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The Trouble With Angels

The Trouble With Angels(1966)

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  • The Trouble with Angel's

    • Iri Acheson
    • 8/14/16

    Love the movie...Fabulous performances by Rosalind Russell & of course Haley Mills & June Harding. Bring's back an innocent time where you felt happy and safe..I'm sure I have watched it 10-15 times in my lifetime...but, it alway's touches my heart. The antic's of the girl's is funny, and all the trouble they got themselves in..There no-no doings were mild compared to teen's of today...Appreciate director, Ida Lupino for her keen insight that made this movie a hit!

  • Refreshingly innocent

    • Alice
    • 6/4/14

    I love films like this one because they bring back such warm, wonderful memories of a time that was. I taught in a Catholic school for 9 years during this time of the 60's and 70's before the culture really began to change. There really was an innocence in the kids of that day that has long since disappeared. How sad! Oh, children of course misbehaved terribly sometimes. They were still, just children, not knowing so much about the world. I miss that, and love it when I can step back into that innocent fun time watching the kids be kids. Thanks TCM for showing these beautiful films.

  • The Trouble With Angels

    • Bruce C
    • 6/4/14

    Welp. Here I am WATCHING a flick based on teenage girls at a Catholic school! Geez, this may not bode well. But being an adorer of Rosalind Russell, it was one I had never seen - solely due to its theme. Its like c'mon you can't this! Today I did. It is a charming little film. Russell never disappointed and she certainly didn't here. A good cast that is lively from start to finish. A lot of realism at every turn. Russell poignantly made you understand/feel how she understood about such things. (not just in this film alone). Not the first time TCM has presented me with an opportunity. Highly recommend seeing this movie. Its not your average flick.

  • A great look back...

    • Lawrence
    • 4/22/14

    I didn't get to see this movie back in '66, but I have seen it on TV two or three times.Many of the girls I knew - including my sister, attended Catholic schools in the area. This film was great, as it reflected some of the mischief that young ladies might take part in. And, it also showed the warm side of the clergy, which might be a mystery to many.Some of the more classic movie lines of all time emerge from obscure movies - without giving up a spoiler, Mary and Rachel's description of their "espionage mission" to Mother Superior is one of those.If there's anything the Catholic church needs in the country, it's a great public relations boost about the better side of their efforts. This movie is not overly dated, and, its replay is extremely timely. For all the bad things that have emerged about the Roman Catholic Church in North America in the last ten years, the good is forgotten and this movie does highlight the GOOD. Qualifier = I am not Catholic. Yes, Protestants attended Catholic schools, joined the CYO, and received and accepted counseling and guidance from priests and nuns. And Catholics likewise from the Protestant ministry.Overall, the film's a good take - it's suitable for the whole family. Many of the characters are played well, even to perfection. Do not expect the impact of Ben-Hur or The Nun's Story, but do expect to be entertained and even moved a bit. Hayley Mills' portrayal is a little overdone, Rosalind Russell's is effective, and the scene where Mary (Mills) and Mother Superior (Russell) interact actually shows the two women letting their guard down, showing their emotional and human side, and it's a beautiful thing to watch.Catch this if you can, it's worth it, for what it is.

  • Very Sweet Family Fare

    • muriel
    • 1/20/14

    A nice movie for everyone - and how times have changed!! A movie about Catholics, nuns, including a girl who decides to take the veil *and* the film so popular, they made a sequel.Now a days, a mainstream Hollywood movie about Catholics would either feature a sinister conspiracy, child abuse, exorcism or all of the above.

  • Lupino at Last

    • gipsiegirl
    • 8/27/11

    For the longest time, I have wanted to see a film directed by Ida Lupina, and this was a perfect one to start with! I expected just a simple comedy, but The Trouble with Angels wonderfully blended humor with touching examples of sacrifice and humanity.

  • The Trouble with Angels (1966)

    • Jay
    • 6/12/09

    Very entertaining and fun family comedy. Good performances all around, but Rosalind Russell, Binnie Barnes, Hayley Mills and Mary Wickes stand out. Memorable and well directed by Ida Lupino.

  • Scathingly Brilliant!

    • Pamela
    • 10/16/08

    I was so excited to be able to watch one of MY favorite childhood movies with my daughter today. As a child I saw every Haley Mills movie ever made - she was the Lindsey Lohan of her day (well, before Lindsay grew up). My daughter had the same reaction that I did as a young girl - she felt betrayed by Mary Clancy at the end of the film - and wholly on Rach's side! But I've seen the movie at least 10 times now and every time I pick out different things about it. Haley's character is actually wonderfully nuanced and her eyes say so much as she watches Mother Superior, who is really so like Mary. And of course Rosalind Russell is simply smashing. And Ida Lupino directed - thank you TCM for giving us not only these wonderful films, but their history as well (I suspect that Jane Fonda helped to bring Ted Turner around to appreciate the beauty of filmmaking :).I just learned that the outdoor scenes were filmed here in Pennsylvania - I've got to go take a look at it!

  • An practically perfect film

    • Anthony
    • 10/10/08

    From the outstanding opening title animation to the "superior" theme music, this film has it all. Rosalind Russell is outstanding as Mother Superior, with a voice that is both elegant and wonderfully sarcastic. She handles the role with grace, and with superb comedic timing; and she even sings a little during the Christmas scene. Hayley Mills is "scathingly brilliant" as Mary Clancy, and is great fun to watch. June Harding as Rachel is very good, and makes a great addition to the film. I really loved the musical variations to the theme song throughout the movie. The movie has many great comic moments, but also has some serious, moving scenes in it as well: the meeting between the girls and Mother Superior in the grotto, the scene at the "old folks home," and the death of Sister Ligouri are touching, and very well done. Veteran actor, Jim Hutton, father of Timothy Hutton, makes an uncredited cameo appearance as Mr. Petrie of New Trends School. The film is base on the book, Life with Mother Superior, and the film's outdoor scenes were shot in Ambler, PA, at St. Mary's Villa. I don't know where the indoor scenes were filmed, but I assume it was the Columbia Studios backlot. The train depot scenes were shot at the old Glendale, CA Amtrak station. The scenes of Mother Superior walking in the fall weather, and feeding the birds at the St. Francis statue are beautifully photographed. Judith Lowry as Sister Prudence (with Jocko, her dog) is priceless. A wonderful film, directed by Ida Lupino. Don't miss this one.

  • surprise ending yet believable

    • Beth
    • 7/30/08

    Anyone who has had such a good friend at such a rebellious time in her young life knows that those close ties don't last. I was watching the characters Mary and Rachel, reliving a bitter sweet companionship like the girls shared and waiting for it to all come to an end from self discovery or some other wedge of natural or intentional division you experience in the ages just before adulthood. But instead, I got to see a heart soften into becoming a woman who let go of rebellion and embraced who she was. Someone who could stand on her own two feet, solid in the decision she made for her own life in order to be true to herself and benefit others. Like myself, that was touching to see, and unlike my own story, she had a beautiful parting with her best friend with the door left open to whatever the future would bring for them together later on. No one ended up shutting her out. I love that ending, it was a suprise yet believable.

  • I love this movie.

    • caroline
    • 9/19/07

    This is not cinematic splendor, but it is fun, sweet and not to be missed by any girl who attended Catholic schools. Rosalind Russell is wonderful, as is the entire cast. So glad to see it in the TCM lineup.

  • A Movie With Pleasant Memories

    • Kathy
    • 9/19/07

    I first saw this movie while my family was on vacation in Tenessee. Since that time, it has always remained one of my all time favorite girl school movies. It keeps you laughing all the way through. But it also manages to touch your heart. It will always remain one of my all time favorite "chick flicks." It manages to touch both you heart and funnybone at the same time. This movie is well worth watching. It manages to draw you in from the very first moment!!!

  • Spiritual Sarcasm

    • Briony
    • 8/21/07

    I first saw this movie in the theatres when I was 12 and had one of those sigh-worthy girl crushes on Hayley Mills, but what grabbed me then and still does, is Rosalind Russell's amazingly nuanced performance. She's able to slice and dice with sarcasm and still feed the birds with grace! I watch this movie every time it's on and every time, I still love it, while laughing at the clothes (Those hats! The polyester suits!) and get nostalgic about a time when so many of those rules weren't confined to convent schools, but quite normal in public ones too.

  • Girls Catholic Academies

    • Mary
    • 8/20/07

    When this movie was released in 1966 I was a junior at a private catholic girls school in Flourtown, Pa. We were actually taken out of school to go and see "The Trouble with Angels" in a theater. That would never happen today, the girls who go there now are all striving for the ivy league. It is a wonderful, fun, happy movie. It makes you laugh again and again. We bought a copy of it years ago. My two daughters grew up with it. The castle that you see as the outside of St. Francis Academy is a castle in Ambler, Pa.not at all far from our school. Thanks for having this very entertaining movie on your station.

  • Delightful Movie, but have objections

    • Denise
    • 8/13/07

    I loved the music so much as a teenager that I recorded it on my cassette player off the TV. Mary Wickes always seems to play nuns (this movie, Sister Act) or houskeeper for Father Downing.I know it's a comedy, but I always thought Rachel was not given enough attention by the other characters. Mary should have taken her out into that garden and told her of her decision. Let the incredulous Rachel vent, cry, yell at Mary there--but TELL HER! It was Mary, not Rachel who heard Rev Mother tell about her dreams of being a fashion designer--Rachel was conveniently asleep at that time. Neither was Rachel privy to the observances that moved Mary so much (Rev Mother crying over her friend's coffin, feeding the birds, holding services). For being her teacher and her best friend, Rev Mother and Mary didn't seem to care enough to tell her their respective feelings about things that were so important.

  • And letterbox to boot!

    • MNRebecca
    • 7/18/07

    I'm recording it while I'm at work. You know, I've read the movie is only available in full screen (i.e. pan and scan) on commercial DVD and VHS, so I'm really eager to see if TCM actually broadcast it in letterbox like the listing says. If so, it'll be my first time seeing the 'whole' movie, since I've only ever seen it on home video.

  • Finally!

    • Mary DeRade
    • 7/18/07

    Love, love, love this movie. Cracks me up everytime I watch it. My sister and I are both excited to watch it this afternoon.

  • Very Funny

    • sue
    • 1/4/07

    I have seen this movie at least 100 times and I still think its funny. A great movie for anyone who went to Catholic school

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