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On an Island with You

On an Island with You(1948)

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On the tropical island set of a Hollywood film, leading actor Ricardo Montez is portraying the part of a Navy man in love with a Polynesian native, played by his co-star and real life fiancée, Rosalind Rennolds. Also working on the film is Lawrence Y. Kingslee, a Navy lieutenant hired to advise director George Blaine on the film's authenticity. One day, during the filming of an important scene between Rosalind and Ricardo, Larry interrupts the shooting to complain that Ricardo is not showing enough passion. When George invites Larry to step in and demonstrate how he would play the scene, Larry ignores the script and plants a real kiss on Rosalind's lips. Later that night, at the Royal Aloha hotel, the cast and crew members attend a nightclub dance hosted by Xavier Cugat and his orchestra. Larry, determined to steal Rosalind away from Ricardo, asks her to dance with him, but she rejects him hoping to discourage him from committing any future improprieties on the set. While Larry continues his romantic pursuit of Rosalind, Yvonne Torro, a featured actress in the film, takes a romantic interest in Ricardo. Buckley tries to persuade Larry to woo Yvonne instead of Rosalind, but Larry refuses and tells Buckley that he has been obsessed with Rosalind ever since she performed for the troops at his base three years earlier. The next day, Larry is assigned to circle the set once in an airplane with Rosalind on board, but he ignores George's instructions and flies the plane away from the set. After landing the airplane on the real tropical island where he first met Rosalind, Larry demands that she dance with him before he returns her to the set. Rosalind agrees to the dance but insists that any gestures of affection she may have shown him in the past were merely meant to keep up soldier morale during the war. Rosalind offers to kiss him to prove that she feels no emotion for him, but the kiss reveals an attraction for Larry that she cannot hide. When Larry and Rosalind return to the airplane, they discover that the wheels and other parts have been stolen by some of the islanders. The two set out in search of the natives' jungle village but become separated along the way. While Larry reaches the village, Rosalind is rescued by Ricardo and the search party he formed. Buckley, who has set out to find Larry, is captured by the cannibalistic natives but is saved by Larry, who has befriended the natives. Larry is later fired from the picture and returned to his base, where he is called into his commander's office and told that he faces a court-martial for improper conduct. Rosalind tries to save Larry by telling the commander that she encouraged Larry to take her to the island and that his conduct was gentlemanly, but Larry misjudges Rosalind's motives and insists on pleading guilty. Ricardo, meanwhile, becomes estranged from his fiancée and enters into a romance with Yvonne. Larry eventually apologizes to Rosalind for his quick judgment, and after she pushes him into a pool, they seal their love with a kiss.