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Lovely To Look At

Lovely To Look At(1952)

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Broadway producer Tony Naylor and his partners, writers Al Marsh and Jerry Ralby, throw a party for potential backers of their new show, but cannot raise a penny because they have no startup money. Their problem soon appears to be solved when Al, whose real family name is Wodzscyngkic, receives a letter from Paris, informing him that his aunt Roberta, a famed couturier, has died and left half of her business to him. With seed money from big-hearted showgirl Bubbles Cassidy, who is in love with Tony, the men leave immediately for France, hoping to sell Al's half of the business and finance their show. Once in Paris, though, they learn that sisters Stephanie and Clarisse, who are Roberta's adopted nieces, cannot buy Al out because the once elegant dress salon is now badly in debt. The brash Tony blames Stephanie's designs, which he calls dowdy and out-of-date, and determines to help the business revive so that Al can sell his half. Tony tells Jerry and Al that with they need to spruce up Stephanie's designs, then stage a Broadway-style fashion show. Jerry agrees, and because he is attracted to Clarisse, suggests that he and Tony convince the sisters to bring in gorgeous models, music and dancing. While Jerry and Clarisse tour Paris, Tony describes his plan to Stephanie, and the two begin to realize their mutual attraction. Stephanie tries to tell Tony that their creditors, who want to close Roberta's down, will never agree to a lavish show, but when Tony barges into their meeting, he talks the bankers into advancing more money. As the weeks pass and preparations for the show progress, Stephanie and Tony begin to fall in love. When Bubbles arrives unexpectedly, however, Stephanie thinks that Bubbles and Tony are in love and is crushed. Al, who is attracted to Stephanie himself, is happy at Bubbles' arrival and asks Stephanie out while Tony takes Bubbles to Montmarte. Bubbles, who senses how Tony and Stephanie feel about each other, is annoyed when Stephanie and Al show up at the same club where she and Tony are having champagne. Al orders more champagne, and soon the two couples are joined by Jerry and Clarisse, then model Zsa Zsa and her rich, jovial companion, Max. After several rounds of champagne, everyone is drunk, except for Bubbles, who fumes while Tony and Stephanie share a romantic dance. At the end of the evening, Bubbles goes home in a taxi with Al after Tony insists that he needs to discuss business with Stephanie. In the taxi, a very inebriated Al confesses his love, and talks about a simple life with a wife and six children. Bubbles is touched, but becomes angry when she realizes that he thinks he is talking to Stephanie. Meanwhile, in a hansom cab, Stephanie and Tony kiss for the first time, after which Stephanie passes out. The next morning, Stephanie has a terrible hangover and does not remember the previous evening. When Al cheerfully tells her that he meant every word in the taxi, she is initially confused but finally understands and gently lets him know that she does not feel the same way. After Al leaves, Tony arrives and reminds Stephanie of their kiss, after which they admit their feelings for each other. Some time later, everyone is invited to a party at Max's. Al and Bubbles quietly commiserate with each other over Tony and Stephanie, then Al performs a comedy singing routine with Jerry. After the routine, which the partygoers love, Jerry and Tony discover that "Max" is actually famous Broadway impresario Max Fogelsby and immediately try to convince him to back their Broadway show. They negotiate for hours, after which Tony agrees, over Jerry's objections, to leave immediately for New York with Max. Stephanie is hurt that Bubbles' warning that Tony is too self-centered to think of anyone but himself has come true. When he says that he will leave Jerry and Al to oversee the fashion show and insists that he will send for her as soon as his Broadway show opens, she runs away. Several weeks later in New York, progress on the new Broadway show is not going well, and Tony, who realizes that his previous successes depended on his collaboration with Al and Jerry, tries to get out of his contract. Max realizes that Tony is feeling guilty for betraying his friends and has heard from Zsa Zsa that Jerry and Al are not doing well with the fashion show. Max then takes matters into his own hands by booking a flight to Paris for himself and Tony and promises to bring the Paris show to Broadway if it does well. Tony arrives at Roberta's just as the creditors are arguing with Stephanie and Clarisse. In Paris, after Tony apologizes to everyone for his behavior, the re-energized partners get to work readying the show for that night. The lavish fashion show is a great success, and at the finale, the reconciled Tony and Stephanie lovingly dance together, as do Clarisse and Jerry and Al and Bubbles, who look forward to being Mr. and Mrs. Wodzscyngkic.