WORKED AT IT.NOTHING WAS HANDED TO HIM! It's MY opinion,but I believe that this was one of the reasons why Claude was NOT well liked by a LOT of his peers.It's also why he probably NEVER recieved an Oscar,as well.HE WAS TOO DAMNED GOOD.Not only did he know his own lines,he also knew the ENTIRE script.It should also be noted that Claude Rains WAS INDEED,THE first actor to recieve a MILLION dollars,for a single performance in a film.That film was "CAESAR & CLEOPATRA". Probably the best news is,that Claude has NOT been forgotten by the passage of time.If anything,with the publication of a few REALLY good books on his life,he'll be TRULY regarded as THE ACTOR'S ACTOR,as Gloria Stuart once said about Claude Rains.

  • Claude Rains

    • Yvonne
    • 2012-04-28

    what adjectives are left to describe this actor's voice? You don't have to see him you only have to hear him and you know who it is. This wonderfully warm, sensitive and sometimes sinister actor cannot have enough superatives describing his acting or voice. I have always been a fan and saw the Invisible Man when it first premeiered in Florida. I went to the movies a lot and saw most of the films you have shown when they were originals. It's so nice to see them over again. So many have been lost to time, it makes me sad. Claude Rains is still around and of that I'm very glad. One of the great ones!

  • Claude Rains Legacy

    • Larry Bradford
    • 2011-01-22

    To measure Claude Rains best imagine him removed from every film he was in and see just how effective these films would be!! Can you imagine just how important he is in all his films? The Sea Hawk would be just a shell!! Bette Davis truly respected him and sometimes she seemed lost without his presence. Mr Skeffington is the heart and soul in that film. The finest charactor actor ever.

  • One of my most favorite actors!

    • Andrea
    • 2010-04-15

    Though not nearly as famous as the many actors and actresses he worked with throughout his long career, Claude Rains is one of the best actors of his time. Every movie I have seen him in he is excellent. I love his voice too! Highly recommend him in films such as Mr. Skeffington, The Prince and the Pauper, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and Lawrence of Arabia.

  • Master Actors: Claude Rains & Bette Davis

    • Syntonic
    • 2009-09-11

    Jane Fonda says she hopes that her famous father, Henry, and actor, Barbara Stanwyck were lovers since he was crazy about her [and she was in a miserable marriage]. My hope is similare for Claude Rains & Bette Davis. On screen there is no match that was ever more equally skilled, dynamic & powerhouse performers. I have always wondered what it might have been like for them both had they united off screen as lovers or even married. Between them they went through 10 marriages. Each lost one to death. Rains definitely would not have ever become "Mr. Davis," which is who Bette Davis kept searching for. Maybe their off screen intensities would have wound up in a war of the Rains'! But I have a strong incling that Davis would have been tamed by as strong a man as Rains. A man who was an enormous actor in his own right and every bit Davis' equal... or so it seems. Ah, dreams. Maybe they are together now.

  • A great actor who deserves more recognition.

    • cleo
    • 2009-09-08

    Kudos to TCM for showcasing the work of this superbly talented and versatile actor. Here's hoping this month long celebration will serve to win many new Rains fans and bring greater awareness of the richness of this man's too often overlooked contribution to film history.

  • Claude Rains

    • Joyce
    • 2009-09-03

    A great actor who filled the screen with his presence . I love to hear his voice !

  • Best Supporting Actor

    • Meg Hammil
    • 2009-06-08

    In a way he was an actor born out of his time....because today directors know what to do with a charecter his own time actors were typed as leads or support regardless of the parts they played...look at his best supporting actor nomination for Mr Skeffington, playing the title charecter....on the other hand films today are rarely literate enough for an actor with his skill at dialogue. He also was able to make you believe he was whatever nationality the film called on him to be without ever altering his impeccable english accent. Gifted with what might have been the finest speaking voice in the history of movies robbed several times at the oscars (his performance in Casablanca is what supporting acting is all about, he probably stole more movies from the leads than any other actor. Lets just give him the lifetme achievement award for supporting acting and be done with it.

  • The best actor ever

    • Sara Wilson
    • 2009-05-17

    There will never be another actor to match Claude Rains. The inflection in the voice, the look, the slightest gesture....perfection.

  • Would That He'd Have Come to the Screen Sooner

    • VAKennedy
    • 2009-04-11

    If ever there was an actor who could have left an even larger mark upon audiences, its Claude Rains. Because he stayed in stage so long, we don't have as much film of him. Not because he wasn't an actor with an enormous talent. He pops up uncredited in major films turning in great performances every time. I consider him one of Britain's acting treasures.

  • The Master Actor

    • MAC
    • 2009-04-01

    Whenever the names of the better actors of all time come up, Claude Rains is hardly ever mentioned. I have to wonder, who's making up those lists? Apparently, people who are very short sighted or who haven't viewed the best of films. British actor, Claude Rains, was the master actor who set the standard for the likes of Sir John Gielgud & Sir Richard Burton. He was on stage more than on film. But, once he transferred his performances to film, his performances are sensational. Go through his vast list of roles to learn exactly what he contributed to films. Claude Rains was Bette Davis' favorite actor! He's the only actor who ever matched Davis' intensity on screen (in "Deception"). That's quite a feat.

  • I Love Claude Rains

    • Sabrina Finch
    • 2008-12-19

    Claude Rains is my favorite chracter actor. Though I liked him better when he played good guy roles, he's even wonderful when he plays bad guys. I first saw him in Notorious and Mr. Smith goes to Washington and fell in love with him. He has all the qualities of a good actor: Range, Good Voice, Handsome (optional, but he's definatly handsome) I love this guy to death and I can't wait to see more of his films :)

  • true genious

    • Dave Roberts
    • 2008-10-26

    Claude Raines is a genuine actor/ legend/ icon whom will live forever on the reels of film and in the viewers hearts. I can't imagine the classics without him in them or his contributions to movie history.

  • One of the Greats!! Not given enough credit!

    • Cynthia
    • 2008-08-05

    I am a loyal TCM fan. The first movie Claude Rains caught my attention was in Now Voyager, as the Dr. Then I starte noting him in other movies - Robin Hood, Mr. Smith, etc. He is truly a fabulous actor and I try not to miss any pictures with him in it!!! Thank you TCM, for so many enjoyable movies - if it wasn't for your programming, I wouldn't know these movies exist! Cynthia

  • I adore this man!

    • Carole
    • 2008-07-31

    I love Claude and have all my life. He was a magnificent actor and very, veruy handsome. It was not just his voice, it was everything about him.

  • An incredible actor

    • CarolAnn Rogers
    • 2008-07-26

    I watch these movies as often as I can. My fav is Casablanca What a cast and how Mr, Rains took that role and made me fall in love with him all over again. I was completely captivated by him in Now Voyager. What ever he did he was wonderful. I have many of his films and they are treasures to me

  • Claude Rains: Magnificent!

    • Carol G.
    • 2008-07-13

    How delightful to see so many others appreciating this marvelous actor. I've loved him since I was a girl. As others have noted, he was extremely handsome and sexy. His voice still sends chills through me!

  • Greatest voice in movies

    • Tamara
    • 2008-06-30

    I always loved his voice, very sexy. His looks are great too. What a guy! What an actor!

  • No wonder he had six wives

    • TJL
    • 2008-06-16

    I've always adored him and thought he was a great actor. I can see why all the gals still are crazy for him. He was one of the most charming and devilishly attractive actors ever.

  • Elegant and beautiful

    • Yvette G.
    • 2008-06-05

    For years I have admired Claude Rains as the greatest character actor in films. I always watch him whenever he comes on TCM which is simply not often enough. And yes, his beautiful face and voice have not eluded me. Also his sex appeal was very apparent.

  • The voice, the face!

    • Lisa
    • 2008-06-01

    Claude Rains was an incredible actor and an interesting man. He had a lot of inner demons and was very secretive. He always had that secretive smile going on which was sexy and intriguing. In the history of movies I've never seen any man so dynamic, so great and so dripping with romances.

  • Claude Rains: HOTTIE!

    • Debbie
    • 2008-05-24

    I thought I was the only one around who loved this guy. I'm collecting his movies now and I have never seen a more sexual guy ever on screen. He's not conventionally handsome but is on fire with sex appeal. No wonder this guy was married 5 or 6 times and had all the young girls fainting over him. He was a total HOTTIE!

  • I agree, he WAS sexy

    • Nancy
    • 2008-05-01

    I discovered Claude Rains through my son's interest in Bette Davis. I learned that Bette had the hots for old Claude but that he was only interested in platonic friendship. I think Claude was a marvelous actor, such talent! His eyebrows said more in one lift than others have in their whole bodies. His voice, his hand movements, his walk: he was a total, 100% male animal!

  • He was very sexy!

    • Candace
    • 2008-04-09

    I think Claude Rains was not only the most brilliant character actor in movie history, he was also extremely sexy. He had an understated, repressed romanticism to him that still resonates today.

  • He was one of the few really all-time greats

    • Giovanna Visconti
    • 2007-12-29

    Electrifying, riveting, masterful. You cannot watch anyone else when he's on screen. A most exciting actor to watch. You were never sure what he might do next--the mark of the truly great. And he could play anything. He was more interesting, alluring and...mysterious than most of the so-called "leading men." I think only his height, and to some extent the age he was when he came to Hollywood, prevented him from being more of a romantic lead, but one can still see why all the girls at RADA were in love with him when he taught there in the Twenties, so said John Gielgud who was a student there at that time. I think his films only give us a glimpse of the enormity of this overpowering talent. Bless him.

  • Claude Rains-the consummate character actor

    • Craig
    • 2007-12-08

    In my opinion,he was the finest character actor in cinema of all time.Even in bad movies,his performances were excellent and noteworthy.I've seenalmost all of his movies and cannot recall a poor effort on his part.I have read that more than a few stars(the insecure ones) were very reluctant to do films with him because he stole so many scenes although I don't think he did it intentionally.He was just so talented that his skill and great range seemed to always shine through. Thank you Mr.Rains for all the wonderful characterizations you left us on film.Truly a one of a kind thespian!

  • Claude Rains,A True Prince!!

    • Patricia J. Moy
    • 2007-11-15

    I grew up watching classic films. Claude Rains was one of my favorite character actors. He along with Basil Rathbone and Melvin Cooper played the brilliant villian trio in "The Adventures of Robin Hood." He and Bette Davis's screen chemistry was brilliant because of the intelligence they both projected on the screen especially in "Mr. Skeffington" and "Now Voyager".I cried when he did the restaurant scene with "little Fanny" in "Mr. Skeffington." To me, he is the real"Phantom of the Opera." Recently, Sir John Gielgud did a voice over for a TCM Mini bio on Claude Rains. he commented that it was a shame that Mr. Rains gave up the stage for films. That may be true but I am glad that Mr. Rains came to film. He and Vivien Leigh were delighful as Caesar and Cleopatra in the film version of Shaw's play. As a School Library Media Specialist, my students have learned about English folklore and royalty and the world of Wahington politics thanks in part to Claude Rains.

  • What a thrill to watch.

    • Julia Pryor
    • 2007-11-10

    I thoroughly agree with Lil Gail. A marathon of Claude Rains movies would be great. Too many outstanding actors and actresses are being overlooked. How about an all day salute to Ann Harding, Merle Oberon, Mary Astor,Miriam Hopkins, and Kay Francis, to name a few. Thanks TMC.

  • The best actor never to win an Osacar!

    • Jazzmasta
    • 2007-03-05

    Claude was a great actor he was nominated for four Oscars. The firsts was for Mr. Smith Goes to washington(1939), the second was for Casablanca(1943), third was for Mr. Skeffington, and his last was for Notorious. Claude also won a Tony Award for Darkness at Noon(1951). Even when he wasn't nominated he was great. Other great preformences: The Invisible Man(1933) The Adventures of Robin Hood(1936) Lawrence of Arabia(1962)

  • What a thrill to watch

    • Lil Gail
    • 2007-01-24

    Would loved to have seen him on the big screen at the movies. Unfortunately I wasn't born yet. Thanks to TCM I get to bring this wonderful actor into my home. I loved the way he spoke. He always brought that certain air he had to all his characters. Mr Skeffington is one of my favorites. A marathon of Claude Rains movies with plenty of snacks and drinks while stretched out on the couch is what I call a wonderful day. I could use one of those once a month.

  • One of My Favorite Actors

    • Arcturus
    • 2006-12-27

    I always enjoyed watching Mr. Rains perform in a film, because I felt like I was viewing a professional who excelled in his craft. To me he was so convincing in his roles and this is the mark of an excellents actor! I guess I remember him best in Casablanca, but there were so many other films in which he excelled as well. He did deserve an Academy Award. I will always remember him!

  • A wonderful actor

    • Anne B
    • 2006-10-09

    Claude Rains never did give a bad performance. Alot of reviews of his movies basically said he shined through when all else failed! His work ethic was something to be admired as well! He always knew his lines down to the last apostrophe, was on time, and gave support and honesty to his peers. Very admirable I do believe!

  • one of the very greatest

    • michael york
    • 2006-08-29

    very few are better should have won the oscar for casablanca never gave a bad performance

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