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Monte Walsh

Monte Walsh(1970)

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  • my movie

    • a.morris
    • 6/1/18

    I could never say the proper words for this movie. it has left a personal mark on me since childhood. the story is based on a novel. I think the adaptation was beautiful. i once read an article in which lee marvin seemed less than pleased as to how the movie turned out. i was surprised to read he was disappointed in the music for the movie. he was displeased about the gunplay in the story too. I hope he did not always think the movie was a bust. I really can not think of it being better made. the director was a veteran cinematographer and that experience was on display. the entire look of the movie was a fully moving Frederick Remington image. the stunt work was first rate. I still do not care if people can tell if it is not the actor doing the stunts. if the story is good enough you should not care. the casting for the movie could never be better. every man and woman is a hall of fame talent. pound for pound character wise it is as close to perfection as possible. it is one the best movies a person could ever see. a man very respected once said there were only three great westerns of the 1970s. in my heart I knew he was wrong because he did not say this one.

  • Lee Marvin and Jack Palance at their best

    • Tim Calligan
    • 11/16/15

    Truly a cowboy movie for the ages. This movie is one of my favorite westerns to date. A must see.

  • Monte Walsh

    • Susanne Cavendish
    • 5/10/14

    I think, Jeanne Moreau was great in a self-deprecating, honorable way. Lee Marvin and Jack Palance weren't bad either. So many personfications of the times and yet, love for what they meant to those who lived in them. Thank you!

  • Western is Emotional

    • Daniel F. Maloney
    • 5/10/14

    Would rather not write at this time. Today,I was fortunate enough to see this favorite of mine on Ted Turner this afternoon and it allowed me to watch some of my favorite actors at their very best. Marvin,Palance,Davis,Green Bush and four others who "live"the Western man every time. John Barry Arizona scenery that was well filmed to appear as Montana The Lee Marvin character...he did so well as to having me tear u toward the end...losing everyone and feeling showing the pain on his magnificent face. I give it five stars.

  • "I ain't spittin' on my whole life"

    • Jeff Boston
    • 11/11/13

    Great line from Monte to the Wild West Show promoter, and the scene with Chet and Shorty in the hardware store is almost too tense it was so well done. I was glad I watched proud WW2 veteran Marvin last night on the eve of Veterans Day. He did a great job here, as always. This is a timeless movie for it authentically shows how the most masculine men (working with grit and determination in the great outdoors) resist change the most, for most change has come, and continues to come, via technology, feminization, and the blurring of right and wrong.

  • Good western

    • Joseph
    • 11/10/13

    Good movie, great acting and script. I enjoyed this movie thoroughly.

  • Another very good Jack Schaefer adaptation

    • TK
    • 3/31/13

    Perhaps not quite as dark and moody as "Shane" because I think it has more lighter moments. But it's just as fine a screen adaptation of the trademark character centric western story by Jack Schaefer. Lee Marvin and Jack Palance get most of the pub and deservedly so for their fine performances, but don't overlook Jeanne Moreau. She'll break your heart.

  • This one's a ( great) sleeper.

    • twinwillow
    • 3/23/13

    I can't believe I've never (that I can recall) seen this great movie before. Lee Marvin deserved an Academy Award nomination. Glad he blew "Shorty" away at the end. He deserved it!Was that Mama Cass singing the closing song?

  • Wow, this movie sure slipped by under the radar!!!

    • Joseph Brush
    • 1/31/13

    Thanks again to TCM for showing a movie like this. I remember when Monte Walsh was released but just never got around to watching it. Kudos all around for those involved in making a movie about the dying out of the old cowboys.

  • As Good as They Get

    • Bob
    • 1/31/13

    I went far too long before I got around to watching this wonderful movie. Great acting, great direction, moving script, and a world class sound track. It's actually my favorite Lee Marvin film.

  • Monte Walsh

    • pam fricker
    • 1/30/13

    I've only seen the clips but from what I've seen and heard from the reviews it sounds like a pretty good western to watch I love to watch westerns and I love to watch lee Marvin in a western he's always been a tough guy so thanks I'll be watching tomorrow night starting at 8;00 he's in another great western Cat Ballou with Jane Fonda I can't wait TCM is the BEST

    • 1/30/13

  • Monte Walsh

    • pam fricker
    • 1/30/13

    I'v only seen the clips and read the reveiws and I can't wait to see the movie I love lee Marvin in westerns, but I love westerns any way they are my favorite movie to watch so I will be gluded to the tube in the morning thank you

  • The Best

    • Phil
    • 5/1/11

    I agree with so many of the other reviews. This is not only the best western, it is one of the best movies including all categories. I am grateful to all who were involved for making this film.

  • Monte Walsh

    • Dawn
    • 9/6/10

    I've been a fan of westerns since Have Gun Will Travel. I will soon turn 66. This is without a doubt the best western ever made. It is not only REAL, it was made by the best of the best in all areas from writing to directing to acting to Mama Cass. I still watch it at least once a year.

  • Monte Walsh

    • Tom Kabelka
    • 6/18/10

    I viewed this movie for first time on June 15, 2010. I was stunned. Monte Walsh is a absolutely superior work in all motion picture categories. Lee Marvin and Jack Palance have been long time favorites of mine. The story line is sharp and clean and to the point. I certainly believe it does hold its own with the likes of Shane, High Noon, and Red River. I would add it to my DVD collection in a heart beat.

  • Monte Walsh

    • Mick
    • 6/17/10

    This Movie was one of the best Westerns I have seen. It clearly is more realistic than the Majority of the Westerns Produced. I think Lee Marvin and Jack Palance would agree that it was probably one of their Favorites. I miss them both.

  • 1970 fresh still in 2010

    • rick rowland
    • 6/16/10

    This movie snuck-up on me. It may be one of the classic and ageless "sleeper" movies of the 70's. There are very few that can maintain (or maybe rediscover) their artistic achievement. This is actually a movie of exceptional skill in capturing a period in the Western movie along the lines of Clint Eastwood's performances.It is exceptional in character portrayal and pacing, without the sentimentality and schmaltz. All the cast performed well. This should probably be among the top 25 movies about the West.(We can't always be Cowboys, but this comes close to capturing (In a modern sense) what the cowboy was.

  • Monte Walsh

    • Frank Lallas
    • 6/15/10

    A cowbay movie for the ages. they just don't come an better incredable story wonderful acting. Great story line. I felt i was there with Lee and Jack. I found this available on tape. but i can not understand why it hasen't been released on DVD.

  • Need to be on DVD

    • Dan Hill
    • 4/19/10

    I think I bought my VHS copy of this at Wal-Mart in the early '90s...the best western, so realistic & authentic; shows the cowboy life as it really was. Great cast and acting, unforgettable score by Mama Cass, & Charlie Russell artwork at the front of the movie..hard to top this movie; my video tape is wearing out, when will it be on DVD?

  • A Cowboy Forever

    • Larry Rothfork
    • 3/15/10

    I first saw this as a double billed feature with "Billy Jack" in 1970. I was completely blown away by both films.And here I thought I was the only one, but after reading the reviews recognizing just how great this film is, I can see that I was wrong.My favorite scene is with Chet and Monte dozing on the porch, and Chet gives Monte the devastating news that not only is he getting married, but that he is thru being a cowboyman..listening to that music score makes this scene a real killer. But remember.."Nobody gets to be a cowboy forever"

  • one of the best westerns, ever!

    • tj troup
    • 1/7/10

    on the heels of redford, and newman, comes another classic "buddy" movie in the west. jack schafer's well written story comes to life under the superb direction of william fraker(his first shot behind the camera). add john barry's poignant music score(highlighted by mama cass singin'), and cowpokes...we got a winner! marvin and palance rival butch and sundance for both comedy, and action. so saddle up for the ride to harmony and jeanne's sweet smile.

  • One of Lee Marvins best performances

    • Brian
    • 12/4/09

    I really wish they would release this movie on DVD. It is a wonderful western and in my opinion far superior to the made for TV version with Tom Selleck. And I like Tom Selleck. I can't imagine why it has not been released yet.

  • "Greatest Western", I've ever seen!

    • Dianne Allen
    • 8/31/09

    Please release this movie on DVD & Blue Ray. Anyone who hasn't seen this movie (from 1970) with "Lee Marvin" is missing out on one of the Greatest Westerns ever made.Any other remakes (with other actors)just doesn't give it the attention it deserves!

  • Please release this on DVD & Blue Ray

    • Mike Steele
    • 8/17/09

    Probably one of the best true depictions of the old west and the demise of the cowboy I've ever seen. The title song by Mama Cass is poignant and timeless, especially considering today's economic times.

  • Top 5 westerns of all time!!

    • Elliott O. Smith
    • 3/21/09

    Having experienced the cowboy life on numerous occasions (as was my boyhood wish-growing up in the Bronx,NYC). This was and will always be among my favorites. Depicting proud, honorable men caught up in changing times. Also loyalty to ones friends and lifestyle. Most moving line ... " I ain't spittin' on my whole life".

  • Should be on DVD and BLUE RAY

    • RNB
    • 11/23/08

    One of the best western movie themes ever. The acting and casting are absolutely superb. It's a shame that this movie isn't available on HD DVD and BLUE RAY.

  • One of the best westerns ever

    • Blair
    • 8/20/08

    This has always been one of my favorite movies. Lee Marvin's depiction of Monte Walsh was how I pictured him when I first read the book. He and Jack Palance as Chet Rollins make for a great combination. This movie deserves to be re-mastered and put on DVD.

  • Reflected my lifetime

    • Jerry Loving
    • 8/20/08

    this was the 1st time I have seen this movie and I was so moved by how the movie reflected some of the highlights of my life (I am 64). There were scenes where I actually teared up and Lee Marvin did a magnificent job of portraying the aging cowboy. Although it had a western theme, it was so close to being the story of my life. I will definitely watch this movie again. We all need to realize how short our lives are and how there are changes in the world that affect us on a daily basis. this movie did a perfect job of showing real life. The ending was perfect.There was a lot of symbolism in this movie and it was aimed at us aging boomers. Thank you for showing the movie. This has become my favorite lee Marvin movie. It used to be the Man who shot liberty Valance but this movie blew it away.Jerry Loving

  • Breaking the white horse

    • Vic Kovner
    • 8/19/08

    The horse breaking and town wrecking scene is one of the best horse stunts I have ever seen. I would be interested in comments from the crew who set it up.

  • best western

    • bob scott
    • 8/19/08

    definitely one of the best westerns made. a long time favorite and i thank you for finally airing it...long overdue and under appreciated. i hope to see it in the line up again, it's worth repeating. i was so disappointed with the lame remake of this movie starring tom selleck. what a waste!

  • A fine little film

    • Tom Kidd
    • 8/2/08

    There are so many facets to the 1970 version of Monte Walsh not the leastbeing the chemistry between Lee Marvin and Jeanne Moreau. It is truly an exquistie understated love story.

  • Monte play by Lee

    • fuzznew
    • 8/1/08

    Lee Marvin blows Tom Selleck out of the water in this role. His face says more with an eyebrow movement than the crappy lines selleck cant deliver.

  • Monte Walsh/Lee Marvin

    • Bryan Sullivan
    • 5/22/07

    Lee Marvin the quin essential performance of a cowboy fading into the past............Wonderful.only marvin could and can pull this off.

  • Play Monte Walsh 1970 verison plz.

    • Gerald L.Williams
    • 3/22/06

    I watch TCM all the time , One of the best channels of all times ( 5 stars)rating as fas as I'm concerned thank you...I watch TCM on my HDTV via DirecTV.. better picture here than cable.

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