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Leon Tyler



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Cast (feature film)

The Monkey's Uncle (1965) as Leon
Midvale College is in fear of losing it's college football team. The players have grades lower than the norm. Judge Holmesby, the team's biggest fan, is at a loss for what to do. Enter Merlin Jones, a bright college student, and his nephew Stanley, an intelligent chimpanzee. The judge wants Merlin to create an "honest way to cheat". Merlin uses "sleep learning" to help the players pass their exams. This saves the college football program from being banished, but not for long...the college is tempted to receive a $1 million dollar check from a Mr. Astorbilt. The catch is though the college must get rid of football. Judge Holmesby finds Darius Green III, who will pay $10 million dollars to the college if they can get a man to fly under his own power. The task is in Merlin's hands again. Can Merlin win the day and save the football team?
Son of Flubber (1963) as Humphrey
An absent-minded professor gets into legal trouble because of his experiments with a gravity defying substance.
The Absent-Minded Professor (1961) as Basketball player
A college professor fights off corrupt businessmen to market his new anti-gravity invention.
Wake Me When It's Over (1960) as Orderly
A WW II veteran is sent back into the service due to some bureaucratic mistake. It is peace-time, and he''s shipped off to a remote South Pacific island Naval radar station, where all the servicemen there are so bored and eccentric that he concocts an idea that they should turn the island into a resort.
Submarine Seahawk (1959) as Ed
Ghost of Dragstrip Hollow (1959) as Bonzo
A group of drag-racing fanatics move into an old deserted mansion.
Outcasts of the City (1958) as Biff
King Creole (1958) as Drug clerk
A singer with a criminal past gets drawn back into the mob.
Juvenile Jungle (1958) as Usher
In Love and War (1958) as
Three marines take shore leave in San Francisco during World War II: Wagner to a lower class dysfunctional family, Hunter to his pregnant fiancée, and the upper class Dillman to a high-living playgirl. Each must decide whether to make the best of their situation, or break out of it. Wagner drowns his troubles in alcohol, losing the respect of a potential lover; Hunter marries his fiancée but realizes he may not survive the war to see his child; while Dillman sheds his decadent girlfriend for a pure-hearted Hawaiian nurse. Later in battle, a heroic act costs one of the marines his life.
Dragstrip Girl (1957) as Ben
Rival teens challenge themselves to a dragstrip race, and the winner runs of the girl.
Jeanne Eagels (1957) as Bellhop
The famed actress fights drug addiction to build a career and find love.
The Sad Sack (1957) as Company clerk
A hopelessly innocent private gets himself kidnapped in Morocco.
Untamed Youth (1957) as Cottonpicker
When they''''re put in a small-town jail, two sisters fight to expose prison corruption.
Shake, Rattle & Rock! (1956) as Aloyisius
A group of concerned adults try to ban rock and roll music in their town because they think that the music promotes juvenile delinquency. It's now up to a disc jockey and a hipster to defend the music in a televised trial. The movie also features several rock and roll performances, most notably from Fats Domino.
Bundle of Joy (1956) as Stockboy
A shop girl is mistaken for the mother of a foundling.
Accused of Murder (1956) as Red-haired sailor
Nightclub singer Ilona Vance is accused of the murder of a crooked lawyer. But Lt. Roy Hargis is convinced that Ilona is caught up in a web of deceit and intends to prove her innocence.
These Wilder Years (1956) as Student secretary
A wealthy businessman sets out to find his long-lost illegitimate son.
Ransom! (1956) as TV assistant director
A wealthy couple tries to cope with the press and the police when their son is kidnapped.
Lay That Rifle Down (1955) as Horace Speckleton
Prisoner of War (1954) as Jacob Allen Lorfield
American GIs fight to survive inhuman treatment in a Korean POW camp.
Flight Nurse (1954) as G.I.
Sweethearts on Parade (1953) as Tommy Wayne
Yankee Buccaneer (1952) as Thin seaman
A United States Navy ship in the first half of the 19th century, under the command of Captain David Porter, is expecting to put ashore after a year on the seas; but the arrival of one of Porter's ex-students, the willful and independent Lieutenant David Farragut, brings a new mission: to disguise the ship and crew as a pirate ship and help the Navy locate the criminals who have been robbing America's merchant fleet. But as Farragut's disobedience threatens the safety of the crew, they stumble upon an international conspiracy.
Carrie (1952) as Connell
A married man''''s passion for a young woman leads to tragedy.
Just for You (1952) as David McKenzie
Jordan Blake (a widower) is a successful Broadway Producer who has always been to busy for his children, Barbara and Jerry. Girlfriend, Carolina a musical comedy star, urges Jordan to take his kids on a vacation and get to know them before they are all grown up. Is Jordan already too late?
Has Anybody Seen My Gal (1952) as Personality boy
Wealthy Samuel Fulton is getting older and he wants to test his family before leaving his money to them. He anonymously grants them $100,000. Harriet Blaisdell moves the family into a mansion and makes plans to marry her daughter Millicent off to a socialite rather than her soda jerk boyfriend Dan.
That's My Boy (1951) as Student
Mr. Music (1950) as Bookish student
The Happy Years (1950) as Puffy Ellis
Friends and family try to tame an unruly student at the turn of the century.
Dear Wife (1950) as Gawky boy
Teenaged Miriam starts a political campaign to nominate Bill Seacroft, her brother-in-law, for state senator in opposition to the local political machine. Unknown to Miriam, said machine nominates her father, Judge Wilkins. As support grows for Bill, the presence of rival candidates under one roof poses problems, especially for Ruth, wife to Bill and daughter of the judge.
Mr. Soft Touch (1949) as Percentage
After being betrayed, a gangster hangs out in a settlement house while seeking revenge.
Mickey (1948) as Robbie Matthews
It Happened in Brooklyn (1947) as Emil
A returning GI and his friends try to make it in the music business.
Three Little Girls in Blue (1946) as Farm boy
A reworking of "Moon Over Miami" set at the turn of the century. Three sisters set out for Atlantic City disguised as an heiress, her secretary, and a maid, in the hope that one of them will land a rich husband.
Great Stagecoach Robbery (1945) as Sneak kid
Circumstantial Evidence (1945) as Lefty
A young lad has his fine new hatchet confiscated by a grumpy baker. The boy's hot-headed father tries to get it back, but this results in a fight in which onlookers seem to see the father use the disputed weapon to strike and kill the baker. At the resulting murder trial, their evidence on this point becomes a matter of life-and-death.
Son of Lassie (1945) as Arne
The beloved collie goes to war to help the resistance in occupied Norway.
Captain Eddie (1945) as Boy
WWI flyer Eddie Rickenbaker remembers his life which brought him from a car salesman, race driver and pilot in WWI, to an important person in the early years of civil airline service, after his plane crashed in the South Pacific in late 1942.
This Love of Ours (1945) as Ross
At a convention, medical researcher Michel Touzac goes with colleagues to see stage caricaturist Targel, whose assistant Florence recognizes him...and attempts suicide. Saved by Touzac's new technique, Florence is revealed in a flashback as Michel's abandoned wife Karin, whom their daughter Susette thinks is dead. Can Susette cope if they now re-unite?
Maisie Goes to Reno (1944) as Boy
On a trip to Reno, a Brooklyn showgirl tries to stop a soldier and his wife from divorcing.
The Seventh Cross (1944) as Fritz/Hitler youth
Seven men escape from a concentration camp and fight their way to freedom.
The Great Mike (1944) as Junior
The Sullivans (1944) as Boy
During WWII, five brothers enlist in the Navy and are assigned to serve on the same ship.
A Stranger in Town (1943) as Kid
A Supreme Court justice on vacation takes on crooked small-town politicians.
Bomber's Moon (1943) as Karl
American bomber pilot Captain Jeff Dakin (George Montgomery) is shot down on a bombing raid over German-held territory. As his crew bails out, Jeff sees his bombadier brother, Lt. Danny Dakin (Richard Graham), machine-gunned to death as he is drifting to earth. After being taken prisoner Jeff learns the name of the man who murdered his brother---Nazi ace Major Von Streicher (Martin Kosleck). In the concentration camp he begins a plan of escape with two other prisoners; Czech prisoner Captain Paul Husnik (Kent Taylor) and a young Russian doctor, Alexandra "Alec" Zoreisch (Annabella). The three escape during an air raid. Jeff begins to take a dislike to Paul over several incidents that arouse his suspicions. Actually Paul is Gestapo officer Paul van Brock who has engineered the escape in the hope that the Alec will lead him to the leaders of the underground movement. They manage to reach the home of a friend of Alec's father, where Paul reveals his true colors by killing the underground leader and calling the Gestapo. Jeff overpowers Paul and he and Alec escape and elude the Nazi agents. Reaching Holland, where plans have been set for their escape, Jeff learns that the plane in which he was shot down has been re-built by the Nazis for a mysterious flight to England. He refuses to take the boat with Alec and, disguised as a German soldier, learns the details of the flight plan and that the man who murdered his brother, Von Streicher, is to pilot the plane. Jeff steals a Nazi plane and heads for the English Channel to intercept Von Streicher.
I Dood It (1943) as Boy
A tailor nurses an unrequited crush on a stage star.
The Moon Is Down (1943) as Boy
Small town Norwegians resist a Nazi takeover during World War II.
On the Sunny Side (1942) as Flip
The Loves of Edgar Allan Poe (1942) as Boy
Edgar Allen Poe (John Shepperd) led an unhappy childhood, broken only by the unceasing devotion of his foster mother, Mrs. Frances Allan (Mary Howard), whose loving ministrations gave him courage to carry out his desire to write. His first love was Elmira Royster (Virginia Gilmore), and though she married another while he was at the University of Virginia, he could never purge his thoughts of her and, under the influence of her spell, he poured out the deepest passions of his heart. After a discouraging period during which he was disowned by his foster father and lost his appointment to West Point, he found the love that tamed his restless heart with Virginia Clemm (Linda Darnell). After he and Virginia married, Poe did his greatest creative work, writing for the Southern Literary Messenger and Graham's Magazine.
A-Haunting We Will Go (1942) as Boy
The boys are recruited by a gang of thugs to get a coffin containing one of their far from dead colleagues to Dayton to try and get at an inheritance. After the coffin gets switched with the one Dante the Magician uses in his act, his stage show gets more than usually popular.
Melody for Three (1941) as Clarence
They Meet Again (1941) as Dick
Whistling in the Dark (1941) as Gerry Farrell
A radio detective is kidnapped and forced to plan the perfect murder.
Honeymoon Deferred (1940) as Messenger boy
On Their Own (1940) as Willie
The Jones family (without father) head for California to open a bungalow court. To increase business they advertise for families with children and pets. A neighbor threatens to sue.
The Star Maker (1939) as Big Ears

Cast (short)

Just What I Needed (1955)
This short film provides a humorous look at "unwanted" gifts.
Surprised Parties (1942)
In this short film, a gang of children attempt to throw a surprise party for their friend.
Come Back, Miss Pipps (1941)
A gang of children help to save their favorite teacher from losing her job in this short film.
Helping Hands (1941)
In this short film, a gang of children support the war effort.

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