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Virginia Carroll

Virginia Carroll



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Also Known As: Died: July 23, 2009
Born: December 2, 1913 Cause of Death: natural causes
Birth Place: Los Angeles, California, USA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

The Story on Page One (1959) as Police matron
A woman and her lover are accused of murdering her abusive husband, and in trial are defended by a drunken, bankrupt lawyer who can resurrect his career with this case.
Affair in Reno (1957) as Stewardess
Spoilers of the Forest (1957) as Sarah
Bigger Than Life (1956) as Mrs. Jones
A "miracle" drug threatens a family man's sanity.
Strange Intruder (1956) as Nurse
D-Day the Sixth of June (1956) as American nurse
An American and a British soldier in love with the same woman head for the Normandy Invasion.
Stranger at My Door (1956) as Sarah Tatum
Notorious outlaw Clay Anderson and gang rob the town bank and flee in separate directions. Riding hard, Clay's horse goes lame and he is forced to pull-up at a nearby farm. He soon discovers that the place belongs to local preacher Hollis Jarret, his new wife, and a son from a previous marriage. Clay, posing as a weary traveler, tries to insinuate himself into a secure hideout, but the reverend isn't fooled. He agrees to allow Clay to remain at the farm for a few days, but his motive isn't the preservation of his family's safety. Hollis reasons that, with time, patience and a lot of faith, he can convince the outlaw to turn over a new leaf. But Clay's criminal tendencies may run deeper than the preacher had imagined...
Headline Hunters (1955) as Elsie
Good Morning, Miss Dove (1955) as Ann
A devoted teacher sacrifices personal happiness to stay with her students.
Violent Saturday (1955) as Marion, secretary
Crooks trigger a series of crises when they try to rob a small town bank.
The Big Tip Off (1955) as Mrs. Trenton
Woman's World (1954) as Woman in bargain basement
An executive plans to fill a high-ranking position by interviewing the candidates'''' wives.
Pickup on South Street (1953) as Nurse
A petty thief accidentally steals a communist spy''''s purse.
Champ for a Day (1953) as Waitress
Red River Shore (1953) as Rancher's wife
The Kid from Left Field (1953) as Nurse
The son of an ex-ballplayer manages to assist a struggling major league baseball club.
City of Bad Men (1953) as Wife
The WAC from Walla Walla (1952) as Specialist
Loan Shark (1952) as Netta
A vicious loan shark ring has been preying on factory workers. When several workers at a tire factory suffer violence at the hands of the loan sharkers, a union leader and the factory owner try to recruit ex-con Joe Gargan to infiltrate to the gang. At first Joe does not want to get involved, but changes his mind when his brother-in-law dies at the hands of a savage loan shark hood. Joe works his way into the mob, but in order to keep his cover, Joe can't tell anyone what he is up to. This results in him being disowned by his sister and girl friend.
Pals of the Golden West (1951) as Secretary
A border patrolman fights to stop smugglers from bringing in diseased cattle.
The Blazing Sun (1950) as
Trail of Robin Hood (1950) as Secretary
Retired actor Jack Holt is raising Christmas trees for sale at a cost which permits every family to have one. A commericial tree company tries to drive Holt out of business. Roy saves the day, of course. Songs include: "Home Town Jubilee," "Get a Christmas Tree for Johnny," and "Ev'ry Day is Christmas in the West." A slew of old-time cowboys guest star.
Bad Men of Tombstone (1949) as Matilda Stover
Crashing Thru (1949) as Mrs. Grey
Triggerman (1948) as Lois Benton
Overland Trails (1948) as Mary Cramer
Johnny Murdock (Johnny Mack Brown),who hasn't seen his father for some time, learns at Gold Flats that he has been killed by road agents, according to mining engineer Carter Morgan (Bill Kennedy) of Brandon Enterprises. He doesn't inform Johnny that Mark Brandon (Steve Darrell) has secretly inherited the rich claim. Johnny's old friend, Dusty Hanover (Raymond Hatton), gives Johnny an old poster which shows Brandon to be an escaped convict. They advise prospector Cramer (Ted Adams) to keep quiet about his own gold strike, but he partly reveals the location to Morgan before he is killed by Brandon's henchmen, while en route to the recorder's office. Mary Cramer (Virginia Carroll) is informed by Johnny of her husband's murder. Their young son, Bud (Lanny Rees as Sonny Rees), has a letter from his father which indicates the strike to be under a peculiary-shaped rock. Brand kills himself when Johnny confronts him with the old wanted poster. Brandon's daughter, Marcia (Virginia Belmont), blames Johnny and in revenge reveals to the public that Cramer's strike is on Dead Man's Basin. Morgan order the wagon train destined for the gold area to be wiped out by his men posing as Indians, but Johnny and Dusty help Mary and Marcia excape. The strange rock and the gold aare discovered by Johnny, and Mary becomes a rich woman. Morgan is killed by Johnny in a gun fight, and he and Marcia make plans for their future happiness.
Frontier Agent (1948) as Paula
In spite of the incorrect cast order shown by some uninformed source when this was written, Johnny Mack Brown did not play the character of Nevada Jack McKenzie in this film, Raymond Hatton did not play Sandy Hopkins, and Raymond Hatton was billed 2nd and not 5th as shown. This one begins after the Civil War when the Overland Telegraph Company is persuaded by rancher Jim Kerrigan (Ted Adams)to allow his own men to extend the line to Baxter Springs, guaranteeing to pay for the construction himself if it isn't finished at the end of two months. Land promoter Burton Wheelock (Kenneth MacDonald) will lose money if the line is completed and gets ex-rustler Larry Foster (Dennis Moore), fiancee of Sandra Kerrigan (Reno Browne as Reno Blair), to sabotage the work. Telegraph company trouble-shooter Johnny Mack (Johnny Mack Brown), investigating the sabotage, saves Kerrigan's men Joe Farr (Riley Hill) and Cappy (Raymond Hatton)from masked outlaws. Henchman Mugsy (Boyd Stockman)is captured by Johnny, while Larry, Slim (Lane Bradford) and the other henchmen escape after shooting telegraph patrolman Nevada (Kansas Moehring). Larry kills Mugsy before he can identify the gang leader. Henchman Straker (Bob Woodward)is captured by Johnny and jailed. Slim steals Johnny's identification card from his saddle bag, and it is found near the jail when Wheelock's men help Straker break jail and kill a deputy sheriff. Because of the card, the Marshal (William Ruhl as William S. Ruhl)arrests Johnny, but Joe comes to his rescue. An attempt to fire the Kerrigan ranch is foiled, and Larry's hat is found, which proves to Sandra her fiancee's crookness. Larry is trailed to Wheelock's office, and both are killed in a shootout with Johnny, Cappy and Joe.
The Last Round-Up (1947) as Saleslady
Gene Autry (Gene Autry) attempts to arrange that both the Indians and ranchers, scheduled to be driven from their land by Mesa City's mew aqueduct, benefit from the deal, which is opposed by town banker Mason (Ralph Morgan.) Mason stirs up the Indians against Gene but, with help from school teacher Carol (Jean Heather), Gene is able to expose Mason's schemes.
Black Widow, The (1947)
The Daily Clarion hires detective story writer Steve Colt to investigate the deaths of a group of scientists working on an atomic rocket development project. Behind the killings is fortune teller Sombra, a spy from an Asian country intent on world domination, who is determined to pilfer the atomic rocket by luring workers from the project to her parlor and killing them with black widow spider venom when they refuse to cooperate.
Smash Up--The Story of a Woman (1947) as
A singer''''s wife turns to the bottle when she fears she''''s lost her husband to success.
That's My Gal (1947) as Secretary
Two sharpie promoters (Don Barry and Frank Jenks) put on a show they believe is so bad it will not play more than one day and they therefore will not have to pay the long list of investors,i.e, suckers and buyers. But one of the investors dies intestate and his interests pass to the state. The governor's secretary (Lynne Roberts) engages new talent (the Four Step Brothers, Guadalajara Trio, St. Clair & Vilvoa, Dolores and Don Graham, et al) and a new orchestra (Jan Savitt), in order to make the show successful and a profitable investment for the state. Barry (in another of the vast majority of his films in which he was not billed as Don "Red" Barry), who has fallen in love with the first-billed Roberts, reforms and buys up the surplus stock.
Affairs of Geraldine (1946) as Miss Samter
A Guy Could Change (1946) as Salesgirl
Murder in the Music Hall (1946) as Cashier
So Goes My Love (1946) as Miss Mason
An inventor rises to fame with the support of his loving wife.
Heldorado (1946) as Check girl
Roy Rogers (Roy Rogers), a Nevada State Ranger Captain in charge of the Rangers Reclamation Service, makes a trip to Las Vegas for the annual Heldorado Frontier Days Festival, as he wants to help his old friend Gabby Whittaker (George Hayes) who originated the idea (at least, in this film).In Las Vegas, Roy meets heiress Carol Randall, who has been selected as the Queen of the Heldorado. Roy is informed that the F.B.I. wants an immediate investigation of the counterfeit thousand dollar bills that are being passed over the gambling tables at the casino.
G. I. War Brides (1946) as Helen Mayo
Linda Powell (Anna Lee), and English girl, stows away on a ship bound for the United States in order to join the G.I. she loves. She assumes the identity of an English war bride, Joyce Giles (Carol Savage), who has decided she no longer loves the American soldier she married and is not going to join him in the U.S. Linda arrives to find that her soldier no longer wishes to marry her...
The Cheaters (1945) as Miss Hemstead
An unemployed actor tries to save a young innocent from greedy relations.
Behind City Lights (1945) as Miss Carleton
Faces in the Fog (1944) as Hospital nurse
Lake Placid Serenade (1944) as Receptionist
Man from Frisco (1944) as
Matt Braddock (a fictional version of real-life Henry Kaiser) is an engineer with revolutionary ideas for shipbuilding. When he tries to set up yards for prefabricating ships on the West Coast, he runs up against a rival builder, Joel Kennedy. Kennedy's son Russ idolizes Matt, but Russ's sister Diana thinks Matt is a hopeless idealist who could ruin her father.
Silent Witness (1943) as
Prairie Gunsmoke (1942) as Lucy Wade
To win possession of the ranches he holds mortgages on, crooked banker Jim Kelton (Tristram Coffin) has his henchmen led by Spike Allen (Joe McGuinn) raid the ranches and stampede the cattle herds thereby ensuring the ranchers can't meet their notes. U. S. Marshal Wild Bill Hickok (Bill Elliott) arrives and is immediately distrusted by Tex Terrell (Tex Ritter) because of Hickok's policy of enforcing the letter of the law. But when Hickok rescues rancher Henry Wade (Hal Price) and his daughter Lucy (Virginia Carroll) from the Kelton gang, Tex joins with Hickok to use the law against Kelton.
Raiders of the West (1942) as Lola [Andre]
The Phantom Cowboy (1941) as Elanita
Pot O' Gold (1941) as Haskell's secretary
A young man is caught between his music-hating uncle and a pretty girl from a family of musicians.
The Masked Rider (1941) as Margerita
Model Wife (1941) as Salesgirl
Waterloo Bridge (1940) as Sylvia
A ballerina turns to prostitution when her fiance is reported killed in World War I.
Oklahoma Terror (1939) as Helen
Women of Glamour (1937) as Girl
A girl with a reputation falls for a wealthy playboy.
The Toast of New York (1937) as Virginia Lee
A 19th century con artist rises from medicine shows to Wall Street.
A Tenderfoot Goes West (1936) as Ann Keith
A band of settlers on the Oregon Trail is attacked by outlaws, who steal their horses. The horses are returned and the outlaws chased off by three cowboys who just happen to pass by. Years later, the three cowboys again save the settlers when they are threatened by some rebellious farmworkers.
Roberta (1935) as Model
A football player inherits a chic Paris fashion house.

Cast (special)

It's a Small World (1957)
The story of two brothers, Wally and "Beaver" Cleaver, and their attempt to collect 1000 milk bottle caps in order to win a new bicycle.

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