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Jean Harlow

Jean Harlow



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  • Bigger than life!

    • JRD
    • 2016-06-08

    As a huge fan of Hollywood in the 30's I feel Jean Harlow was the biggest and best of that decade. Despite her tragic death at only 26 in 1937 she had attained mythical status and was regarded as the biggest star at MGM. Quite an achievement considering the great actors of that era. One only has to watch her movies to see the charisma and development of how big she would ultimately become. I would easily place her among the elite and feel that AFI did her a grave injustice when they ranked her 22nd in the greatest American screen legends. I can easily see her at least 10 spots higher on that list. Her performance in the movie "Wife vs Secretary" was outstanding and I believe a preview of what would have been if she had lived and acted into the 1940's. She was extremely versatile and as much as she could exude sex appeal and do comedy she also could transform herself into the consummate actress in a more serious role. Her films with Clark Gable were gems and the chemistry was as strong as Myrna Loy and William Powell's. Even almost eighty years after her death I feel a somewhat sense of sadness when I read about her death. It was definitely a devastating blow to MGM and Hollywood as a whole. Seeing the pictures of Gable and Powell looking distraught at her funeral really brings to light the pain and sorrow they had to have felt losing someone so young and vibrant. For Louie B Mayer to close down MGM on the day of her funeral speaks volumes about her place in the movie industry. Thank goodness we have her films to enjoy. I agree with many of the comments that she should be highlighted more so that future film fans can see and learn about her as much as possible. Sadly for me Hollywood no longer exists as today's actors seem generic and movies are so awful and forgettable.

  • great star of the 1930s

    • cedric
    • 2016-06-04

    she was the great star of the 1930s

  • Miss Jean Harlow--Ahead of her time!

    • Rebecca
    • 2016-03-05

    I spent Thurs., March 03, 2016, watching TCM as Jean Harlow movies were to be shown, being it was the105th anniversary of her birth. I waited for my favorite, "Dinner at Eight" to be shown, to no avail. However, several of her movies were shown and with that I came to realize the "Baby", as she was affectionally known, was ahead of her time! She had flawless skin, and the shape of her body was perfect for the time in which she lived. I especially love the way dancing was done at that time, with the couple dancing so closely: so sexy! That's what she was: so sexy, but not in a crude way. I can watch her films anytime. She was so talented; she just oozed sexuality. More than once, she makes me cry with her performance, especially in "Hold on to your Man". When she speaks the words of "Hold on to your Man" while playing the piano: the emotions she shows during those few moments just gets me! Thinking about it just gets me! I love her so. Please, TCM, show her movies as often as you can so future fans can be made. Jean Harlow cannot be forgotten, and it's up to her fans and TCM to ensure that doesn't happen.

  • Jean Harlow-The absolute best!

    • Rebecca
    • 2016-03-05

    I spent Thursday, March 3, 2016, watching TCM and their presentation of Jean Harlow movies. I'd seen the movie, "Dinner at Eight" on TCM before and anticipated the showing of same. To no avail; sadly, no "Dinner at Eight" was shown. However, alot of her other movies were shown, with a couple of them being "Public Enemy", with James Cagney, then "Red Headed Woman". She brought tears to my eyes, especially when I saw "Hold on to Your Man"! Getting back to "Public Enemy": I love the way dancing was done at that time: you see the couple get so close! How sexy!! Ms. Jean Harlow was ahead of her time. The outfits she wore in her scenes were sharp, especially the negligees. She made me cry more than once, particularly in "Hold on to Your Man". Please, TCM, show Ms. Jean Harlow movies more often, if you can, as well as other movies of that time. I cannot say enough about Jean "the Baby" Harlow". I love her so!

  • Jean Harlow

    • Stella W.
    • 2013-03-10

    I wish people would look past her looks (difficult, I know, she was stunning), her early death, prying into her personal life, and the weirdness of some of the people around her, Jean had talent in spades. I've watched her play everything from an heiress to a hooker, run the gamut from light comedy to heavy drama (often in the same movie, she was amazing. And the lines came thick and fast when her characters were agitated - none of this slow, get-to-the-point-already business you see with contemporary actors. My absolute favorite actress. Her movies are fun no matter how many times you see them, and I have them all - except "Goldie", SO MAKE THAT ONE AVAILABLE, PLEASE!

  • Bombshell

    • Barbie
    • 2012-01-19

    I Love You Miss.Jean! Although i wish TCM would play more of your movies Like 3 Wise Girls,Iron Man I have never seen iron man & would die to see! I LOVE YOU JEAN! NOONE COMPARES TO YOU!

  • Jean Harlow At 100

    • Natasha
    • 2011-02-27

    Jean deserves her Star Of The Month in March, she would have been 100. I love Jean Harlow and her movies, even though I wasn't born in the Golden Age of Movies (I'm only 29), but Jean was the most beautiful woman on the silver screen, so sad that she didn't make more movies, but she's a legend regardless.

  • Harlow's Chance to Shine

    • Ashleigh
    • 2011-01-22

    Jean Harlow was one of the standout actresses of the golden era. While many saw here merely as a sex symbol, she had tremendous range in her acting. Harlow was able to time and again captivate her audiences with her straight-forward attitude, alluring eyes and her acting talents. I am so glad that TCM is recognizing her by giving her, her own month in which to showcase her films! Ever since I started getting the TCM magazine years ago, I have hoped to see her face on the cover. Now, it has finally happened and I could not be happier. THANK YOU TCM!


    • spunkylubbock
    • 2010-12-17

    What a thrill to see that TCM is celebrating Jean Harlow's 100th birthday by honoring her as their star of the month in March 2011. I had hoped that they would honor her birthday on March 3 but that date is filled with the last of the Oscar films. But a whole month of Harlow films in prime time is better! I had hoped we woud get to see The Saturday Night Kid(1929), Hell's Angels(1930), Iron Man(1931), and Goldie(1931), films she made before she became a star but alas, I don't see them on the schedule. I've seen all of her films TCM has shown in the past few years but I haven't seen Three Wise Girls(1932), which will be shown on 3/8/11. Thanks, TCM. Now if we could just see her pre-stardom films I'd be completely happy.

  • Jean 'the baby' Harlow

    • apegrapes
    • 2009-12-27

    I' am a big fan of the golden era . My favorite actresses from that time is Jean Harlow.I can't believe why her box set movies aren't release on dvd , especially Saratoga, Hold your Man,& Red Dust. All featuring Clark Gable. Jean & Clark were one of the hottest screen duo of their time.

  • harlow

    • _
    • 2009-07-10

    the name alone reminds me of that sparkling platinum hair and bubbly personality. Jean was incredibly adorable and had much charm on screen. One of the most vivacious actresses I've ever seen. I agree with the previous comment that Jean (along with countless others) isn't as famous or revered anymore -- that particular group of people are much more elegant and timeless than most actors today. No wonder it was known as Hollywood's golden age.

  • Jean Harlow

    • Rebecca
    • 2009-05-11

    I believe that Jean Harlow was a vey talented actress and should be shown more on TCM. She isn't respected and famous as she once was. Everyone today forgot about the talented people that once lived. We need to open their eyes and show them.

  • the best ever!

    • dianne champlin
    • 2009-04-26

    harlow is the greatest beauty the silver screen has or ever will see.the women of today's films have not an ounce of her mystique,poise and grace.where others needed to disrobe to catch an eye all jean needed was a smile to turn the world on.


    • Ed
    • 2009-01-29

    I remember reading on the WB Home Video Chat about 2 years ago that WB was working on releasing a Jean Harlow DVD boxset back in 2006. They even said it "is going to be a bombshell"! I figured this meant remastering and cleaning them up and nothing has come out! Whats going on? Jean was fantastic - a great actress and she made awesome movies! Red Dust, Riff Raff (which I just loved), BOMBSHELL! Girl From Missouri, Hold Your Man!! PLEASE TCM help up out!

  • PLEASE!!! More Jean Harlow films on DVD

    • Clifford Macaulay
    • 2009-01-12

    Is it possible for TCM to exert any pressure or influence to whomever is resposible for the release of more Jean Harlow movies on DVD? Harlow films we need are "Red Dust", "Bombshell", and "Reckless" (at least one of those 3 for starters). Then, any other Harlow films such as "Saratoga" and "Suzy" or "Personal Property".

  • DVD Box set for Jean "baby" Harlow

    • cynthia
    • 2009-01-11

    I agree with the others, I have The Girl from Missouri,Saratoga and reckless on Video tape but they are wore out so please produce an DVD box set for "baby". That is what her dear mother use to call her.

  • Harlow was the best!

    • Patrick
    • 2009-01-05

    I am sorry there is not more Harlow on DVD as of yet (Jan '09). I feel Harlow was THE most beautiful woman of her time. It is a shame TCM does not screen a larger variety of her films! She deserves to be remembered and celebrated.

  • MORE JEAN!!!

    • Liz
    • 2008-04-17

    TCM, PLEASE show the movies that are NOT available on DVD. (Where are Suzy, Beast of the City, Riffraff, Girl from Missouri, Saratoga?) And it would be heaven it she could have a DVD box set of her own.


    • Sam
    • 2008-02-13

    I am shocked to find out that there is not a box set of Jean Harlow movies, there are so many great ones! Come on TCM get with it - at the time, 1930's, she was tops at the box office. Also I agree with others, play more of her movies and not the same ones all the time.

  • Pretty and likeable

    • Oliver Cutshaw
    • 2007-12-08

    Jean Harlow was a developing talent. She was sexy and funny. This reminds me of how many times I keep hearing Lucille Ball was the only funny and good looking woman ever on screen. Jean Harlow was certainly both. She was also a very competent dramatic actor. Not a great singer... see Reckless to confirm this. Another aspect of Ms. Harlow's career that few contemporary experts seem to mention is that "Baby" ,as she was known to studio hands and fellow actors, was very popular. She was hard working, friendly, and unpretentious. Unlike divas such as the divinely talented Betty Davis or drama queens like the tragic Marilyn Monroe, Jean Harlow fashioned a brief but full career and still stayed unpretentious and amiable. When she untimely passed away, she was genuinely missed by studio hands and fans alike. I think that says something about the person she truly was.

  • Response to Ronnie's comment.

    • Julia Pryor
    • 2007-11-12

    I agree with Ronnie. TCM hardly plays Jean Harlow movies. I have only seen a couple myself and I loved them. She was wonderful. All of her films should be on DVD since she died so very young. Please work on this TCM. Give us a treat and salute Miss Harlow for a few days. Thanks TCM.

  • The Original Blonde Bombshell

    • Lillian Lee
    • 2007-06-20

    Jean Harlow is my favorite comedienne with Irene Dunne. She seemed so easy and natural and likeable onscreen, plus she had an angelic-like beauty, accentuated by the platinum hair. When you see her dishing out wise cracks like nobody's business in a movie, you can't help but love her. It's sad that she died so young and how you can see that she is dying onscreen in SARATOGA and no one back then said "This woman is really ill" until she collapsed from it all. We'll always remember you, Jean.

  • Easily the most beautiful Woman in Hollywood

    • Ronnie
    • 2007-05-09

    I adore Harlow. she was so sexy without even trying, it was so natural. I would have loved to see her have the carrer that Bette Davis had and I would have loved for her to marry William Powell. Its just such a tragedy that she passed on at 26. she had a long live and career ahead of her. Im so sad that TCM hardly plays her movies, im worried she will be forgoten forever....

  • I love her movies.

    • Lisa
    • 2007-04-15

    I have been a great big fan of Jean Harlow ever since I saw "Bombshell" back in 2000. I have several of her movies on DVD. I would love to see "Bombshell" on DVD or even a box set of her movies. She is a true talent and a beautiful lady inside and out and if it was not for the original Blonde Bombshell, Marilyn Monroe and others would not have extisted. Thank you TCM for introducing me to Jean and her movies.

  • We need a box-set, NOW!

    • Teresa
    • 2007-02-19

    I've been a fan of "The Baby," Jean for a while now, and I think she's so talented and had a wonderful comedic ability. She was also a generous and kind person. Everything I've ever read about her suggests that she was raised rich and privileged, but she never treated anyone like they were below her. When she would do a movie, she always made sure that if she was offered donuts and coffee, all of the crew and everyone involved with the movie was to get the same thing. She truly loved people. She was a rare person, and I'm so glad that I'm a fan. But, there is one thing that Turner Classic Films has not done for her, and I think it is way overdue, is that there has to be a BOX-SET of all her films. They have done it with a lot of lesser known actresses already, and this has to be corrected, soon! I'm sure that if they did this for all of us fans, then, even people that didn't know much about her, except hearing her name, would become fans! She's the BEST!

  • Funny Jean

    • Harlowgirl
    • 2006-12-17

    I love all of her films. She was such a beauty, but her comedic acting ability was understated. She was definitely a pioneer in film. I treasure my personal collection of Harlow films, but also look foward to seeing her on TCM. Thanks for keeping her memory alive!!

  • The most beautiful girl of Hollywood

    • Jenny
    • 2006-11-04

    I love Jean Harlow!!!! I´m 17yrs old.Jean was already posing in the nude at that age.She´s so wonderful and powerful-I´m crazy about her.Through being a Marilyn Monroe fan at the age of ten 11 or 12,I learned Jean Harlow-after watching a film of her at the age of 14 I just can´t get away from her-she´s so amazing-I love her so so much!!!!

  • The Blonde Bombshell

    • marshell
    • 2006-06-19

    I love Jean very much I have been collecting on her for 23 years. She could light up the screen with just her hair and smile. She stood her own with all her leading men. Her films with Gable made the tempture rise in seconds, with Tracy the tender side came out and with Powell came the laughter and the romance. Its just to bad her life ended so soon who knows what kind of films she would have done later in her career.

  • MGM's Platinum Girl

    • Paul
    • 2006-06-12

    I love Jean Harlow's films.It's nearly 70 years since her last film appearance. So what is it about her that still appeals today? I like how she could portray a feisty hard boiled street-wise blonde who had a tender side. Yes, she had great beauty and terrific comic timing but she also had courage. Jean Harlow was well liked by all her colleagues in the film industry. I can tell you that is a very rare thing in Hollywood.

  • white hot and white headed

    • thom
    • 2006-05-31

    This woman has haunted me since highschool when my mom said that there was a picture of one of those old actresses in the newspaper . She new that I was fasinated by the art of there photography. And this one was perfect . Harlow laid back with what looks like a jar of vasoline on her face ( later realized it was retouching )One of the most striking beauties I had ever seen. I have been obsessed ever since . I am a hair cutter and make up artist now and there is never a day that something about that glamorious time we still use today . Not so thin not so high but thinner and higher still apear to be glamor .


    • BARBIE
    • 2006-05-21


  • Understated actress

    • Ronnie
    • 2006-04-27

    It seems to me that, as much as I love TCM, they hardly ever play any movis with Jean Harlow in it. Once and a while one of her movie will be one, but their always on in the early morning, and as a college student, thats when I sleep,I'm only 19 years old, but I'm very interested in her body of work. She was a beautiful woman, who would have become and even bigger star, had she lived longer, she life story is tragic and I feel that she needs to have her work shown much more

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