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Larry Wheat

Larry Wheat



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Cast (feature film)

Merton of the Movies (1947) as Club waiter
A star-struck hick goes to Hollywood to become a star.
Killer McCoy (1947) as Man at bar
A lightweight boxer gets mixed up in murder.
Magic Town (1947) as Sam Fuller
A political pollster discovers the perfect cross-section of American tastes and fights to keep it that way.
The Truth About Murder (1946) as
A prosecutor''''s girlfriend sets out to prove a murder suspect is innocent.
Abie's Irish Rose (1946) as Doctor
Anne Nichols updated her original play by moving the time to the (then) present by starting the film with the V-E Day celebration in London, but no fundimental changes otherwise. This first film from Bing Crosby's production company (known as Bing Crosby Producers, Inc. and not as Bing Crosby Productions) was released in the US with a "General Audience" classification (and not the unknown-in-1946 classification of "Unrated") and starred newcomers Joanne Dru (Rosemary Murphy)and Richard Norris (Abie Cohen) in the roles defined in the title. Their respective fathers and mothers are none too keen on Abie and Rosemary's oil-and-water romance, and get even less keener when the two are married by a Protestant minister, a marriage that is quickly done again by a Jewish rabbi and then again by a Catholic priest. The contrast between Yiddish and Celtic dialects and religious practices is also maintained. Providence lends a helping hand at the end to effect the reconciliation of the fathers to their respective children and the choice they have made.
The Falcon's Alibi (1946) as Florence
A society sleuth sets out on the trail of a society matron''''s lost jewels.
Genius at Work (1946) as Butler
Two radio sleuths tackle a real murder case.
The Bamboo Blonde (1946) as Pop
A nightclub singer inspires a World War II flyer who names his bomber after her.
The Spiral Staircase (1946) as Minister
A serial killer stalks a mute servant girl in a remote mansion.
Lady Luck (1946) as Calm card player
A woman from a family of gamblers marries one and tries to reform him.
Riverboat Rhythm (1946) as Mr. Clay
A riverboat captain feuds with the management of a resort hotel.
Bedlam (1946) as Podge
When an actress tries to reform an asylum, its corrupt keeper has her committed.
Badman's Territory (1946) as Hotel clerk
A sheriff and a newspaperwoman take on a band of outlaws invading the Oklahoma panhandle.
Deadline at Dawn (1946) as Derelict
An aspiring actress risks her life to clear a sailor charged with murder.
West of the Pecos (1945) as Butler
Heading west for his health, Colonel Lambeth takes his daughter Rill along. Lost on the desert they are saved by Pecos and Chito. The Colonel hires the two and the Lambeths soon find themselves mixed up in Pecos' trouble. Pecos has killed Sawtelle's brother and Sawtelle as head of the vigilantes is after him.
Having Wonderful Crime (1945) as Butler
Three amateur detectives try to find a missing magician.
George White's Scandals (1945) as Pop
Two sets of lovers come together while working on a big musical.
Wanderer of the Wasteland (1945) as Station master
Adam Larey is looking for the killer of his father when he was a boy. His only clue is a brand and he finds it when he runs into the Collinshaws. When he learns that Jim Collinshaw, now an old man and an invalid is the one, he is unable to kill him and leaves. But Eliot then kills Collinshaw and blames Adam and Adam finds himself in jail charged with the murder.
The Enchanted Cottage (1945) as Messenger
A scarred veteran and a homely woman are transformed by love.
What a Blonde (1945) as Watson
A man defies his jealous wife to open his home to a group of chorus girls.
The Body Snatcher (1945) as Salesman on street
To continue his medical experiments, a doctor must buy corpses from a grave robber.
Man Alive (1945) as Clerk
A man thought dead returns as a ghost to scare off his wife's suitors.
The Canterville Ghost (1944) as Doctor
A ghost who died a coward tries to inspire U.S. GIs to become heroes.
Nevada (1944) as Ben Ide
Just as Nevada wins $7000 in yellowback bills, Ben Ide takes his #7000 in yellowbacks and heads out to buy mining equipment. Burridge has his man Powell kill Ide and retrieve the money and Nevada finds Ide just as the posse arrives. Found with the money Nevada is arrested and Burridge now gets Powell to incite the local citizens to lynch Nevada.
Heavenly Days (1944) as Butler
When they''''re named Mr. and Mrs. Average Man, a small-town couple embarks on a whirlwind tour of Washington.
The White Cliffs of Dover (1944) as Guest in boardinghouse
An American woman with a British husband fights to keep her family together through two world wars.
Experiment Perilous (1944) as Caterer
A small-town doctor tries to help a beautiful woman with a deranged husband.
Murder, My Sweet (1944) as Butler
Detective Philip Marlowe's search for a two-timing woman leads him to blackmail and murder.
Step Lively (1944) as Head bellboy
Fly-by-night producers dodge bill collectors while trying for one big hit.
Bride by Mistake (1944) as Butler
An heiress poses as her own secretary to screen out fortune-hunting suitors.
A Night of Adventure (1944) as Juror
A lawyer tries to clear his wife''''s lover of murder charges.
Bombardier (1943) as Doctor
Military officers compete for the same woman while training pilots for war.
Gildersleeve's Bad Day (1943) as Juror
A small-town politician is the jury hold-out in a sensational murder case.
Gildersleeve on Broadway (1943) as
On a trip to New York, a small-town blowhard gets caught between a wealthy widow and a gold digger.
The Postman Didn't Ring (1942) as Edward Hill
A government mail sack, missing for fifty years, is now being delivered. Stamp collector Julie Martin (Brenda Joyce) follows postal inspector Brennon (Stanley Andrews) on his delivery tour, hoping to find some rare stamps for her philatelist customers. One letter brings love and warmth to a lonely spinster from a sweetheart lost in a war, another a welcome bravery citation to Civil War veteran Slade (Will Wright) and a third is to the parents of the now-state governor from his high school principal requesting he be disciplined for throwing spitballs in class. Dan Carter (Richard Travis), the owner of the village supply store who extends local farmers unlimited credit and, as a result, is on the verge of foreclosure by the ruthless Harwood banking family, get a letter sent by his grandfather to his father containing 500 shares of stock in the Harwood bank. The Harwood family fights back by charging Dan with fraud, but Judge Colt (Spencer Charters) and Dan's Aunt Martha (Emma Dunn) aid him.
The Magnificent Dope (1942) as
Dwight Dawson, who runs an unsuccessful success school, stages a contest to find the biggest failure in the USA, for publicity value when the "dope" takes his course. But winner Tad Page is contented with his idle, lazy life and threatens to convert Dawson's other students to his philosophy. Dawson captalizes on Tad's attraction to Claire Harris to win him over; but will Tad find out Claire is really engaged to Dawson?
It Happened in Flatbush (1942) as Elderly man
A disgraced ball player turns a Brooklyn team into champions.
My Gal Sal (1942) as Stage door man
A chronicle of songwriter Paul Dresser as he moves up into New York society.
Citizen Kane (1941) as Man singing at "Inquirer" party
The investigation of a publishing tycoon's dying words reveals conflicting stories about his scandalous life.
The Trial of Mary Dugan (1941) as Court stenographer
Turnabout (1940) as Meek man
Battling spouses accidentally switch bodies.
Broadway Serenade (1939) as Accountant
Career conflicts threaten a singer''''s marriage to a young composer.
There's That Woman Again (1938) as Clerk
A detective on the search for a jewelry thief's job grows difficult when his meddling wife tries to help solve the case.
Checkers (1938) as
Time Out for Romance (1937) as Craphshooter
Big City (1937) as Minor official
An honest cab driver fights against corruption.
It's All Yours (1937) as Tailor
To Mary--With Love (1936) as
Ten years of married life beginning in 1925. Mary stands by Jack after the Depression of 1929 but considers divorce when he again becomes successful by 1935. Bill, who loves Mary, works at keeping them together.
The Preview Murder Mystery (1936) as Supervisor
The Great Ziegfeld (1936) as Customer
Lavish biography of Flo Ziegfeld, the producer who became Broadway's biggest starmaker.
Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (1936) as Clerk
When he inherits a fortune, a small-town poet has to deal with the corruption of city life.
15 Maiden Lane (1936) as Guest in nightclub
Postal Inspector (1936) as Nervous man
Show Them No Mercy! (1935) as G-man
The title refers to the government's plan at the time for putting an end to a lucrative racket, kidnapping. When Hudson and Norris enter a country house to get out of the rain it turns out to be a kidnapper hideout.
Public Hero No. 1 (1935) as Andrews
An undercover G-man helps with a jailbreak to learn the mob's secrets.
Night Life of the Gods (1935) as Guard
A scientist named Hunter Hawk invents a device that can turn flesh to stone. While celebrating his discovery he becomes involved with a half naked leprechaun. On a trip to New York, Hunter and Meg (the leprechaun) decide to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and turn all of the Statues of Greek Gods into people. What follows in a drunken romp around New York with Medusa's severed head still in Perseus' hand.
The Big Broadcast of 1936 (1935) as Radio executive
A radio star''''s efforts to save his station get him mixed up with con men, enemy agents and a beautiful countess.
Annapolis Farewell (1935) as Radio officer
It's in the Air (1935) as Tubbs
Diamond Jim (1935) as Stage manager
The Case of the Curious Bride (1935) as Male secretary
Perry Mason helps a young woman whose supposedly dead husband suddenly returns to life.
Peck's Bad Boy (1934) as Master of ceremonies
Young boy Bill Peck adores his father and tries to be good, but the arrival of Bill's cousin Horace upsets Bill's plans. Horace's brattish ways result in Bill rather than Horace getting in trouble.
The Loudspeaker (1934) as Thomas
Ever Since Eve (1934) as Tailor
Student Tour (1934) as Businessman
A philosophy professor gets stuck chaperoning a student tour of the world.
Irene (1926) as Bob Harrison
Not So Long Ago (1925) as Sam Robinson
Inez From Hollywood (1924) as Pat Summerfield
The Confidence Man (1924) as Larry Maddox
The Song of Love (1923) as Dick Jones
Hollywood (1923) as
Angela comes to Hollywood with only two things: Her dream to become a movie star, and Grandpa. She leaves an Aunt, a brother, Grandma, and her longtime boyfriend back in Centerville. Despite seeing major movie stars around every corner, and knocking on every casting office door in town, at the end of her first day she is still unemployed. To her horror, when she arrives back at their hotel, she finds that Grandpa has been cast in a movie by William DeMille and quickly becomes a star during the ensuing weeks. Her family, worried that Angela and Grandpa are getting into trouble, come to Hollywood to drag them back home. In short order Aunt, Grandma, brother, boyfriend and even the parrot become superstars, but Angela is still unemployed...
Our Leading Citizen (1922) as J. Sylvester Dubley, a law student
The Land of Hope (1921) as Stephen Ross
Hush Money (1921) as Bert Van Vliet

Cast (short)

It's Your Move (1945)
In this comedic short, a tenant must come up with the down payment on a house or the landlord will sell it from under him.
Main Street Today (1944)
This short film promotes the U.S. war effort at home in a small town.
Important Business (1944)
A man faces numerous dilemmas on his trip to Washington, DC in this comedic short.
Happily Buried (1939)
In this short film, two heirs of competing waffle iron companies are getting married, but call off the wedding when they can''''t agree on the shape of the new iron.

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