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Imitation... Glenn Ford averts a general disaster in the World War II action-comedy Imitation... more info $17.56was $21.99 Buy Now

Harlow ... A lurid biopic of the tragic, glamorous movie queen, Jean Harlow. This focuses... more info $18.95was $24.95 Buy Now

Leave Em... Mickey Rooney plays real-life clown Jack Thum. When Jack realizes he has... more info $12.85was $19.95 Buy Now

The Ambulance ... Eric Roberts, James Earl Jones. When his woman is snatched by a strange... more info $19.95was $19.98 Buy Now

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Also Known As: Died: July 13, 2006
Born: February 5, 1919 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Bronx, New York Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Story of Us, The (1999)
Ben and Katie have been happily married for 15 years and have two wonderful children to whom they are both devoted. But Katie feels that their relationship has stopped progressing and needs to be rejuvenated. While their children, Josh and Erin, are away at summer camp, the Jordans attempt a trial
It Could Happen to You (1994)
In lieu of a tip, a New York cop offers a recently bankrupt waitress half of his lottery ticket. It turns out to be the winning ticket and, much to the chagrin of his avaricious wife, the good-hearted officer decides to honor his pledge.
Ambulance, The (1991)
An abrasive comic book illustrator and the oldest living newspaper reporter trails a mysterious ambulance that abducts New York City residents.
18 Again! (1988)
The mind of an 80-year-old man ends up in the body of his 18-year-old nephew.
Reunion at Fairborough (1985)
Robert Mitchum and Deborah Kerr, who had costarred three times previously in films, have a screen reunion as a former American flyer and the old flame he last had seen four decades earlier while stationed en England as a bomber pilot, and he is introduced to the granddaughter he never knew he had.
Side Show (1981) as Harry Hubbell
A teenage boy who runs off to join the circus as a side show puppeteer stumbles onto the dark secrets of the fellow performers. Red Buttons plays a side show barker, Connie Stevens a Hungarian aerialist, and Anthony Franciosa the lion tamer, one of her former lovers. Director William Conrad, who fil
Leave 'Em Laughing (1981)
Mickey Rooney is real-life clown Jack Thum who, with his devoted wife Shirlee, cared for dozens of homeless children --37 of them over the years--in the Chicago area, all of whom come back to visit when they discover he's terminally ill. The film reunited Rooney with another former child star from
When Time Ran Out (1980)
A group of tourists are staying in a hotel on a remote Pacific island. When warnings of an impending volcanic eruption are issued, they are advised to wait for a rescue team. But with the lava flowing directly toward the hotel, a small group of guests choose instead to head for higher ground and safety on the other side of the island.
C.H.O.M.P.S. (1979) as Bracken
Young inventor Brian Foster works for a company and creates a mechanical dog to be part of their new home protection system. But the head of a rival company wants the invention and has someone steal the dog.
Movie Movie (1978)
This parody of a typical 1930s double bill features two movies. The first is the black-and-white "Dynamite Fists" which tells the story of a boxer named Joey, his gruff but lovable manager, a gangster who tests Joey's loyalty to his manager, and the girl who is used as bait in the test. This is foll
Vega$ (1978) as Tommy Cirko
A flashy private eye in Las Vegas searches for a runaway teenage girl and runs into a murder investigation in this pilot for the hit series that began in the fall of 1978.
Users, The (1978)
A small-town girl with a dark past falls in love with a fading screen star and masterminds his spectacular professional and personal comeback. Screen veteran Joan Fontaine made her TV-movie debut here as a Hollywood socialite.
Telethon (1977)
Romance, intrigue, danger and possibly murder are among the behind-the-scenes elements surrounding a multimillion-dollar fund-raising telethon with an all-star TV cast assembled against a Las Vegas backdrop.
Pete's Dragon (1977) as Hoagy
A boy leaves his abusive foster family and becomes friends with a dragon.
Viva Knievel! (1977)
Daredevil motorcyclist Evil Knievel travels to Mexico for a stunt while a drug lord plots against him.
Gable and Lombard (1976)
When leading man Clark Gable and comedienne Carole Lombard meet at a party, they take an instant dislike to each other and she punches him in the jaw. But fate continues to bring the couple together and eventually they fall in love. However, their romance is marred by the fact that Gable is married
Louis Armstrong -- Chicago Style (1976)
An incident in the life of jazz great Louis Armstrong when, in 1931, he was booked into a small Chicago night spot, turning down a lucrative offer to move over to a club run by gangsters. His manager is bribed to secretly frame him on a marijuana charge, and he is forced to leave town--ironically (a
New, Original Wonder Woman, The (1975) as Ashley Norman
A plane, flown by U.S. fighter pilot Steve Trevor, is hit by enemy gunfire and crash-lands on Paradise Island, an unchartered land mass inhabited by a race of super-powerful Amazons. Princess Diana, a beautiful Amazon receives permission from her Queen Mother to use her unique powers to aid America
The Poseidon Adventure (1972) as [James] Martin
Passengers and crew struggle to escape an ocean liner turned upside down.
Who Killed Mary Whats'ername? (1971) as Mickey Isadore
A prostitute is murdered on the streets of a tough, low-income neighborhood. A resident who knew her is appalled by the lack of interest shown in the case by the police or anybody else in the neighborhood, and decides to investigate the case himself.
They Shoot Horses, Don't They? (1969) as The sailor
Desperate characters stake their fortune on a Depression-era dance marathon.
Stagecoach (1966) as Mr. Peacock
Up From the Beach (1965) as P.f.c. Harry Devine
Harlow (1965) as Arthur Landau
In this story, Harlow starts in the movies as set dressing, the pretty girl who is used for the glamour shots. Refusing to descend to the casting couch for work, she finds that she is soon blacklisted from the industry. But an agent named Arthur sees something in Jean and begins representing her. For a long time, the jobs are scarce and consist mostly of receiving the pie in the face in low budget comedies. But Arthur's belief in Jean never wavers and when she finally graduates to featured roles, the critics say that she cannot act, but she is unforgettable. Polishing the image as the girl next door, but with some fire, she begins her climb to the top and becomes the girl every woman wants to look like and every man wants to have. But her own life is a disaster - unlike her screen life.
Your Cheatin' Heart (1964) as Shorty Younger
Legendary country-western singer Hank Williams uses alcohol to deal with the pressures of fame.
A Ticklish Affair (1963) as Simon Shelley
A naval commander gets mixed up with a widow and her three children.
The Longest Day (1962) as Private Steele
The Allied forces launch the D-Day invasion of German-occupied France.
Hatari! (1962) as Pockets
The arrival of a woman upsets a team of hunters capturing animals for the world''''s zoos.
Five Weeks in a Balloon (1962) as Donald O'Shay
Professor Fergusson plans to make aviation history by making his way across Africa by balloon. He plans to claim uncharted territories in West Africa as proof of his inventions worth.
Gay Purr-ee (1962) as Robespierre
Animated musical in which a French country cat becomes entranced with Parisian city life.
One, Two, Three (1961) as MP sergeant
A Coca-Cola executive in West Berlin tries to keep the boss's daughter from marrying a Communist.
The Big Circus (1959) as Randy Sherman
A ringleader tries to keep his circus on the road despite the efforts of a saboteur.
Imitation General (1958) as Corp. Chan Derby
A sergeant impersonates a slain general at a key moment during World War II.
Sayonara (1957) as [Airman] Joe Kelly
American soldiers in post-war Japan defy convention when they fall in love with local women.
Footlight Varieties (1951) as
Television personality Jack Paar introduces a series of songs and sketches.
13 Rue Madeleine (1947) as Dispatcher
Tragedy occurs when a spy chief finds out one of his agents-in-training is actually a Nazi double agent.
Winged Victory (1944) as Whitey, "Andrews sister"

Cast (special)

100 Greatest Stand-Ups of All Time (2004)
Comedy Central celebrates the best in stand-up comedy, as comedian panelists Dom Irrera, Judy Gold, Mario Joyner, and Greg Giraldo count down the top 100 comics of all time.
Playboy's 50th Anniversary Special (2003)
A celebration of the men's magazine's fifty years of publication to be held at the hallowed Playboy Mansion.
20th Century Fox: The Blockbuster Years (2000)
Documentary chronicling the greatest film hits from 20th Century Fox from the 1960s to the present. Includes interviews with actors and filmmakers.
Let Me In, I Hear Laughter: A Salute to the Friars (1999)
Nostalgic history of the Friars Club, using archival footage, photos, audio recordings and filmed performances. Includes highlights of some memorable roasts.
Gypsy Rose Lee: Naked Ambition (1999)
Profile of stripper Gypsy Rose Lee, whose memory lives on in the book, the musical and the movie "Gypsy."
70th Annual Academy Awards, The (1998)
Live presentation of the 70th annual Academy Awards.
R.L. Stine's Ghosts of Fear Street (1998)
Anne Murphy and her husband P.J. move their three kids back to Anne's childhood home on Fear Street where her father still lives. Strange things happen on Fear Street and other-worldy people reside in the neighborhood, including Cricket, who collects rare bugs and lives with her father who morphs in
M-A-S-H, Tootsie & God: A Tribute to Larry Gelbart (1998)
Special tribute to writer Larry Gelbart, from the Writers Guild Theater in Beverly Hills. Features film clips and readings from Gelbart's plays, as well as tributes and conversation about the art of writing comedy.
Phil Silvers: Top Banana (1997)
Biographical documentary of actor Phil Silvers.
Las Vegas (1996)
Two-part documentary exploring the history and future of Las Vegas, Nevada. Part 1, entitled "Gamble on the Desert," chronicles the early history of Las Vegas. Part 2, "House of Cards," picks up in the late 1950's and traces the decline and subsequent rebirth of the downtown area.
49th Annual Tony Awards, The (1995)
Live presentation of the 49th Annual Tony Awards, honoring excellence in the Broadway theater.
Itzhak Perlman: In the Fiddler's House (1995)
Violinist Itzhak Perlman explores his personal affection for traditional Jewish music, ranging from Yiddish lullabies to klezmer wedding songs to classical violin solos based on Jewish themes.
Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen, The (1995) as Interviewee
Documentary about science fiction TV producer Irwin Allen and his various works. Set on a recreation of the Jupiter II rocket from his series "Lost in Space" and hosted by its stars June Lockhart, Billy Mumy, and the Robot.
10th Annual Television Academy Hall of Fame, The (1994)
The Television Academy Hall of Fame honors seven new inductees: QVC chairman and creator of the Fox television network Barry Diller, actor-director Alan Alda, sports announcer Howard Cosell, animation team William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, talk show host Oprah Winfrey, and producer-journalist-educat
Tom Arnold: The Naked Truth 2 (1992)
Tom Arnold attempts to reveal the truth about relationships between men and women.
George Burns' 95th Birthday Party (1991)
A special commemorating George Burns' 95th birthday.
1990 Ace Awards-11th Annual (1990)
Live presentation of the eleventh annual ACE Awards, honoring the best in made-for-cable programming. Sponsored by the National Academy of Cable Programming.
Jackie Gleason: The Great One (1988)
A tribute to Jackie Gleason on the occasion of his death, featuring remembrances by fellow entertainers and rare clips, some of which have not been seen in 30 years.
1st Annual American Comedy Awards, The (1987)
The first live broadcast of this new awards show dedicated to comedy in all its forms. Besides the 14 category awards, Norman Lear is the recipient of the first annual American Comedy Award for a lifetime creative contribution to the field of comedy, and three Lifetime Achievement Awards to perform
Las Vegas: An All Star 75th Anniversary (1987)
A music and comedy spectacular honoring the 75th anniversary of one of the world's great entertainment capitals, Las Vegas. The program features appearances by many of the personalities who have made Las Gevas an entertainment mecca for visitors around the world, rare footage of famous Las Vegas wed
38th Annual Emmy Awards, The (1986)
A live three-hour telecast from Pasadena, California, of the thirty-eighth Annual Emmy Awards which honors excellence in the television industry. David Letterman and Shelley Long are this year's co-hosts. Veteran comedian Red Skelton, recipient of this year's coveted Governor's Award by the Board of
George Burns' 90th Birthday Special (1986)
A variety special celebrating comedian George Burns' ninetieth birthday. The event includes appearances by many celebrities in person and on pre-taped sequences.
Funny (1986)
A quasi-scientific look at what tickles the funny bone throughout the world, presented in a comedy magazine format with performances by top comics.
NBC's 60th Anniversary Celebration (1986)
A special featuring more than 100 stars and highlights from the most memorable moments in radio and television history spanning six decades on America's first broadcast network. NBC stars, past and present, recall, via film clips and personal memories, unforgettable moments from the past 60 years. H
World's Funniest Commercial Goofs, The (1985)
A special featuring outtakes from television commercials.
Night of 100 Stars II, The (1985)
A star-studded sequel to "The Night of 100 Stars." A celebrity benefit for the Actors Fund of America, featuring music, songs, dances and comedy. Three hundred and eight stars participated in a seven-hour marathon that was edited to three hours for television.
Dean Martin Celebrity Roast, The (1984) as Guest
A comical tribute to Mr. T (Lawrence Tero).
Bob Hope Special: Bob Hope's Super Birthday Special (1984)
An eighty-first birthday celebration for Bob Hope, taped at the New Orleans World's Fair.
Dean Martin Celebrity Roast, The (1984)
A comical tribute to actress Joan Collins.
George Burns Celebrates 80 Years in Show Business (1983)
A star-studded salute to George Burns on his eightieth year in show business.
Sunshine Boys, The (1977) as Willie Clark
The misadventures of Willie Clark and Al Lewis, two retired vaudeville comics who share an apartment and struggle to get along with each other.
Flannery and Quilt (1976) as Luke Flannery
The misadventures of Luke Flannery and Samuel Quilt, argumentative senior citizens who live together but disagree on everything.
Alexander (1973) as Alexander Foster
The story of Alexander Foster, a 75-year-old world traveler who befriends three small children and instills in them the zeal to live life fully.
George M! (1970) as Sam Harris
An adaptation of the 1968 Broadway musical about the life and music of composer George M. Cohan, Broadway's own "Yankee Doodle Dandy." While adapted from the stage show, the program is actually a rehearsal for "George M!" with the actors apprearing as themselves as well as the characters they portra
Murder At NBC (1966)
An hour comedy special in which Bob Hope plays a mad scientist who invents a nuclear chemical that is capable of shrinking the United States.
Hansel and Gretel (1958)
A musical version of the German fairy tale about a brother and sister who encounter unknown danger from a witch when they become lost in the woods.

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Alice in Wonderland (1985)
Sometimes she's too big. Or much too small. Sometimes things are backwards. And there's always too much pepper in the soup. Nothing is quite right since Alice chased a very unusual White Rabbit and stumbled into an adventure that grows curiouser and curiouser.

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Power (1980)
Loosely based on the life of Jimmy Hoffa, this four-hour movie traces the rise of Tommy Vanda (played by Joe Don Baker) from Chicago dock worker to influential labor leader who, like Hoffa, eventually finds himself behind bars in a federal prison and later, not long after his parole, and again like

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