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Three Guys Named Mike

Three Guys Named Mike(1951)

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Three Guys Named Mike A stewardess can't choose... MORE > $4.95
Regularly $8.99
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Bubbly Marcy Lawrence leaves her Indiana hometown to fulfill her life-long dream of being a stewardess. Her friendly enthusiasm lands her the job, and she is soon sent to the American Airlines training school, where she rooms with Kathy Hunter, Jan Baker and Alice Reymend, and learns about service and safety. In Cleveland, on the way to her first flight assignment, Marcy's taxi gets a flat tire and she accepts a lift from Mike Jamison, unaware that he is an American Airlines pilot. Mike, who has taken exception to a crack Marcy made about pilots being chauffeurs, is annoyed to find her on his flight, especially after she sheepishly confesses that she forgot to bring the food onboard. Because they have to go back to Cleveland for the food carts, Marcy almost loses her job, but Mike talks her supervisor into giving her another chance, and the two become close. Soon Marcy's friendly rapport with the passengers earns her a transfer to Los Angeles. On her first flight to Los Angeles, she meets bookish passenger Michael Lawrence, whom she thinks is a VIP. They befriend a little girl who misses her dog, and Marcy goes against the rules to let the dog into the cabin. When the dog startles a passenger, who then lodges a complaint, Marcy is suspended for a week. In Los Angeles, Marcy reunites with Jan, Kathy and Alice and suggests that they pool resources to beat the apartment shortage and rent a house together. At lunch, she sees Mike L. tending bar and learns that he is actually a graduate research assistant working his way toward a science degree. While Marcy and Jan are out looking for a place, their car battery dies and Marcy asks Mike Tracy, who she thinks is a gardener, to give them a push. A short time later, she sees him again in the Chicago airport and learns that he is head of an advertising agency. He asks her to join him for dinner with his top account, Mr. Bellamy of the Gardenia Soap Company. Marcy tries to offer ideas for an ad campaign, but Mike, who is more interested in romance, suggests that she write Bellamy a letter. Back in Los Angeles, Marcy masterminds the move to the new house and soon is surrounded by all three Mikes, who have come to help. The Mikes, who are jealous and suspicious of one another, do their best to vie for Marcy's attention, but after she is suddenly called to the airport to take a flight to Dallas, Mike J. and Mike T. leave. Mike L. stays to finish the job, but when Marcy returns too early, Mike L. assumes that she has been using them. He soon discovers that fog has closed the airport, though, and invites her to come to see his lab at the university. She encourages him and says that she has always liked the kind of life he envisions. The next morning, Mike T. calls her to his office to say that Mr. Bellamy loved the suggestion she sent to him to have airline stewardesses endorse his soap. He wants to have different stewardess endorsements every month, beginning with Marcy. A few days later, Marcy is on a flight piloted by Mike J. that is forced to land just outside Los Angeles. They spend the night in a deserted hotel, where Marcy cooks dinner and empathizes with Mike J.'s love of flying and travel. Back in Los Angeles the next night, Mike T. tells Marcy how much he likes the excitement of having his ideas come to life in advertising, and Marcy tells him how appealing that kind of life sounds. Some time later, the four roommates throw a party and all three Mikes are invited. During the party, Marcy gets a phone call from MacWade Parker, the man who photographed her for the ad campaign, and tells Mike L. and Mike J. that she has to rush off for an urgent photo shoot. When Mike T. shows up at the party and learns of Mac's call, he tells the other two Mikes what a wolf Mac is, and the three set out for his Sunset Strip apartment. There Marcy is just beginning to realize that Mac's call was a ruse, when each of the Mikes comes in and slugs Mac, after which all four men get into a brawl. The incident causes such a disturbance that it hits the papers the next day, resulting in suspensions for Marcy and Mike J., loss of the Gardenia soap account for Mike T. and loss of a proposed teaching position for Mike L. Marcy determines to do something to help and goes to each one of their superiors, in turn, and talks them into reinstating their respective Mikes. Marcy also gets her job back, and as she is about to board her next flight, all three Mikes arrive on the tarmac. First Mike J. proposes, then Mike T. Marcy is confused until Mike L. proposes and is the only one to say "I love you." Marcy accepts his proposal and drags him onto the plane with her. Although this is against the rules, the other two Mikes agree that rules aren't meant for Marcy.