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John Bushelman

John Bushelman


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Director (feature film)

Cat Murkil and the Silks (1975) as Director
Day of the Nightmare (1965) as Director
The Broken Land (1962) as Director
Sniper's Ridge (1961) as Director
The Silent Call (1961) as Director
A dog searches for the family that was forced to leave him behind.

Writer (feature film)

Violent Zone (1989) as From Story
Vietnam veterans are hired by a wealthy American family to find their son still missing in action.
Iron Triangle, The (1989) as Screenwriter
Set in 1969 Vietnam, two leaders from both sides are thrown together and must deal with each other as people, not faceless enemies.
Violent Zone (1989) as Screenwriter
Vietnam veterans are hired by a wealthy American family to find their son still missing in action.
Daughters of Satan (1972) as From a story by
After a man buys a painting of a witch that resembles his wife, his wife is possessed by the spirit of the witch and plans his murder.

Producer (feature film)

Iron Triangle, The (1989) as Associate Producer
Set in 1969 Vietnam, two leaders from both sides are thrown together and must deal with each other as people, not faceless enemies.
Crackdown (1989) as Producer
Story of a crackdown on an East Asian drug ring.
Sniper's Ridge (1961) as Producer
Wild Youth (1961) as Producer
King Dinosaur (1955) as Asst prod
Blasting off to a newly discovered planet called Nova, which moved into our Solar System four explorers behold a fantastic adventure. The mysterious new planet has similiar characteristics of Earth. Accept it is home to terrifying monsters like giant snakes, giant ants, mutated alligators, and most terrifying of all, King Dinosaur, a strange lizard-like being that is a fatal threat to the explorers. Can these people survive this planet and escape? Find out by watching this exciting B-movie under the famous Bert I. Gordon.

Editing (feature film)

Prey of the Chameleon (1992)
An oil wildcatter becomes the victim of a female psychopath who undergoes chameleon-like transformations as she assumes the characteristics of her victims.
Ren Hoek and Stimpy in (1990)
Ren and Stimpy are sent to the pound and fear for their lives.
How to Succeed with Sex (1970) as Film Editor
Picture Mommy Dead (1966) as Film Editor
A woman is released from an asylum after the shock suffered during the death of her mother.
Way Out (1966) as Film Editor
Village of the Giants (1965) as Film Editor
Delinquent teens ingest a substance and grow to 30 feet tall, then proceed to take over a small town.
Fear No More (1961) as Film Editor
13 Fighting Men (1960) as Film Editor
The Louisiana Hussy (1960) as Film Editor
A woman who appears to be ill shows up in a small town and is taken in by the residents. She winds up pitting a pair of brothers against each other, having an affair with one on the day of his marriage and trying to seduce the other one as well.
Tormented (1960) as Editing
A composer is haunted by the ghost of the former lover he let die.
Dinosaurus! (1960) as Film Editor
Caribbean engineers accidentally revive a frozen caveman and two dinosaurs.
The 3rd Voice (1960) as Supervising Editor
Marion Forbes is the secretary, the lover and the creator of the financial fortunes of Harry Chapman, but Chapman falls in love with Francis and decides to marry her. The revenge of Marion is terrible. With the help of the third voice she kills Harry who is then impersonated by the third voice. All of this to steal $600,000.
Tess of the Storm Country (1960) as Supervising Film Editor
Fourth reworking of the classic Grace Miller White novel, this time updated to the 60s, with young Scottish lassie Tess (Diane Baker) becoming embroiled in a conflict about a toxic chemical plant near her new home in Pennsylvania.
Frankenstein--1970 (1958) as Film Editor
A descendent of Baron Frankenstein unleashes an undead murderer on the crew filming his forebear''''s story.
Dragstrip Riot (1958) as Film Editor
Fort Bowie (1958) as Editing
Cavalrymen have to attack their own fort when it''''s taken by the Apache.
Jungle Heat (1957) as Editing
War Drums (1957) as Editing
A white trader and an Apache chief fall for the same woman.
Tomahawk Trail (1957) as Editing
Renegade Apaches make things tough for a cavalry outpost. First, they steal all the horses of a column, which must make its way back to the fort on foot. Once there, the soldiers discover the entire population dead from an Indian attack. This leaves Neise, an unseasoned West Point graduate, in control. But he just doesn't know how to handle the trouble, so up steps Connors, the tough sergeant who at least knows which way is up.
Hell Bound (1957) as Editing
A criminal gang plots the robbery of a ship carrying $2 million worth of surplus narcotics left over from World War II. The plan goes awry when the gang leader's girlfriend falls for an ambulance attendant who is an unsuspecting pawn in the scheme.
Cat-Women of the Moon (1953) as Supervising Film Editor
Five astronauts travel to the dark side of the moon on a scientific expedition. There they discover a cave which somehow retains a breathable atmosphere. They remove their space suits and venture on, soon finding a buried city where the last members of a 2 million year old civilization greet them with food and drink. Little do they know that these eight lovely leotard-clad women are planning to steal their ship.
Gunsmoke (1946) as Film Editor
Rancher Marlowe (Nick Stuart) is shot in the back and killed by gunslinger Dirk Mattson (Craig Lawrence.) His son Brad (Nick Stuart), despite the pleas of his young sister Ginny (Larraine Jensen), sets out for revenge. He and Dirk have a shoot-out in Helldorado and Dirk is killed. Brad is wounded and is being pursued by a posse, and passes out in the desert where he is found by Carol Henderson (Carol Foran). She treats his wounds and rides for help to an outlaw camp where she and her father (Smokey Joe LaDue) are being held captive. She persuades two of the outlaws, Billy (Billy Jones) and Shorty (Robert Garden), to bring Brad to her cabin while he recovers. The camp is that of an outfit known as Duke's Raiders, a Nevada outlaw gang led by Duke Mattson (Craig Lawrence), twin brother of Dirk. After a fight, Duke, not knowing that Brad killed his brother, asks him to join the gang. Brad agrees so that he can work from the inside and put an end to the gang.

Music (feature film)

Fort Yuma (1955) as Music Editor
A disgruntled settler kills an Apache chief at Fort Yuma, and the fort's commander knows that the chief's son, Manga Colorado (Abel Fernandez), will seek revenge and go on the warpath. He sends word by a courier to Fort Apache where a supply column is due to head across the desert to Fort Yuman, but the courier is killed by Mangas. The column, under the command of Lieutenant Ben Keegan (Peter Graves)who hates Apaches because he doesn't trust them, and because his assigned scout is Jonas (John Hudson), the brother of an Apache girl, Francesca (Joan Taylor), whom Keegan has been having an affair with. Also accompanying them is Melanie Crowne (Joan Vohs), who is going to do missionary work among the Apaches. Mangas attacks the column wiping out everybody but Keegan, Jonas and Melanie. Francesca is killed while trying to warn Keegan, and he realizes how foolish he had been in his prejudice and in keeping his love secret. The Apaches, dressed in the uniforms of the dead soldier, plan to gain entrance to Fort Yuma and massacre the men there.

Sound (feature film)

Rainbow Bridge (1972) as Sound Editing
At the Rainbow Bridge Occult Meditation Center in Hawaii, a group of young people were engaged in work to expand consciousness when iconic guitarist Jimi Hendrix arrived to perform for them. In what was to be his last live concert in the United States, Hendrix, along with band-mates Billy Cox and Mi
Dirty Little Billy (1972) as Sd coord
A tough and violent portrait of a psychopathic, yet fresh-faced youth--the infamous Billy the Kid in his grimy early days.
The Mighty Jungle (1964) as Sd & music eff
Torajiro, a traveling salesman and gambler, returns to his home after many years' absence. He attends his sister's wedding, falls in love with Fuyuko, who is engaged to another man, and causes embarrassment for the family. Broken-hearted, Torajiro leaves after writing a letter of advice for Fuyuko t
Pharaoh's Curse (1957) as Sound Editing
A reincarnated vampire and his sister menace an Egyptian expedition.
Big House, U.S.A. (1955) as Sound Editing
Convicts escape prison to uncover hidden loot.

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