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Also Known As: Died:
Born: April 15, 1938 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: La Goulette, Tunis, TN Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Effie Gray (2015)
The film explores the scandalous love triangle between Victorian art critic John Ruskin, his teenage bride Effie Gray, and Pre-Raphaelite painter John Everett Millais. After marrying at the tender age of 19, Effie quickly realizes her marriage is a lie when Ruskin refuses to consummate it. Yearning
Joy De V. (2013)
El Artista y la Modelo (2012)
Centers on an aging artist in German-occupied France during WWII.
Le Fil (2010)
Malik leaves Paris for Tunisia to be with his mother after the death of his father. His return ends up setting him free from the secret of his homosexuality when he falls in love with the handsome Bilal.
Asterix at the Olympic Games (2008)
Asterix, Obelix, and their friends have entered the famous Olympic games in Athens. They're determined to taste victory, but the Gauls face formidable competition from both Greeks and Romans. Will it be a Gold Medal for Asterix? Or will he suffer the agony of defeat?
Cherche Fiance Tous Frais Payes (2007)
30-year-old Alexandra gets ready to spend summer vacation by the seaside with his family, but just as she's about to leave, she learns that her mother has also invited her ex-boyfriend, along with his new gorgeous, young girlfriend. In a cafe, she crosses paths with an out-of-work actor. He's nice,
Marcello: A Sweet Life (2006)
A life filled with sweetness. His sweet look, his foxy smile and his legendary indolence allowed him to remain slightly detached and to protect his private life. Even today, saying Mastroianni or Marcello evokes an era: a world made up of skill, beauty, charm, kindness and seduction. The documentary
The Magic of Fellini (2002)
The creative vision of Italian director Federico Fellini is explored through archival footage, photos and interviews.
And Now Ladies and Gentlemen (2002)
Valentin is a criminal mastermind, but his exploits don't prove much in the way of satisfaction. Thus, he sets out on a one-man sailing trip around the world in a last attempt at finding meaning in his life. Meanwhile, in Morocco, a burned-out jazz singer named Jane is trying to forget a fizzled l
Fellini (2001)
The brilliance of Federico Fellini, his dreams and creative visions, and most importantly his relationships with the people of Italian cinema are recorded in a collage of interviews, archival film footage, photographs, personal memorabilia and music to create the memoir of one of the greatest Italia
My Best Fiend (1999)
A film that describes the love-hate relationship between Werner Herzog and actor Klaus Kinski, the deep trust bewteen the director and the actor, and their independently and simultaneously hatched plans to murder one another.
My Best Fiend (1999)
A film that describes the love-hate relationship between Werner Herzog and actor Klaus Kinski, the deep trust bewteen the director and the actor, and their independently and simultaneously hatched plans to murder one another.
Sous Les Pieds des Femmes (1998)
It's 1996. An Algerian couple, Aya and Moncef, have been living in the south of France for forty years. Both participated actively in the Algerian war independence under the command of the charismatic Amin, the local leader of the revolutionary F.L.N. Now, Amin is coming to visit them. Aya's memory
Kini & Adams (1997)
Set in a sub-Saharan no man's land, two best friends share the same dream of escaping to the big city, but their mode of transport is a broken down old car. Just as their dreams are within reach, their friendship crumbles.
Summer in Goulette, A (1996)
Set in 1967 when Muslims, Jews and Christians still lived in harmony in La Goulette, a comedy-drama about the social complexities which arise naturally in an ethnically mixed Tunisian harbor town.
Elles ne pensent qu'a ca (1994)
As viewed particularly through female opinion, this story presents a portrait of an amourphous, extended Parisian family, united through a series of marital disasters and resolute in its airing of unorthordox opinions on the nature of sex and love.
Blake Edwards' Son of the Pink Panther (1993) as Maria
The comedy continues, with the illegitimate son of Inspector Jacques Clouseau.
588 Rue Paradis (1992) as Araxi/Mayrig
An Armenian playwright finds success in his profession at the expense of his ethnic and familial ties.
Money (1991)
A young man seeks revenge on the man who robbed his father of millions of dollars.
Mayrig (1991) as Araxi--Mayrig
Story about an Armenian family who arrive in France in 1921 and endure the pain and privations of exile in a foreign land.
Atto di Dolore (1991)
A widowed mother confronts her teenage son's heroin addition.
La Revolution Francaise (1990)
A 2-part epic about the French Revolution, following the lives of Robespierre and Danton from their youth to their deaths by execution.
La Batalla de los Tres Reyes (1990)
A grand scale historical drama about the Mediterranean region set in the 16th century.
Hiver 54, l'abbe Pierre (1989) as Helene Vannier
The true story of a French priest and his concerns for the homeless.
Blu Elettrico (1988) as Tata
The relationships between two lonely, wealthy children and their nanny.
Naso di Cane (1987)
Story of one man's fight against the corruption of organized crime.
Man in Love, A (1987) as Julia Steiner
A tempermental director falls in love with the novice actress in his latest film, which results in turmoil for the families of both parties.
Ete Prochain, L' (1986) as Jeanne
Storia, La (1986) as Ida
Enrico IV (1985)
Salamander, The (1983) as Elena
Dectective Dante Matucci investigates the mysterious deaths of several Italian political leaders but his only clues are cards bearing the symbol of a salamander left on the desk of each slain official.
Ruffian, Le (1983) as Baroness
Burden of Dreams (1982)
Director Werner Herzog combats bad weather, morale problems and a South American war to make his epic Fitzcarraldo.
Cadeau, Le (1982)
Fitzcarraldo (1982) as Molly
The story of Brian Sweeney Fitzgerald, an extremely determined man who intends to build an opera house in the middle of a jungle.
Skin, The (1981) as Princess Caracciolo
The wartime experiences of Curzio Malaparte, who served as the American Commanding General's Italian liaison during the American liberation of Naples.
Escape to Athena (1979)
During the World War II, the prisoners of a German camp in a greek island are trying to escape. They don't want only their freedom, but they also seek for an ineffable treasure hidden in a monastery at the top of the island's mountain.
Arma, L' (1978) as Marta Campagna
Petite fille en velours bleu, La (1978) as Francesca Modigliani
Corleone (1978) as Rosa Accordino
Il Prefetto di Ferro (1977) as Woman
Mezzanotte va la ronda del Piacere, A (1975) as Gabriella Sansoni
Conversation Piece (1974) as Professor'S Wife
Retired professor of American origin lives solitary life in luxurious palazzo in Rome He is confronted by vulgar Italian marchesa and her companions: her lover, her daughter and daughter's boyfriend and forced to rent to them an apartment on upper floor of his palazzo. From this point his quiet routine is turned into chaos by his tenants' machinations, and everybody's life is taking unexpected but inevitable turn.
Libera, Amore Mio (1974) as Libera Valente
La Scoumoune (1972) as Sister
Episodic portrait of a criminal, from 1934 until after the war. Roberto Borgo is tough, cool, sardonic, loyal, and deadly. He comes to Marseilles to help his friend Xavier Saratov get out of jail, first killing a local brothel and casino boss to take over the businesses, and, with the help of Xavier's sister, Georgia, amass money for Xavier's defense. Xavier loses in court, so Roberto gets himself thrown in prison to be with his friend. Escape proves futile, but they are pardoned in exchange for working as sappers. After the war, Xavier is a bitter cripple, but Roberto remains detached, extorting ownership of a casino, which puts his friends at risk. Does he care?
Les Petroleuses (1971) as Maria
Udienza, L' (1971) as Aiche
A young provincial attempts to deliver a personal message to the Pope but his efforts are constantly frustrated by Vatican officials.
Red Tent, The (1970) as Nurse
The commander of a failed 1928 Arctic airship expedition is remembering the events of the "Italia" airship flight, crash and subsequent rescue efforts. The "ghosts" of people involved in the events appear in his memories to assist him in determining his guilt in the affair. The reminiscences are mixed with the real action: the flight of the "Italia", the air rescue operation from Kings Bay airfield, the expedition of the "Krassin" ice-breaker. A sort of human touch is added by the ever beautiful C.C. playing Malmgren's girlfriend.
Adventures Of Gerard, The (1970) as Countess
A Fine Pair (1969) as Esmeralda Marini
A detective gets involved with a beautiful jewel thief.
Mafia (1969) as Rosa Nicolosi
Based on the Leonardo Sciascia novel of the same title, this story deals with the difficulties facing a northern police officer investigating a Mafia murder in a small Sicilian town in 1961. Salvatore Colasbena, a construction supplier, was murdered # and buried under a blanket of tar # because he refused to join the Mafia-controlled roadbuilding group. His widow, Rosa, is investigated by the police, but honest Captain Bellodi comes to suspect Mafia boss Don Mariano Arena when he can find no witnesses, no evidence, only hostile obstruction by corrupt government influences. Captain Bellodi has no idea that his pursuit of the truth will stir up a hornet's nest. Powerful figures have a vested interest in ensuring that the very existence of the Mafia can be denied. The movie dramatizes the hold that the Mafia has on Sicilian life: the police, the judiciary, politics, and the Catholic Church. Everyone in the village is afraid to talk to Bellodi for fear they will be silenced forever.
Once Upon a Time in the West (1969) as Jill McBain
A mail-order bride enlists an outlaw and a mystery man to help protect her land from a ruthless cattleman.
The Queens (1968) as Armenia
The Hell With Heroes (1968) as Elena
Two flyers during World War II get caught up in shenanigans with an international smuggler and his girlfriend.
Don't Make Waves (1967) as Laura Califatti
A swimming-pool salesman gets mixed up with beauty queens and bodybuilders when he falls in love.
A Rose for Everyone (1967) as Rosa
The Professionals (1966) as Maria Grant
A corrupt rancher hires four soldiers of fortune to rescue his wife from kidnappers.
Lost Command (1966) as Aicha
After a stinging defeat in Vietnam, an officer in the French Army gets one last chance in Algiers.
Sandra (1966) as Sandra
Sandra comes back to Volterra, in Tuscany, the little town where she spent her childhood. She is with her American husband, Andrew. She wishes to pay homage to her father who died in Auschwitz where she was still a little child. In Volterra, Andrew meets for the first time Gianni, Sandra's brother. He soon realizes that Sandra and Gianni have a secret since their childhood.
Blindfold (1966) as Vicky Vincenti
Dr. Bartholomew Snow, a psychiatrist, is treating a man with emotional problems who, it turns out, is a brilliant scientist being pursued by different international powers and their operatives. Snow soon finds himself caught in the middle and out of desperation, he falls in with a mysterious and beautiful woman named Vicky Vincenti. But is she helping him, or is she yet another sinister figure out to manipulate him?
Time of Indifference (1965) as Carla Ardengo
The Magnificent Cuckold (1965) as Maria Grazia Artusi
The Facts of Murder (1965) as Assuntina
A masked bandit steals valuables from Commendatore Anzaloni's apartment and flees, leaving Anzaloni unharmed. Inspector Ingravallo is called in. The robbery is suspicious; the thief found the jewellery too quickly. The neighbour, Liliana Banducci, employs a servant girl, Assuntina. Her fiancé, Diomede, tries to flee when he sees police tailing Assuntina. But Diomede has an alibi, a rich American woman... Liliana's cousin, Dr. Valdarena, pays her a visit, only to find her body on the floor. But before calling police, Valdarena removes an envelope addressed to him from the sideboard... Liliana's husband Remo was away from Rome at the time of the murder, but he is surprised to hear that Liliana had changed her will only the week before...
Bebo's Girl (1964) as Mara
Cartouche (1964) as Venus
In the 18th century, Louis de Bourguignon is working with the Malichot's gang, but their ways are too 'unethical' for him. He creates his own band, acting under the name of Cartouche, making audacious robberies of the rich people, and even distributing the takings with the poor. Thus, cartouche attracts the people's sympathies, Venus's love, and hate from the Police and Malichot... Cartouche can escape all the traps they set at him - except the entrapments of love. Eventually, he will be saved by a woman, at her own cost.
Circus World (1964) as Toni Alfredo
Circus owner Matt Masters is beset by disasters as he attempts a European tour of his circus. At the same time, he is caught in an emotional bind between his adopted daughter and her mother.
The Pink Panther (1964) as Princess Dala
In the first Inspector Clouseau film, the bumbling French police detective tries to stop a notorious jewel thief from nabbing a princess'''' diamond.
The Leopard (1963) as Angelica Sedara/Bertiana
A Sicilian aristocrat tries to protect his family from social upheavals.
Fiasco in Milan (1963) as Carmela Nicosia
8 1/2 (1963) as Claudia
A world-famous film director juggles his romantic relationships while trying to come up with an idea for his next picture.
La Viaccia (1962) as Bianca
In 1880s France a young man, receiving an inheritance from his uncle after the latter buys the family farm, goes to Paris where he falls desperately in love with a headstrong and beautiful prostitute and thereby disgraces the family name.
Bell'Antonio (1962) as Barbara Puglisi
Women love handsome Antonio because they think of him as the perfect lover. But he has problems to fullfill this ideal and Barbara only notices his failures when they are married. When the town learns about his trouble they start laughing at him...
Girl With a Suitcase (1961) as Aida Zepponi
Marcello cerca un'avventura con Aida e l'ottiene con false promesse. Poi la pianta ad aspettare davanti ad un garage. Ma Aida lo rintraccia e per sbarazzarsene Marcello prega il fratello Lorenzo di incontrarla. Lorenza la incontra e tra i due nasce un'amicizia. Lorenzo è però molto giovane e gli adulti che gli stanno attorno si mettono in contatto con la ragazza per chiederle di lasciare la città ed evitare guai a Lorenzo. Aida lo fa, ma a Rimini, dove si è recata, Lorenzo ricompare...
Rocco and His Brothers (1961) as Ginetta
When a widow''''s family moves to the big city, two of her sons become romantic rivals, with deadly results.
Austerlitz (1960)
Another of Napoleon's adventures in this epic reconstruction of the battle of Austerlitz, where he had the greatest victory of his career, over the Russians.
Dauphins, The (1960) as Fedora
A young woman arrives in a wealthy provincial town and attempts to join a tight circle of "bluebloods" who live a rather carefree, hedonistic existence.
Upstairs and Downstairs (1959)
On marrying the boss's daughter, Richard takes his father-in-law's advice to hire a live-in domestic. He soon finds good help is hard to come by. Run-ins follow with dipsomaniacs, bank robbers, a Welsh lass who takes one look at London and runs, and an Italian charmer who turns the place into a bawdy house. Then when Ingrid arrives from Sweden things actually start to get complicated.
Big Deal On Madonna Street (1958) as Carmelina
An inept criminal gang attempt to rob a pawnshop.

Misc. Crew (feature film)

Fellini (2001)
The brilliance of Federico Fellini, his dreams and creative visions, and most importantly his relationships with the people of Italian cinema are recorded in a collage of interviews, archival film footage, photographs, personal memorabilia and music to create the memoir of one of the greatest Italia
Burden of Dreams (1982)
Director Werner Herzog combats bad weather, morale problems and a South American war to make his epic Fitzcarraldo.

Cast (special)

Circus of the Stars (1977)
An irregular series of specials in which show business personalities perform circus acts.

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Princess Daisy (1983) as Annabel De Fournament
This star-laden adaptation of Judith Krantz's best-selling novel follows the fortunes of the spirited daughter of a beautiful American movie star (Lindsay Wagner) and a dashing Russian prince (Stacy Keach), struggling to overcome her past -- the institutionalizing of her retarded twin sister and her
Jesus of Nazareth (Do Not Use) (1977)
A reverent and beautiful retelling of the biblical tale with an all-star cast, winning Emmy Award nominations for Outstanding Drama (1977-78) and for James Farentino as Best Supporting Actor in a Drama. Subsequently expanded to eight hours over four nights.

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

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