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I've Got Your Number

I've Got Your Number(1934)

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Fed up with telephone repairman Terry Riley's sarcastic attitude, his boss, Joe Flood, vows to give him every dirty job that is called in and one day sends him to a fire to rescue an endangered cable. During the fire, Terry saves the life of businessman John P. Schuyler, and out of gratitute, Schuyler promises his help if Terry should ever need it. Then Terry and his partner, John, reveal a fortune-teller, Bonnie, to be a fake. Shortly afterward, Bonnie and John start to date. Meanwhile, at a nearby hotel, switchboard operator Marie Lawson agrees to help hotel guest Nicky play a joke on businessman Tully, another guest. Actually, Nicky takes a call pretending to be Tully and uses the information he receives illegally. When Tully complains to the manager because he lost a lot of money, the manager calls the phone company to determine if the line was tapped. Terry is assigned the job. He is very attracted to Marie and tries to make a date with her, but she turns him down. After he discovers that the line is clean, Marie is fired. Eventually Terry convinces her to have dinner with him. After learning that she was fired, he remembers Schuyler's offer and contacts him. Schuyler agrees to hire Marie, and to celebrate, Terry and Marie have dinner together. At the restaurant, Marie meets a girl friend and her date. The man is very interested to hear about Marie's new job, and the next day, he and his partner, Nicky, show up at Schuyler's office. While the friend distracts Marie with phony telephone calls, Nicky signs for bonds that are supposed go to Schuyler. As soon as Marie realizes what has happened, she runs after Nicky. Schuyler naturally thinks that she is part of the gang that robbed him. Terry is convinced of her innocence, however, and when she calls him asking him to meet her, he leaves immediately. Unknown to him, Schuyler's detectives follow him, and just after she tells her story to Terry, the district attorney arrests her. Terry traces the calls, which lead him to Nicky's hideout, and Terry's partner, John, stays behind to monitor the line. Terry is caught by the crooks, who lock him in a room after ripping out the phone. Terry taps directly into the line, however, and John overhears the criminals' threats. He rouses the other telephone men, who all rush to the hideout and save Terry. After the police arrest the criminals, Terry and Marie get married and are teased on their wedding night by Terry's fellow repairmen.