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Nothing But Trouble

Nothing But Trouble(1945)

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After ten years of self-imposed exile, incompetent cook Oliver Hardy and bumbling butler Stan Laurel, who hail from a long line of cooks and butlers, return to America to find work. Stan and Oliver quickly discover that, unlike the employment situation in 1932, jobs are now plentiful and servants are especially in demand due to the war. At Lorrison's Employment Agency, the men are immediately whisked away by wealthy society matron Elvira Hawkley, who needs a cook and a butler for a dinner party that evening. Meanwhile, the party's guest of honor, Christopher, the young, exiled king of Orlandia, confesses to his uncle and guardian Prince Saul that he would like to know more about "commoners." When Saul suggests to the delicate Christopher, who dreams of playing football at Notre Dame University, that he go out in disguise with his assistant, Ronetz, the young king agrees. Unknown to Christopher, Saul and Ronetz are planning to assassinate him and have instructed two men, Karel and Felken, to do the deed. While walking near a park, Ronetz finds an excuse to leave Christopher alone for a moment, but before Karel and Felken can ambush him, Christopher is lured away by the sounds of a neighborhood football game. After one of the players on the losing team drops out, Christopher asks to replace him, even though he has never actually played the game. Christopher is recruited, but the other team refuses to play without a referee, who has quit. Desperate for a chance to play, Christopher stops Stan and Oliver, who are passing by with groceries for Mrs. Hawkley's party, and begs them to fill in as referees. Stan and Oliver agree but have trouble keeping out of the players' way. To his chagrin, Christopher fumbles the ball the first time it is handed to him, but with inadvertent help from Stan and Oliver, intercepts a pass and runs for the winning touchdown. After receiving thanks from an ecstatic Christopher, Stan and Oliver realize that they forgot to buy the dinner steak and have spent all their money and used all their ration coupons. Just then, however, they hear a lion roaring at the nearby zoo and see that it is being fed steak. Oliver insists that Stan steal a steak from the lion, but Stan is too terrified to get near its cage. Stan and Oliver argue about the situation, and while the lion is distracted by their bickering, Christopher grabs the steak. When the trio arrives at the Hawkleys, Christopher, who has no idea for whom Stan and Oliver are working, claims that his cruel uncle beats and starves him and finally convinces the two servants to let him stay the night. Christopher then tries to instruct Stan on proper serving etiquette, but Stan proves to be an inept student, so the king offers to hide under the dinner table and give him helpful foot signals. When Saul arrives, he tells Mrs. Hawkley that Christopher is ill and cannot attend. During the inedible, badly served meal, Ronetz shows up and informs Saul that Christopher has disappeared. After Saul makes a hasty exit, Mrs. Hawkley finds Christopher in the kitchen, and unaware of his identity, fires Stan and Oliver and throws them all out. The trio ends up at an all-night mission, where a tramp recognizes a newspaper photograph of Christopher and reports Stan and Oliver to the police. Stan and Oliver are arrested for kidnapping, but when Christopher demands that they be hired as his servants, Saul, seeing an opportunity to frame the bumblers for the king's assassination, drops all charges. While Stan and Oliver are preparing a banquet in honor of Christopher's political enemy, Prince Prentiloff, Ronetz slips some poison into a salad he believes will be given to Christopher. Stan and Oliver switch all the salad plates around, however, and Ronetz is unable to identify the poisoned salad. As a tense Saul and Ronetz argue about the mishap, Christopher overhears them discussing his assassination and rushes to tell Stan and Oliver. Just then, Saul confronts Christopher, Stan and Oliver and, drawing a gun, forces them to stand on the skyscraper's window ledge and prepare to jump. Unknown to Saul, some painters have stuck a board out of the window below, and Christopher jumps out without harming himself. By the time Stan and Oliver are ready to jump, however, the board has been removed. While stalling, Stan and Oliver accidentally slip off the ledge and are dangling desperately when Christopher arrives with the police. After Saul, who has inadvertently eaten the poison, is carried off, Christopher, Stan and Oliver sing a rousing rendition of the Notre Dame fight song with the police.