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Cast (feature film)

The Cowboy and the Lady (1938) as Ames
A socialite posing as her own maid falls for a rodeo rider.
Marie Antoinette (1938) as Benjamin Franklin
Lavish biography of the French queen who "let them eat cake."
There Goes My Heart (1938) as Attorney
An heiress takes a job as a department store clerk.
Let Them Live (1937) as Dr. Vlissing
Women Men Marry (1937) as "Pop"
A reporter''''s busy schedule keeps him from realizing his wife is having an affair with his editor.
Nothing Sacred (1937) as E. J. Southern
When a small-town girl is diagnosed with a rare, deadly disease, an ambitious newspaper man turns her into a national heroine.
Everybody's Old Man (1936) as Haslett
Magnificent Obsession (1936) as Nicholas Merrick
A playboy tries to redeem himself after his careless behavior causes a great man's death.
Yours for the Asking (1936) as Mr. Crenshaw
Casino operator Johnny Lamb hires down-on-her-luck socialite Lucille Sutton as his casino hostess, in order to help her and to improve casino income. But Lamb's pals fear he may follow Lucille onto the straight-and-narrow path, which would not be good for business. So they hire Gert Malloy and Dictionary McKinney, a pair of con-artists, to manipulate Johnny back off the path of righteousness.
Go West Young Man (1936) as Andy Kelton
Movie star Mavis Arden, as amorous in private as she is pure in public, gets involved with a politician despite her watchdog publicist Morgan. Planning to meet her beau again at the next stop on her personal appearance tour, Mavis is stranded at a remote rural boarding house, with a pretentious landlady, sensible old maid, rabid film fan waitress...and strapping young mechanic Bud Norton, whom to Mavis is just the plaything of an idle hour...
Public Enemy's Wife (1936) as Judge
An escaped convict''''s bride joins forces with the FBI.
Thanks a Million (1935) as Chairman
Entertainers enter a political rally to get out of the rain and become part of the show. One of them (Powell) gives a speech in place of the besotted candidate (Walburn) and is chosen to be the candidate by backers he later exposes as crooks.
No More Ladies (1935) as
A society girl tries to reform her playboy husband by making him jealous.
She Couldn't Take It (1935) as Judge
Orchids to You (1935) as Judge
The Great Hotel Murder (1935) as Chambers
Age of Indiscretion (1935) as Mr. Harris
A moralistic publisher discovers his wife is cheating on him.
One New York Night (1935) as Hampton
A farmer on the loose in Manhattan finds a dead body in the next hotel room.
While the Patient Slept (1935) as Richard Federie
A nurse investigates murder at a mysterious mansion.
Front Page Woman (1935) as Judge Rickard
Rival reporters try to scoop each other while covering a fire.
Dangerous (1935) as Roger Farnsworth
A young fan tries to rehabilitate an alcoholic actress he''''s fallen in love with.
I Believed in You (1934) as Lacy
Sons of Steel (1934) as John Chadbourne
Babbitt (1934) as Luke Ethorne
A small-town businessman bumbles into blackmail and a real-estate swindle.
Midnight Alibi (1934) as Judge
An elderly recluse shelters a gambler on the run from bogus murder charges.
Bedside (1934) as Dr. Michael
A fake doctor sets up a lucrative high-society practice.
The Count of Monte Cristo (1934) as Morrel
After escaping prison, an innocent man seeks revenge on the men who framed him.
Against the Law (1934) as Chief surgeon
You Can't Buy Everything (1934) as [Josiah] Flagg
A scorned woman dreams of revenge on the man who betrayed her.
The Secret Bride (1934) as Speaker
A district attorney secretly marries the daughter of a man he's trying to convict.
Imitation of Life (1934) as Hugh
A widow and her housekeeper go into business together but almost lose their daughters.
The Gay Bride (1934) as Macpherson
A gold digger tries to get ahead by marrying a succession of ill-fated racketeers.
Sadie McKee (1934) as Alderson
A working girl suffers through three troubled relationships on her road to prosperity.
Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch (1934) as Dr. Barton
The Wiggs family plan to celebrate Thanksgiving in their rundown shack with leftover stew, without Mr. Wiggs who wandered off long ago an has never been heard from. Do-gooder Miss Lucy brings them a real feast. Her boyfriend Bob arranges to take Wiggs' sick boy to a hospital. Their other boy makes some money peddling kindling and takes the family to a show. Mrs. Wiggs is called to the hopsital just in time to see her boy die. Her neighbor Miss Mazy wants to marry Mr. Stubbins who insists on tasting her cooking. Mrs. Wiggs sneaks her dishes past Stubbins who agrees to marriage. Mr. Wiggs appears suddenly, in tatters, with just the amount of money (twenty dollars) needed to save the family from foreclosure. Miss Lucy and Bob get married.
Strange Wives (1934) as General Kourajine
The Man Who Reclaimed His Head (1934) as Dignitary
A brilliant but impoverished writer, who is a pacifist, goes to work for a publisher and writes anti-war editorials. When he discovers that the publisher has betrayed him and is in league with munitions manufacturers to make money off of war, he goes insane.
Jennie Gerhardt (1933) as Thomas Kane
I Loved a Woman (1933) as Oliver
A Chicago meat-packer tries to keep a rein on his social-climbing wife.
From Hell to Heaven (1933) as Pop Lockwood
Hello, Sister! (1933) as Sedgwick
Hard to Handle (1933) as Bedford College representative
A hustling public relations man promotes a series of fads.
Gabriel over the White House (1933) as Secretary of War
A crooked president reforms mysteriously.
The House on 56th Street (1933) as Dr. Wyman
A woman loses her family after being falsely convicted of a crime.
The Billion Dollar Scandal (1933) as Parker
Female (1933) as Jarratt
A female CEO who's used to buying love meets her match in an independent young executive.
Our Betters (1933) as Mr. Saunders
An American heiress marries into the British nobility.
Sitting Pretty (1933) as George Wilson
Jack Oakie and Jack Haley are songwriters are enroute from New York to Hollywood to make their fame and fortune; Ginger Rogers, a lunchwagon proprieter, joins them.
I'm No Angel (1933) as Judge
A carnival dancer evades the law and invades high society.
The Great Jasper (1933) as Daniel McGowd
Early in the century, high-spirited Irishman, Jasper Horn, drives a horse-drawn New York streetcar. But the electric era is beginning, so what's wrong with celebrating by having a drink while he's driving the tram? If it's only beer? Jasper and his wife, the teetotal daughter of a preacher, have a baby boy. His employer's beautiful wife finds herself attracted to the smartly-dressed son of Erin. A decade passes. The boss learns of the paternity of his son and fires Jasper. He leaves his wife and goes to Atlantic City where he finds success as a fez-wearing boardwalk fortune teller, the Great Jasper. Fifteen years pass. One of Jasper's sons has inherited his father's wicked ways...
Flying Down to Rio (1933) as Carlos De Rezende
A dance-band leader finds love and success in Brazil.
Mary Stevens, M.D. (1933) as Dr. Clark
A woman doctor decides to have a baby without benefit of marriage.
I Love That Man (1933) as Editor
American Madness (1932) as Schultz
A banker fights to keep his independence and protect his customers.
The Mouthpiece (1932) as Forbes
A crusading DA goes into private practice and succumbs to the temptations of corruption.
No Man of Her Own (1932) as Mr. Morton
A card sharp on the run falls for a beautiful librarian.
Madame Racketeer (1932) as Arthur Gregory
You Said a Mouthful (1932) as Tom Brandon
To sell his unsinkable bathing suit, an inventor passes himself off as a championship swimmer.
Letty Lynton (1932) as Mr. [Thomas] Darrow
Wealthy socialite Letty Lynton is returning to New York, abandoning one-tine lover Emile Renaul in South America, when she strikes up a shipboard romance with Jerry Darrow. Renault is waiting for her in New York and will not leave her alone, so she poisons him. When detectives take her to the D.A.s office, Jerry cooks up an alibi.
The Rich Are Always with Us (1932) as Dante
A socialite gets a divorce but can't keep out of her ex-husband's life.
Life Begins (1932) as Dr. Tubby
A maternity ward becomes the focus for the patients'''', doctors'''' and nurses'''' personal problems.
The Conquerors (1932) as Thomas B. Ogden
Newlyweds go West and build a banking empire in Nebraska.
Tomorrow and Tomorrow (1932) as Dr. Walker Burke
Two Against the World (1932) as Courtney Hamilton
A debutante takes the rap for her sibling's mistakes.
The Woman in Room 13 (1932) as Howard Ramsey
Two Seconds (1932) as Judge
In the last moments of his life, a criminal reviews the circumstances that led him to death row.
Fireman Save My Child (1932) as Mr. Platt
A small-town ball player moves to the big leagues.
Blessed Event (1932) as Louis Miller
An unscrupulous gossip columnist lands himself in hot water.
The Kid from Spain (1932) as Dean
An innocent man accused of robbing banks masquerades as a bullfighter to escape the police.
The Last Mile (1932) as Governor Blaine
An innocent man sent to death row gets caught in a prison riot.
A Tailor Made Man (1931) as Abraham Nathan
Annabelle's Affairs (1931) as Walter J. Gosling
After only 11 hours of marriage, Annabelle and her husband separate-not knowing what each other truly looks like. Annabelle is given stocks in a mining enterprise by her husband and told not to part with them. Annabelle, an extravagant spender, is forced to give the stocks to her husband's millionaire rival. Hearing that her husband is returning home, Annabelle poses as a cook at her husband's rival's home. Her husband arrives but is unrecognizable to Annabelle. He's now working as a captain for his rival. Annabelle finds herself falling for this mysterious captain.
Reaching for the Moon (1931) as James Benton
Wall Street wizard, Larry Day, new to the ways of love, is coached by his valet. He follows Vivian Benton on an ocean liner, where cocktails, laced with a "love potion," work their magic. He then loses his fortune in the market crash and feels he has also lost his girl...
The Common Law (1931) as John Neville, Sr.
A kept woman gives up luxury to move in with a struggling artist.
Rebound (1931) as Mr. [Henry] Jaffrey
A woman takes back her straying husband when he's jilted.
New Adventures of Get Rich Quick Wallingford (1931) as Mr. Layton
An ambitious young man tries to succeed in business and love.
Great Power (1929) as Senator Charles Davis
The Darling of the Rich (1923) as Mike Callahan
The Chicken in the Case (1921) as Major Whitman
Blackbirds (1920) as Howard Crocker
Her Excellency, the Governor (1917) as Capitalist
Four lifelong friends share one very special summer. Introduced as babies who were born to mothers who met in a prenatal aerobics class, the four grew up together and developed an enduring bond despite their distinctly different emerging personalities. Now, after years of sharing every triumph and l
American--That's All (1917) as Father Boggs
In Again--Out Again (1917) as Her Father
A young man drowns his sorrows in strong drink when jilted by his girl. His drunkenness gets him thrown in jail, where he falls in love with the jailer's daughter. When released, the young man tries everything to get back into the jail - though when he is mistaken for an anarchist bomber, he finds himself facing not just jail, but execution.

Cast (short)

Happily Buried (1939)
In this short film, two heirs of competing waffle iron companies are getting married, but call off the wedding when they can''''t agree on the shape of the new iron.
The Declaration of Independence (1938)
This short film offers an account of the meeting of the Continental Congress in the summer of 1776. Vitaphone Release 8874-8875.

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