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Cast (feature film)

The Beast of Budapest (1958) as Waiter
The Old Man and the Sea (1958) as Professional gambler
A Cuban fisherman believes his long dry spell will end when he catches a legendary fish.
Girl in the Woods (1958) as Bartender
The True Story of Lynn Stuart (1958) as Counterman
A concerned housewife goes undercover for the police to bust a drug ring.
Hell's Five Hours (1958) as Police
The Toughest Gun in Tombstone (1958) as Hellman
A notorious gunman faces a series of challengers determined to out-shoot him.
When Hell Broke Loose (1958) as Detective
Near the end of the war in Germany, GI Steve Boland, a self-described "sharp-operator", meets a German girl, Ilsa (Violet Rensing), and they fall in love. Ilsa's brother Karl (Richard Jaeckel), whom she has not seen in three years, and his fellow-Nazi Ludwig (Arvid Nelson)visit Ilsa. Karl proudly informs her that he and Ludwig are "Werewolves", a group of Nazi assassins parachuted behind Allied lines for the purpose of killing Allied High Command officers. She and Steve go to Army Intelligence with they information, where Steve is immediately arrest for being A.W.O.L. Captain Melton (Dennis McCarthy) of Army G-2 intervenes on Steve's behalf, as G-2 has had a suspicion about the existence of the "Werewolves" but no concrete info before now.
Mister Cory (1957) as Matrobe associate
Cory, an ambitious Chicago slum kid with a knack for gambling, gets a busboy job at a posh Wisconsin resort...where his real purpose is to gamble with the staff and guests and romance rich young ladies. Setbacks follow, but Cory eventually rises to a high position in the world of professional gambling. But he just can't forget the glamorous Vollard sisters. And now he has even farther to fall...
Jet Pilot (1957) as Waiter
An Air Force colonel in charge of an Alaskan base has his hands full when he falls in love with a defecting Russian pilot.
Chicago Confidential (1957) as Customer
A union president fights off organized crime only to find himself framed for murder.
Crashing Las Vegas (1956) as Hotel floor manager/Judge in Sach's dream
When an electric shock turns one of them into a psychic, the Bowery Boys invade Las Vegas.
Bundle of Joy (1956) as Attendant
A shop girl is mistaken for the mother of a foundling.
Beyond a Reasonable Doubt (1956) as Eddie
A novelist frames himself for murder to prove the fallibility of circumstantial evidence.
Tension at Table Rock (1956) as Reporter
When the owner of a stagecoach station is killed, a gunman takes his place.
Meet Me in Las Vegas (1956) as Croupier, New Frontier
A ballerina becomes a gambler's lucky charm.
The Sea Chase (1955) as Sub-lieutenant
A German freighter captain tries to elude the British in the early days of World War II.
Lucy Gallant (1955) as
A fashion designer sacrifices happiness to build a string of clothing stores.
Francis in the Navy (1955) as Bostwick's second
Jail Busters (1955) as Henchman
The Bowery Boys help a reporter who was beaten up during an undercover investigation at a local prison.
The Human Jungle (1954) as Technician
Danforth (Gary Merrill) is assigned to take over the police department in a section of a large city saddled with juvenile delinquency, petty crimes, graft and also a recent unsolved murder of a strip-tease dancer. Recognizing the laxity of the department he implements many changes and soon finds himself under fire by the newspapers, the attorney of a racket leader and the denizens of this human jungle. He calls this a cop's war that is the same as a soldier's war with the difference being that people hate cops. His cause isn't helped when a rookie policeman accidently kills an innocent bystander. And he has to protect police informer Mary Abbott (Jan Sterling) from Swados (Chuck Connors), a killer in the hire of the man behind the petty mobsters.
The Mississippi Gambler (1953) as
Mark Fallon, with partner Kansas John Polly, tries to introduce honest gambling on the riverboats. His first success makes enemies of the crooked gamblers and of fair Angelique Dureau, whose necklace he won. Later in New Orleans, Mark befriends Angelique's father, but she still affects to despise him as his gambling career brings him wealth. Duelling, tragedy, and romantic complications follow.
Botany Bay (1953) as Marine
In 1787 prisoners from London's Newgate Gaol are to be shipped to New South Wales. Hugh Tallant is an American medical student whom, we learn at sea, was falsely imprisoned. Because of his attempt to escape, evil Captain Gilbert decides to return him to England on charges of mutiny. Events, including arrival of plague, keep Tallant busy in New South Wales.
Let's Do It Again (1953) as Chauffeur
A divorced couple finds it impossible to stay out of each other's lives.
Appointment in Honduras (1953) as General
Mission over Korea (1953) as Private
A rookie pilot in the Korean War wants to avenge his brother''''s death.
Ride, Vaquero! (1953) as Croupier
Ranchers in New Mexico have to face Indians and bandits.
Raiders of the Seven Seas (1953) as Mate
A legendary pirate captures a Spanish galleon and tries to claim a countess as his bride.
Count the Hours (1953) as Reporter
A lawyer defends a migrant worker in a sensational murder trial.
April in Paris (1953) as Reporter
A bureaucrat's mistake sends a chorus girl to Paris representing American theatre in place of a star actress.
The Winning Team (1952) as Fan
Baseball great Grover Cleveland Alexander fights his way back from a blinding injury.
Kansas City Confidential (1952) as Houseman
To commit the perfect crime, a former detective keeps his colleagues' identities secret from each other.
The Lusty Men (1952) as Slicker
A faded rodeo star mentors a younger rider but falls for his wife.
Army Bound (1952) as George
The Steel Trap (1952) as Bank teller
A bank employee steals cash from the bank on Friday and, at the bidding of his wife, must return the money before it is discovered missing on Monday morning.
The Blazing Forest (1952) as Lumberjack
Has Anybody Seen My Gal (1952) as Gambler
Wealthy Samuel Fulton is getting older and he wants to test his family before leaving his money to them. He anonymously grants them $100,000. Harriet Blaisdell moves the family into a mansion and makes plans to marry her daughter Millicent off to a socialite rather than her soda jerk boyfriend Dan.
Smuggler's Gold (1951) as Truck driver
The head of a smuggling ring sucks his niece''''s fiancé into his operation.
The Lemon Drop Kid (1951) as Mug
A bookie has the Christmas holidays to raise the money he owes a gangster.
The Company She Keeps (1951) as Ricci
A lady con artist sets out to steal her parole officer's fiance.
Little Egypt (1951) as Reporter
Criminal Lawyer (1951) as Attendant
An alcoholic lawyer sobers up to defend his friend in a murder case.
According to Mrs. Hoyle (1951) as Police officer in hospital
A retired teacher sells her apartment to a group of gangsters.
Submarine Command (1951) as Oscar
A Naval commander torments himself over a crewman''''s death.
The Racket (1951) as Reporter
A tough cop has to fight his superiors in order to battle the mob.
Let's Go Navy (1951) as Sailor
The Bowery Boys join the Navy to catch some crooks posing as sailors.
Roadblock (1951) as Hood
An insurance agent''''s greedy wife leads him to a life of crime.
His Kind of Woman (1951) as Card player
A deported gangster causes problems for guests at a Mexican resort.
Where Danger Lives (1950) as Policeman
A psychopath draws her doctor into her murderous schemes.
David Harding, Counterspy (1950) as Man in theater
Chain Lightning (1950) as Radio operator
A reckless jet pilot goes to work for a demanding aviation tycoon.
Mighty Joe Young (1949) as Reporter
Showmen try to exploit a giant ape raised by an orphan.
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court (1949) as Townsman
A blow to the head sends an auto mechanic back to the days of Camelot.
Force of Evil (1949) as Gunman
A crooked lawyer tries to protect his numbers running brother from a ruthless crime boss.
Alias Nick Beal (1949) as Pedestrian
A crusading district attorney sells his soul to the devil to fight corruption.
White Heat (1949) as Agent
A government agent infiltrates a gang run by a mother-fixated psychotic.
Holiday Affair (1949) as Clerk
A young widow is torn between a boring businessman and a romantic ne'er-do-well.
Alias Nick Beal (1949) as Tommy Ray
A crusading district attorney sells his soul to the devil to fight corruption.
My Friend Irma (1949) as Sam, pet shop man
Based on the long-running radio show. Irma is a likeable airhead who meddles in her roommate's love-life. Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, in their first screen appearance, are juice-bar operators who are discovered when a self-proclaimed manager hears Martin's golden voice. Irma's roommate wants to marry her rich boss, but instead falls in love with Martin.
Red, Hot and Blue (1949) as Member of theater group
An actress''''s rising career is threatened when she finds a dead gangster in her apartment.
Beyond Glory (1948) as Photographer
Thinking he may have caused the death of his commanding officer Captain Daniels in Tunisia, Rocky visits Daniels' widow. She falls for him, he falls for her, she encourages him to go to West Point. While there he faces serious disciplinary review for having forced a plebe into resigning. He may even be court-martialled.
Hazard (1948) as Bookie
A Double Life (1948) as Boyer
An actor starring as Othello opposite his wife finds the character''''s jealous rage taking over his mind off-stage.
Station West (1948) as Stickman
A federal agent takes on a gang of gold thieves.
Night Has a Thousand Eyes (1948) as Radio announcer/Policeman
When heiress Jean Courtland attempts suicide, her fiancée Elliott Carson probes her relationship to John Triton. In flashback, we see how stage mentalist Triton starts having terrifying flashes of true precognition. His partner, Whitney Courtland, uses Triton's talent to make money; but Triton's inability to prevent what he foresees, causes him to break up the act and become a hermit. Years later, Triton has new visions and desperately tries to prevent tragedies in the Courtland family. Can his warnings succeed against suspicion, unbelief, and inexorable fate?
The Big Clock (1948) as Joe Talbot
A corrupt publisher tries to frame a career-driven editor for murder.
Blaze of Noon (1947) as Pilot
In the 1920s, the four McDonald brothers leave the uncertain life of carnival stunt fliers for steady jobs with the U.S. Air Mail. They've agreed that "guys like us don't have a right to get married," but that's before Colin meets nurse Lucille Stewart and, in a whirlwind courtship, weds her. Can this marriage, or indeed any of the brothers, survive the dangers of their new profession?
Devil Ship (1947) as Thug
Captain Biff Brown (Richard Lane) owns a boat used to ferry prisoners from the mainland to Alcatraz. The police find some escape tools on his boat and, although Brown isn't involved, his contract is terminated and he goes back to tuna fishing. Brown takes his friend Sanderson (William Bishop) to his boarding house and introduces him to his sweetheart Madge Harris (Louise Campbell) and Sanderson also falls in love with her. A gang headed by Red Mason (Damian O'Flynn) and trying to escape the country bribe Brown's engineer, Venatti (Anthony Caruso), and are hiding on the boat the next time Brown and Sanderson take it out. They take over the boat but a storm is approaching...
Fear in the Night (1947) as Contractor
Bank teller Vince Grayson wakes from a nightmare in which he and an unknown woman murdered a man in a strange, mirrored room. Only a dream...but Vince finds that he has physical objects and bruises from his "dream." His cop brother-in-law dismisses his story...until the family, on a picnic, takes shelter from a thunderstorm in a deserted mansion containing that mirrored room. Is doom closing in on Vince?
Calcutta (1947) as Bodyguard to Lasser
Neale and Pedro fly cargo between Chungking and Calcutta. When their buddy Bill is murdered they investigate. Neale meets Bill's fiancée Virginia and becomes suspicious of a deeper plot while also falling for her charms.
Easy Come, Easy Go (1947) as Mr. X
A film that possibly held the record for the most Irish-descent players in an American-produced movie before "The Quiet Man" was shot on location in Ireland, and that includes "The Informer." Barry Fitzgerald is a rapid fan of following the ponies (but none too good at picking the winners)and owns a shabby boarding house east of NYC's Third Avenue. Mostly, he never works, follows his hunches, philosphizes through most of the 77 minutes and changes the life course for most of those around him. His dependence upon his daughter (Diana Lynn) keeps him interfering with her romance with a returning WW II sailor (Sonny Tufts, just before Paramount finally gave up on him.) And he will stretch the truth beyond accepted boundaries. Fitzgerald's real-life brother Arthur Sheilds plays his brother who he has built up to be a rich man, but who is really a diver working for the police department. Could have been a ten if there had been a leprechaun or two or Pat O'Brien in the cast.
Variety Girl (1947) as Theater manager
Dozens of star and character-actor cameos and a message about the Variety Club (show-business charity) are woven into a framework about two hopeful young ladies who come to Hollywood, exchange identities, and cause comic confusion (with slapstick interludes) throughout the Paramount studio.
California (1947) as Pennock's partner/Miner
"Wicked" Lily Bishop joins a wagon train to California, led by Michael Fabian and Johnnny Trumbo, but news of the Gold Rush scatters the train. When Johnny and Michael finally arrive, Lily is rich from her saloon and storekeeper (former slaver) Pharaoh Coffin is bleeding the miners dry. But worse troubles are ahead: California is inching toward statehood, and certain people want to make it their private empire.
The Locket (1946) as Photographer
A dark personal secret drives a young woman to use every man she encounters.
Deadline for Murder (1946) as Poker player
From This Day Forward (1946) as District Attorney
In flashbacks, the 1938 courtship and marriage of young machinist Bill Cummings and bookstore clerk Susan are recalled: newlywed bliss, unemployment and other tribulations, opportunity with a hidden drawback, war and separation. Now out of the army, Bill job-hunts and worries about the future...
Two Years Before the Mast (1946) as Crimp
Charles Stewart, the "Pilgrim" owner's playboy son, finds himself shanghaied on his father's ship commanded by cruel Captain Thompson. When scurvy breaks out he leads a mutiny and is slapped in irons. Floggings and torture abound.
Johnny Angel (1945) as Third mate
A sailor sets out to solve his father's murder.
They Were Expendable (1945) as Boat crew member
A Navy commander fights to prove the battle-worthiness of the PT boat at the start of World War II.
3 Is a Family (1944) as Navy officer
Hey, Rookie (1944) as M. C.
Musical comedy star Jimmy Leighter wants to get away from show biz and his leading lady Winnie Clark, so he joins the Army. There he gets the order to put on a show, Winnie Clark appears in a camp show, hears about his task and offers him his help. He thinks, she does it for her publicity only, so he doesn't want to know anything about this, till he finds out, that she has no such intentions.
Roger Touhy, Gangster (1944) as Headwaiter
Goodnight, Sweetheart (1944) as Witness
The Fighting Seabees (1944) as Construction worker
World War II construction workers have to fight the enemy to get the job done.
Maisie Goes to Reno (1944) as Gangster
On a trip to Reno, a Brooklyn showgirl tries to stop a soldier and his wife from divorcing.
Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (1944) as Thief
Ali Baba, son of the Kalif of Bagdad is brought up by the 40 Thieves after his father is killed by the soldiers of Hugalu Khan, who received the necessary information by traitor Cassim. Ali becomes the leader of the thieves and they are fighting for the freedom of his land. Per chance Ali captures the fiancée of Hugalu Khan, who turns out to be his girl friend Amara. After a few misunderstandings Ali uses her wedding day with Hugalu Khan as the day for the liberation of Bagdad.
Meet Miss Bobby Socks (1944) as Announcer
A veteran becomes a singing sensation.
Irish Eyes Are Smiling (1944) as Electrician
Meet the People (1944) as Dance director
A fading stage star tries to revive her career by taking a job in a shipyard.
The Unwritten Code (1944) as Sentry
Hitler's Children (1943) as Person in labor camp
A German-American girl is forced to enter a Hitler youth program.
Keep 'Em Slugging (1943) as Thug
A gang of tough street kids decide to go straight and get jobs in order to free draft-age men for the war effort. However, because of their past tangles with the law, they can't find anybody who'll hire them. Finally one of them gets a job at the department store where his sister works, but runs afoul of a store executive who is in league with a ring of hijackers.
Bombardier (1943) as Navigator
Military officers compete for the same woman while training pilots for war.
Flight for Freedom (1943) as Ship reporter
A female pilot breaks the Los Angeles to New York record and attracts the interest of the U.S. Navy, who want to send her on a spy mission.
Gildersleeve's Bad Day (1943) as Tom
A small-town politician is the jury hold-out in a sensational murder case.
False Faces (1943) as Drummer
Captive Wild Woman (1943) as Attendant
A mad scientist transplants human glands into a gorilla, turning the ape into a beautiful young woman (Acquanetta). However, a severe emotional jolt soon reverts her back into her primitive self with disastrous consequences.
Cowboy in Manhattan (1943) as Reporter
All by Myself (1943) as Band leader
Hit Parade of 1943 (1943) as Orchestra leader
One of the many films made at Republic with a year attached to the "Hit Parade" title, which came from the "Hit Parade" radio program sponsored by Lucky Strike cigarettes. On reissue all of the entries underwent a title change from "Hit Parade of 19??" to, usually, a title of a song contained in the film, as happened in the case of this film when it was reissued as "Change of Heart" in 1949, and not known under that title until 1949. Not reissuing the film under the original title of "Hit Parade of 1943" had a two-fold purpose; the audiences of that era were not much interested in seeing a film twice, and a changed title-even when the original title was clearly shown in (very) small print in the ads and on the posters---had a chance of being seen again by that segment of the ticket-buying public who didn't read the small print. The plot here is just a trifle---Susan Hayward ghost writes songs for composer John Carroll, whose charms evidently outweighed his song-writing ability---played in and around some great singing and dancing numbers by, for its time, a large number of black performers including Dorothy Dandridge, Count Basie, dancing by the great Jack Williams and the team of "Pops & Louie"(Albert Whitman and Louis Williams)and others, including Spanish dancer Chinita Marin, billed as Chinita. The song "Change of Heart", by Jule Styne and Harold Adamson, was Oscar-nominated, and also became the title of the film on 1949 reissue. Walter Scharf also was Oscar-nominated for Best Scoring of a Musical. Republic seldom got two nominations in any single year, much less two in the same film.
Almost Married (1942) as Orchestra leader
Gloria Dobson (Jane Frazee) is finding it hard to become a night club singer in New York because she has "no name". She is given a chance to acquire one when her trunk is delivered by mistake to the home of socialite James Manning III (Robert Paige). The latter's wealthy Aunt Matilda (Elizabeth Patterson) has Jimmy tagged for marriage to Louella Marvin (Jan Wiley). Jimmy, not interested in marrying Louella, and his butler, Michael (Charles Coleman) persuade Gloria, who has come to claim her trunk, to be introduced to Aunt Mathilda as Jimmy's "secret bride". The news of his "secret marriage" makes the newspapers, and his lawyers advise him that the only way out is an actual marriage to Gloria, followed by a quick divorce. Gloria agrees and they are married, and she discovers she has fallen in love with Jimmy. But humiliated because Jimmy still wants a divorce, she defiantly obtains a night club singing engagement on the strength of her married name. Jimmy ruins her chances of gaining recognition by buying up all the club's reservations for three weeks. Gloria then heads for Reno to get a divorce. Jimmy, realizing that he does love Gloria, flies to catch her Reno-bound train...
Private Buckaroo (1942) as Waiter
A rebellious young Army recruit falls for the daughter of a retired officer.
The Navy Comes Through (1942) as Dennis
An old freighter single-handedly takes on a Nazi war fleet.
Escape from Hong Kong (1942) as Trooper chauffeur
Strictly in the Groove (1942) as Waiter
Secrets of the Underground (1942) as Harrison
Sleepytime Gal (1942) as Hotel clerk
Moonlight in Havana (1942) as Band leader
Singing Johnny Norton (Allan Jones) is the star catcher of the Blue Sox baseball team but he is suspended because of insubordination. Producer Barney Crane (William Frawley) hears Johnny singing and signs him to appear with Gloria Jackson (Jane Frazee), with the promise their first engagement will be in Havana. Johnny, hoping to get his baseball job back, is anxious to get to Cuba where the Blue Sox are having spring training. Patsy Clark (Marjorie Lord), daughter of Blue Sox owner, Joe Clark (Wade Boteler), helps Johnny get another chance with the team. But Johnny has fallen in love with Gloria and hates to walk out on his singing contract. Johnny's troubles are solved when rain prevents the important All-Star exhibition game which was scheduled for the same evening.
Top Sergeant (1942) as Operator
An Army jeep is forced off the road by fleeing bandits. Sergeant Dick Manson (Don Terry), his kid brother Jack (Gene Garrick), and Corporals Frenchy Devereaux (Leo Carrillo) and Andy Jarrett (Andy Devine) follow and are joined by a posse of deputy sheriffs. Three of the robbers are killed in a shoot-out, but one of them, Al Bennett (Don Porter), escapes after wounding Jack, who dies. Bennett figures a perfect hideout would be in the Army, and becomes one of the recruits assigned to Manson. He gets into trouble because of his attitude, and particularly with Manson when he gets the Colonel's daughter, Helen (Elyse Knox), into covering up his A.W.O.L. G-Men reveal that some of the bank money has been passed at a local jewellery store. When Manson learns that Bennett has given Helen a gift trinket, he jumps at the clue, and drives her down to question the jeweler. They find him murdered. At the Army war games, Bennett blows up a bridge and several men are killed, and he diverts the blame upon Frenchy and Andy, who are court martialed for negligent homicide. Manson discovers a witness who identifies Bennett as one of the bank robbers.
Butch Minds the Baby (1942) as Bookie
Wake Island (1942) as Marine
Marines stationed in the Pacific fight off the Japanese during World War II.
Double Date (1941) as Orchestra leader
The Saint in Palm Springs (1941) as Hoodlum
Reformed jewel thief Simon Templar''''s efforts to deliver a fortune in rare stamps are complicated by murder.
Too Many Blondes (1941) as Chris Jackson
Shadow of the Thin Man (1941) as Stephen's clerk
High society sleuths Nick and Nora Charles run into a variety of shady characters while investigating a race-track murder.
Lady Scarface (1941) as Mr. Barlowe
Police try to capture a murderous female gangster and her band of killers.
Footlight Fever (1941) as Theater manager
Two producers will stop at nothing to raise money for their big show.
Unexpected Uncle (1941) as Nightclub singer
A bored retiree decides to play matchmaker.
Play Girl (1941) as Usher
An aging gold digger takes a young woman under her wing.
The Gay Falcon (1941) as Orchestra leader
A society sleuth tries to break up an insurance scam.
Bachelor Daddy (1941) as Usher
Blonde Comet (1941) as Red [Stewart]
Caught in the Act (1941) as Davis
Seventeen (1940) as Orchestra leader
Music in My Heart (1940) as Miller
A chorus girl engaged to a millionaire falls for the star of her latest musical.
The Devil's Pipeline (1940) as Ship's steward
Pop Always Pays (1940) as Pawnbroker's assistant
A man will only allow his daughter to marry if her fiance can raise $1,000.
Argentine Nights (1940) as Gaucho
Cross-Country Romance (1940) as Airport clerk
A runaway heiress hides in a doctor''''s trailer for a rollicking trip to San Francisco.
Kitty Foyle (1940) as Drummer
A girl from the wrong side of the tracks endures scandal and heartbreak when she falls for a high-society boy.
I'm Still Alive (1940) as Assistant director
The dangers of his job threaten to break up a stuntman and his movie star wife.
Unexpected Father (1939) as Stage manager
Jimmy Hanley (Dennis O'Keefe) learns that his former dancing partner has been killed, leaving a baby boy Sandy (Sandra Lee Henville as Baby Sandy), so he takes the baby to live with him and his roommate Boris Bebenko (Mischa Auer). Theatre manager Allen Rand (Donald Briggs) threatens to fire Jimmy for neglecting his work, but Jimmy's girlfriend Diana (Shirley Ross) squares things by going to dinner with Rand over Jimmy's objections. Sandy catches measles and the quarantine causes Jimmy and Boris to miss a big audition.
Little Accident (1939) as Camerman
Call a Messenger (1939) as Clerk
A tough street kid attempts to rob a post office and is caught. In order to avoid reform school, he takes a job as a messenger with the post office. He finds that he likes it, and when his brother is released from prison, attempts to help his brother go straight. However, the two of them get mixed up with a local gangster, who has plans to start robbing post office branches and using the messenger and his brother to do it.
I Stole a Million (1939) as Clerk
Charlie McCarthy, Detective (1939) as Master of ceremonies
Scotty Hamilton is a reporter who works for a crooked editor. Bill Banning is another reporter who is about to expose the editor's ties to the mob. When the editor is killed, both reporter Banning and mobster Tony Garcia are suspected. However, Hamilton's friend Edgar Bergen solves the case (without much help from Charlie McCarthy).
Follow the Fleet (1936) as
Two sailors on leave romance a dance-hall hostess and her prim sister.
Swing Time (1936) as Announcer
To prove himself worthy of his fiancee, a dancer tries to make it big, only to fall for his dancing partner.
Pals of the Range (1935) as Tom
East of Java (1935) as Crew
The Drunkard (1935) as
I Hate Women (1934) as Jones

Cast (short)

Du Barry Did All Right (1937)
A woman living in Paris feels neglected by her husband, so she decides to go to New York City and enjoy herself in this short film. Vitaphone Release B27-28.

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