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Calamity Jane

Calamity Jane(1953)


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    • WILL
    • 6/9/19

    Comparing Betty Hutton to Doris Day is like comparing apples and oranges. Both of these great ladies came at a different time in show business history, the 1940s, 50s when stage show productions from Broadway were being transferred to the big screen. Sometimes it worked sometimes it didn't. I just sit back and enjoy. P.C.s will no doubt complain about the way native people are portrayed, historians will tell you they Did scalp and terrorize settlers and so did whites murder and do the same. Not to get off track. Wild Bill never looked so handsome or sang so well. No doubt Bill would be pleased. Question, Why drag Reese Witherspoon in this discussion ? A fine actress in her own right.

  • Uncomfortably "Like" this picture.....

    • ja661
    • 2/14/19

    It's Doris Day - to say you don't like this picture is like saying you don't like Doris Day. Who doesn't like Doris Day. The songs are good - one won an Oscar. The Cinematography is good. Howard Keel and Day have chemistry in their only screen pairing. BUT The screenplay plods along. The characters are 2 dimensional. The story is NOT factual. If you read history, this story is one hundred precent fiction. The accent Day uses is I Don't Know What. Supports pretty much walk thru the parts since there is no writing that gives them anything better to do. The best thing to say I guess is this is a musical. Because if you're not singing - you're not doing anything. 1-100? 48.

  • Delightful Fun

    • Kathryn Mader
    • 11/10/18

    This movie is so much fun that the hour and 40 minutes length felt more like 20 minutes. I didn't feel well when I sat down to watch it, but within no time, I had forgotten all my troubles. I don't agree with some of the reviews that say Doris Day overacted. She makes the character hilarious, and it never occurred to me that she might be overacting. It's best to simply watch the movie with expectations of great laughs and to enjoy the terrific comedic talents of the one and only Doris Day.

  • all things considered..would be impressive.

    • a.morris
    • 4/4/18

    if doris day and reese whitherspoon were athletes.. whitherspoon could not carry the jockstrap of day in a suitcase.

  • Better than ANNIE

    • Blair
    • 11/10/17

    ANNIE GET YOUR GUN is a great picture, but . . . Doris is orders of magnitude more talented than Betty Hutton; Berlin's music can be cloying, while the numbers in CALAMITY are toe-tapping and tuneful; CALAMITY has a lighter touch, with more humor (you can't imagine a drag number in ANNIE). I have come to like CALAMITY JANE more.


    • Jackie Guillory
    • 2/5/17

    I was surprised that this movie, not only a musical, yet with a great story-line, was so entertaining. I recognized Doris Day and Howard Keel immediately and while we all have opinions, I think this is a great movie for one's self and for the family. I'm indebted to TCM for without such, I would not have the knowledge let alone privilege to be a part of such entertainment past and present. Thank you to all and God bless each and everyone of TCM for all you do everyday. Most grateful, Jackie Guillory.

  • Love Doris Day, hate movie.

    • Steve
    • 7/3/16

    This movie is so bad, just terrible. Does now remotely equal 'Annie Get Your Gun'. It just goes on and on, very dull and corny.

  • I so agree!

    • Alice
    • 2/1/16

    I so agree with your other reviewer, "Doris Day IS a national treasure". To me, she represents all the sweetness of what America once had. I am so glad she is still with us, and pray she will be here for several more years. I love all of the movies of hers that I have seen; some, many, many times over. She did such a great job, whether in comedy, musicals, dramatic films, even the thrilling, "Midnight Lace". Please keep showing as many of her films as you can. Thank you TCM.

  • "Secret Love"

    • jr
    • 5/17/15

    My favorite singer sings a song I've loved since I was really young - Doris Day is a national treasure. Love all her movies too & this is right up there with "Young At Heart". If you need a reason to smile, "Calamity Jane" never fails!

  • Calamity Jane Is A Classic Gem!

    • Jill
    • 5/17/15

    Every time I see this wonderful story, it just makes me feel so happy. Doris Day & Howard Keel are amazing together as are the rest of the cast. "Secret Love", one of the best songs ever sung in a movie. But then everything Doris Day sings or does is simply wonderful - just a beautiful person, inside as well as out! Never get tired of this one.

  • The wonderful Doris Day

    • Jakob Ryder
    • 3/15/15

    Thoroughly enjoyed this musical starring the multi talented and yet underrated Doris Day. She could do it all, musicals, comedies and dramas, as well as dance! I think all of these talents were best showcased in 2 films, Love Me Or Leave me (1955) and this light hearted musical from Warner Brothers, Calamity Jane. (1953) I was hooked from the opening sequence to the very end. I am a Dayniac because of this film! So happy that Doris Day is still with us, we will never the likes of this talented lady ever again.

  • Doris Day is brilliant!

    • Craig Marquis
    • 3/15/15

    Doris Day is wonderful in this Warner Brothers musical. Although I liked Annie Get Your Gun, Doris Day stole the show as the title character Calamity Jane. The wild west with the Hollywood treatment! It's funny with a great musical score featuring the Oscar winning song "Secret Love". I can't rave enough about this film, it's my go to movie when I need something to brighten my "day"! Doris Day made many a fan the world over from this movie! Howard Keel is also fabulous as Wild Bill Hickcock! Warning, you will be humming Windy City for days after! Lol

  • Doris Day and Howard Keel

    • Griffin
    • 5/7/14

    I taped this movie thinking I should watch it because of the great reviews. I figured I would watch it and delete it but boy was I wrong. I love this movie. As I watched it I thought it was funny and the music is great. I watch it at least once a week because I love the music. No wonder this is Doris' favorite movie. Doris is wonderful, Howard Keel is handsome and a great singer, and the supporting cast is perfect.

  • Calamity Jane - - My All Time Favorite Movie

    • Suzanne Lewis
    • 4/7/14

    I simply love this movie!! When I was a little girl, I have very fond memories of watching this movie with my mother. We both loved musicals and this one is superb. Doris Day is talented and beautiful. I find myself singing the songs from the movie...GREAT writers and composers!!! Please show this movie more often; I could never get tired of it. They don't make movies like they used to!!! This movie definitely brings tears to my eyes because it has it all.

  • Calamity Jane- Wonderful musical

    • Misty
    • 4/4/14

    This is a wonderful, fun musical. I just smile from beginning to end. It is such a great movie. The songs are a delight and the actors are perfectly cast.

  • Calamity Jane- Wonderful!

    • Misty
    • 4/4/14

    One of my all time favorite Doris Day movies. From the first scene until the last I have a big smile on my face. The singing is wonderful. The story is adorable. What a great movie.

  • Calamity Alright

    • Meredith
    • 8/3/13

    I have to admit I'm not a big Doris Day fan; I do like her okay in some of her roles, but this film is absolutely cringe worthy. I understand this is not a serious movie and it does have a fun lighthearted feel, but Day so overacts trying to be a western tomboy it's unbearable. The music is just great because it sticks in your head for days and days after seeing the film. I don't know the words exactly but I've got the tune and "windy city" playing round and round nonstop. I do wonder if when Day was lifted and lowered by her arms she felt any pain; when I saw it I thought of my arms being pulled out of their sockets, so I will give her credit for her stunt work.

  • Calamity Jane

    • Goetan
    • 8/2/13

    A Western musical with a questionable history concerning Calamity Jane & Bill Hicock. Day & Keel give solid work as the two mentioned historical figures, although Day seems like too much of a loud-mouth in the beginning. "Secret Love" won the Best Song Oscar, and the story has a predictable plot that viewers can see ahead of time. An entertaining and safe, straight-forward film. I give it a 3.5/5.

  • Fun! Fun! Fun Musical!

    • maureen v.V
    • 7/2/12

    Doris Day was being herself as Calamity Jane. Fun and happy. Howard Keel is a handsome rugged Wild Bill Hickok. A good, fun musical movie to see.

  • Calimity Jane

    • Bobbee
    • 4/6/12

    When will we see it on TCM?

  • Unbelievable!

    • MGD1957
    • 3/29/12

    TCM is featuring 28 of Day's films as Star of the Month and they don't feature "Calamity Jane"? I can't believe the TCM programmers would've left out the film that's one of her favorites.

  • Delightful Doll

    • Condie
    • 1/14/12

    Of course Betty Hutton could play a more believable Calamity Jane. But she could not play a better Doris Day. And Doris Day is a delightful doll in this presentation.

  • What a fun movie!

    • Kristi
    • 2/10/10

    If you like fun, light-hearted musical comedies, then you will certainly love Calamity Jane. It's filled with colorful costumes, catchy tunes, and a lot of laughs. One of Dorris Day's best!

  • Calamiyty Jane (1953)

    • Jay Higgins
    • 9/14/09

    Overbearingly colorful and peppy, as well as way overlong. This is the kind of musical that just makes me groan. Doris Day gives such an exaggerated performance it gets annoying. There are some good songs, and it is well produced, but it has a phony look too it. There was little attempt at period detail.

  • We Want All Of Betty Huttons movies

    • Julie Crebs
    • 1/10/08

    This was a wonderful movie but there are so many more Betty Hutton movies out there that are not available for us to own on DVD: Let's Dance, Incendiary Blonde, Red Hot and Blue, Dream Girl, Spring Reunion, Somebody Loves Me, Star Spangled Rhythm. Please let us have them all. Now that Betty is gone, we need her movies to remember her.

  • Fun movie

    • JJ
    • 12/31/07

    Would love to see this on TCM

  • One of the grand old musicals.

    • Lewis Stone
    • 11/24/07

    While this movie may not be the quality of "Singing in the Rain" it certainly deserves to be added to your library of grand old musicals. You have a large number of Doris Day movies. Why not this one?I was learning to be a projectionest at the local theater at the time. This movie was the one where i "soloed" as a projectionist.

  • Best Musical of the '50's

    • Lee
    • 9/25/07

    Doris Day says it was her personal favorite. Would love to see it on TCM.

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