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Cast (feature film)

Good Times (1967) as Bartender
Singers Sonny and Cher try to find the perfect script for their movie debut.
The Gift of Love (1958) as Waiter
A dying woman arranges an adoption to leave her husband with some consolation.
Hell's Five Hours (1958) as Cook
The Last Hurrah (1958) as
A political boss faces changing times as he runs for re-election.
The Wayward Bus (1957) as Bus dispatcher
Up In Smoke (1957) as Al
The Bowery Boys'''' leader sells his soul to the devil for help betting on the horses.
Shake, Rattle & Rock! (1956) as Police captain
A group of concerned adults try to ban rock and roll music in their town because they think that the music promotes juvenile delinquency. It's now up to a disc jockey and a hipster to defend the music in a televised trial. The movie also features several rock and roll performances, most notably from Fats Domino.
Three for Jamie Dawn (1956) as Bailiff
Tennessee's Partner (1955) as Prendergast
A tough, womanizing high-stakes gambler known only as Tennessee has an uneasy relationship with Duchess, madam of a thinly-disguised bordello, and no other friends at all. But he's saved from murder by a lonesome cowpoke ('My friends call me Cowpoke'), in town to meet his fiancée Goldie on the steamboat. When she arrives, there's a mysterious undercurrent between Goldie and Tennessee, whose newfound friendship with Cowpoke is destined to be severely tried...
Prince of Players (1955) as Rabble-rouser
Acclaimed tragic actor Edwin Booth struggles to rebuild his career after his brother assassinates President Lincoln.
Abbott and Costello Meet the Keystone Kops (1955) as Policeman
Harry and Willie buy the Edison Movie Studio in the year 1912 from Joseph Gorman, a confidence man. They follow Gorman to Hollywood where, as stunt men, they find him directing movies as Sergei Trumanoff and stealing the studio payroll.
Bitter Creek (1954) as Pat Cleary
A man attempts to find the killer of his brother.
Silver Lode (1954) as Little
Dan Ballard, a respected citizen in the western town of Silver Lode, has his wedding interrupted by four men led by Ned McCarthy, an old acquaintance who, as a US Marshal, arrests Ballard for the murder of his brother and the theft of $20,000. Ballard seeks to stall McCarthy while tracking down evidence that will prove his innocence: but the townspeople's loyalty to him gradually begins to waver under McCarthy's accusations.
On Dangerous Ground (1952) as Bartender
A tough cop sent to help in a mountain manhunt falls for the quarry's blind sister.
Stop That Cab (1951) as Butcher
Insurance Investigator (1951) as Mugg
All That I Have (1951) as
Double Dynamite (1951) as Frankie Boy
A bank teller reaps the rewards of saving a gangster's life, but can't reveal where he got the money.
Pretty Baby (1950) as Waiter
A pair of advertising executives use a woman's child to snag a client.
The Jackie Robinson Story (1950) as Man in stands
Jackie Robinson plays himself in this true story of the man who broke Major League Baseball's color barrier.
Night unto Night (1949) as Truck driver
A terminally ill scientist seeks comfort from a mentally disturbed widow.
Mighty Joe Young (1949) as Reporter
Showmen try to exploit a giant ape raised by an orphan.
A Kiss in the Dark (1949) as Electrician
A concert pianist inherits an apartment house full of loony tenants.
Bodyguard (1948) as Sergeant Burch
A cop on suspension is framed for murder.
Always Together (1948) as Cab driver
A dying millionaire gives his fortune to a working girl, then recovers and tries to get it back.
Blood on the Moon (1948) as Barney
A gunslinger hired to drive off a rancher falls in love with the man's daughter.
The Enchanted Valley (1948) as Bugs [Mason]
If You Knew Susie (1948) as Silent Pete
A vaudeville couple tries to retire but gets mixed up with gangsters.
A Song Is Born (1948) as Gangster
A group of music professors takes in a singer on the run from her gangster boyfriend.
Shoot to Kill (1947) as Smokey
Gangster Dixie Logan is framed by crooked DA Lawrence Dale. His wife secures a job as Dale's assistant, the better to find the proof of the DA's dishonesty. She gets help from Reporter Mitchell, who falls in love with her.
The Man I Love (1947) as Taxi driver
A night-club singer gets involved with a mobster.
The Mighty McGurk (1947) as Dog man
A punch-drunk prizefighter living on the Bowery takes in an orphaned boy.
Fun on a Weekend (1947) as Man in swimsuit shop
Penniless strangers team up to fleece the rich.
That Way with Women (1947) as Desk sergeant
An elderly millionaire makes a hobby of playing cupid.
Killer McCoy (1947) as Cigar smoking man
A lightweight boxer gets mixed up in murder.
My Wild Irish Rose (1947) as Irishman
Musical biography of Irish songwriter Chauncey Olcott.
Body and Soul (1947) as Prince
A young boxer slugs his way out of the slums only to fall prey to organized crime.
The Hoodlum Saint (1946) as Bartender
After finding religion, a cynical newspaperman tries to help young hoods.
Criminal Court (1946) as [Bob J.] Brownie [Brown]
A lawyer defends the woman on trial for a murder he committed.
San Quentin (1946) as Broadway Johnson
An ex-con sets up a program to straighten out hard-core prisoners.
Bringing Up Father (1946) as Casy
Captain Eddie (1945) as Brewery worker
WWI flyer Eddie Rickenbaker remembers his life which brought him from a car salesman, race driver and pilot in WWI, to an important person in the early years of civil airline service, after his plane crashed in the South Pacific in late 1942.
Roughly Speaking (1945) as Man at shipyard
A man's wild moneymaking schemes leave his wife to raise their family.
Bedside Manner (1945) as Headwaiter
Without Love (1945) as Soldier
A World War II housing shortage inspires a widow to propose a marriage of convenience with an inventor.
Boston Blackie's Rendezvous (1945) as Steve Caveroni
A reformed thief helps the police stop an escaped maniac''''s killing spree.
Her Highness and the Bellboy (1945) as Bar waiter
A hotel bellboy is the unlikely choice to escort a visiting princess, over the protests of his invalid girlfriend.
The Shanghai Cobra (1945) as Taylor
Charlie Chan investigates a series of deaths by snake bite.
Bud Abbott and Lou Costello in Hollywood (1945) as Kelly
A pair of wacky lackeys try to take Tinseltown by storm.
Scarlet Street (1945) as Williams
A middle aged wouldbe painter falls into the clutches of an unscrupulous woman.
Pillow to Post (1945) as Al
A girl pretends to be a war bride to get a hotel room in Washington.
Delinquent Daughters (1944) as [Lt.] Hanahan
Two teenage girls find trouble when they fall in with the wrong crowd.
The Woman in the Window (1944) as Toll collector
A seductive woman gets an innocent professor mixed up in murder.
Sensations of 1945 (1944) as Silas Hawkins
Mr. Skeffington (1944) as Attendant on ferry
A flighty beauty marries a stockbroker for convenience and almost ruins both their lives.
See Here, Private Hargrove (1944) as Mess sergeant
A green recruit has a series of madcap adventures in the Army.
The Miracle of Morgan's Creek (1944) as Mussolini
During World War II, a 4F tries to help the woman he loves cover up a surprise pregnancy.
Sweethearts of the U.S.A. (1944) as
When she's knocked out accidentally, a defense plant worker dreams she's a famous detective.
My Buddy (1944) as Nicky Piastro
Republic, never a company to not try getting ahead of the curve and with writers who could remember the 1930's social conscience WW I vets-returning-home films, made this in mid-1944 (a full year before the end of WW II) as a don't-let-it-happen-again sermon. The semi-prologue opening finds Father Jim Donnelly (John Litel) before a post-war planning board in Washington and, as Priests quite often did in 1930 and 1940's films, tells his point-making story in flashback of how WW I vet Eddie Ballinger (Don Barry as Donald Barry), shaken by battle experiences anyway, returns home to a job that is no longer there for him and finds "No Help Wanted" signs standing in his way of making an honest living. Despite the pleas from his mother (Emma Dunn) and his sweetheart Lucy Manners (Lynne Roberts), Eddie starts hauling booze for bootlegger Tim Oberta (Alexander Granich) and takes up with entertainer Lola (Ruth Terry), who eventually betrays him, mainly because she is a one-name character and that's what one-name characters are there for...especially in a movie with the lead playing his 1944 version of Jimmy Cagney in a 1933 Warner's film. Father Jim makes his don't-repeat-the-past point in less than an hour as the hearing committee had also seen and heard the story before.
Dixie Jamboree (1944) as Sergeant
Hi Diddle Diddle (1943) as Bartender
When the bride's mother is supposedly swindled out of her money by a spurned suitor, the groom's father orchestrates a scheme of his own to set things right. He is aided by a cabaret singer, while placating a jealous wife.
They Got Me Covered (1943) as Mussolini
An unemployed reporter tracks down a Nazi spy ring to get his job back.
Taxi, Mister (1943) as Stretch
A taxi driver's love for a gangster's moll could ruin the company he runs with a friend.
Slightly Dangerous (1943) as Painter
A small-town girl changes her identity to make it in New York, leaving her boyfriend a suspect in her "disappearance."
Nazty Nuisance (1943)
Hitler summons the Axis leaders to a secret island meeting with disastrous results.
The Devil with Hitler (1942) as [Benito] Mussolini
If he wants to keep control of Hell, Satan has to get Hitler to perform a good deed.
Shepherd of the Ozarks (1942) as Louie
Syncopation (1942) as House detective
A young trumpeter rises through the jazz world and finds love.
True to the Army (1942) as Waiter
The Old Homestead (1942) as Geetus
Murder in the Big House (1942) as Mulligan, motorcycle policeman
Two reporters take on a murder ring at the state pen.
Gentleman Jim (1942) as Hogan
Fanciful biography of 19th-century boxing champion Jim Corbett.
They Died with Their Boots On (1942) as Bartender
Romanticized biography of General George Armstrong Custer and his last stand.
Larceny, Inc. (1942) as Umpire
An ex-convict and his gang try to use a luggage store to front a bank robbery, but business keeps getting in the way.
Wings for the Eagle (1942) as Service station owner
Dedicated aircraft workers compete for the same girl.
Unholy Partners (1941) as Mechanic
A gangster helps pay a tabloid editor's debts to gain control of the paper.
Sis Hopkins (1941) as Policeman
The Penalty (1941) as Runt
Federal agents use a gangster's son to catch him.
Whistling in the Dark (1941) as Taxi driver
A radio detective is kidnapped and forced to plan the perfect murder.
Steel Against the Sky (1941) as Ed
Steel-worker brothers compete for the same woman.
The Great Mr. Nobody (1941) as Used car dealer
An accident-prone reporter stumbles into love and a big story.
Shadow of the Thin Man (1941) as Mug
High society sleuths Nick and Nora Charles run into a variety of shady characters while investigating a race-track murder.
Manpower (1941) as Bartender
Power linemen feud over the love of a sultry nightclub singer.
Honky Tonk (1941) as Miner
A young girl falls for a western gambler.
The People vs. Dr. Kildare (1941) as Cook
An ice skater sues a young doctor for malpractice.
Maisie Was a Lady (1941) as Man with seal
A Brooklyn showgirl signs on as maid for a family of wealthy eccentrics.
Dr. Kildare's Wedding Day (1941) as Clancy
A young doctor's wedding turns into a tragic event.
Tight Shoes (1941) as Truck driver
The Flame of New Orleans (1941) as Sailor
A notorious Frenchwoman pretends to be a society lady to nab a rich husband.
They Drive by Night (1940) as Fatso
Truck driving brothers are framed for murder by a lady psycho.
Strike Up the Band (1940) as Attendant
A high-school band sets out to win a national radio contest.
A Fugitive from Justice (1940) as Hinky Dink
An insurance investigator gets caught between cops and crooks when he hides the beneficiary of a million-dollar policy.
Half a Sinner (1940) as Steve
Millionaires in Prison (1940) as Vince Connell
Four convicts volunteer as medical guinea pigs to win early paroles.
Two Girls on Broadway (1940) as Cab driver
A sister act splits up over love.
Torchy Runs for Mayor (1939) as Stone
After digging up the dirt on local politicians, a newswoman decides to run for office.
Waterfront (1939) as Committeeman
A hard-living dockworker finds religion until his brother is murdered.
Beware, Spooks! (1939) as Shooting gallery man
Inept bungler Joe E. Brown saves the day when he traps some wanted criminals in the Coney Island funhouse. Starring Joe E. Brown, Mary Carlisle, Clarence Kolb, Marc Lawrence, Don Beddoe.
The Mystery of Mr. Wong (1939) as
An Asian sleuth digs for the truth behind a rare gem and a mysterious will.
Outside These Walls (1939) as Circulation man
The Roaring Twenties (1939) as
Three WWI Army buddies get mixed up with the mob in peacetime.
Hell's Kitchen (1939) as Nails
An ex-con tries to help a group of hardened juvenile delinquents.
Another Thin Man (1939) as Barney
Not even the joys of parenthood can stop married sleuths Nick and Nora Charles from investigating a murder on a Long Island estate.
Invisible Stripes (1939) as
On his release from prison, a crook tries to stop his brother from following in his footsteps.
No Place to Go (1939) as Spud
An aging man clashes with his social-climbing daughter-in-law.
King of the Underworld (1939) as Porky
A lady doctor gets mixed up with a criminal gang.
The Oklahoma Kid (1939) as Keely
A cowboy sets out to avenge his father''s lynching.
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939) as Waiter
An idealistic Senate replacement takes on political corruption.
You Can't Get Away with Murder (1939) as Prisoner
A young tough takes the rap for a hardened gangster.
The Adventures of Jane Arden (1939) as Thug
A reporter poses as a jewel smuggler to unmask a criminal gang.
Racket Busters (1938) as Truck driver
A mobster tries to take over the trucking business.
Held for Ransom (1938) as Garage mechanic
Up the River (1938) as Football player
Card sharps Chipper Morgan (Preston Foster) and Darby Randall (Arthur Treacher) pick the wrong victim, Detective Willis (Alan Dinehart), on a transatlantic crossing, and are arrested upon docking in New York and returned up the river to Rockwell Prison, their old alma mater. They had played brilliant football for "dear old Pen" during their prior semesters, and prison coach Slim Nelson (Slim Summerville) is happy to see them back for graduate work, especially with the annual grudge game with Larson State Pen coming up. Willis, who has been named the new warden for Rockwell, gives them soft jobs and then places a large bet on the Larson eleven. Both Chipper and Darby feel badly about the raw deal handed fellow "student" Tommy Grant (Tony Martin) and his sweetheart, Helen (Phyllis Brooks), who were innocently caught up in a phoney pension racket ran by swindlers Jeffrey Mitchell (Sidney Toler) and Ray Douglas (Robert Allen), and were both jailed. When Phyllis is released from Stillwell Prison for Women, she tells Tommy about the two men and their racket, and he decides to escape, even though he has only a month more to serve, and put an end to their scheme. He plans his break for the night of the prison's "varsity show" and tells Chipper and Darby, who promise to help him. But the pair tie up Tommy and make the break themselves, dressed as women. They go to Springfield, save the victim's money, get a confession from Mitchell and Douglas clearing Tommy and Helen, turn them over to the sheriff...and race back to Rockwell to find their team behind 14-9 late in the game. Can they lead old Rockwell to a comeback victory?
Newsboys' Home (1938) as Mug
Sweethearts (1938) as New York taxi driver
Bickering husband-and-wife stage stars are manipulated into a break-up for publicity purposes.
Angels with Dirty Faces (1938) as Gangster
Childhood friends on opposite sides of the law fight over the future of a street gang.
Paroled from the Big House (1938) as Jed Cross

Film Production - Construction/Set (feature film)

Madame Sousatzka (1988)
An aging piano teacher fights to hold on to her star student.

Cast (short)

This "Crime Does Not Pay" short depicts how the police put a horse race betting scam out of business.
Alex in Wonderland (1940)
In this comedic short, things take a turn for the worse when an unwanted relative comes to visit his sister in the city.
Yankee Doodle Goes to Town (1939)
This patriotic short film provides a brief history of American democracy.

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