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A Guy Named Joe

A Guy Named Joe(1944)


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  • the venture depends on you.

    • a.morris
    • 2/16/18

    if you can not accept the idea of the story you will not enjoy it.

  • Children's accents are not 'fake'

    • Leslie
    • 5/24/14

    A reviewer here (name 'with held'), who says she was an Air Force 'brat' refers to the 'fake' British accents of the children standing by the fence at the start of the film waiting to talk to 'Joe'. Do you recognize the smallest of the children? That is Christopher Severn, and two of his siblings are also there: Yvonne and Ernest. Christopher Severn memorably played 'Toby' in "Mrs. Miniver." I think he was seven at the time. The accents are not fake. The family had several child performers in late 30s and early forties. Some acted until 1953. They may still be alive. Yvonne was the eldest. I believe they were actually born in South Africa.

  • P-38 Strike by Female Contractor

    • Tommy
    • 3/17/13

    A Guy Named Joe is indeed a romantic fantasy, but set aside 'Joe' and the story is all about the female contractor and the awesome performance of the P-38 which included film footage that must have been from Lockheed marketing division. Oh the sound of those superchargers! The scene when our girl hero goes into-attack is as good as any ever done - filmed facing the barrels of the P-38's four .50s and one 20mm firing in correspondence to her trigger-pull with gritty determination - is both courageous and sexy. The film must become available in DVD.

  • A guy Named Joe

    • Michael
    • 1/2/13

    A much better story presentation than "Always," and much more in depth. Exemplary presentation. Very hard for modern Americans to write a decent story for film today. We need to search for writers as we had in the 30s, 40s and 50s.

  • "A right proper chap"

    • With held
    • 8/25/12

    I am an Air Force "Brat," born to a career A.F. Officer then married a career A.F. Officer who were assigned to 8th Air Force and subsequently, spent many years in England both as a child & adult. "A Guy Named Joe" has always held a special place in my family and in my life surrounded by pilots. I was especially touched by the review written by the widow of an A.F. pilot and what this film has meant to her over the past 40 years. ("but for the grace of God there go I.) I also got a bit of a chuckle from Liam's "Who's Joe?" review. Though difficult to decypher through the fake English accents of the children waiting by the flight line to talk to Pete as he returns from a mission at the beginning of the film, a "Joe is what we English call an American who is a right proper chap." (Don't quote me, it's probably not verbatim! But maybe it will help to clear up the mystery for Liam and undoubtedly others wondering "who is Joe?!") Evenso, I rather prefer Becky's explanation from her 2009 review, that "Joe is everyman" for indeed he is. He is every man or woman who does the right thing, difficult though it may be, in this case, in a cockpit. Thanks for keeping this great film alive as sadly, we are losing our valient, selfless, "Greatest Generation" fighter pilots. All...a guy named Joe. "Lord Guard and Guide" them as they "Touch the Face of God." signed, a most grateful "Brat"

  • A Guy Named Joe (1944)

    • Mr. Blandings
    • 8/25/12

    Finally saw this movie today. I've wanted to see it since I happened to catch "Always" on TV last year, which I thought was pretty good. And if a remake is pretty good, I thought, then the classic original must be better! It was, although I wished I hadn't seen Always first since the plot was too faithful and it kind of spoiled the experience of watching this one for the first time (sure it was forest fires instead of WWII but the plot was the same, right down to the characters' names!) Outside of that, Richard Dreyfuss is no Spencer Tracy, not even close. Spence was brilliant and makes it look effortless. And Irene Dunne, who has never been a favorite of mine, did a good job. Then there's James Gleason (he does a lot of these "heaven" pictures, doesn't he?), Lionel Barrymore, Esther Williams, Don DeFore, Barry Nelson, and Van Johnson. Good cast, although some of them appear all too briefly. The effects were also very good, I thought.

  • A Guy Named Joe

    • Jessica Taylor
    • 8/25/12

    I loved the story and acting, a great film to watch more than once please release on DVD in classic black and white, a charming film. I give it 5 stars and I'm picky

  • PLEASE - Put A Guy Named Joe on DVD

    • Tamara
    • 3/2/12

    For the life of me I don't understand why 'A Guy Named Joe' isn't on DVD. This is such a wonderful movie with outstanding performances. I mean ... if Spielberg liked it enough to do a remake -- then the original SHOULD be on DVD. BTW ... this version is the better of the two ... but both are great. PLEASE put it on DVD!

  • A guy named Joe

    • Kathy
    • 5/24/11

    This is my favorite of all the copies of this film. The cast is fabulous, story so believable and beautifully done. Please put this on DVD! It is truly one of the greats.

  • Romantic and Inspiring...

    • Perry Walkov
    • 4/29/11

    I am still waiting for this to come out on DVD.Spencer Tracy and Van Johnson are outstanding.About a guy that does not appreciate his girl, during World War II. HE (Spencer Tracy) only comes to "FEEL" the love he has for his girl after he is killed, goes to haven, and is given an assignment. To help her get over him, so that she can love again...Heartbreaking at times, but full of hope for the future. In time, her new love enters her world... But she is still tied to her dead love. I won't give any more away, but if you love movies, and romance, watch this movie.And be prepared to cry...

  • A Guy named Joe

    • Gloria Taylor
    • 1/1/11

    It is one of my favorite WW2 movies. When I get my TCM guide each month, I look to see if that movie is listed. I would like to buy it, but it is not available on DVD.

  • Those guys were all named Joe.

    • Peggy Rooney
    • 11/27/10

    I've been the most absolutely fanatic admirer of Spencer Tracy since I was a teenager and saw "Captains Courageous." After that I was hooked for life. When I was away at college a group of us always got together to watch when we heard that one of his movies was on TV. I recall a fellow English major felt that "A Guy Named Joe" fit the classic definition of tragedy--a total purging of the emotions of pity and fear.Tracy and Irene Dunne were just brilliant together. The scene near the end when he flies with her (unseen and unheard by her because he's an angel) on a dangerous bombing mission is one of the finest love scenes on film.Only someone with Spencer Tracy's authenticity and integrity could have acted his way through what might have turned into a ridiculous scenerio in somebody else's hands. As his character Pete/Joe releases his girl to live a happy life without him. I'm both enraptured by the scene and at the same time thinking"That man was surely God's gift to acting."Can I have an Amen on that?


    • BECKY
    • 9/1/10

    I just read the review asking "Who is Joe"? Well, Joe is every guy fighting for a cause and inspiring other guys to be the best they can be and do the best they can do. While passing on their knowledge they also pass on their mores, their way of life and attitude about things. That is why Joe is not just a war movie; it appeals to everyone.Please, put this movie on DVD so everyone can enjoy it!

  • A Guy Named Joe

    • Mark Demmin Sr.
    • 6/28/09

    There are literally thousands of P-38 fans in the world who would appreciate it if TCM would put this movie on DVD in high quality.

  • Who Is Joe?

    • Liam
    • 6/2/09

    I have watched this movie many times and always enjoy it. Much better than the remake "Always". Somehow I've missed the significance of the title...who is the guy named Joe, if Spencer Tracy is Pete, Ward Bond is Al and Van Johnson is Ted...who is Joe?

  • Please get " A Guy Named Joe" on DVD

    • Brian Beulen
    • 5/25/09

    I represent at least 20 pilots in the Phoenix area. Most of whom are too busy flying to comment themselves, but we would all like to see this movie released on DVD. If this is not possible could you run the film on TCM soon and remind me of the time and date it will run.ThanksBrian

  • It's never too late to love again.

    • Lynn Hartz
    • 5/6/09

    I watched this movie and reflected on the death of my husband, which was 38 years ago. He was in the Air Force, and as I watched this movie and the anniversary of his death coming up in 20 days, I felt as though I were being spoken to, much as Joe was speaking to people in the movie.Nothing can change the love we have for someone who dies, but that love should help us as we learn to live for those who are left, not those who have gone on.My husband and I both loved Spencer Tracy, and watching this was warm, comforting and reflective, as well as a message to me-- it's time to love again.

  • A movie worth seeing over and over

    • linda raymond
    • 4/4/09

    I have been requesting for sometime now that this movie be made into a dvd. It's a real tear jerker that I nver get tired of watching. Great performances by Spencer Tracy,Van Johnson and Irene Dunne - this is a classic and every time it's on TCM I make sure I watch it.

  • treasured movie

    • Bev
    • 3/31/09

    my Mom loved this movie. She died a little over a year ago from cancer. It is comforting to find movies or things she enjoyed and enjoy them too. Hopefully one day this will be on dvd so I can watch with my Dad. He is 84 and was a bombardier in WWII. They were married for 60 years and enjoyed this movie.

  • A Classic!

    • j. mallon
    • 2/13/09

    Why isn't this movie on DVD? It's a classic. Tracy, Dunn and Van Johnson, all do a great job. I've seen this movie many times, and I enjoy it each time.

  • How have I missed it?

    • STEPcoach
    • 2/13/09

    As much as I love great stories and great acting, I am amazed I've never heard of this before. The plot - a hard nosed tough guy WWII pilot who is assigned, after his heroic death, to coach a softy novice pilot is charming. I'd love to have this on DVD to review the exciting parts, the fun parts, and the splendidly acted parts.Tracy is tremendous!

  • Rela Heroes playing Reel Heroes

    • Robert Eleazer
    • 12/24/08

    TCM recently showed A Guy Named Joe followed by Thirty Secods Over Tokyo.Several years ago my neighbor, who flew B-25's in WWII, told me an interesting fact concerning these two films. It seems that some of the actual aircrew who flew the Doolittle Raid mission appeared as extras in A Guy Named Joe!My neighbor's squadron commander was one of the pilots that flew B-25's off the USS Hornet. He told my neighbor of this remarkable fact.

  • One of my favorite Movies

    • Larry Rothman
    • 12/10/08

    I find it hard to believe one of the best actor of the time in one of the best movies of it's time and now by the remake, has never been on DVD? Crazy!We are talking Spencer Tracy.......Every one of his movies should be on DVD! Right..............

  • A GUY NAMED JOE - Spencer Tracy...!

    • Perry Bozo Walkov
    • 6/5/08

    This movie is the predicessor to ALWAYS, which starred Richard Dreyfuss, John Goodman and Holly Hunter. Spencer Tracy is absolutely wonderful in this movie, which is set during WWII. Basically a love story, it's about love not spoken and the regret that silence creates. At the end of this movie, selflessness is displayed by Tracey's character giving away his love for his girl to another flyer... Immortal...! Van Johnson plays the flyer that eventually get's the girl.This is a classic movie, if there is such a thing. Please vote to have it moved to DVD... You can watch this movie over and over...

  • Great, great movie!

    • Caramia
    • 12/28/07

    This movie totally and completely enthralled me. It should be a well known classic and absolutely on DVD! Great acting, great casting, great movie!

  • A guy named named Joe

    • Craig
    • 8/18/07

    Some mite not know Spencer Tracy and Irene Dunn asked that movie production stop , until Van Johnson healed from the auto acident he was in. Thats class and professionalism. These WWII era movie I feel should hold true today. Are troops need a angel on there shoulder.

  • DVD worthy

    • j. mallon
    • 8/1/07

    It's about time this classic was available on DVD.

  • A must have for collectors

    • Becky
    • 5/20/07

    This movie has been remade under the title of "Always" but this remake could not even come close the the original in performances. Tracy stars in a role that makes patriatism what everyone wants to be. It is a must have for collectors of WWII movies.

  • Saw it in 1944

    • Charles Harrington
    • 3/29/07

    I saw this movie at Camp Maxie Texas during WW2. Noted it in my diary as a good picture. I would like to see it again.

  • Go Air Force!

    • Joey
    • 11/1/06

    A geat sentimental movie for both guys and gals. Great acting by all. This is the only film I know of that showcases the great WWII fighter pursuit plane: P-38 'Lightnings'.

  • I love love love this movie!

    • Katie
    • 10/18/06

    I love this movie. I cry just thinking about it. Its a great movie and you need to watch it!

  • Classic Romance

    • Celina
    • 7/29/06

    A Guy Named Joe is an epic example of a man's love for a woman even if he can't be the guy to love her. Spencer Tracy and Van Johnson both play the guy that any woman would be happy to hvae and Irene Dunne is fortunate to have them one at a time. What more could a girl want?

  • Great romantic black and white

    • Karen
    • 2/25/06

    This is another great WW2 chick flick.The acting isn't bad; but language is dated. The plot is good and it reminded me of the modern movie Pearl Harbor.

  • A Guy Named Joe

    • Todd
    • 1/25/06

    Spencer Tracy Irene Dunne and Van Johnson give great performances in this classic about life after death. During WWII this type of movie gave comfort to military families. Its about time it gets new life after death on dvd. Lets not forget the great Ward Bond in support of Tracy he is one of the best supporting actors ever. " Thats my boy and thats my girl".

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