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The Long, Long Trailer

The Long, Long Trailer(1954)

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  • I love the movie

    • Larry
    • 7/15/19

    The first time I ever saw this movie it was on NBC's Saturday Night At The Movies. I caught it at age thirteen and on the night following nay father's funeral. It was a terrible time but as I stared at the tv, this movie appeared and Lucy felt like a friend and her humor made me feel a little better. It still does. And this is an endlessly funny film. I still, wonder, however, when Taci and Nicki go to the trailer show how did that high diver manage to splash into that shallow pool and not break her neck. I'll always treasure this movie.

  • One of My Favorite Lucy & Desi Performances

    • Nancy
    • 3/9/19

    When you see the size of this trailer, you just KNOW you are in for some great laughs and this movie does not disappoint. There are parts of this movie I can see over and over and over and still laugh at them as I did the very first time as a child. When the trailer is on the thin mountain road and is backing up, I still sit on the edge of my chair wondering what will happen, despite the fact that I know the outcome.

  • Taci

    • LDLM
    • 8/9/18

    Taci, short for Anastasia, she's named after her aunt, she says that in the film.

    • 6/11/18

  • hilarious

    • trylon
    • 3/31/17

    This movie is pure escapism and a great way to remember middle class life in the 1950s. Lucy and Desi are wonderful and every scene seems to be designed just for their acting styles and their brand of humor. There is something wonderful about the trailer parks they visit during their trip. They are a microcosm of the values and lifestyles of the middle class in 1950s America. Marjorie Main is perfect as a fellow "trailerite" who come to Lucy's rescue. I've read that the dress Lucy wears while attempting to make dinner in the moving trailer is the same dress she wears in I Love Lucy in the scene where she falls into a swimming pool so it will appear Ricky is rescuing her just as gossip columnist, Hedda Hopper, arrives. This is a fun film. It was one of the first DVDs I ever bought but I look for it on TCM because I love the commentaries.

  • Long Long Trailer-Ben is Always Right

    • carol
    • 9/20/16

    To the reviewer who was annoyed by Ben's repeated referral to "Taci" instead of Tracy. If you just click on the cast and crew, you can see that her characters name is actually Taci. It's not just a Cuban accent thing.

  • The Long Long Staler

    • Clichae,H.A.
    • 8/2/16

    All episodes of I Love Lucy provide points of reference for alot of what goes on inside & outside of me. This movie does not- although it is a worthy time-passer with kids.

  • Long long Trailer

    • Martha
    • 8/2/16

    This is one of the funniest films I have ever seen. Every time I see it I appreciate it more. Having done a lot of RV-ing I can assure you we have been in every one of those situations. The technical director did a marvelous job. Thanks for showing again.

  • Ben, please check the Cast & Crew

    • Kathleen O'Brien
    • 12/14/14

    I wish Ben Mankiewicz would stop calling Lucille Ball's character "Taci" "Tracy." Look up the cast & crew. This is not an obscure movie but a major comedy classic, and how can we believe commentary if Ben can't even get the name right of the main character listed first? Thanks.

  • So funny; So real!

    • Alice
    • 11/29/14

    I was a grammar school-aged child when I first saw this film. It was hilarious then! It became even more funny when I saw it as an adult who camped out regularly in a large fifth-wheel trailer. It is true! The closest that two people come to divorce is when they go camping together! This film will never go out of date. It and it's cast as well as the story, are, Timeless!!

  • name of trailer

    • brenda SPENCER
    • 11/24/14

    in the long long trailer with Lucy Rickey what was the make trailer

  • I Love The Long Long Trailer

    • Brian
    • 6/6/14

    Absolutely love this movie. I think it shows off Lucy and Desi's incredible comic skills.Their male and female ways of looking at life conflict but love conquers their differences in hilarious ways.Beautiful 1950's color and good directing thanks to Vincente MinnelliBought the video. Laugh my head off every time I see it.This, I think, has been a very underrated movie. I hope it get's the recognition it deserves some day. Love it!

  • A Classic

    • Tommy
    • 6/27/12

    Too bad they don't make them like this anymore.

  • Lucy and Desi Road Trip

    • Bruce Reber
    • 4/2/12

    I've seen every episode of "I Love Lucy" at least 10 times, and I've seen "The Long, Long Trailer" about 20 times. It's a hilarious comedy about honeymooners Tacy and Nick Collini, and the humongous monster of a trailer they bought for their "home on the road". It's filled with lots of sight gags and funny dialogue, i.e. Nick learning to drive with the trailer (trailer brakes first, trailer brakes first!!!), Nick destroying Tacy's aunt Anastacia's yard trying to get the trailer in the driveway (Tacy: I was hoping they'd give us a deep freeze. Nick: you're getting the deep freeze-look at those faces!), Tacy trying to cook dinner in the trailer while Nick drives over the bumpiest road in America (she ends up covered with flour and food everywhere!), and Tacy's rock collection sliding around in the trailer while they maneuver up and down the steep mountains. This should have been made in widescreen, to better show off the beautiful Western scenery.

  • The Long, Long Episode of "I Love Lucy"

    • Mr. Blandings
    • 3/22/12

    If you've seen Lucy & Ricky then Tacy & Nicky is nothing new. The first time I saw it I thought it was okay and had a few funny scenes. The second time I saw it only the annoyingness of it remained.

  • Long Long Trailer

    • Dave
    • 11/11/11

    Lucy and Desi at their hilarious best. All that is needed to be better was for Fred & Ethel to show up pulling another trailer! One of my favorite movies.

  • The Long Long Trailer

    • Ellen
    • 8/1/11

    This is one of my all time fav! They don't make movies like this any more!!

  • Funny movie

    • Spencer L.
    • 5/9/11

    Great movie, especially for those who love I Love Lucy. Desi is called "Ricky" at one point, watch for that. Also watch for a very young Liza Minnelli as one of the children in one of the scenes.

  • Great Film!

    • Adam
    • 5/3/11

    This is one of my favorite movies. I would recommend this film to any Lucille Ball fan.

  • Fantastic and funny !

    • vickie
    • 1/1/11

    this is some of the best comedy ever! My Grandson and I collect Lucy everything and we have watched this again and again ever year!

  • The Long, Long Trailer

    • Stef
    • 9/6/10

    It's great that old films can still make you have a good time watching them. This film not only makes you laugh, but keep you entertained throughout its entire length. I do admit there are times when I wish the scene would move a little faster, but those scenes are very rare. Lucille Ball is the queen of comedy! Desi Arnaz is great in this movie too. There chemistry in this movie makes it so realistic. This movie is a good choice if you are having a family movie night, a date, or even if you just want to stay home and laugh. It's a funny, classic film that stands the test of time.

  • Good family comedy

    • Buffalo
    • 11/14/09

    Loved this film...since I first saw it some 30 years ago...and have loved it ever of my favorites....good clean fun......have it on DVD and watch it at least once a month...being a big fan of classic Lucy and Desi...can never get enough of I love Lucy....what a pair....good movie to watch on those cold, snowy nights , cuddled up with your honey.....

  • The Long, Long Trailer (1954)

    • Jay Higgins
    • 10/22/09

    A fun film to watch, and it's great to have Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz together in a feature length movie. The situations are amusing, and it's well written. It's an ideal movie for the two stars. Well produced and very entertaining.

  • Great movie a lot of laughs

    • Dale
    • 8/16/09

    This movie came out a week after I was born so its old but still a really great movie. If you have been a I Love Lucy fan then you can't miss this one. This was a favorite of my parents who had a simular experience when the were exploring the west in the early 50's with a small camper and a 49 studebaker auto. We heard stories that made us laugh growing up about their adventures. Lucy make it real and the scenery is wonderful showing the way eary RVing was like.

  • Tacy Bolton - Collini and Nicholas 'Nicky' Collini

    • Juliet27
    • 6/21/09

    Lucille Ball as Tracy Bolton-Collini and Desi Arnaz Nicholas 'Nicky' Collini were excellent as the newly wedded couple traveling the country side in a large bulky trailer behind their car. They get into trouble in every turn! You need to see this movie. You will love the scene where they tried to drive up a 8,000 feet mountain with the trailer filled of rocks and mason jars filled with jelly and other stuff. You will be on the edge of your seat.

  • Juliet's Pick

    • Juliet
    • 6/21/09

    I have always loved Lucille Ball! I have read many things about her. It killed me to learned that she died after an operation, or how did she die? But I always loved I LOVE LUCY with William Farley, Vivian Vance, Lucille Ball, and Desi Arnez. I now watch I LOVE LUCY on HALLMARK Channel. I have recently watched the gang on a road trip to Hollywood. And the gang traveling to Europe. Well, who won't love LUCY! Well, who won't?

  • I need this in my life (truly)

    • Juliet
    • 6/21/09

    I love this movie! THE LONG, LONG TRAILER 1954 with Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball. I remember I was on vacation with my two sisters and my mother, and my sister turned the channel and there it was THE LONG, LONG TRAILER, and my sister told that she loves this movie and we had to watch. I am 37 years old, and I turned 37 on June 13, 2009. I didn't see this movie until it aired in syndication. But my two sisers were a little bit older than I am. They saw it before I was born, I guess. Just a guess.

  • WOW

    • Juliet
    • 6/21/09

    I re-watched THE LONG, LONG TRAILER 1954 with Lucille Ball and Desi Arnas. I forgot how funny the movie was. I couldn't stop laughing! My mother even loved it! She was born in 1927! She saw it at the theater.

  • must see must have!

    • Debby
    • 4/23/09

    saw it. loved it. bought it!

  • Long long honeymoon

    • Suggestion
    • 3/5/09

    It's the long long trailer (1954) that is the long long time of Meet Me In St Louis (1944) that is also a long long honeymoon because Vincente Minnelli married Judy Garland that he was in love. The movie was a revenge at Sid Luft's A Star is Born (1954) that Minnelli accused Luft of ravaging Garland's acting into a testimony at the previous In The Good Old Summertime (1949), also a long long time that Minnelli finally says the musical piece "Breezin' Along With the Breeze" at a response to his resentment on Garland and the rest of the world for "Strolling through the shady lanes with your baby (Liza Minnelli) mine (Van Johnson) ..." at his decline in 1949, before he and Garland were divorced. Luft immediately cared less of Garland and replied with Lorna Luft as 'Born in a truck' at a showcase for Garland for the 1954 film. Minnelli claims Garland is plain candid that wrecks her own happiness with a wrong man again, Minnelli has much remorse that he could not redeem his marriage with Garland at An American in Paris (1951) but he could not apologise because he raised the Tootsie Judy from Meet Me In St Louis (1944) that he and Garland both still fall in love at the film all the time, and insists they are a beautiful legend. Minnelli has some regrets at Garland but he is leaving his feelings for her after a long long time from the oversized trailer that is now so-called truck for years. Minnelli remains that the troubles inside his relationship with Garland is a private business. Minnelli loves her, not a mismatch, only rivalry and self-hate and morose at a disillusioned career that was a marriage that did not work out. Minnelli always believe that it was a fairy tale of a princess turned drunken slop that is bad luck altogether.

  • Oh My Gosh!!!1

    • lucylover
    • 9/12/08

    I haven't seen this movie yet and my parents won't let me buy it so I have to wait for Christmas but I swear if I don't see it soon then I will scream! I have been a Lucy and Desi fan for about a year now and I have already been to Jamestown, NY to see her grave and her houses. I absolutly love her!

  • Aunt Bea?

    • gary
    • 9/27/06

    Hi,I thought in the first trailer park scene with Marjorie Main, I saw Aunt Bea from "The Andy Griffith Show." She did not have a speaking role and is not in the credits.

  • Love it!

    • Elizabeth
    • 9/20/06

    The one thing I really loved about this film was that it was in color! After watching "I Love Lucy" for 18 years, I finally saw this on TCM. A great film for any Lucy fan.

  • Great Movie of All Times

    • Missy
    • 7/3/06

    I love this movie!! It shows that a couple can make it through 'rough' times. I grew up watching movies like this and it has made an impression on me. Great funny movie that I can't wait to have my kids see with me.

  • A 50's Classic!

    • Bob Galvin-Oliphant
    • 2/22/06

    Excellent comedy. Lucy & Desi are at their best.

  • This show is so funny!

    • Sherrie
    • 2/17/06

    This show is a must for all ages.

  • Very funny!

    • Cherie Smetana
    • 1/29/06

    This movie is so hilarious!

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