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Lucille Ball

Lucille Ball



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  • Lucille Ball "was" a fine comedian...

    • Donna
    • 2019-01-13

    Want to know exactly what sort of person someone "REALLY" was/is in real life (ie: off the set) ask a flight attendant. Celebrities don't typically travel much commercially anymore, but in the 1960s and 70s they sure did. Lucille Ball was brutal... Mean spirited and arrogant. Apparently she felt she had the right to denigrate and push around anyone (not in show-biz) Seriously -- ask anyone affiliated with an LAX airline in the 1960s and 70s: American, Continental, Delta or United (any airline that flew out of LAX during the 60s and early 70s and flew east...) about Ms. Lucille Ball and you'll get a straight-up, direct and fast answer... She was arrogant, pushy, and NOT a very nice person to deal with in the real world... My guess is, she was probably nice and accommodating to her show-biz cronies... ie: anyone who had the capacity to advance her career. But the rest of mankind? not so much...

  • The only thing "B" about her is her last name!

    • Sara Schneider
    • 2014-05-21

    Lucille Ball is definitely a class A star! Able to excel on both dramatic and comedic roles, Lucille Ball was not just the most glamorous and talented actress of the 1930's-1980's, she is hands down the most glamorous and talented actress of all time: past, present, and future. God definitely broke the mold when He made Lucille Ball.

  • My Idol!

    • Jessica L. S!
    • 2012-11-11

    Lucille Ball is the best and most beautiful actress and person who ever lived! She had more talent than anybody ever in history! She was a major pioneer! She is the perfect role model! She never gave up and gave everything all she had all through her life until the day she died! We miss you Lucy! RIP! THANK YOU LUCY!


    • Noah
    • 2012-04-01


  • An Outstanding Actress

    • Curtis L.
    • 2011-07-09

    What can you say about Lucy that hasn't already been said? She's so fun to watch! Just a great actress altogether! I've been a huge fan for many years and will continue to be for years to come. I came to know of her through I Love Lucy and have been watching other shows and movies she's been in ever since. I've yet to see a movie that she hasn't been great in. She was one of a kind and I don't believe there will ever be someone like her again. I am just one of her many fans that can say that I Love Lucy!

  • Great Executive

    • David Atkins
    • 2011-02-21

    While it is legend that Ms Ball was the greatest comedienne I want to salute Ms. Ball's executive ability. After Desi Arnaz left Desilu Ms Ball could have sold the studio and lived the life of the extravagant rich. Instead Ms. Ball bulled thru her board of Directors 2 shows that were so costly Ball was advised that it would be wise to pass on them. The shows? Mission Impossible and Star Trek. As former VP Ed Holly has been quoted, "Without Lucille Ball there would have been no Star Trek" Under Ball's tenure at Desilu the energetic studio also produced Ms. Ball's smash hit series Here's Lucy and also the hit private eye series Mannix. Desilu also produced Ms. Ball's smash hit comedy Yours Mine and Ours. Finally selling Desilu to adjacent Paramount for millions Ms. Ball became one of the richest and most respected executives in Hollywood. Paramount has noted her work by naming a park on the Desilu portion o the lot as Lucy Park. as Lucy Park

  • Lucy, What a Joy!

    • Alexandra (Alex)
    • 2010-10-27

    LB is sorely missed, but at least she left us with enough material that will keep us laughing and entertained for all time.

  • I love Lucy

    • Kathy
    • 2010-10-23

    Lucy is the best actress of all time. She can really perform. She can do so many things. Truley the beast

  • Lucille Ball Does It All

    • 2010-10-12

    There is simply none better than the legendary Lucille Ball. An American Icon - loved by millions. Sine 1952 her I LOVE LUCY show has not been off the air and plays in over 66 Countries! Her other series THE LUCY SHOW, HERE'LUCY, and LIFE WITH LUCY were equally wonderful but never reached quite the height of her original I LOVE LUCY series. The First Lady of Television has enjoyed a career that has included the Broadway stage, film and Television where she garnered her world-wide fame!

  • The Long Long Trailer, and Yours, Mine, And Ours

    • Kim Borgal
    • 2010-09-06

    I personally own "Yours, Mine, And Ours". I watch it over and over. I've never seen "The Long Long Trailer" until 9-5-10. What a wonderful movie!Why doesn't tcm play it and others like it more often? When will "The Long Long Trailer" be on again?

  • Three words:

    • ADNT
    • 2009-11-15

    L-E-G-E-N-D-A-R-Y AND A-M-A-Z-I-N-G-!!!-!!!-!!!

  • The Legendary Lucille Ball

    • samlex
    • 2009-10-17

    In my opinion, Lucille Ball is one of the most talented actresses ever! She is truly unique, and will always be remembered. May I say, I love Lucy! <33

  • Great Actress

    • Annaleigh
    • 2009-08-31

    Miss Lucille Ball was an amazing actress in movies but her home was television. One classic star that will never be forgotten! :)

  • Greatest comdian

    • Jasmine
    • 2009-08-06

    i love lucille ball. she is such a role model for actresses today. i just want to thank her. I love lucy!


    • C.Rogers
    • 2009-04-05

    Lucille Ball was one of the best actress hollywood ever had.She was good at anything she put her hands on.Drama,comedy,etc.She did alot for the entertainment industry and she will never be forgotten.She is still on TV everyday.I feel the way this world is today we sure need her in our lives.I have watched her for 50 years and I will watch her till I die.


    • Jerri
    • 2009-03-14

    I have been literally watching Lucy since I was fice years old. I am now 57 and still love her!! I feel safe in letting my five year old grandaughter watch her. I was so disappointed when the Hallmark channel the show from 4:00 PM in the afternoon to 8:00 AM in the morning when I am at work. She was also removed from TV LaND

  • Comedy Legend

    • Kirk
    • 2008-12-26

    The funniest female ever to grace the earth

  • One word:

    • Vanessa
    • 2008-11-01


  • Lucille Ball

    • Kay
    • 2008-09-28

    Lucille Ball is the best actress.


    • Lucy Lover
    • 2008-08-25

    I really can't tell u how great she is. Last year I was at my grandmothers house and I Love Lucy was on so I decided to watch it. I fell in love with it and to this day I have become a major collector. I suggest to anyone who is interested in learning about her they should watch I Love Lucy and see some of her movies because I have to tell u that she was, and still is one of the greatest actresses that has ever set foot on this planet With Great Love to collectors and Lucy <3

  • I LOVE Lucy!!!!

    • Paige
    • 2008-08-02

    Lucy was not only a great comedienne but a great dramatic actress. She was extremely talented and she remains loved to this day!!!

  • WOW!

    • Brenda
    • 2008-07-23

    Lucille Ball was not only a great actress and hilariously funny, she was a stunning beauty. She was a very good looking blonde, but an exquisite red head in a time when almost every other actress wanted to be blonde.

  • lost in the movies

    • kendal
    • 2008-07-02

    Lucille ball was an amazing actress. when ever you would watch one of her movies you cant help but get lost in the movie.Lucille ball want through some tought times through it all she managed to make a television show that will live forever. even though she might not be here she left behind and leagcy that no one will forget. and she made shure that no one forgot her by leaving a hit t.v. show and all the moives she made.i look up to her as my leader cause every one to her she would never make it as a actress and that is how i am right now and if she can prove them rong than so can i. and that is why i consider her my leader.Lucille ball a history maker. with love, kendal c.:)

  • Lucy

    • Sarah
    • 2008-05-19

    Lucille Ball was a wonderful actress,and a great beauty.She was able to do serious roles or do comedian roles,she will always be remembered as "The Queen of Comedy."

  • America's greatest comedic actress of all time.

    • Joe
    • 2008-02-08

    Simply put, the greatest comedic actress of the century virtually without peer. Her underated film work on close inspection gives clues to the genius that would blossom in television. Her work in Mame is unjustly attacked. The flaw in the film lies in the inept director, particularly technically, of Gene Saks not in Ball's work. An acting genius and deserved legend. One for the ages.

  • Lucille BAll is a great actress

    • Lucille Wallace
    • 2007-12-12

    Lucille Ball is a great actress. She was well known for her laughter, But mostly for her flaming RED hair

  • GO LUCY!!!!

    • Hannah
    • 2007-10-01

    Lucy rox!!!! There's just about nothing more to say. She is totally awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • none

    • Sally Kraus
    • 2007-03-23

    i liked your site.

  • Lovin' Lucille

    • Jamie
    • 2007-01-29

    There are not enough positive things I can say about this woman. She is brilliant. The only actress who can move me to tears in a dramatic role one minute and turn around and make me laugh right out of me chair the next. As if that wasn't enough, she was a beautiful person inside and out. Her legacy will live on forever.


    • Thien Nguyen
    • 2006-12-01

    lucille ball is amazing in every way. she is such a gifted and talented actress. i love watching all her old classic movies, ranging from dramas to comedies or suspense thrillers to musicals. she is greatly diverse as an actress throughout her long career, and her legacy will always live on. THE GREATEST LEGEND IN MY BOOK!!!!!!!

  • I love Her

    • Catrina
    • 2006-11-01

    I love Lucille Ball. She is very funny. She is the type of person that you watch and she brightons your day. I have been watching lucille Since i was about six years old.


    • Linda K
    • 2006-09-27

    My life as a child was centered around the "I Love Lucy" series. Making the audience laugh kept many generations healthy by the continual "laughter therapy" she provided. Thank goodnes for DVDs and reruns for future generations to benefit as I did. Please make a DVD of Miss Grant Takes Richmond!!!

  • Lucille Ball Will never be forgotton.

    • Blanca Medina
    • 2006-02-24

    I absolutely love Lucille Ball! I can't get enough of her movies and "I Love Lucy" shows! I would definately like to see "The Long, Long Trailer at Pacific standard time. I also

  • My Favorite Redhead

    • SwingDancingRed
    • 2006-02-14

    The queen of comedy.

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