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Also Known As: Died: September 30, 1993
Born: December 15, 1907 Cause of Death: cancer
Birth Place: New York City, New York, USA Profession: Director ...


Director (feature film)

Viva Knievel! (1977)
Daredevil motorcyclist Evil Knievel travels to Mexico for a stunt while a drug lord plots against him.
Nevada Smith (1975)
In this pilot for an unrealized Western series, the half-breed gunslinger and his former mentor introduced in the theatrical feature of the same title in 1966 and before that in 1964''s "The Carpetbaggers" join forces to escort a shipment of explosives across the Utah territory. Potts and Greene had the roles played earlier by Steve McQueen and Brian Keith (in the namesake movie) and by Alan Ladd and Leif Erickson in "The Carpetbaggers."
Slaughter 2 (1973)
Slaughter's Big Rip-Off (1973) as Director
After former Green Beret Slaughter finds and kills the mobster who murdered his parents in Mexico, he plans to return to his quiet life in L.A. But police detective Reynolds informs him that his life is in danger from a crime boss named Duncan who has no intention of letting the killing of his colle
Skin Game (1971) as Fill-In Director
Two western con artists team with a lady card shark to take on slavers.
Skullduggery (1970) as Director
An expedition into the interior of Papua New Guinea comes across a tribe of ape-like people who may or may not be ancestors of early man. However, the influence of modern man is to have devastating effects upon these forgotten people.
They Call Me MISTER Tibbs (1970) as Director
A police detective''''s investigation of a prostitute''''s murder points to his best friend.
Barquero (1970) as Director
A ferry captain fights off bandits who want him to transport stolen goods.
Lady in Cement (1968) as Director
Tony Rome is a miami based detective who while diving in the ocean finds the body of a young woman. He is hired by Gronsky to find her killer. Tony has to sift through a stack of suspects, plus trying to elude the police.
The Detective (1968) as Director
The detective investigating a gay man''''s murder discovers links to police corruption.
Tony Rome (1967) as Director
When a wealthy girl is found unconscious in a seedy Miami motel room, a private investigator is hired by her father to solve the crime.
Chuka (1967) as Director
A group under siege at an Army fort grapple with painful memories.
In Like Flint (1967) as Director
A super-agent must save the world from a secret organization of women who plan to seize power.
Way ... Way Out (1966) as Director
The Americans and Russians each have a two-person base on the Moon The Americans have had to keep replacing their astronaut teams because they quickly go crazy; they have been using only male astronauts on the unspoken assumption that this would avoid any possibility of impropriety. The Russians, as godless Communists, are under no such constraints, and their male-female team has remained well-adjusted At the start of the film, a male and female American astronaut team is sent up to replace the sex-starved all-male team. The government insists on them being married first to preserve morality. Most of the story revolves around the eventual consummation of this marriage of convenience, and around their relationship with their Russian neighbors, who keep casually dropping by.
Stagecoach (1966) as Director
Sylvia (1965) as Director
A private detective is hired by a wealthy man to uncover his wife''s past, but in the process of investigating the woman the detective falls in love with her.
Harlow (1965) as Director
In this story, Harlow starts in the movies as set dressing, the pretty girl who is used for the glamour shots. Refusing to descend to the casting couch for work, she finds that she is soon blacklisted from the industry. But an agent named Arthur sees something in Jean and begins representing her. For a long time, the jobs are scarce and consist mostly of receiving the pie in the face in low budget comedies. But Arthur's belief in Jean never wavers and when she finally graduates to featured roles, the critics say that she cannot act, but she is unforgettable. Polishing the image as the girl next door, but with some fire, she begins her climb to the top and becomes the girl every woman wants to look like and every man wants to have. But her own life is a disaster - unlike her screen life.
Rio Conchos (1964) as Director
Two Army officers, an alcoholic ex-Confederate soldier and a womanizing Mexican travel to Mexico on a secret mission to prevent a megalomaniacal ex-Confederate colonel from selling a cache of stolen rifles to a band of murderous Apaches.
Robin and the 7 Hoods (1964) as Director
A Chicago gangster stumbles into philanthropic work during a gang war.
Call Me Bwana (1963) as Director
A wisecracking fraud fights off enemy agents to retrieve a space capsule that crashed in Africa.
Follow That Dream (1962) as Director
A family of squatters takes on a gambling chieftain and a corrupt social worker.
Claudelle Inglish (1961) as Director
A defiant Southern girl marries a poor dirt farmer instead of the wealthy landowner her mother picked out.
The Sins of Rachel Cade (1961) as Director
A female doctor in the Congo is torn between two loves.
Gold of the Seven Saints (1961) as Director
Two trappers fight to protect their gold from outlaws.
Up Periscope (1959) as Director
A U.S. frogman infiltrates a Japanese-held island during World War II.
Yellowstone Kelly (1959) as Director
A trapper gets caught between his young assistant and a beautiful Arapaho woman.
Fort Dobbs (1958) as Director
A frontierswoman suspects the man who rescued her from the Comanches of killing her husband.
The Fiend Who Walked the West (1958) as Director
Bombers B-52 (1957) as Director
A hard-nosed Air Force sergeant tries to keep his daughter from dating a hotshot flyer.
The Big Land (1957) as Director
A cattleman tries to convince a group of farmers to build a small town as a railroad link.
Santiago (1956) as Director
A hardened gun runner attempts to take a shipment to Cuba to assist with the rebellion against Spain.
Sincerely Yours (1955) as Director
Hearing loss creates professional and romantic crises for a concert pianist.
The McConnell Story (1955) as Director
A man''''s plans to settle down and raise a family are upset by the Korean War.
Young at Heart (1954) as Director
A cynical songwriter upsets the lives of three musical sisters.
Them! (1954) as Director
Federal agents fight to destroy a colony of mutated giant ants.
The Eddie Cantor Story (1954) as Director
The beloved entertainer rises to stardom from humble beginnings in the slums.
She's Back on Broadway (1953) as Director
A fading Hollywood star returns to the stage to work with the man who discovered her.
The Charge at Feather River (1953) as Director
A platoon of army misfits tries to rescue two women kidnapped by Indians.
So This Is Love (1953) as Director
Opera singer Grace Moore turns to popular music when her dreams of a classical career fail to materialize.
Mara Maru (1952) as Director
A salvage diver is accused of murder while hunting a mysterious treasure.
The Iron Mistress (1952) as Director
American adventurer Jim Bowie fights to make his way in the lumber business.
Only the Valiant (1951) as Director
Capt. Richard Lance (Gregory Peck) is unjustly held responsible, by his men & girlfriend, for an Indian massacre death of beloved Lt. Holloway. Holloway (Gig Young) is killed while escorting a dangerous Indian chief to another fort's prison. The chief escapes. Knowing their fort is in danger of Indian attack, Lance takes a small group of army misfits to an abandoned nearby army fort to defend a mountain pass against the oncoming Indian assault. Their mission is to stall for time until reinforcements from another fort arrive. The men in this small group of malcontents, deserters, psychopaths & cowards all hate Capt. Lance & wish him dead. Much to their chagrin, the men recognize that Lance's survival instincts, military knowledge & leadership are the only chance the group has of staying alive.
I Was a Communist for the F.B.I. (1951) as Director
When an FBI agent goes undercover in the Communist Party, his wife and friends question his patriotism.
Come Fill the Cup (1951) as Director
Alcoholic newspaperman Lew Marsh hits bottom, loses his job and is rehabilitated by Charley Dolan. After six years on the wagon he gets his job back and devotes himself to other recovering alcoholics. His boss enlists his help to sober up his nephew, Boyd Copeland, who has married Lew's old sweetheart. Boyd, who is involved with a cabaret singer and the mob, presents quite a challenge.
The Great Missouri Raid (1951) as Director
Rogues of Sherwood Forest (1950) as Director
Robin Hood''''s son reunites the Merry Men when King John reverts to tyranny.
Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye (1950) as Director
From the trial of the survivors, we flash back to amoral crook Ralph Cotter's violent prison break, assisted by Holiday Carleton, sister of another prisoner...who doesn't make it. Soon Ralph manipulates the grieving Holiday into his arms, and two crooked cops follow her into his pocket. Ralph's total lack of scruple brings him great success in a series of robberies. But his easy conquest of gullible heiress Margaret Dobson proves more dangerous to him than any crime...
The Nevadan (1950) as Director
A U.S. Marshall tries to recover stolen gold.
Between Midnight and Dawn (1950) as Director
Police patrolmen are stalked by a vengeful mobster escaped from prison.
Fortunes of Captain Blood (1950) as Director
A doctor exiled from England becomes a pirate of the Caribbean.
Mr. Soft Touch (1949) as Director
After being betrayed, a gangster hangs out in a settlement house while seeking revenge.
The Doolins of Oklahoma (1949) as Director
An outlaw tries to leave the family gang and go straight.
The Black Arrow (1948) as Director
A young British nobleman comes back from fighting in the War of the Roses to discover that his father has been murdered by an old family friend who is now an outlaw. However, he becomes suspicious about the exact circumstances of his father's death and determines to find out exactly what happened.
Walk a Crooked Mile (1948) as Director
The FBI and Scotland Yard join forces to stop security leaks at a nuclear power plant.
If You Knew Susie (1948) as Director
A vaudeville couple tries to retire but gets mixed up with gangsters.
San Quentin (1946) as Director
An ex-con sets up a program to straighten out hard-core prisoners.
Dick Tracy vs. Cueball (1946) as Director
A police detective uses his girlfriend to track down a homicidal maniac.
Zombies on Broadway (1945) as Director
Two bumbling press agents seek a real zombie for a nightclub opening.
First Yank into Tokyo (1945) as Director
An army pilot infiltrates the Japanese during World War II.
Gildersleeve's Ghost (1944) as Director
Two ghosts help a small-town eccentric run for mayor.
Girl Rush (1944) as Director
Two vaudevillians try to round up some ready-made brides for gold prospectors.
A Night of Adventure (1944) as Director
A lawyer tries to clear his wife''''s lover of murder charges.
The Falcon in Hollywood (1944) as Director
A society sleuth tours the movie capital, where he uncovers an actor's murder.
Gildersleeve on Broadway (1943) as Director
On a trip to New York, a small-town blowhard gets caught between a wealthy widow and a gold digger.
Gildersleeve's Bad Day (1943) as Director
A small-town politician is the jury hold-out in a sensational murder case.
The Devil with Hitler (1942) as Director
If he wants to keep control of Hell, Satan has to get Hitler to perform a good deed.
The Great Gildersleeve (1942) as Director
A small-town blowhard runs for water commissioner while fighting to win custody of his niece and nephew.
Broadway Limited (1941) as Director
A Hollywood publicity stunt ruins the leading lady's love life and draws the attention of federal agents.
Niagara Falls (1941) as Director
A pair of dunces mistake squabbling strangers for fellow newlyweds.
Road Show (1941) as Assoc dir
A playboy on the run hooks up with a sideshow''''s beautiful owner.
Saps at Sea (1940) as Director
Two factory workers accidentally set sail with an escaped killer.
A Chump at Oxford (1940) as Dir of addl scenes
When they accidentally capture a bank robber, two street cleaners are given a scholarship to Oxford.
Zenobia (1939) as Director
When he cures a circus elephant, a country doctor gets an unwanted friend.
Captain Fury (1939) as 2nd Unit Director
An Irish convict escapes an Australian prison to organize a revolution.
General Spanky (1936) as Director
Three youngsters get mixed up in a crucial Civil War battle.

Cast (feature film)

Mystery of Edwin Drood (1935) as Coroner
An opium addict''''s obsession with a young girl leads to murder.

Writer (feature film)

Topper Returns (1941) as Orig scr
A beautiful ghost enlists a henpecked husband to track down her killer.
The Housekeeper's Daughter (1939) as Screenwriter
A gangster's moll runs home to mother, with reporters and amateur detectives hot on her tail.
Kelly the Second (1936) as Adaptation
A feisty Irish woman turns a truck driver into a championship boxer.

Misc. Crew (feature film)

The Terminal Man (1974)
To end his violent seizures, a computer whiz has a microcomputer implanted in his brain.

Director (short)

The Little Ranger (1938)
After being dumped by his girlfriend, a young boy fantasizes about revenge in a movie theater in this short film.
Aladdin's Lantern (1938)
In this short film, a gang of children decide to put on a show based on the story of Aladdin.
Hearts are Thumps (1937)
A gang of boys attempt to keep away from girls on St. Valentine''''s Day in this comedic short film.
Rushin' Ballet (1937)
Two boys get trapped in a dance recital in this comedic short film.
Our Gang Follies of 1938 (1937)
In this comedic short, a boy abandons his friends to attempt a career as an opera singer.
Two Too Young (1936)
A gang of children battle over fireworks in this comedic short film.
Bored of Education (1936)
In this short film, two boys fake a toothache to get out of school.

Cast (short)

Too Many Women (1932)
In this comedic short, some baseball teammates try to cheer up their pitcher after his girlfriend runs off and marries another man.
You're Telling Me (1932)
In this comedic short, two college students take up a friend''''s invitation to stay with him in the city.
The Knockout (1932)
In this short film, a college freshman who injures the school''''s star boxer must take his place in a tournament.
Birthday Blues (1932)
In this comedic short, a boy tries to raise money to buy his mother a birthday present.
Love Pains (1932)
In this comedic short film, two soda jerks become jealous of a new employee because all of the girls like him best.
One Good Turn (1931)
Two vagrants try to repay the kindly old lady who helped them in this comedic short.
Love Fever (1931)
In this comedic short, neighbors mistake an actress rehearsing her death scene for the real act.
On the Loose (1931)
In this short film, comedic duo Thelma Todd and ZaSu Pitts are excited when they are taken out by two gentlemen but discover quickly that they are not going to be wined and dined.
Come Clean (1931)
After saving a woman, Laurel and Hardy get in trouble with their own wives in this comedic short film.
The Rap (1931)
Laurel and Hardy are sent to prison in this comedic short film.
Chickens Come Home- (1931)
In this comedic short film, a man risks his marriage to help his best friend deal with blackmailers.
The Kick-Off! (1931)
In this short film, two football players attempt to rescue their coach from a gang.
Looser Than Loose (1930)
In this comedic short film, Charley Chase must impress an important client without breaking up his engagement.

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