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Jay C. Flippen

Jay C. Flippen



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Also Known As: Died: February 3, 1971
Born: March 6, 1899 Cause of Death: complications during surgery for internal hemorrhaging
Birth Place: Little Rock, Arkansas, USA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Sam Hill: Who Killed the Mysterious Mr. Foster? (1971)
In this Western series pilot (unrealized), an alcoholic drifter finds himself unchallenged in his run for sheriff in a small town, but campaigning means that he must find the killer of a visiting preacher.
The Seven Minutes (1971) as Luther Yerkes
The Seven Minutes is a steamy book written in the 20s. To help with an upcoming election, a bookstore clerk is indited for selling obscene material and most of the film centers about the trial. The defense atorneys need to find the mystery of the original publication of the book.
Firecreek (1968) as Mr. Pittman
A pacifist sheriff must use tougher means when his town is threatened by a band of outlaws.
Hellfighters (1968) as Jack Lomax
While fighting a perilous oil-well fire, a demolition specialist seeks a reconciliation with his wife and daughter.
The Spirit Is Willing (1967) as "Mother"
Cat Ballou (1965) as Sheriff Cardigan
A prim schoolteacher turns outlaw queen when the railroad steals her land.
Looking for Love (1964) as Mr. Ralph Front
A promising singer has to choose between show business and marriage.
How the West Was Won (1963) as Huggins
Three generations of pioneers take part in the forging of the American West.
The Plunderers (1960) as Sheriff Tom McCauley
Four young cowboys, Jeb (Ray Stricklyn), Rondo (John Saxon), Mule (Roger Torrey) and Davy (Dee Pollock) ride into Trail City, Texas figuring on taking over for a while. Rancher Sam Christy (Jeff Chandler), with a paralyzed right arm refuses to get involved against them, and Kate Miller (Marsha Hunt) calls him a coward. When Jeb kills the timid Sheriff McCauley (Jay C. Flippen), Sam goes to his ranch to get his gun. The boys are waiting for him there, and Ellie Walters (Dolores Hart)goes to his ranch and finds him badly beaten up by Mule. The young Davy, shocked by the killing of the sheriff, quarrels with Jeb. He goes off alone and Sam captures him. Rondo, tries to force his attentions on Ellie, who shoots him when he draws a knife on Sam. The latter kills Mule in a knife fight, and Jeb bursts out of the saloon with two guns blazing. Sam shoots and kills him. The townsmen are for hanging Davy but Sam, realizing the young boy was the victim of a situation he didn't know how to handle---and one that the town should have never let develop---tells him to just go home. Sam and Ella watch as the boy rides slowly out of town.
Studs Lonigan (1960) as Father Gilhooey
(Dra ''60,BW). Christopher Knight, Frank Gorshin, Venetia Stevenson, Carolyn Craig, Jack Nicholson, Dick Foran. A young man attempts to break away from his ghetto existence in this adaptation of the controversial James T. Farrell novel about Chicago''s South Side district during the 1920s. Scripted and produced by Philip Yordan. Jack Nicholson stands out as one of Studs'' cronies.
Wild River (1960) as Hamilton Garth
A government employee faces hostility as he prepares Tennessee farmers for a new dam''''s construction.
From Hell to Texas (1958) as Jake Leffertfinger
A kindly cowboy suddenly finds himself the object of a massive manhunt after he accidently kills the son of a powerful rancher.
Escape from Red Rock (1958) as Sheriff John Costaine
The Restless Breed (1957) as Marshal [Steve] Evans
Educated but hot-headed Mitch Baker travels to the border town of Mission intent on avenging the death of his secret service father at the hand of contraband gang leader Newton.
The Midnight Story (1957) as Sgt. Jack Gillen
Beloved priest Father Thomasino is murdered in a San Francisco alley, and the police have few clues. But traffic cop Joe Martini becomes obsessed with finding the killer; he suspects Sylvio Malatesta. Ordered off the case, Joe turns in his badge and investigates alone. Soon he is a close friend of the Malatesta family, all delightful people, especially lovely cousin Anna. Uncertain whether Sylvio is guilty or innocent, Joe is now torn between old and new loyalties.
Run of the Arrow (1957) as Walking Coyote
A bitter Confederate veteran joins a Sioux tribe to keep his war against the Union going.
Night Passage (1957) as Ben Kimball
A disgraced railroad employee tries to prove himself by guarding the company''''s payroll against outlaws.
Public Pigeon No. 1 (1957) as Lt. Ross Qualen
Hot Summer Night (1957) as Oren Kobble
A hot-shot reporter risks his life to land an interview with a notorious crook.
Jet Pilot (1957) as Maj. Gen. Black
An Air Force colonel in charge of an Alaskan base has his hands full when he falls in love with a defecting Russian pilot.
The Halliday Brand (1957) as Chad Burris
A tough sheriff and his son clash over how to deal with the Indians.
The Deerslayer (1957) as Old Tom Hutter
In the wilderness of early Colonial days, trapper Tom Hutter lives with his two daughters in an isolated floating fort. Tom's one-man vendetta against Indians has brought the wrath of the Hurons down on him...thereby garnering the reluctant aid of wilderness wanderer Deerslayer and his Mohican blood-brother, Chingachgook. Among adventures, violence and escapes, a batch of dirty secrets emerges...
7th Cavalry (1956) as Sergeant Bates
An alleged coward tries to redeem himself by reclaiming General Custer''''s body.
The King and Four Queens (1956) as Bartender
When four outlaw brothers are killed, a con man tries to win the confidence of their widows.
The Killing (1956) as Marvin Unger
A team of specialists plots a daring racetrack robbery, but they don''''t reckon with human frailty.
It's Always Fair Weather (1955) as Charles Z. Culloran
World War II buddies get mixed up with gangsters and an egotistical TV star when they hold a 10-year reunion.
Oklahoma! (1955) as Skidmore
Pride and a lecherous ranch hand stand between an amorous cowboy and his farm girl sweetheart.
Kismet (1955) as Jawan
In this Arabian Nights musical, the "king of the beggars" infiltrates high society when his daughter is wooed by a handsome prince.
Strategic Air Command (1955) as Tom Doyle
A baseball star takes to the air to help plan the U.S.'''' aerial defense.
Man Without a Star (1955) as Strap Davis
A wandering cowboy gets caught up in a range war.
Six Bridges to Cross (1955) as Vincent Concannon
Youth gang leader Jerry Florea is shot fleeing from a crime scene by rookie cop Ed Gallagher. Result: "he'll never have children of his own." Ed and Jerry develop a mutually beneficial friendship: Jerry gets the benefit of the doubt, Ed gets information that brings him rapid promotion. As years and jail terms go by, Ed's friendship with this likable rogue becomes strained, as hope for his reform dwindles. Can Jerry redeem himself in the end?
The Far Country (1955) as Rube
Two cowboys on the road to Alaska help a wagon train in trouble.
The Wild One (1954) as Sheriff Singer
Motorcycle-riding delinquents take over a small town.
Carnival Story (1954) as Charley Grayson
A trapeze act is torn apart by jealousy when the partners take in a starving girl.
Thunder Bay (1953) as Kermit MacDonough
Oil men battle fishermen for the rights to drill in the Gulf of Mexico.
East of Sumatra (1953) as Mac
Duke Mullane, manager of a Malayan tin mine, goes to a little-known island to open a new mine in the jungle. Initially, the natives there are friendly, especially dancer Minyora...who proves to be affianced to local ruler King Kiang. Alas, a series of unfortunate incidents changes Kiang's attitude to hostility, and Duke is stranded with his crew, Minyora, and his old flame Lory...who's now engaged to his boss! Are romantic triangles more deadly than poisoned darts?
Devil's Canyon (1953) as Captain Wells
A U.S. Marshal is unjustly convicted and sent to a notorious Arizona prison.
Bend of the River (1952) as Jeremy Baile
A westerner with a questionable past leads a wagon train into the Oregon territory.
Woman of the North Country (1952) as Axel Nordlund
The Las Vegas Story (1952) as Sheriff Harris
When newlyweds visit Las Vegas, the wife's shady past comes to the surface.
The Model and the Marriage Broker (1952) as Dan Chancellor
A marriage broker can''''t resist meddling in the life of a model, with disastrous results.
Flying Leathernecks (1951) as Line Chief Clancy
A World War II Marine officer drives his men mercilessly during the battle for Guadalcanal.
The People Against O'Hara (1951) as Sven Norson
A defense attorney jeopardizes his career to save his client.
The Lady from Texas (1951) as Sheriff Mike McShane
The Lemon Drop Kid (1951) as Straight Flush
A bookie has the Christmas holidays to raise the money he owes a gangster.
Two Flags West (1950) as Sgt. Terrance Duffy
A bitter Union commander is forced to accept Confederate prisoners to help fight an Indian war.
Love That Brute (1950) as Biff Sage
In 1928, Big Ed Hanley (Paul Douglas), boss of a gang of Chicago racketeers, has money and power, but he is bored. Watching some kids play in the park, he sees Ruth Manning (Jean Peters) and is interested at once. He tells her he has a couple of kids and gives her the job of taking care of them. He moves Mamie (Joan Davis) in as a housekeeper, but the best he can scrape up as a son is Harry, a pint-sized monster. A couple of henchmen sent by to rub Big Ed out by his rival, Pretty Willie (Cesar Romero), are relieved of their hardware by Quentin (Arthur Treacher), Ed's butler, and Bugs, his right-hand man. They march them downstairs, supposedly to drop in the river, but actually leave them in a very nice jail maintained by Ed for gangsters who drop by to rub him out. Ed's problems include keeping Ruth, who has begun to like him, from finding out about his activities, increasing his family and keeping uninvited guests from dropping by.
Winchester '73 (1950) as Sgt. Wilkes
A man combs the West in search of his stolen rifle.
The Yellow Cab Man (1950) as Hugo
An inventor's unbreakable glass attracts the attention of businessmen and gangsters.
Buccaneer's Girl (1950) as Jared Hawkins
Robin Hood-like pirate Baptiste takes only the ships of rich but wicked trader Narbonne. Fun loving Debbie, a passenger from his latest prize, stows away on the pirate ship and falls for the pirate; later, having become a New Orleans entertainer, she meets his alter ego, who's engaged to the governor's daughter. Sea battles and land rescues follow in lighthearted style.
A Woman's Secret (1949) as [Inspector] Fowler
A retired singer takes on a protegee only to be betrayed by her.
Down to the Sea in Ships (1949) as Luke Sewell
A re-make of the 1922 silent film that details the lives of the people in a small Quaker community and the adventures of a whaling ship.
They Live by Night (1949) as [Henry] T-Dub [Mansfield]
After an unjust prison sentence, a young innocent gets mixed-up with hardened criminals and a violent escape.
Oh, You Beautiful Doll (1949) as Lippy [Brannigan]
In the early 1900s, song plugger Larry Kelly chances to meet Alfred Breitenbach, poor opera composer...and his lovely daughter Doris, who falls for Larry. To improve their acquaintance, Doris conspires with Larry to turn her father's opera melodies into popular songs. Alfred, reluctant but needing cash, adopts the pen name Fred Fisher. Affluence results, but when Alfred realizes his opera is vanishing bit by bit, he wants to bring the career of "Fred Fisher" to a halt...
Intrigue (1947) as Mike, bartender
Brute Force (1947) as Hodges
Tough, disgruntled prisoners plan a daring, possibly bloody escape while on a drain pipe detail.
Million Dollar Ransom (1934) as Singer
Marie Galante (1934) as Sailor
Marie is kidnapped and taken aboard ship, then thrown off at Yucatan. She winds up singing in a cafe in the Panama Canal zone. There she gets involved in a plot to destroy the canal and runs into American intelligence officer Crawbett.
Mr. Broadway (1933) as At the Central Park Casino

Cast (special)

Dean Jones Show, The (1965) as Cappy Skidmore; Alec'S Landlord
The story of Alec Tate, a swinging bachelor, who tries to mend his ways and set an example for his visiting fifteen-year-old sister, Bunny. In the pilot episode, Alec seeks to protect his bachelorhood when Bunny arranges for him to meet Sherry, a beautiful woman seeking a husband.
Gentry's People (1959) as Sergeant Nelson (Guest)
The story of Gentry, a two-fisted, warm-hearted Los Angeles newspaper reporter-columnist. In the pilot episode, Gentry attempts to help Frank Simms, a cop killer who is afraid to give himself up, fearing he will be shot on sight. Broadcast as "Good Deed" on "The David Niven Theater" ("Gentry's Peop

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