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Also Known As: Died: July 2, 1989
Born: May 5, 1915 Cause of Death: complications following heart bypass surgery
Birth Place: London, UK Profession: Cast ...


Director (feature film)

Love Me Tender (1956) as Dialogue Director
Three brothers unwittingly become outlaws after robbing a train the day after peacetime.
Seven Cities of Gold (1955) as Dialogue Director
Catholic priest Junipero Serra accompanies a group of Spanish soldiers into the land north and west of Mexico. Reverand Serra, however, intends to establish missions there, while the military men want to find the fabled "seven cities of gold."

Cast (feature film)

Laughterhouse (1984) as Rollo
Turnover Smith (1980) as Franz Gerhardt
Criminology professor William Conrad uses scientific methods, advanced computer technology, his expertise in chess, and the leg work of several of his students to track down a crazed killer in San Francisco. Pilot to another series which Conrad (as executive producer as well as star) hoped would put
Arnold (1974) as Jonesy
Arnold is dead. But his gold-digging mistress Karen is determined to marry him anyway because Arnold was a millionaire so they are wed at his funeral. Karen keeps getting his money as long as she stays by his coffin. Arnold is active in death in another way. In order to get even with his greedy relatives, he arranged various deathtraps for them before his passing, and they are now being killed off one by one.
My Darling Daughters' Anniversary (1973) as Carter
In this sequel to "All My Darling Daughters" (1972) all the darling daughters get as anniversary presents the news that their widowed dad is about to get married. This film reunited Robert Young and Ruth Hussey after those golden years at MGM in "Honolulu," "Maisie," "Northwest Passage," and "H.M. P
Stranger, The (1973) as Doctor
A science-fiction thriller about an astronaut's frantic efforts to come home after crashing on Terra, the twin planet of Earth, and finding himself marked for extermination.
Voyage of the Yes, The (1973)
Two teenagers embark on a 2,600-mile journey from California to Hawaii in a sailboat, battling the elements as well as their own prejudices.
Search (1972) as Kurt Von Niestat
In this chase thriller, the pilot for the TV series "Search" (1972-73), a space-age detective, monitored and directed by mission control center, investigates the disappearance of a fabulous gem collection. O'Brian, Meredith and Angel Tompkins continued in the short-lived series, and were joined by T
All My Darling Daughters (1972) as Cater
This plotline for this unsuccessful pilot involves a judge with four daughters, four prospective sons-in-law, and four weddings scheduled for the same day. Subsequently much of the cast was reassembled for a sequel entitled "My Darling Daughter's Anniversary."
Raid on Rommel (1971) as Admiral
Captain Foster plans on raiding German-occupied Tobruk with hand- picked commandos, but a mixup leaves him with a medical unit led by a Quaker conscientious objector. Despite all odds they succeed with their mission. On the way they pick up and drug the mistress of an Italian general, blow up the entire fuel supply for the Afrika Korps, and swap philatelic gossip with Field Marshal Erwin Rommel.
The Jungle Book (1967) as Wolf
Disney animation inspired by Rudyard Kiplings "Mowgli" story. Mowgli is a boy who has been raised by wolves in the Indian jungle. When the wolves hear that the fierce tiger, Shere Kahn, is nearby, they decide to send Mowgli to a local "man tribe". On his way to the village, Mowgli meets many animal characters in this musical tale. When Shere Kahn learns of Mowgli's presence, he tracks him down.
The Sand Pebbles (1966) as Englishman
A naval engineer stationed in 1926 China defies local authorities to rescue a group of missionaries.
Munster, Go Home! (1966) as Hennesy
When the Munster family inherits a British Estate, they are met upon by some archcriminals who are using the place for a counterfeiting ring. The thugs try to chase them away.
The Fortune Cookie (1966) as The Specialists
A crooked lawyer trumps up an insurance case for a cameraman injured at a pro football game.
The Sound of Music (1965) as Herr Zeller
Maria had longed to be a nun since she was a young girl, yet when she became old enough discovered that it wasn't at all what she thought. Often in trouble and doing the wrong things, Maria is sent to the house of a retired naval captain, named Captain Von Trapp, to care for his children. Von Trapp was widowed several years before and was left to care for seven 'rowdy' children. The children have run off countless governesses. Maria soon learns that all these children need is a little love to change their attitudes. Maria teaches the children to sing, and through her, music is brought back into the hearts and home of the Von Trapp family. Unknowingly, Maria and Captain Von Trapp are falling helplessly in love, except there are two problems, the Captain is engaged, and Maria is a postulant!
My Blood Runs Cold (1965) as Lansbury
A headstrong heiress falls for a young man who claims they are reincarnations of past lovers.
My Fair Lady (1964) as Footman at ball
A phonetics instructor bets that he can pass a street urchin off as a lady.
A Gathering of Eagles (1963) as Leighton
A devoted Air Force commander sacrifices happiness in the name of duty.
Mutiny on the Bounty (1962) as Graves
Lavish remake of the classic tale of the villainous Captain Bligh who drives his crew to revolt during a South Seas expedition.
101 Dalmatians (1961)
Pongo and Perdita have a litter of 15 puppies. Cruella De Vil takes a fancy to the pups, and wants to get hold of them, as well as more pups, to make herself a loveley dalmation skin coat... Cruella gets some thugs to kidnap the pups and hold them at her mansion. Will Pongo and Perdita find them in time ?
Operation Bottleneck (1961)
Paratroopers and girl guerrillas battle the Japanese in World War II Burma.
Judgment at Nuremberg (1961) as Halbestadt
An aging American judge presides over the trial of Nazi war criminals.
The Lost World (1960) as TV commentator
A professor leads an expedition of scientists and adventurers deep in the Amazonian jungle to verify that dinosaurs still live there.
The Wreck of the Mary Deare (1959) as Mike [Duncan]
The skipper of a sunken ship stands trial for negligence.
Journey to the Center of the Earth (1959) as Paisley
A professor and his colleagues follow an explorer's trail down an extinct Icelandic volcano to the earth's center.
These Thousand Hills (1959) as Frenchy
Villa!! (1958) as Francisco Madero
The career of folk hero Pancho Villa whose banditry was put to the service of Mexican patriots attempting to overthrow the feudal landowners.
Desert Hell (1958) as Col. Remy
French Foreign Legion Captain Edwards (Brian Keith), is returning to his post with his desert patrol that is ambushed by an Arab tribe, with Edwards and his sergeant, Benet (Richard Denning), the only survivors. Edwards and Benet are later sent to gather a new patrol. While Benet seeks volunteers, Edwards goes to say farewell to his wife, Celie (Barbara Hale), whom he finds in the arms of another officer, Lieutenant Forbes (Johnny Desmond.) Edwards and Forbes, naturally, begin their dangerous mission with hostility between them. Surrounded by the deadly Tuaregs, Edwards loses one man after another, but doggedly pushes on. He learns that even while the leader of the Tauregs is signing a peace treaty at the outpost, rivals within the tribe plan to ambush the leader, blame it on the French and start a new war.
Pharaoh's Curse (1957) as Walter Andrews
A reincarnated vampire and his sister menace an Egyptian expedition.
Witness for the Prosecution (1957) as Bailiff
A British lawyer gets caught up in a couple's tangled marital affairs when he defends the husband for murder.
Kiss Them for Me (1957) as R.A.F. pilot
Three navy war heroes are booked on a morale-building "vacation" in San Francisco and plan to throw a wild party.
Until They Sail (1957) as Defense
Four sisters in New Zealand fall for Allied sailors en route to World War II.
D-Day the Sixth of June (1956) as Gen. Millensbeck
An American and a British soldier in love with the same woman head for the Normandy Invasion.
Johnny Concho (1956) as Benson
Frank Sinatra, Keenan Wynn, William Conrad, Phyllis Kirk, Wallace Ford, Christopher Dark, Howard Petrie, Claude Atkins, John Qualen. Frank Sinatra is branded a coward by the townspeople of Cripple Creek, Arizona when he fails to stand up to the men that killed his brother. He eventually comes to grips with his yellow streak and returns for the big showdown. Co-produced by Frank Sinatra. Directed by Don McGuire who co-wrote TOOTSIE.
The Power and the Prize (1956) as Mr. Chutwell
An ambitious executive jeopardizes his career to marry a European refugee.
On the Threshold of Space (1956) as Taxi driver
23 Paces to Baker Street (1956) as Hotel porter
A blind playwright living in London overhears part of a conversation that propels him into a desperate race to find a kidnapped child.
Jump into Hell (1955) as Capt. Pluen
This film reenacts the battle of Dien Bien Phu, focusing on the struggles of the French troops stationed in Vietnam.
A Man Called Peter (1955) as Mr. Findlay
A Scottish boy follows his faith to a bright career preaching in Washington, DC.
Moonfleet (1955) as Officer
A British buccaneer is torn between three seductive women.
Prince of Players (1955) as Horatio
Acclaimed tragic actor Edwin Booth struggles to rebuild his career after his brother assassinates President Lincoln.
The Racers (1955) as Dr. Segers
A man alienates everyone around him on his goal to become a world-famous race car driver.
Hell and High Water (1954) as BBC announcer
A privately-financed scientist and his colleagues hire an ex-Navy officer (Widmark) to conduct an Alaskan submarine expedition in order to prevent a Red Chinese anti-American plot that may lead to World War III. Mixes deviously plotted schoolboy fiction with submarine spectacle and cold war heroics.
Prince Valiant (1954) as Seneschal
A young Viking prince strives to become a knight in King Arthur''''s Court and restore his exiled father to his rightful throne.
The Desert Rats (1953) as Mick
A desperate band of Allied soldiers fights off the Nazis in North Africa.
Botany Bay (1953) as 1st Mate Green
In 1787 prisoners from London's Newgate Gaol are to be shipped to New South Wales. Hugh Tallant is an American medical student whom, we learn at sea, was falsely imprisoned. Because of his attempt to escape, evil Captain Gilbert decides to return him to England on charges of mutiny. Events, including arrival of plague, keep Tallant busy in New South Wales.
The Fighting O'Flynn (1949) as Lieutenant
O'Flynn, soldier of fortune, returns to Ireland during the Napoleonic wars just in time to save Lady Benedetta from robbers. But they pursue her to ruinous Castle O'Flynn, after secret papers she carries which would reveal Napoleon's plans to invade Ireland. The Napoleonic agents (and British traitors) will stop at nothing to gain their ends, but the swashbuckling exploits of the O'Flynn may be a match for them all
Sword in the Desert (1949) as Radio man
After smuggling Jewish refugees into pre-Israel Palestine, a freighter captain becomes embroiled in the conflict.
Kiss the Blood Off My Hands (1948) as Cockney tout
Bill Saunders, disturbed ex-soldier, kills a man in a postwar London pub brawl. Fleeing, he hides out in the apartment of lonely nurse Jane Wharton. Later, despite misgivings about his violent nature, Jane becomes involved with Bill, who resolves to reform. She gets him a job driving a medical supplies truck. But racketeer Harry Carter, who witnessed the killing, wants to use Bill's talents for crime.
The Exile (1947) as Milbank
A deposed king fights for his life while hiding out at a farm.
Pride of the West (1938) as Townsman
Caldwell and Nixon have their men rob the stage and then critcize the Sheriff for not catching the robbers. With her father the Sheriff under pressure, Mary sends for Hoppy who finds the stolen money and sets a trap to bring in the entire gang.

Cast (special)

McNamara's Band (1977) as Gen Grosshtecker
The exploits of a group of bumbling undercover agents who are sent to occupied Norway during World War II. In the first of two pilot films, McNamara and his group of con-artists attempt to save the U.S. fleet from an ambush by lurking Nazi U-boats.

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Little Women (1978)
A lavish fourth filming of the classic novel of New England family life in the 1860s (previously made in 1919, 1933 and 1949), and the sixth (at least) TV presentation, sparking a weekly series that began in January 1979. Dorothy McGuire, playing Marmee here and in the series, had been scheduled to

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Harold Robbins' "79 Park Avenue" (1977)
A poor New York teenager of the mid-1930s is forced into prostitution despite sincere efforts to make a living otherwise, and ultimately she becomes the city's most famous madam. An Emmy Award nomination went to Yvonne Wood for her period costumes. Subsequently shown in two parts over four hours.

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