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Susan Hayward

Susan Hayward



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  • Not the best representation of her work.

    • Eddie McCarty
    • 2019-08-29

    I love a good Susan Hayward movie, so I have to say that this TCM lineup is not all that it should be. Recently, on the FOX Movie Channel I saw, "Adam Had Four Sons", I'd Climb the Highest Mountain" and "White Witch Doctor". These three really show more of her range as an actress. The TCM lineup has a lot of her lesser works from the 60s....without the fun of "Valley of the Dolls!" Anyway, I'm planning on recording all the TCM lineup and binge watch.

  • Susan

    • Carol Tierney
    • 2019-08-15

    Enjoyed her films. She had a way of drawing you into the role.

  • Susan Hayward

    • Kathryn Bellerose
    • 2019-02-07

    What a wonderful, beautiful, talented actress. I just watch her performance in I Want to Live. She along with Bette Davis are my favorites. TCM is to be commended for their library of films.

  • Star of the Month Sept 2015

    • Sue
    • 2015-09-07

    Thank you TCM for finally making her the Star of the Month. This is so long overdo.

  • I Love Susan

    • Vincent Lehotsky
    • 2015-09-05

    Always have. Maybe when I was 13. Now that I"m married to a Susan. My wife tells me of a tv movie that Ms. Hayward starred in. Twas a Madame X movie. Tho' I do not see it listed anywhere. Hopefully TCM finds it and adds it to their collection and airs it ...

  • Happy Birthday

    • Sue
    • 2014-06-30

    Was looking forward to her birthday announcement, but was disappointed it was never mentioned when two of her films were shown this morning. Great actress and dearly beloved.

  • i'll cry tomorrow

    • Gene Schuyler
    • 2014-05-24

    There have been many films about the ravages of alcoholism. Lost Weekend , Leaving Los Vegas etc. Days of Wine and Roses....but this film at least equals or surpasses other films for the gripping story of a woman hopelessly thrown into the grips of alcoholism. Here you see why Lillian Roth became an alcoholic - domineering mother, husband forcing drink on her and her inability to resist the bottle after the love of her life was gone...... Susan Hayward once again captures every nuance of Lillian Roth's story. Her recovery was a bit naiive and not too well depicted but the story is really how it all happened ... not the recovery.... this role was her best .... and she should have won the Academy Award for it .... but much like others she lost to another actress that year.... oh the politics of Hollywood. Very gripping performance from one of the most underrated actresses in Hollywood. We see the likes of Katherine Hepburn , Bette Davis, and several others broadcast all the time on TCM. Susan Hayward does not get her "do " on TCM ... Sad. The breadth of her work is wonderful .... what sets she worked from whether Hong Kong, Africa or the desert in the Pacific West that many believe caused the cancer in her and other actors that took them away from us for the ill fated Genghis Khan. One last thought ....her last film Say Goodbye Maggie Cole ... was as much her way of saying goodbye to us through the leukemia patient as any. She will be missed by filmgoers everywhere.

  • Any Susan Hayward film.

    • Lois J
    • 2014-04-01

    Excellent actress.Bold and talented. Not appreciated as she should be. Her distinctive voice and walk of hers stands out in every film she was in. I Want to Live her best work. Her early films I enjoy watching as well. Yes attractive person but ability impressed me much more. Not to be intimidated in most of her roles.

  • Back Street

    • linda
    • 2013-08-11

    Please show Back street movie starring Susan Hayward

  • Star of The Month!

    • Adventure
    • 2013-08-10

    Ms. Hayward a giant box office star and a celebrated actress seems to be ignored at TCM when they do the great Summer Under The Stars Program. Here are my suggestions for a Day honoring this great Star Ada I Thank A Fool Back Street With A Song In My Heart My Foolish Heart Smash Up I'll Cry Tomorrow I Want To Live Messrs Osborne and Mankiewiecz please note

  • The Under Appriciated Actress

    • Robin Jordan-Henry
    • 2013-03-19

    I echoo the voices that sing "too little of Susan Hayward". Here is an actress that was so inteligent that the heads of studios didn't trust her because they could not exercise complete control over her. She was a beauty with talant and the studios made money, lots of it, off her but her private life she controled, prehaps, with the exception of her first marriage. In her earlier movies, Deadline at Dawn, House of Strangers, Smash-Up, Foolish Heart, With A Song in My Heart, I'll Cry Tomorrow, and of course I Want To Live, she really showcased her talent. She learned early from director/actor Gregory Rattoff the theories of Eastern European directors and used their technics well. The action came from within. As with some actors of that time and today she did not play the same charactor all the time; she did not telagraph her performances. Only in latter pictures when she had less interest in performance did she put less energy in her work. I too would love to see a "Good Actor" segment with a voice-over of some actor that sees her talent. It has been said that she was sullen and very private however if you examine her behavior you realize that she was protecting her sons from the pitfalls of fame and tried to have a normal life. Her private life has no bearing on her work. It is sad that personal politics got in the way of winning some awards but it didn't stop her popularity with the public.

  • Susan Hayward

    • Adventure
    • 2012-12-05

    Robert Osborne who interviewed Susan Hayward just before her death would be a wonderful host of a Susan Hayward day on TCM. I would vote for the following to be among the films shown I Want To Live I'll Cry Tomorrow Soldier of Fortune Smash Up With A Song In My Heart My Foolish Heart Back Street Ms. Osborne would likely add Where Love Has Gone which starred Ms. Hayward who got top billing over Bette Davis.

  • Up to date with Susan Hayward, Where Love Has Gone

    • CK
    • 2011-10-30

    Ms Hayward's centennial is only six years away, so if Louise Brooks could attain the status of the web's most popular deceased actress by way of "Wired" magazine some years ago, there s plenty of momentum for Suze. TCM occasionally runs a commercial about some star with a voiceover from a star who was personally acquainted with the subject. Who can that be today?--We're losing our legacy of living witnesses from the greatest generation. Chuck Connors? (sorry, I don't check obits often, and there was no indication from IMDB whether he is actually alive, although I was surprised he did recent TV work) I mention this because I happened to get a hold of "Where Love Has Gone". I figured I haven't had such fun since I watched the 4:30 movie as a kid after "Dark Shadows". To tell you the truth, the household I grew up in seemed to find her somewhat risible. For days, my brother made fun of a scene in "Stolen Hours" that I was poring over, where she says "Get away! Don't touch me!" I barely remember "I'll Cry Tomorrow" but for Hayward's plumby rendition of three words:SING YOU SIN-NER's! (her actual singing voice takes getting used, if you've been raised on Betty Grable and Ann Sheridan) As for "Valley of the Dolls", you expect trash and it is filed under the heading TRASH within the impressionable young mind, along with the cross references: Patty Duke, Sharon Tate, romances involving Huntington's disease -- and Susan Hayward. But I was surprised how Ms Hayward mastered the weak material of "Love" with her bright green eyes and proud demeanor. It is never clear why she would want to reconcile with Connors after their mutual recriminations. But you know in real life, she would be the sort of woman to do just that. She has the pain, the fire, the dowsing of the soul. More later? Are you reading this, Bob?

  • Susan Hayward

    • Charles
    • 2011-10-27

    How I used to go and see this Ladies Moviies ,she was so beautifull and Glamouros ,How I miss her ,I have DVDs of some of her movies I wish I could of met her IF there is a Heaven she is sure to be their

  • What's up TCM?

    • Christine
    • 2011-09-25

    Helloooo you there at TCM. Will you please make Susan Hayward the Star of the Month sometime soon. She's well deserving, which I think is obvious, but not to those that make decisions at TCM. There are others too that are deserving, but right now I'll stick with Susan Hayward. Also, as I stated once before on here, along with a Rebecca, why isn't her bio longer? Who is in charge of this as well? She had a great career, was a superstar in her time (before the word was popularized), and has a couple of books written about her, so there should be more info in her biography. I'm watching Back Street right now, she is so gorgeous and John Gavin, a much younger leading man, is so handsome. I like this version a lot better then the one previously on with Margaret Sullavan and Boyer. Miss Susan Hayward, many of us haven't forgotten you, even though one of your own quotes you said no one would remember you. Well we do, and we miss you.

  • Susan Hayward

    • Kim Holston
    • 2011-08-31

    Susan Hayward definitely receives too little respect. She was more popular than Ava Gardner, Lana Turner and Rita Hayworth. Muse on that for a while.

  • A Star Is A Star Is A Star

    • David Atkins
    • 2011-03-07

    Susan Hayward, beautiful and stylish, was a brilliant actress and won every major acting award worldwide: Oscar, Golden Globe, Cannes Film Festival, New York Film Critics, et al. Ms. Hayward was also a great box office draw. In Ms Hayward's celebrated career the great redhead worked with John Wayne, Gary Cooper, Clark Gable, Tyrone Power and directors such as Cecil B DeMille Robert Wise ( who compared her to Garbo) William Wellman and Danny Mann her personal favorite. Co star of Bette Davis, Bill Holden, Greg Peck, Loretta Young, Rex Harrison, Maggie Smith, Veronica Lake, Frederic March who said "every inch of that woman is an actress". The only winner I can recall ever called back on stage for a curtain call after her great Oscar win for I Want To Live. Greta Garbo visited a dying Susan Hayward bringing comfort, as did Kate Hepburn, Barbara Stanwyck sent a floral wreath to her funeral "From One Brooklyn Broad to Another" "From One Brooklyn Broad To Another" Tough, Beautiful Lady

  • I Got My Wish!

    • Christine
    • 2011-01-25

    I just wrote 2 weeks ago how I would like to see more Susan Hayward movies on TCM, how there are some actresses that the station seems to ignore, and today I got my wish. Susan Hayward all day, and she certainly hooked me in. I was especially happy about seeing Stolen Hours after so many years. I saw it as a kid and Susan nor the story never left me. Thanks TCM for having Susan on all day. I got nothing done today but I'm okay with that. I love this woman, what a Broad, and of course I mean that as the ultimate compliment.

  • Susans' Hooks

    • Larry Bradford
    • 2011-01-25

    This gal had the right stuff. I truly enjoy watching her films especially the sad soappy films and she throws out those emotional hooks and suddenly you are part of the film and are caught in all of the trappings, hoping she will come out OK.

  • Susan Hayward Bio

    • PJ
    • 2011-01-16

    For Christine & Rebecca - if you haven't already...check out Wikipedia for a better bio on Susan Hayward though neither say where or why the name Hayward came from. She was truly a very gifted and beautiful woman and actress.

  • Rebecca is right

    • Christine
    • 2011-01-06

    Right on Rebecca when you asked "who writes these things?" I often ask that same question. When it comes to Susan Hayward and her short bio, why the heck is there not a longer bio on this amazing actress? She does deserve better and I find it insulting that she is not respected enough by TCM or whoever is in charge of writing these things. Miss Hayward was a superstar, and should be shown and given more respect. Also, why doesn't TCM show more of her movies? There are certain actresses who just don't seem to get the air time and they deserve and she is one of them.

  • backstreet

    • ginger seale
    • 2010-11-17

    I am very interested in Susan Hayward's movie "Backstreet". Did John Gavin costar in it with Susan Hayward in the remake? It is one of my all time favorites!!!! When is going to be showing in the future? I saw it first when I was in my teens in the 1960's on television. During the last 10 years I caught the last of the movie that was filmed earlier with the same title. Was the earlier version not recieved well in the box office.i am also interested in seeing the earlier version. Who stared in the earlier version? When will it be shown again...I am going crazy with an obsession to see both of them!!!!!Please play them again!!!Please email me on the date they will be showning well before they play. I do not look at my email daily, so I wouldn't want to miss your email before they play... My phone is 870 918 2687...This is the first email that I have written in weeks so you know I am really wanting to see them again. Respectfully, Ginger Seale

  • Susan's Bio

    • Rebecca
    • 2010-10-11

    Susan is my favorite actress. She was so beautiful and such a fantastic actress. A true movie star. I absolutely love her speaking voice and her Brooklyn attitude. But why isn't her bio longer and why isn't their more information about her on this website? Who writes these things? She deserves better then that. I would also like to see her as the SOTM sometime soon. Susan, you are still in our hearts and you were an awesome lady.

  • Good Woman

    • Earl
    • 2010-09-25

    I liked her in Forest Rangers and Woman Obsessed I think she was very pretty and nice.

  • Susan Hayward Fiery Talent

    • francis masone
    • 2010-04-04

    There are not enough stars in the rating system to do justice to Susan Hayward's presence on the silver screen. Hayward was a rare combination of screen beauty and dynamic actress. When Susan Hayward had a great script and great director she blew away all her contemporaries. You can not remove her from I'll Cry Tomorrow or I Want To Live; she is the energy and force of both these excellent films. Without Susan these films would not be the same. And that is a valid definition of an Oscar winning performance. It is very distressing to view most memorable documentaries made on Hollywood's past glory and find no sight or sound of this great actress included. I will always remain knock-out by Susan on screen. Love her!

  • Fiery Redhead!

    • Christine
    • 2010-03-03

    Susan Hayward is in my top 5 for favorite actresses, I absolutely love her and her spunk, her voice, her acting and her beauty. Susan was my sister's favorite of all. She was a classic and a real broad, which of course I mean as a compliment. When I was a kid I went through a whole Susan Hayward period in my life, (as I've done with others) and there were some movies that stuck in my head from that time, especially Stolen Hours, which I don't think is out on DVD. She was fabulous in that, but then again she was fabulous in everything. She died way too young, in her late '50s, and the world lost a little spitfire full of energy. Rest in Peace, Miss Hayward.

  • One of a kind.

    • georgina
    • 2009-08-08

    Susan is one of the greatest actressess ever. I have enjoyed her movies forever. I have a few favorites that I have collected. Am looking for a couple more. Seems they're not available. Am going to keep looking. Rest in peace lovely Lady.


    • Mike Burns
    • 2009-06-08

    unique...a classic...never equalled and never matched...legendary...TRULY one-of-a-kind.

  • With A Song In My Heart

    • Christine Vrooman
    • 2009-03-16

    How about locating the movie "With a Song In My Heart". This movie is so entertaining and great acting by Susan Hayward. Please try to locate this movie and send me a reminder as to when it will show. Thank you

  • A Gutsy Brooklyn dame

    • Phillip
    • 2008-11-04

    Susan Hayward was always one of my favorite acctress'. I grew up on her films. Miss Hayward was my father's favorite. "My Foolish Heart" is one of my favorite Hayward films. Her drunken scenes in "I'll Cry Tomorrow" are superb. Susan had to fight her way to stardom but she was a Brooklyn girl and never gave up until she achieved stardom. Always proud myself to be from Brooklyn like Susan Hayward and Barbara Stanwyck. Like the character Phoebe says at the end of "All About Eve" "Susan Hayward and Barbara Stanwyck are from Brooklyn". They don't make stars like Susan Hayward anymore - tis a pity. A great star and a great lady.


    • Trish
    • 2008-08-07

    It is heart warming to see such nice comments from other fans of the great Susan Hayward. She has been my absolute favourite star for 58 years and I have copies of all her films which I take great pride in viewing frequently. In my opinion she is the greatest actress we have ever seen - when she appears on screen your eyes are drawn to her immediately and never mind what else is happening! I agree she was the most underrated talent of her time with an almost magical persona and incredible beauty. She was a unique performer who was a joy to see. She got into your heart and, in my case, will stay there forever. SUSAN - You are simply the best and will never be forgotten.

  • Great Movie Star

    • David Atkins
    • 2008-07-30

    A great Actress who was very glamorous, sexy...dominated the camera...a great body of work. RIP

  • susan hayward

    • ed bair
    • 2008-07-22

    you need to play more susan hayward she was one of the most underated talets of her times.

  • susan hayward

    • ed bair
    • 2008-07-22

    you need to play more susan hayward she was one of the most underated talets of her times.

  • Info for Merri

    • Jim Warren
    • 2008-05-08

    The movie is: "I'd Climb the Highest Mountain" with William Lundigan. It was filmed here in Georgia...

  • More of Susan Hayward

    • Linda Hall
    • 2008-05-04

    Would love to see more of Susan Hayward movies on TCM. Just love her. She was a great actress.


    • Merri
    • 2008-05-01

    A few weeks ago I saw most of a Susan Hayward movie and can't recall the title so that I can see if it's available to purchase, in the movie she is married to a Pastor or Minister and lives a modest life where he over sees a modest sized congregation and the man who played her husband I don't recall his name and the name of the movie had words in the title such as I'd Climb the Highest Mountain or something close to this and I would appreciate if anyone has information on whether this can be purchased for my own collection. She was an astounding actress and person and this was one of my favorites of hers and I would love to have it to share with my four children...Merri

  • more susan hayward movies!!!!!

    • ellyn
    • 2007-11-07


  • The one and only Susan Hayward

    • Gaston K. Rivera
    • 2007-10-31

    I have been a devoted movie fan for the last 50 years. Clearly, in half a century there have been many performers to admire and I certainly have. Susan Hayward, however, was and remains my favorite among favorites. I was struck by her persona, looks and appeal from the moment I saw "With a Song in My Heart" the first time. Since, the admiration never ended. Her performances in "I'll Cry Tomorrow" and "I Want to Live" were nothing short of brilliant. bravura at it's best. And she was so beautiful! It was the time of international recognition and awards. Thereafter, health problems took a toll but we will always enjoy countless hours of Miss Hayward's outstanding screen work thanks to current state-of-the-art technology. i watch her films over and over and always find something new to enjoy.

  • Super Susan Hayward

    • Hank L
    • 2007-10-22

    Susan Hayward.. My all time favorite best actress.. Many of her movies still not on dvd & not shown on TCM.. such as Garden of Evil, Untamed, Thunder in the Sun..etc This is so unfortunate.

  • Susan Hayward

    • maria
    • 2007-07-15

    I love Susan Hayward ! The best movie she was in as a sexy but tough gal was "I Wanna Live " Dam good actress !


    • 2007-06-05


  • the best actress ever

    • charles bird
    • 2007-04-08

    she could make you feel what she was feeling,and she did feel the part that she was playing,even to the point of being dangerous for her.why do you think she developed a brain tumor in real life? she was second in beauty of all the stars,and she was a star in every way.she was the best actress ever.

  • One of the Greats

    • Thomas Wentzel
    • 2006-12-23

    After seeing her in "The Conquerer", I will never understand why she was not called one of the great Sex Symbols of the 50s. She was magnificent, and would inspire any man to conquer Anything. Hers was not an empty-headed body-only sexuality, underneath that superb package was a mind like a steel trap. Why are there no WOMEN in todays movies? All we get are little girls like Angelina Jolie. A line, from a movie I can't recall, describes Susan Hayward perfectly....."A man could pound dreams into iron with a Woman like that."

  • Simply Sensational

    • Lori B
    • 2006-10-14

    A risk taker both in life and in film. Great in comic work and serious roles. Got to love her! Susan is the whole package. Wish there were more films of Susan's in color - with her long red hair - she was a looker. I don't feel Susan was ever given the aclaim that was rightfully hers. Winning the Oscar is great - and she deserved it. But Susan never took any crap - a gutsy woman and a hell of an actress. She faced life and her illness with great courage. A role model for all in life and screen.

  • Why Don't We See More of Her?

    • Scout
    • 2006-10-05

    I agree that Hayward was infinitely more talented than many of her peers who have received so much more attention and exposure over the years. Her memory deserves better. I for one would drop what I'm doing in a heartbeat in order to sit down and watch one of her films, even one I've seen a hundred times. TCM, give us more Susan Hayward! I'd give anything to see My Foolish Heart again. And Jim, I really envy you for having grown up knowing her. She sounds like a fine human being in addition to a superbly talented actress.

  • The Greatest

    • Roxie
    • 2006-09-29

    Susan Hayward , is the best there is. Everyone's comments fits her perfect there is no other actress greater then she I grew up watching this lady on the screen, when she creid I creid, when she laughed i laughed, All of her films has a meaning of life She will always be in my heart. She will never been forgotting. Roxie

  • One of the Grestest Actresses of All Times!

    • S. Stuart
    • 2006-09-03

    I's so unfortunate that more of her movies are not shown on TV, and that only few of her movies are available for purchase! She was one of the most beautiful women ever to grace the screen! And, she could act! Give her a meaty, gutsy role, and she would deliver! I have watched her movies over and over, and never tired of seeing her on screen! Such a loss when she died! If only the younger actresses could project and deliver in their roles as she did!

  • cudos to susan hayward

    • g john
    • 2006-08-03

    She could have played Scarlett O'Hara in Gone With THe Wind as well as Vivien Lee did, if not better. Hayward was beautiful , talented, sexy, sure of herself. I loved to watch her. Her movies were highly underrated. She played with some of the finest actors in Hollywood- John Wayne, Stephen Boyd, Dana Andrews, Tyrone Power,James Mason, Peter Finch, Robert Mitchum. etc. She was an exceptional leading lady. I never saw her weak in any roll. I regret more of her movies are not shown more often.

  • One of the best...

    • Jason Bermiller
    • 2006-08-03

    Without a doubt, hayward was one of the best, even before she won the Academy for "I Want To Live!" Check out her sultry, smoldering approach to being the vixen-fatale in "The Hairy Ape." Absolutely one of the best..


    • Bob Simon
    • 2006-07-19

    She certainly deserves to be regarded as one of the VERY BEST EVER. Never given her due. I place her with ANN SHERIDAN.

  • "Fan of Susan"

    • Maria
    • 2006-07-18

    I've recently become a fan of Susan Hayward. Where have I been all this time? I've read most of her bios and I am fascinated by her life story. She is truly a heroic icon, who had to overcome a lot of hardships, until the end of her life when she died of brain cancer. The controversy behind her death is a whole other story. Did she really contact cancer from making that now famous awful movie we love to hate "The Conquerer"? Perhaps we'll never know. I can't begin to tell you of her many other wonderful movies. My favorite has to be "Backstreet". I wish it would come out on DVD. I'll be the first to buy it.

  • She deserves better...

    • Jim
    • 2006-07-18

    ...than she gets from this and other movie channels! It is embarrassing that there has never been a tribute to Susan like TCM does for so many other..sometimes less talented, or less beloved...actresses. maybe it is the lack of her movie catalog owned by TCM? Susan was my godmother and my remembrance of her is that from a childs viewpoint before I understood or cared about "movies:" or those that make the movies. She was warm to those she cared about, did not suffer fools, was direct and was honest to a fault. She was a great hostess and was so casual in her daily life. She did not live the Hollywood life...EVER...and perhaps that is why she was viewed as cool and aloof amongst her peers. And she was extremely nearsighted! Eaton hated for her to drive! She could see right through most of the phoney stars ,but was just as likely to be complimentary towards those that deserved it and were genuine people. She stood by my father when my mom died in 1963, and as she so loved my mom that she and Eaton insisted on buying the white rose full coffin drape. Mom would play the piano, and Susan and Eaton, my Dad and sister would sing...I was too small! My sister said her favorite song was "Galway Bay" made her cry! Anyone wanting to share thoughts about Susan is free to contacf me at jim1958 bellsouth . net

  • One of our most talented stars...

    • L Young
    • 2006-04-30

    A fine actress -- often overlooked. Susan Hayward brought memorable characters to life and was finally recognized with her Oscar in 1958, long overdue by that time. There was something mesmerizing about her voice and that look in her eyes when she lit a cigarette or laughed out loud. Her beauty sparkled on the screen and she will always be at the top of my "A" list of accomplished actresses.

  • Greatest Movie ever

    • Vicki Cooper
    • 2006-02-26

    Susan Hayward is the best ever. This movie has touched every heart that has ever seen it. Would like very much to see it on Turner Classic Movies. Vicki

  • The Redheaded Frighter!

    • shirley
    • 2006-01-29

    Susan Hayward inspired me to want to go to the movies maybe more than I would have otherwise. She could take a scene and make you feel as if you were there. She made the underdog look great! I felt in 'Backstreet' her emotions were carried over to the audience tenfold! I've seen a lot of her movies,and I'm proud to say there's not alot of actors,even today who equal to her emotional carryover to an audience. She could have me almost in tears! To me that's a great actor!

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