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Gary Cooper

Gary Cooper



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  • Love all of his movies

    • Ljan1214
    • 2019-02-14

    He has to be my favorite male movie star to watch. His performances are so understated, you don't realize that he's acting. His facial expressions and his eyes say just as much as his words. I have read everything that has been said about him, and I think the good about him far outshone the bad. You don't see men like him these days.. He was a true renaissance man.

  • What You See Isn't What You Get

    • Jen
    • 2017-09-28

    I love old Classic Movies and started watching them in my twenties. I really didn't like Gary Cooper's acting. I think it was wooden and stilted. I didn't like High Noon. He started acted in silent movies and did many. I'm no prude by a long shot. Gary Cooper had a long marriage. During the entire time, he was a womanizer, starting with Clara Bow. Because he acted like a gentlemen a lot of people didn't know. He had a fling with Grace Kelly, who had her share of affairs. Read the book, "Cooper's Women", also actress Patricia Neal's autobiography. She had a six year relationship with him. She was in her twenties, he was in his fifties. She pulls no punches in her book. He was the love of her life. There were many others and his wife stayed with him till the end and she knew. He was the kind of person because of his style, not flamboyant, etc., many wouldn't expect that. It was a known fact in Classic Hollywood. There were many others that were the same as him. I'm still trying to find that one movie of his that I like.

  • For Whom The Bell Tolls

    • Sherron Ellis
    • 2017-01-06

    Two of the most beautiful people to ever light up a screen. Gary Cooper was the most masculine actor in Hollywood, bar none, and the most interesting to watch. Every feeling showed in his eyes. He seemed to be doing nothing, but to the contrary, he listened, and then expressed a deep range of emotions. It was mesmerizing to watch all the emotions play out across his magnificent face. This movie has something for everyone, but the best is Gary Cooper, whom Hemingway had in mind when he wrote it. PLEASE BRING "FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS" TO THE BIG SCREEN AT MOVIE THEATERS SOON.

  • North West Mounted Police with Gary Cooper

    • Mario
    • 2016-08-30

    One of my first and favourite Cooper movies. First Technicolor movie by Cecil B DeMille and being Canadian I always had an interest in the history of the RCMP. Haven't seen the movie in years and I wish TCM would show it.

  • How about more than his top ten movies?????

    • Darlene
    • 2014-05-08

    For the past 14 years, you've only shown Cooper's top 10 movies - why? Cooper fans would love to see more. Tons of John Wayne and others, but what about the great Cooper?

  • Friendly Persuasion

    • Sandy
    • 2012-08-29

    I had seen this movie years ago as a kid. Saw it again last week. Can't believe how much I enjoyed it. Gary Cooper was magnificent, sexy & humorous. I agree, play more of his movies.

  • movies i'd like to see

    • J. Locklear
    • 2011-11-16

    I watch the movies on TMC, and enjoy most of them. I'm a big fan of Gary Cooper and am surprise that you don't show more his less famous movies. I wouuldlike to see him in the NAKED EDGE. I'm especially fond of the old Black and White movies. On a snowy/rainy day i am glued to TMC station Just don't repeat the same movies all time, have a variety. I'm of the OLD SCHOOL ERA. Thank you J. Locklear

  • Amazing Actor, My All Time Favorite

    • Veronica
    • 2011-05-15

    Gary Cooper is just SO wonderful. If only I could've met him. He was a gentleman, so likeable in ALL of his films. He was natural, his acting flawless. He seemed so sweet, always making you feel like he really was that character. Too bad no actors now are even close to him. Thank you, to my favorite actor of all time. <3

  • morrocco

    • dot douglas
    • 2011-02-25

    really enjoyed the movie,cooper and dietrich were great together.

  • the wolf song

    • Barbara Slaughter
    • 2011-01-22

    I woud like to see this movie with mr. cooper. it was relesed in 1929 by paramount pitchers ( the wolf song ) thank you. (i have not seen this movie. what i have read on the movie, i woud rate it in the top 10 of his pitchers of that time in the movies. ) ( the begening of talking movies ) thanks .

  • A Natural

    • Larry Bradford
    • 2011-01-03

    The image of Gary Cooper isn't about acting, everything he does seems so natural he shouldn't be thought of as an actor but a natural performer. His performance in "Morocco" is stunning. He seemed very natural and I suspect Marlene Dietrich helped put him at ease.

  • Cooper: The Last Hero

    • Paul
    • 2009-11-24

    To quote the title of Larry Swindell's biography of Gary Cooper as the true essence of his persona (The Last Hero), Mr. Swindell, has hit the nail on its head. Coop's life is as interesting as any movie character he ever portrayed. He was bred with cowboys, mixed with royalty and hunted with Hemingway. An adventurous life in line with the adventurous, albeit, sometimes reluctant heroic characters he played on the screen. I recommend his biography by Swindell written in 1980 (now out of print but on the net for a few bucks) and I also recommend building your film library with many of his classics. The Westerner, The Pride fo the Yankees, Seargent York, High Noon, Beau Geste,etc. Coop is one of the all time greats and for kids of any generation he is a great hero...

  • greatest Actor.Beautiful man

    • c johnson
    • 2009-10-29

    My Favorite of all time.

  • Best underrated, overlooked actor.

    • Cheryl
    • 2009-03-04

    Mr. Cooper is known for his subtle acting style but overlooked and underestimated as an actor. He made it look easy, like he wasn't acting at all, but actually that person he was playing. The look in the eye, a small hand gesture, and you KNEW what he was thinking. I read once that to tell a good actor, you just imagine him in a tuxedo, a uniform, western gear, a plain suit, etc, and if you can picture the actor in all those outfits,and be BELIEVEABLE, then you were looking at an actor. That's Gary Cooper. Actors nowadays don't measure up. He was the best!

  • Gary Cooper, Best Actor EVER!!!

    • Carol
    • 2008-12-09

    I am so glad to write something worthwhile about this superb actor. I have never watched a bad movie that he has done, there are NEVER enough of his movies on TCM or anywhere else, his movies are full of character, intigerity, down to earth, he is a very good looking man and I am so sad he died so young, we have missed so much he could have to offer, if only cancer had not taken his life so young. If I ever see a movie with him in it, I always watch, he is the greatest actor EVER, a REAL actor, not like these pretty boys, with filthy mouths that we are subjected to. I wonder if they think we want to hear all that ugly stuff. I guarantee good clean movies is what we are loking for. I salute Mr. Turner for picking some of the best movies ever and still there are not enough Gary Cooper movies for us to enjoy, please have MANY, MANY more. THANK YOU, MR CARY COOPER FOR YOUR LOVE OF THE MOVIES AND KEEPING THEM CLEAN AND FULL OF INTREGRITY. "HIGH NOON" IS AND ALWAYS BE THE BEST WESTERN EVER!!!!! GARY COOPER IS THE ONLY ACTOR THAT COULD HAVE DONE IT WITH THE LOVE AND CARING HE GAVE IT. FULL OF INTREGRITY AND JUST PLAIN GOOD ACTING. "HURRAY FOR GARY COOPER"!!! CAROL


    • 2008-06-21


  • Great Actor!

    • Andrew K
    • 2008-06-18

    Gary Cooper is a great actor and his movies are great. I mean, High Noon - is great stuff - 'nuff said!

  • My Favorite Actor, ever

    • Marilyn
    • 2008-06-01

    Not much else needs to be said. I think he was the best ever. There are those from the golden era whom tied for second, many, many, many... but for me Gary Cooper just had something that lets him win by a nose, at least. Maybe, it's that shy little smile he flashed in so many of his roles. Plus, he is the star of my all time favorite movie, 'Meet John Doe.' If you've never seen it, please, do, it is a classic. It is a Frank Capra piece. It, also, stars Barbara Stanwyck. They worked very well together. Other favorites are 'Ball of Fire', the 'Westerner', and 'Pride of The Yankees', just to name a few. The closest from our time would have been Harrison Ford, in the 80's and 90's. If you were a fan of Mr. Ford's during that time, but you couldn't quite put your finger on why that was, then you would be a much greater fan of Gary Cooper's.

  • How lucky I share my birthday with Gary Cooper!

    • thirty something
    • 2008-05-08

    I loved seeing some of his best works on TCM yesterday. Again,the gems we have been blessed to see on the big screen, that is something to count your lucky stars on!

  • Gary Cooper is I need to say more?

    • Sabrina
    • 2008-03-21

    Gary Cooper has got to be one of the greatest actors who ever lived. Not only was he handsome, he could act!!! So many good looking actors today can't act. I won't name any, but they're there. While Gary and a few other men could act and still look good. My favorite Cooper movie is a tie between 'The Pride of the Yankees' and 'Mr. Deeds goes to Washington'

  • This here is the best looking man ever!

    • Samantha Norton
    • 2008-03-15

    boy dose he look great! I was wondering if any of ya'll knew if he was that georgous man smiling in the rain on one of T.C.M.'s commercials for "Silent Sundays"? so if you know or think if it may be Douglas Fairbanks, or someone else, please let me know, (I am DESPRATE!) so i could buy whatever movie that was and watch it over and over... thank you, -sam

  • my favotite leading man

    • joe cabral
    • 2008-02-04

    the first movie i saw gary cooper in was THE PRIDE OF THE YANKEES.i was about 13 or so,i had to see him in more .then i found, meet john doe. wow i was hooked .i have loved him in everything he has done my favorite being sergeant york.are there any releases of his silent films on dvd?

  • The very best,like no other

    • Lucy
    • 2008-01-01

    Gary Cooper is one of the best actor of this century. He was a truly a very natural actor. Fabulous good look, but the sensitivity he projected on the screen was genuine. One of our finest actor of yesteryear. All his movies are pure classics. No other actor has surpass his acting ability.

  • My favorite actor - Gary Cooper

    • Coopsgirl
    • 2007-10-16

    Gary is my favorite actor of all time. He was so natural and believable he made it look effortless. In a career that spanned 35 years he represented the best of American ideals and never, not once played a bad guy. I think that might have been his only limitation as an actor - he was too good to be bad. He never developed a 'movie star' ego and was beloved by his colleagues and fans the world over. He was also one of the first actors to form his own production company and always stood up for his friends, even when others advised him against it. If we had more actors like him around today, new movies would certainly be more enjoyable. Of course Gary was one of kind so we'll just have to be satisified with the wonderful films he left behind.

  • Gary Cooper - the best of them all.

    • Mitchell
    • 2007-09-09

    The best of them all.

  • I love Coop!

    • Brando4ever
    • 2007-08-11

    Oh, i love him! He's such a sweetheart. and a great actor. He is the true king of westerns!

  • my favorite!

    • theresa
    • 2007-05-08

    he is the greatest actor of all time and i love him. he is so beautiful and i would like to thank tcm for giving him a tribute....he needs many more.

  • Tribute needed

    • Mrs. Cooper
    • 2007-05-02

    TCM needs to make a tribute on Gary Cooper. Like they have of Brando or Rita Hayworth; people are forgetting about him so quickly! Please another BIO! Perhaps an older one for his birthday!

  • The last American Hero

    • Ve
    • 2007-02-12

    Great actor! I love him! I don't think will ever see another one like him!

  • Lovely Coop

    • jennythenipper
    • 2006-12-28

    Gary Cooper: handsome, talented and loaded with charisma. Gary Cooper was never a tough guy because he always seemed to have some vulnerability. He looked like a cowboy and some of his best films were Westerns but he slowly became the ideal man over time. He somehow combined the earnest midwestern appeal of Jimmy Stewart and charm and sex appeal of Cary Grant. He was great in comedies and dramas, and pretty much any movie where he had the opportunity to play a love scene. My top five Coop films: 5) Desire, 4) Along Came Jones, 3) Mr. Deeds Goes to Town, 2) The Westerner, 1) Ball of Fire.

  • Love Him!!!!

    • Millie
    • 2006-11-23

    Love Himmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

  • He was catnip to the ladies...

    • Kim
    • 2006-10-11

    Such an amazingly handsome actor. He had talent, charisma, sex-appeal (oooooooooh yeah ;)) and charm. Such an amazing performance in "Mr. Deeds goes to town". My favorite actor of all time...too bad there aren't any men like him now-a-days...

  • an all-time giant

    • michael york
    • 2006-09-27

    the length of his star career is amazing as well as the list of classics-he could be gentle and tough shy or dominant and there are some truly surprising performances when his career is taken into full account my favorite cooper performances are one sunday afternoon mr deeds goes to town beau geste ball of fire meet john doe pride of the yankees high noon friendly persuasion and love in the afternoon plus there are a couple of dozen or more solik performances in a range of vastly entertaining films

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