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Addison Richards

Addison Richards



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Also Known As: Died: March 22, 1964
Born: October 20, 1887 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Zanesville, Ohio, USA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

For Those Who Think Young (1964) as Dean Watkins
Teens fight to keep a wealthy businessman from shutting down their beachside hangout.
The Raiders (1964) as Huntington Lawford
Saintly Sinners (1962) as Monsignor
An aging priest reforms the felons in his parish.
Frontier Uprising (1961) as Commander Kimball
Jim Davis, Nancy Hadley, Ken Mayer, Nestor Paiva, Don O''Kelly. While leading pioneers to the West Coast, frontier scout Jim Davis discovers that the U.S. has gone to war with Mexico. Hordes of attacking Mexicans and hostile Indians enliven this remake of KIT CARSON which uses stock footage from the original 1940 version
The Gambler Wore a Gun (1961) as Doc Devlin
Flight That Disappeared (1961) as The Sage
Aliens kidnap three Earth scientists to convince them to oppose nuclear warfare.
The Dark at the Top of the Stairs (1960) as Harris
Changing times create sexual tensions among members of a small-town family in the ''''20s.
The Facts of Life (1960) as Larry's boss
Suburban marrieds are tempted to dabble in adultery.
All the Fine Young Cannibals (1960) as Mr. McDowall
An ambitious farm girl rushes into marriage with a rich man, almost destroying four lives in the process.
The Oregon Trail (1959) as President James K. Polk
The Saga of Hemp Brown (1958) as Colonel
Ex-army sergeant Jed Givens and his gang rob an army payroll shipment led by Lt. Hemp Brown. Givens kills a civilian woman and all the soldiers, leaving Brown alive to face a military tribunal in which he is branded a coward, stripped of all insignia and drummed out of the army. Brown sets out to track down Givens in an effort to clear his name.
Gunsight Ridge (1957) as Sheriff Tom Jones
A sheriff tries to find the man who killed his predecessor.
Last of the Bad Men (1957) as Dillon
The Ten Commandments (1956) as Fan bearer
To escape the edict of Egypt's Pharoah, Rameses I, condemning all first-born Hebrew males, the infant Moses is set adrift on the Nile in a reed basket. Saved by the pharaoh's daughter Bithiah, he is adopted by her and brought up in the court of her brother, Pharaoh Seti. Moses gains Seti's favor and the love of the throne princess Nefertiri, as well as the hatred of Seti's son, Rameses. When his Hebrew heritage is revealed, Moses is cast out of Egypt, and makes his way across the desert where he marries, has a son and is commanded by God to return to Egypt to free the Hebrews from slavery. In Egypt Moses's fiercest enemy proves to be not Rameses, but someone near to him who can 'harden his heart'.
Reprisal! (1956) as Judge
New ranch owner Frank Madden, half Indian but posing as white, arrives just as an all white jury finds the three white Shipley brothers who lynched three Indians innocent. There is soon trouble between Frank and the Shipleys who are using Frank's land to graze their cattle. When the brother of one of the Indian victims kills a Shipley, Frank is accused and put in jail. The Shipleys then organize a lynch mob and head for the jail.
The Broken Star (1956) as U.S. Marshal Wayne Forrester
A deputy sheriff defies local ranchers to investigate a Mexican''''s murder.
Walk the Proud Land (1956) as Governor Safford
A government agent tries to treat the Apaches with respect.
Crime Against Joe (1956) as District Attorney Roy
An artist must find the real killer when he''''s accused of murdering a nightclub singer.
Everything but the Truth (1956) as Roger Connolly
Willie Taylor, small-town 4th-grade schoolboy, takes to heart his admired teacher's words about truthfulness, and repeats in public his uncle's remark about paying a kickback to the mayor. Result: principal Miss Dabney (a political appointee) suspends Willie from school, and teacher Joan Madison, up against a political machine, enlists amorous columnist Ernie Miller to turn Willie's case into a cause celebre...
The Fastest Gun Alive (1956) as Doc Jennings
A reformed gunslinger''''s past keeps catching up with him.
When Gangland Strikes (1956) as Mark Spurlock
Fury at Gunsight Pass (1956) as Charles Hanford
Part of an outlaw gang rides into town to rob the bank and their accomplice is the local undertaker. The robbery goes awry and they are captured but the money is not found. While the prisoners are being transferred, the rest of the gang overpowers the posse, frees the prisoners, and returns to town. The undertaker's wife finds the money and tries to flee putting the townspeople's life in jeopardy as the outlaw leader plans to start shooting them unless he gets the money.
Fort Yuma (1955) as Gen. Crooke
A disgruntled settler kills an Apache chief at Fort Yuma, and the fort's commander knows that the chief's son, Manga Colorado (Abel Fernandez), will seek revenge and go on the warpath. He sends word by a courier to Fort Apache where a supply column is due to head across the desert to Fort Yuman, but the courier is killed by Mangas. The column, under the command of Lieutenant Ben Keegan (Peter Graves)who hates Apaches because he doesn't trust them, and because his assigned scout is Jonas (John Hudson), the brother of an Apache girl, Francesca (Joan Taylor), whom Keegan has been having an affair with. Also accompanying them is Melanie Crowne (Joan Vohs), who is going to do missionary work among the Apaches. Mangas attacks the column wiping out everybody but Keegan, Jonas and Melanie. Francesca is killed while trying to warn Keegan, and he realizes how foolish he had been in his prejudice and in keeping his love secret. The Apaches, dressed in the uniforms of the dead soldier, plan to gain entrance to Fort Yuma and massacre the men there.
Illegal (1955) as Steve Harper
A DA falls apart when his machinations send an innocent man to the chair.
High Society (1955) as Sam Cosgrove
When one of them is mistaken for a society heir, the Bowery Boys move up in the world.
Davy Crockett, Indian Scout (1950) as Captain Weightman
One of Davy Crockett''''s descendants leads a wagon train through perilous territory.
Henry, the Rainmaker (1949) as Steve Richards
Mighty Joe Young (1949) as City attorney
Showmen try to exploit a giant ape raised by an orphan.
Rustlers (1949) as Frank Abbott
Two cowboys get mixed up in rustling and counterfeit schemes.
The Saxon Charm (1948) as Abel Richman
Lulu Belle (1948) as Commissioner Dixon
If You Knew Susie (1948) as Senator Bradley
A vaudeville couple tries to retire but gets mixed up with gangsters.
A Southern Yankee (1948) as Doctor Clayton
A bellboy masquerades as a spy and lands behind enemy lines during the Civil War.
Call Northside 777 (1948) as John Albertson
A Chicago reporter re-opens a ten year old murder case.
Reaching from Heaven (1948) as Max Bradley
Love Laughs at Andy Hardy (1947) as Mr. Benedict
A small-town boy returns to college after the war only to find his sweetheart engaged to another.
The Unfinished Dance (1947) as Doctor
A young dance student accidentally cripples a teacher she doesn't like.
The Millerson Case (1947) as Dr. Wickersham
While on vacation, a criminal psychologist investigates a murder during a typhoid epidemic.
Dragonwyck (1946) as Farmer
A farm girl signs on as governess in a gloomy mansion.
Don't Gamble with Strangers (1946) as Chief Broderick
Step by Step (1946) as [James] Blackton
The FBI trails a young couple suspected of stealing government plans.
Secrets of a Sorority Girl (1946) as John Hamilton
Linda Hamilton (Mary Ware), president of Alpha Beta Sorority and Conover College campus queen, faints while at a sorority party in the company of ex-reporter Paul Reynolds (Rick Vallin), who is taking a post-graduate course. Linda learns from doctors that she has only one year to live but hesitates in telling her father, District Attorney Hamilton (Addison Richards), who is devoting his energies to wiping out illegal gambling. Linda goes with Paul to the Blue Parrot Cabaret, a notorious gambling den. Bail bondsman Justin Farley (Frank Ferguson) telephones casino owner Nick Vegas (Anthony Warde) that the police are about to make a raid and Vegas, knowing Linda is the district attorney's daughter, takes pictures of her. Several nights later, Paul takes Linda to another gambling house and more pictures are taken showing her at the roulette table and drinking. Realizing that she has hurt her father by going to the places he is trying to exterminate, she still goes to a plave ran by Whitey King (Ray Walker.) Reynolds arrives and he and Whitey get into a fight which is interrupted by a raid. Paul rescues Linda, who has been knocked unconscious. A motorcycle cop chases Paul's car and is killed when he runs into the car after Paul brakes sharply. Paul revives Linda and tells her she had been driving the car (quickly justifying the belief of audience members that no Rick Vallin character could stay heroic through a whole film.) Paul then goes to Linda with the pictures and reveals he is the secret leader of the gambling rackets, and tells her to ask her father to resign or he will give the newspapers the pictures. She refuses and Paul goes to civic committee meeting, where Mr. Hamilton is being proposed to run for governor, and shows him and other officials the pictures, plus Linda's stolen diary in which she has written about the wreck with the motorcycle policeman. Hamilton arrest his daughter and she is put on trial for the killing. Probably not a big deal to one who has only a few more months to live...
Criminal Court (1946) as District Attorney Gordon
A lawyer defends the woman on trial for a murder he committed.
Courage of Lassie (1946) as Officer
A young girl tries to rehabilitate the famous collie after his return from combat service in World War II.
Renegades (1946) as Sheriff
A prominent citizen''''s daughter marries an outlaw''''s son.
The Hoodlum Saint (1946) as Reverend Miller
After finding religion, a cynical newspaperman tries to help young hoods.
Angel on My Shoulder (1946) as Big Harry
The Devil sends a murdered gangster to Earth as a respected judge.
Anna and the King of Siam (1946) as Captain Orton
A young Englishwoman becomes royal tutor in Siam and befriends the King.
Leave Her to Heaven (1946) as Bedford
A beautiful neurotic will stop at nothing to hold onto her husband's love.
Duffy's Tavern (1945) as Mr. Smith, O.P.A.
When Archie, the proprietor of the neighborhood bar discovers that one of his regulars, Michael O'Malley, owner of a record company is going broke, he realizes that many of his regulars will soon be unemployed and therefore, unable to pay their tab at the tavern. Archie immediately begins recruiting
Lady on a Train (1945) as Captain
A young woman enlists a mystery writer to help her solve a murder when the corpse vanishes.
Divorce (1945) as Plummer
A frequently divorced woman sets her sights on a happily married man.
Black Market Babies (1945) as District Attorney Hamilton
This George Morris story (screenplay by George Wallace Sayre) was based on an article that appeared in "Woman's Home Companion" and later reprinted in "Reader's Digest." Eddie Condon (Kane Richmond), a two-bit racketeer, teams up with an alcoholic doctor, Judson (Ralph Morgan), to set up a maternity home with free facilities to expectant mothers, with the proviso that the women sign away all rights to their new-borns. The babies are then offered for adoptation to couples willing to make a substantial "contribution" to the home. Things go well for this borderline within-the-law business until a baby is still-born. Conden had already sold the baby for $5,000 and has no intention of returning the money, so he substitutes the child of the sister (Teala Loring) of his wife (Jayne Hazard). There is a slip-up on the filing of the certificates and the District Attorney's office gets involved.
Rough, Tough and Ready (1945) as Capt. Murray
Brad Crowder (Chester Morris) is co-owner in the Crowder Salvage Company with Jo Matheson (Jean Rogers), who inherited her father's share of the business. She is in love with Brad, while he thinks of her as a brat in overalls. Brad is a wolf after all the girls, especially those of his best friend Owen McCarey (Victor McLaglen.) When the war begins, Brad offers his salvage equipment and men to the Navy, provided he gets an officer's commission. The Navy isn't interested but the Army is, minus the commission, and send Brad and his men to training school for thirteen weeks. Brad has a dinner date with Jo, but breaks it when Owen bets him he can't take his latest girl, Kitty Duval (Amelita Ward.) Kitty phones while Owen is taking a shower, and Brad tells he Owen is still working but he will pick her up. By the time Owen catches up, Kitty is showing a decided preference for Brad, and Owen consoles himself with Lorine Gray (Veda Ann Borg), a Brooklyn girl pretending to be an innocent little gal from the South who wants a home and a husband. Brad returns from training to find that Jo has joined the WAC abd that Owen is about to marry Lorine. Brad, seeing that Owen is really in love, has no intention of breaking up the romance. Kitty can't make a date with Brad and sends Lorine to explain. Lorine falls for Brad and jilts Owen. Presuming that Brad has deliberately taken her, they fight and both men are badly mauled. Before the breach between them can be mended, bot are ordered overseas. Unless one has missed the other 123 versions of this plot, the only question remaining is which man will save the other's life at the risk of his own?
The Tiger Woman (1945) as Mr. White
The Chicago Kid (1945) as Warden
Grissly's Millions (1945) as Henry Adams
The Mummy's Curse (1945) as Pat Walsh
An irrigation project in the rural bayous of Louisiana unearths Kharis the living mummy, who was buried in quicksand 25 years earlier.
I'll Remember April (1945) as Police inspector
Come Out Fighting (1945) as Mr. [James] Mitchell
Bells of Rosarita (1945) as Slim Phillips
Dale Evans inherits a circus, but her dead father's partner (Grant Withers) is trying to take it away from her. Roy and Bob Nolan are filming a movie on location at the circus. They and a number of other western movie stars come to Dale's aid, putting on a show and catching the bad guys.
The Shanghai Cobra (1945) as John Adams also known as Jan Van Horn
Charlie Chan investigates a series of deaths by snake bite.
Strange Confession (1945) as Dr. Williams
Adventures of Rusty (1945) as Dr. Banning
A lonely boy tries to rehabilitate a police dog trained by the Nazis.
Betrayal from the East (1945) as Capt. Bates
A carnival showman tries to keep Japanese spies from sabotaging the Panama Canal.
Bewitched (1945) as John Ellis
A girl enlists a psychic to get rid of her murderous alternate personality.
Men in Her Diary (1945) as Cavanaugh
Singer/Dancer Peggy Ryan neither sings nor dances in this comedy in which she plays a secretary, whose life has no romance because she devotes all of her time to her attractive older sister. But she does keep a diary that contains some fact and many fictional entries. One such is read by the wife (Louise Allbritton) of her boss (Jon Hall) who promptly sues for a divorce. Virginia Grey stars in a musical produced by Hall and sings (possibly dubbed) "Makin' a Million" and "Keep Your Chin Up." No spoiler to add that Ryan gets a boyfriend and Hall and Allbritton are reunited before this one runs it course.
Spellbound (1945) as Police captain
A psychiatrist tries to help the man she loves solve a murder buried in his subconscious.
Danger Signal (1945) as Investigator
A man suspected of murder charms a secretary into helping him.
Follow the Boys (1944) as MacDermott
Raiders of Ghost City (1944)
During the latter stages of the Civil War, a gang of supposed Confederates, headed by Alex Morel (Lionel Atwill), raid all gold shipments destined for Washington from Oro Grande, California. In the first chapter, "Murder By Accident", Captain Steve Clark (Dennis Moore), is recognized as a Union Secret Service agent by Morel's accomplice Trina Dessard (Virginia Christine), and, with his friend Idaho Jones (Joe Sawyer), is ambushed in the baggage car and sent to almost certain death when the car is un-coupled and plunges down the mountainside. Leaping to safety, in order to be around for the next 12 chapters, Idaho and Steve report to Colonel Sewell (Addison Richards) in Oro Grande, and Idaho introduces himself as a Wells Fargo detective to Cathy Haines (Wanda McKay), the Oro Grande company agent. Steve and Idaho learn that the Morel raiders are only posing as Confederates, and their headquarters are at Morel's "Golden Eagle" saloon. In a raid on the hideout, Steve's brother Jim (Gene Garrick) is killed by the gang. The next victim is Confederate Army Captain Clay Randolph (Regis Toomey) who has discovered that Morel is connected with a group of Prussian spies and gives Steve a clue before he dies. The clue leads Steve to a San Francisco dive owned by Abel Rackerby (Charles Wagenheim), who, thinking he has Steve in his power, exposes the ring's activities and operation methods. Aided by the San Francisco Secret Service, Steve escapes and returns to Oro Grande, where in Chapter 13, "Golden Vengeance", he and Idaho round up the spies.
Since You Went Away (1944) as Major Sam Atkins
A mother and wife struggle to cope while her husband is off serving in World War II.
The Fighting Seabees (1944) as Capt. Joyce
World War II construction workers have to fight the enemy to get the job done.
Barbary Coast Gent (1944) as Wade Gamelin
A bandit from the gold fields moves to San Francisco and tries to go straight.
A Guy Named Joe (1944) as Major Corbett
A downed World War II pilot becomes the guardian angel for his successor in love and war.
Three Little Sisters (1944) as Col. Jonathan Flemming
Moon Over Las Vegas (1944) as Judge [Wilson]
Where Are Your Children? (1944) as Halstead
Are These Our Parents (1944) as Clint Davis
A Night of Adventure (1944) as Branson
A lawyer tries to clear his wife''''s lover of murder charges.
Bordertown Trail (1944) as Mr. Fontaine
Marriage Is a Private Affair (1944) as Col. [W. H.] Ryder
A spoiled rich girl refuses to let marriage interfere with man-chasing.
Three Men in White (1944) as George Brown
Young doctors compete for a prestigious position as Dr. Gillespie's assistant.
The Sullivans (1944) as Naval captain
During WWII, five brothers enlist in the Navy and are assigned to serve on the same ship.
Roger Touhy, Gangster (1944) as Priest
Salute to the Marines (1943) as Captain Edwards
A retired Marine gets caught in the middle of the Philippines campaign.
The Mystery of the 13th Guest (1943) as District attorney [Jim]
An heiress experiences a variety of strange goings on when she goes to collect her inheritance.
The Mad Ghoul (1943) as Gavigan
Curious about the effects of an ancient Mayan nerve gas on humans, a scientist exposes his young assistant and turns him into a mindless ghoul that must have human heart substance to live.
Smart Guy (1943) as Ben Carter
Always a Bridesmaid (1943) as Martin Boland
Mystery Broadcast (1943) as Bill Burton
Destroyer (1943) as Gerguson
The crew of a torpedoed ship fights to take out an enemy sub.
Headin' for God's Country (1943) as District commissioner
The Pride of the Yankees (1943) as Coach
Baseball legend Lou Gehrig faces a crippling disease at the height of his success.
Air Force (1943) as Major Daniels
A bomber crew sees World War II action over the Pacific.
Corvette K-225 (1943) as Commander Rowland
In 1943, 'Mac' MacClain, Canadian Navy, has lost his ship and many men to a German torpedo. While waiting for a new ship, he befriends Joyce Cartwright, sister of one of his dead officers. We follow the building and launch of new Corvette K-255, the 'Donnacola'. And who should be Mac's new subaltern but Joyce's other brother Paul, fresh out of the academy. Mac will do his best to make a good officer of Paul...if they both survive their hazardous sea duty.
Swing Shift Maisie (1943) as Detective
A brassy showgirl signs on to help the war effort as a factory worker.
Hit Parade of 1943 (1943) as Producer
One of the many films made at Republic with a year attached to the "Hit Parade" title, which came from the "Hit Parade" radio program sponsored by Lucky Strike cigarettes. On reissue all of the entries underwent a title change from "Hit Parade of 19??" to, usually, a title of a song contained in the film, as happened in the case of this film when it was reissued as "Change of Heart" in 1949, and not known under that title until 1949. Not reissuing the film under the original title of "Hit Parade of 1943" had a two-fold purpose; the audiences of that era were not much interested in seeing a film twice, and a changed title-even when the original title was clearly shown in (very) small print in the ads and on the posters---had a chance of being seen again by that segment of the ticket-buying public who didn't read the small print. The plot here is just a trifle---Susan Hayward ghost writes songs for composer John Carroll, whose charms evidently outweighed his song-writing ability---played in and around some great singing and dancing numbers by, for its time, a large number of black performers including Dorothy Dandridge, Count Basie, dancing by the great Jack Williams and the team of "Pops & Louie"(Albert Whitman and Louis Williams)and others, including Spanish dancer Chinita Marin, billed as Chinita. The song "Change of Heart", by Jule Styne and Harold Adamson, was Oscar-nominated, and also became the title of the film on 1949 reissue. Walter Scharf also was Oscar-nominated for Best Scoring of a Musical. Republic seldom got two nominations in any single year, much less two in the same film.
Deerslayer (1943) as Hutter
Ship Ahoy (1942) as U.S. agent in Puerto Rico
A dancer sailing to Puerto Rico hides government messages in her tap routines.
Blue, White and Perfect (1942) as Thomas
Detective Michael Shayne aids the war effort by fighting industrial diamond smugglers. They operate through Hawaii and part of the movie takes place on an ocean liner headed for there.
Andy Hardy's Double Life (1942) as George Benedict
A new college student lets romance get in the way of his studies.
Ridin' Down the Canyon (1942) as Jordan
Secret Enemies (1942) as Travers
The FBI tracks Nazi agents to a luxury hotel.
Friendly Enemies (1942) as Inspector McCarty
A Close Call for Ellery Queen (1942) as Lester Young
Underground Agent (1942) as George Martin
Secret Agent of Japan (1942) as Remsen
Secrets of a Co-ed (1942) as The district attorney
Sealed Lips (1942) as [Gary] Benson
A-Haunting We Will Go (1942) as Malcolm Kilgore [also known as Steve Barnes]
The boys are recruited by a gang of thugs to get a coffin containing one of their far from dead colleagues to Dayton to try and get at an inheritance. After the coffin gets switched with the one Dante the Magician uses in his act, his stage show gets more than usually popular.
The Lady Has Plans (1942) as Paul Baker
Some dastardly criminals have stolen some top secret plans and tattoo them on the back of a woman so she can sell them to the highest bidder in Lisbon. This woman plans to take the place of a 'Sidney Royce', a legitimate traveler going to Lisbon as a reporter. Crossed signals allows the real Sidney to reach Portugal first, where she is pursued by those trying to obtain the plans and US government agents trying to prevent the sale.
Flying Tigers (1942) as Colonel Lindsay
American flyers help the Chinese fight off Japanese invaders.
Top Sergeant (1942) as Col. Gray
An Army jeep is forced off the road by fleeing bandits. Sergeant Dick Manson (Don Terry), his kid brother Jack (Gene Garrick), and Corporals Frenchy Devereaux (Leo Carrillo) and Andy Jarrett (Andy Devine) follow and are joined by a posse of deputy sheriffs. Three of the robbers are killed in a shoot-out, but one of them, Al Bennett (Don Porter), escapes after wounding Jack, who dies. Bennett figures a perfect hideout would be in the Army, and becomes one of the recruits assigned to Manson. He gets into trouble because of his attitude, and particularly with Manson when he gets the Colonel's daughter, Helen (Elyse Knox), into covering up his A.W.O.L. G-Men reveal that some of the bank money has been passed at a local jewellery store. When Manson learns that Bennett has given Helen a gift trinket, he jumps at the clue, and drives her down to question the jeweler. They find him murdered. At the Army war games, Bennett blows up a bridge and several men are killed, and he diverts the blame upon Frenchy and Andy, who are court martialed for negligent homicide. Manson discovers a witness who identifies Bennett as one of the bank robbers.
Pacific Rendezvous (1942) as Gordon Trisby
An expert at deciphering codes takes on an enemy spy ring.
Men of Texas (1942) as Silas Hurlbert
War Dogs (1942) as William Freeman
Cowboy Serenade (1942) as Asa Lock
Mokey (1942) as Judge
A newlywed tries to deal with her troubled stepchild.
Private Buckaroo (1942) as Captain
A rebellious young Army recruit falls for the daughter of a retired officer.
The Man with Two Lives (1942) as Lieutenant Bradley
Phillip Bennett (Edward Norris) and Louise Hammond (Eleanor Lawson), engaged to be married, are returning from her home after the engagement party, and Phillip is apparently killed in an automobile accident. Dr. Clarke (Edward Keane) is called and asked to bring Phillip back to life as he has been able to do so on animals. Panino, a vicious criminal, is to be electrocuted that same night at midnight. Dr. Clarke performs his operation a few minutes before this, and as Panino dies his soul enters Phillip's body, and he lives. Phillip is brought home but seems to have amnesia, as he does not recognize any one. He goes instinctively for Panino's haunts, and gradually assumes leadership of the gang and its business. Hobart Bennet (Frederick Burton), Phillip's father, becomes worried because of his newly-developed attitude and continued absence from home. A crime wave and gang-war breaks out in the city, with many killings. Mr. Bennett and Dr. Clarke go to the gang's hideout, and both are recognized by other gangsters. They question the men regarding Phillip's connection with the gangsters, and tell them that Phillip is Bennett's son. Phillip/Panino learns of this and murders the members of the gang who have found out his identity, but doesn't know that a brother of one of the slain men also knows the secret. The brother tips the police about a robbery Phillip has planned but he escapes the trap and returns home. He kills a detective that has followed him, but is in turn killed by Dr. Clarke.
Smith of Minnesota (1942) as Edward Northrup
Seven Days' Leave (1942) as Captain Collins
A serviceman has one week to wed an heiress and inherit $100,000.
My Favorite Blonde (1942) as Herbert Wilson
A vaudevillian gets mixed up with a beautiful blonde spy.
The War Against Mrs. Hadley (1942) as Officer in Phoenix
A Washington matron tries to ignore the effects of World War II.
For Me and My Gal (1942) as Doctor in France
An unscrupulous song-and-dance man uses his partner and his best friend to get ahead.
Ball of Fire (1942) as District Attorney
A group of professors takes in a nightclub singer hiding from the law to protect her gangster boyfriend.
The Adventures of Martin Eden (1942) as Prosecutor
The Big Street (1942) as Doctor Mitchell
A nightclub waiter, who's in love with a selfish showgirl, gets to prove his love when she's injured.
They Died with Their Boots On (1942) as Adjutant
Romanticized biography of General George Armstrong Custer and his last stand.
The Great Lie (1941) as Mr. Talbot
Believing her husband to be dead, a flyer's wife bargains with his former love to adopt the woman's baby.
Dive Bomber (1941) as Senior surgeon, Honolulu
A crusading scientist fights to prevent bomber pilots from blacking out.
I Wanted Wings (1941) as Flight surgeon
Story follows the training and personal lives of three recruits in the Army Air Corps --- a wealthy playboy, a college jock and an auto mechanic. Love interest is supplied by a female photographer and a sultry blonde.
The Trial of Mary Dugan (1941) as Captain Gregory Price
Andy Hardy's Private Secretary (1941) as Mr. [George] Benedict
On the verge of graduation, a high-school boy decides he needs a social secretary.
Men of Boys Town (1941) as The judge
Father Flanagan continues to fight for his pioneering orphanage.
Badlands of Dakota (1941) as General Custer
Our Wife (1941) as Middle-aged man
A musician's ex-wife wants him back after he finds love and success.
Her First Beau (1941) as Dr. [Tom] Wood
Texas (1941) as Matt Lashan
Friendly cowhands end up on opposite sides of the law.
Back in the Saddle (1941) as Duke Winston
A land grabber frames a rancher who's discovered copper on his land.
Mutiny in the Arctic (1941) as Ferguson
Sheriff of Tombstone (1941) as Mayor Luke Keeler
The mayor has sent for a gunslinger who, though appearing to clean up the town, is really to be the mayor's means of taking the town over. When Roy and Gabby arrive in Tombstone, Roy is mistaken for the gunslinger. Just as Roy is ready to expose the mayor, the real gunslinger shows up.
Design for Scandal (1941) as Attorney
A reporter is assigned to dig up dirt on a lady judge.
Tall, Dark and Handsome (1941) as Commandant
A softhearted gangster tries to go straight.
Western Union (1941) as Captain Harlow
An outlaw goes straight to work for the telegraph company, which puts him in conflict with his lawless brother.
The Strawberry Blonde (1941) as Official
A man''''s infatuation with a gold-digging beauty continues after his marriage.
International Squadron (1941) as Chief engineer
A hotshot flyer endangers his colleagues in the Royal Air Force as they fly against the Nazis.
Santa Fe Trail (1940) as Sheriff
Romantic rivals get caught in the battle to stop abolitionist John Brown.
Northwest Passage (1940)
True story of Rogers' Rangers and their fight to open up new frontiers for Colonial America.
Northwest Passage (Book I--Rogers' Rangers) (1940) as Lieutenant Crofton
Flight Command (1940) as Vice Admiral
A cocky cadet tries to prove himself during flight training.
Geronimo (1940) as Frederick Allison
Gangs of Chicago (1940) as Evans
Little Nellie Kelly (1940) as Judge
The daughter of Irish immigrants patches up differences between her father and grandfather and rises to the top on Broadway.
The Lone Wolf Strikes (1940) as Stanley Young
A reformed jewel thief helps an heiress retrieve a stolen necklace.
South to Karanga (1940) as Edmund Daniels
Andy Hardy Meets Debutante (1940) as Mr. Benedict
A teenage boy goes into debt to court a Manhattan socialite.
Wyoming (1940) as Dave Kincaid
Outlaw pals are tempted to go straight.
Cherokee Strip (1940) as Ned Strawn
A newly appointed U.S. Marshal faces off against a criminal family.
Girl from Havana (1940) as Harrigan
Moon over Burma (1940) as Art Bryan
The Man from Dakota (1940) as Provost Marshall
A Yankee soldier becomes a spy with the help of a beautiful woman.
Charlie Chan in Panama (1940) as Godley
Charlie impersonates an employee of the U.S. government to foil an espionage plot which would destroy part of the Panama Canal, trapping a Navy fleet on its way to the Pacific after maneuvers in the Atlantic.
Edison, the Man (1940) as Mr. Johnson
Thomas Edison fights to turn his dreams into reality.
Ski Patrol (1940) as Burton
Black Diamonds (1940) as Redman
Island of Doomed Men (1940) as Number 46
A government agent infiltrates a prison island to build a case against its corrupt, sadistic warden.
Elsa Maxwell's Public Deb No. 1 (1940) as Sanford
When a waiter (Murphy) gives a society girl (Joyce) a public spanking for attending a Communist rally, her soup-tycoon uncle (Ruggles) makes the waiter a vice-president of his company.
Arizona (1940) as Captain Hunter
A tough pioneer woman needs a young man's help in fighting land grabbers and finding love.
Flight Angels (1940) as Officer
Airline stewardesses vie for the love of a dashing pilot.
The Gracie Allen Murder Case (1939) as Detective
The zany plot follows nitwit Gracie Allen trying to help master sleuth Philo Vance solve a murder. Allen's uncle fixes her up with Bill at a company picnic. When the two go out to a nightclub that night, Gracie inadvertently links Bill to the murder of a thug after finding the dead body and Bill's cigarette case at the scene of the crime. While being questioned at the club, she meets Vance who's investigating the homicide. After Gracie's bungled attempts to solve the case, Vance decides it might be easier to have her working with him. Despite Gracie's "help," the two eventually find the real killer.
Tell No Tales (1939) as Hollis
In search of a big scoop for his failing paper, an editor tries to solve a kidnapping case that's turned into murder.
Exile Express (1939) as Purnell
Espionage Agent (1939) as Bruce Corvall
American spies try to steal Nazi secrets from a moving train.
Twelve Crowded Hours (1939) as Berquist
A reporter avenges his editor's murder by gangsters.
Thunder Afloat (1939) as Admiral Ross
An old sailor is duped into joining the Navy, where he runs into a longtime rival.
Off the Record (1939) as Brand
A lady reporter adopts the young delinquent her crime exposes helped send to jail.
Mystery of the White Room (1939) as Dr. Martin
Bad Lands (1939) as Rayburn
Indians pick off the members of a posse lost in the desert.
They Made Her a Spy (1939) as Everett Brock
A woman becomes a secret agent to avenge her brother''''s death.
They All Come Out (1939) as Warden--Atlanta
A young man sentenced to jail, attempts to reform himself and his fellow inmates.
For Love or Money (1939) as Kelly
Man from Montreal (1939) as Captain Owens
Nick Carter, Master Detective (1939) as Hiram Streeter
A famous detective investigates industrial espionage at a plane factory.
Burn 'Em Up O'Connor (1939) as Ed Eberhart
A race car driver tries to solve a series of track-side murders before he''''s next.
Inside Information (1939) as Banford [alias of Max Stockton]
Whispering Enemies (1939) as Red Barrett
Andy Hardy Gets Spring Fever (1939) as Mr. Benedict
A teenage boy falls in love with his drama teacher.
Slightly Honorable (1939) as Inspector Fromm
A lawyer is framed for the murder of a young party girl and tries to clear his name.
When Tomorrow Comes (1939) as Refugee leader
A married pianist deserts his mentally troubled wife when he falls in love with a pretty waitress.
Gateway (1938) as Inspector
Irish immigrant (Whalen) meets returning war correspondent (Ameche) on a liner bound for New York. When she resists the amors of another passenger, charges result in her being detained at Ellis Island.
Boys Town (1938) as The judge
True story of Father Flanagan's fight to build a home for orphaned boys.
Prison Nurse (1938) as Warden Benson
Flight to Fame (1938) as Colonel King
The Devil's Party (1938) as Inspector
The Last Express (1938) as Frank Hoefle
Accidents Will Happen (1938) as Blair Thurston
An insurance man tangles with a fraud ring.
Valley of the Giants (1938) as Hewitt
A lumberman takes on pirates out to plunder the forest.
The Black Doll (1938) as Mallison
Nicholas Rood (C. Henry Gordon), dishonest mine owner, finds a Black Doll on his desk and knows that vengeance is about to overtake him for murdering his former partner. He is knifed as he talks to his daughter Marian (Nan Grey). She summons her fiance Nick Halstead (Donald Woods), a private detective. He finds that six people had a motive for the murder; Rood's sister Mrs.Laura Leland (Doris Lloyd); her son Rex (William Lundigan); Rood's associates Mallison(Addison Richards) and Walling (Arthur Hohl); Esteban (Fred Malatesta), a servant and Dr. Giddings (Holmes Herbert.) Sheriff Renick (Edgar Kennedy) and his deputy Red (Syd Saylor) get the clues all mixed up, but Nick finally narrows the search down to one suspect...
Black Legion (1937) as Prosecuting attorney
A disgruntled factory worker is lured into joining a secret society out to terrorize foreigners.
Ready, Willing and Able (1937) as Edward McNeil
Two songwriters want to cast a British star in their new show.
God's Country and the Woman (1937) as Gaskett
A lady lumberjack falls for one of her workers, not realizing it's a business rival in disguise.
The Barrier (1937) as Runnion
Alcatraz Island (1937) as Fred MacClane
A prison inmate is framed for killing a con who once tried to kidnap his daughter.
White Bondage (1937) as Kip Gellis
A reporter risks lynching to prove that share croppers are being cheated.
Love Is on the Air (1937) as E. E. Nichols
A crusading radio reporter takes on civic corruption.
Her Husband's Secretary (1937) as Steven Garron
A businessman buys trouble when he hires his wife''''s best friend as his secretary.
Draegerman Courage (1937) as John McNally
After a mine cave in, the rescue crew risks their lives to search for two trapped miners.
Dance Charlie Dance (1937) as Gordon Fox
A gullible "angel" sinks money into a doomed play.
Smart Blonde (1937) as Fitz Mularkay
An ambitious reporter forces her policeman boyfriend to let her help with a murder case.
The Singing Marine (1937) as Mr. Fowler
A young Marine develops an inflated ego after winning a talent contest.
Trailin' West (1936) as Curley Thorne
A singing secret agent tracks down renegades at President Lincoln''''s request.
Sutter's Gold (1936) as [James] Marshall
The Case of the Velvet Claws (1936) as Frank Locke
Perry Mason''''s honeymoon with Della Street is interrupted by the murder of a scandal-sheet publisher.
Road Gang (1936) as Warden Parmenter
A reporter exposes corruption on a southern chain gang.
Man Hunt (1936) as Mel Purdue
A bored small-town teacher gets mixed up with an escaped bank robber.
Public Enemy's Wife (1936) as Warden William
An escaped convict''''s bride joins forces with the FBI.
China Clipper (1936) as B. C. Hill
A flyer sacrifices everything to open a transpacific airline.
Jailbreak (1936) as Dan Varner
A reporter gets himself sent to prison so he can solve a murder behind bars.
The Law in Her Hands (1936) as William McGuire
A lady lawyer for the mob tries to break free of her criminal connections.
The Walking Dead (1936) as Prison warden
A framed man comes back from the dead to seek revenge.
Anthony Adverse (1936) as Captain Matanaza
An orphan runs off to a life of adventure, then returns to France in search of the girl he left behind.
Bullets or Ballots (1936) as William Kennedy, newsreel announcer
A cop goes undercover to crack an influential crime ring.
Ceiling Zero (1936) as Fred [Adams]
War veteran pilots Dizzy Davis, Texas Clark and Jake Lee are working in an airline. Dizzy is fooling with one of the younger pilot's girl-friend and due to this, he changes flights with Texas. Texas' plane crashes attempting to land on their airfield under extremly bad weather circumstances, he is killed in this accident. Dizzy feels guilty for his friend's death and takes the next flight under even worse circumstances, testing a new anti-ice device on the plane.
Colleen (1936) as Schuyler
An eccentric millionaire hires a gold digger to run his business.
Hot Money (1936) as Forbes
Salesman develops fake stock plan in new invention before it''''s finished.
Song of the Saddle (1936) as Frank Wilson, Sr.
A cowboy sets out to avenge the murder of his father years ago.
The Crusades (1935) as Sentry
King Richard the Lionhearted launches a crusade to preserve Christianity in Jerusalem.
Dinky (1935) as District Attorney
A military school cadet''''s mother is framed and sent to prison.
Freckles (1935) as Jack Carter
A Dog of Flanders (1935) as Herr Herden
A Belgian boy nurses a stray dog back to health.
Alias Mary Dow (1935) as Martin
Dying Evelyn Dow anguishes over her lost daughter, who disappeared as a child. Evelyn's husband Henry, hoping to make his wife's final days more bearable, asks waitress Sally Gates to pose as the daughter. Sally does so, but Mrs. Dow is so cheered by her "daughter's" return that she regains her health, leaving Sally stuck in her role.
The Frisco Kid (1935) as Coleman
A shanghaied sailor turns himself into the king of San Francisco's rough-and-tumble Barbary Coast.
Sweet Music (1935) as Mr. Thomas
A band leader shares a tempestuous romance with his lead singer.
The Eagle's Brood (1935) as Big Henry
When his son is killed by Big Henry, the bandit El Toro receives a note from Dolores saying his grandson is in danger. Setting out to retrieve him, he saves Hoppy's life. Hoppy then takes over the task knowing lawmen are looking for El Toro. Hoppy finds Dolores only to see her killed by Big Henry. Johhny then uses the mud on Dolores' boots to find the boy. But he was followed and Big Henry, now on to Hoppy's game and knowing the boy's location, sends Hoppy into a trap.
Black Fury (1935) as Government man
A coal worker gets mixed up in the mob''s efforts to infiltrate his union.
Little Big Shot (1935) as Gibbs
Small-time hoods turn nursemaid when a gangster's daughter is orphaned.
'G' Men (1935) as Bruce J. Gregory
A mob protege joins the FBI when a friend is gunned down.
Front Page Woman (1935) as District Attorney
Rival reporters try to scoop each other while covering a fire.
Society Doctor (1935) as Harrigan
When his pioneering ideas cause problems, a hospital doctor goes into private practice.
The White Cockatoo (1935) as David Lorn
Crooks and killers try to stop a young woman from proving her claim to an inheritance.
Here Comes the Band (1935) as Colonel Wallace
A songwriters takes on the corrupt publisher who stole his music.
Eight Bells (1935) as Tracey
Our Daily Bread (1934) as Louie [Fuente, alias of Harry J. Parkman]
When he inherits a small farm, a Depression-weary man turns it into a collective operation.
Beyond the Law (1934) as Morgan
Home on the Range (1934) as Beady Pierce
Let's Be Ritzy (1934) as Lieutenant Spaulding
The St. Louis Kid (1934) as Brown
A hotheaded truck driver gets mixed up in a labor dispute.
Gentlemen Are Born (1934) as Martinson
Recent college graduates face the realities of the Great Depression.
The Love Captive (1934) as Doctor Collins
The Case of the Howling Dog (1934) as Judge Markham
Perry Mason gets caught between feuding neighbors who claim to be married to the same woman.
365 Nights in Hollywood (1934) as Assistant district attorney
Down-on-his-luck film director Jimmie Dale takes a job at a fly-by-night acting school. He is drawn into the plans of the school's owner to bilk a wealthy young man out of the funds he has supplied to shoot a movie starring pretty student Alice Perkins. But Jimmie hopes to bilk the bilkers by actually completing the movie as ostensibly planned.
The Girl from Missouri (1934) as Captain
A gold-digging chorus girl tries to keep her virtue while searching for a rich husband.
British Agent (1934) as Zubinoff
An Englishman falls in love with a Russian spy.
Handy Andy (1934) as McKechnie
A druggist lets his socially ambitious wife convince him to pursue the high life.
A Lost Lady (1934) as State attorney
A bitter woman who thinks she''''ll never love again marries, only to fall for a brash young man.
Babbitt (1934) as District Attorney
A small-town businessman bumbles into blackmail and a real-estate swindle.
Such Women Are Dangerous (1934) as Delange
Lone Cowboy (1933) as 'Dobe Jones
Riot Squad (1933) as Diamonds Jareck

Cast (special)

Tennessee Ernie Ford Meets King Arthur (1960) as Doctor
When a clause in his contract forces him to become the guinea pig of a scientist demonstrating a time machine on TV, Tennessee Ernie Ford is whisked back into time--to England and the days of King Arthur. The story, adapted from "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court" by Mark Twain, relates E

Cast (short)

The Song of a Nation (1947)
This short film dramatizes the events that led to Francis Scott Key writing the words to "The Star-Spangled Banner." Vitaphone Release 7557-7558.
The Last Installment (1945)
In this short film, a criminal idolizes the life of a famous gangster... unaware that his hero met a tragic end.
Main Street Today (1944)
This short film promotes the U.S. war effort at home in a small town.
Wagon Wheels West (1943)
In this short film, a U.S. marshal seeks vengeance against the man who killed his father. Vitaphone Release 1147A.
Oklahoma Outlaws (1943)
In this Western short, a gang of outlaws threatens a family. Vitaphone Release 1145A.
Forbidden Passage (1941)
This short film documents the U.S. Department of Immigration''''s efforts to halt the smuggling of illegal immigrants into the country.
Short subject on the part that the pony express played during the election of President Lincoln and the news of the Civil War.
Money to Loan (1939)
This short film looks at the criminal lengths that loan sharks go to get individuals to pay back their loans.
What Price Safety! (1938)
Racketeers move in on construction business and endanger public safety in this short film.
Strange Glory (1938)
This short film looks at the debate revolving around who should get credit for the "Tennessee Plan," which proved to be a vital action for the North in its push south during the American Civil War.
Romance of Louisiana (1937)
This short film tells the story of the Louisiana Purchase.
A Dream Comes True The Making of an Unusual Motion Picture (1935)
This short film promotes the film "A Midsummer Night''''s Dream" (1935), and offers behind-the-scene footage of the creation of the film.

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