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Portrait of Jennie

Portrait of Jennie(1949)

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  • Portrait of Jennie - Great Romantic Movie!

    • jr
    • 5/16/18

    Don't remember just how old (or shall I say young) I was the first time I saw "Portrait of Jennie" but knew it hit me like a thunder bolt with its 'dream or not so' story/script/narration & solemn, beautiful black and white cinematography of Central Park & NYC - with gorgeous unforgettable images of both The Cloisters and The Palisades - you knew it was all going to be beautiful & sad at the same time. And behind all this - gorgeous Debussy music. Jennifer Jones, Joseph Cotten, Ethel Barrymore & Cecil Kellaway were so real & wonderful, you never wanted it to end. Movies like "Portrait of Jennie" make one realize just how much talent really went behind their creation. And the best part of the movie is that it doesn't leave you sad at all - but very transformed with hope.

  • "As you grow older, ...

    • Jeff Boston
    • 9/13/17

    ... you'll begin to believe in lots of things you can't see." Amen. Well said by the witty and wonderful Barrymore character. Cotton, Jones, Wayne, Gish, and others seamlessly play their parts in this unique, timeless gem with Selznick production values that was written by a man with a heart of gold. For the forties, the special effects are outstanding as well. Quite the coincidence that both Jennie and the film itself had to travel into the future to find true love. "There is no life, Eben, until you have loved and been loved, and then there is no death." This film emanates love, and is loved, and thanks to TCM it will never expire.

  • One of Robert Nathan's two most inspired works

    • Robert Cumming
    • 9/12/17

    Surrealism at its finest if this film version of Robert Nathan's "Portrait of Jennie" which is enhanced by inspired background music (Debussy and the like), direction and acting. Joseph Cotton, Jennifer Jones and Ethel Barrymore stand out brilliantly and sensitively. Robert Nathan's other surrealistic gem has been missed of late, featuring Cary Grant, Loretta Young and David Niven. Why has Turner Classic Movies not featured "The Bishop's Wife" for so long?I'd be inspired by both of these works several times a year. Where I am in Connecticut the libraries seem to be out of touch with these Classics, not available via our local library systems.


    • Erick
    • 12/4/16

    I love the characters, the story, the surrealism; every scene is perfect. I love watching it every time it airs on TCM

  • Beautiful and gentle movieJennifer

    • Wewink
    • 6/3/16

    Portrait Jennie is a unique and touching film that has a gentle quality to it. The cast is near perfection. Jennifer Jones is perfectly cast as the lovely, mysterious, and ethereal Jennie. Joseph Cotton is equally wonderful as the artist who finds himself in a very unusual romance.

  • Portrait of Jennie

    • Ken
    • 11/14/15

    Great movie of star crossed lovers, the lovely Jennifer Jones,and the always great Joseph Cotten,this is one of my all time favorite films,highly recommended

  • great movie

    • jomo
    • 11/16/14

    this is a very special movie.though i would be hard pressed to convince you why.i think it either strikes you that way or not.yes..great cast but yes..silly story.what exactly are we supposed to believe?maybe the point is very simple, what difference does it make what is true as long as you believe it."how wise you are".

  • Hauntingly captivating Movie

    • kate
    • 10/10/14

    This movie grows on one with each viewing. A poetic,romantic philosophical ... maybe one could say thriller... but more of mystery film. It captures one at once. It is a very under rated classic. Filled with such heart, emotion and conundrum it pulls on in at once, to want to watch over and over again5 star yes! ... It is a must to see. You will not be disappointed

  • david wayne - love his song

    • elise lang
    • 8/30/14

    Love that song sung by David Wayne: 'Yonder, yonder is the home of my sweetheart ...yonder, yonder is so long ago... '


    • ZD
    • 3/18/14

    For those with a romantic soul they will indeed enjoy this movie, for it will draw you in and keep you till the very end-Here is a film I HOPE they will release ( again) to DVD and it would also be great to see this remastered to Blu Ray like they did with THE GHOST & MRS. MUIR! Wonderful Romantic movie!

  • Fantasy....maybe...

    • RedRain
    • 1/19/14

    "For those who believe, no explanation is necessary. For those who do not believe, no explanation is possible." If you decide to suspend your beliefs in time and space for just a little while, you will find this film simply enchanting. Robert Nathan, the author of this and two other favorite films of mine (The Bishop's Wife and The Enchanted Voyage), specialized in spiritual fantasies that practically become real to the viewer (or reader, as all three films were adapted from his books of the same names). Although I never cared for Jennifer Jones as an actress, she is just phenomenal in this film. She lost the hard edge that typified her performances and she becomes childlike and womanly before your eyes. Joseph Cotton, one of filmdom's most underrated actors, adds to the magic as the disbelieving, practical protagonist who suspends his own beliefs in order to find and love Jennie. Special mention must be made of Ethel Barrymore in this film. As always, she is the consummate actress who lends a particular gravitas to the film. Find a cozy chair, curl up and enjoy this truly magical film!

  • Foolish Film Indeed!

    • Crabbey Buster
    • 1/19/14

    Great cast, well directed, interesting cinematography ... but what a dumb story line! Still, I'll watch it everytime, as I'm about to now. Shame on me!

  • Wnderful, Romantic Movie

    • Alan
    • 9/24/13

    I must have seen this when I was just a boy on TV in England. And it created an indelible impression. And left m with a thirst for romance in life- I thought that the magic the film presented was what romance should be about(not necessarily tragic- just the intense feeling that there existed someone for each of us- or selfishly, ME! that was the special mythological person that I was meant to be with!) Jennifer Jones is absolutely luminous in the role of Jennie, I don't think any other film presented her as well, and while Joseph Cotton was not a particular favorite of mine, he is excellent in the role of Eben. Special mention of Ethel Barrymore as Miss Spinney should also be made

  • Portrait of Jennie

    • Teresa Stone-Hinnant
    • 7/28/13

    Wonderful movie.

  • portrait of Jennie

    • pat cochrane
    • 6/23/13

    My favourite film. There is something magical about this film.

  • Ahead of its time

    • Robert
    • 1/2/12

    Please excuse the pun above, I could not resist; the concept of time, its mysteries, its challenges,its fascination are all parts of the theme of this most romantic and thoughtful movie.As Its A Wonderful life and A Bishops'Wife define christmas, I would say that a Portrait of Jennie is best viewed at the new year.

  • A Timeless, Beautiful Film

    • Pierrette
    • 1/2/12

    2 January 2012 Sublime, beautifully written dialogue, Debussy's score "La Fille Aux Cheveux De Lin" (The Girl With The Flaxen Hair), luminescent Jennifer Jones, the romantic and wonderful actor Joseph Cotton-This monument to love film embraces me every time I see it. Inspiring and lovely. How lucky we were that it was made...and you are luckier still to find enduring love like this between a man and a woman.

  • Portrait of Jennie

    • Darlene
    • 2/23/11

    Never get tired of watching this movie. The movie makes the Portrait of Jennie seem like it could have really happened. Will be reading the book.

  • Excelente

    • Sonia
    • 11/30/10

    Um filme excelente. Tudo no filme maravilhoso desde a interpretao de Jennifer Jones at a atuao fenomenal de Joseph Cotten. O roteiro espetacular e a produo de David O. Selznick s faz o filme ficar mais maravilhoso.


    • ERD
    • 12/29/09

    Portrait Of Jenny is one of the greatest romantic fantasy films. It has a wonderful script (adapted from Robert Nathan's novella), superb photography and background music. The cast, especially Jennifer Jones, Jospeh Cotton and Ethel Barrymore give a wonderful performance. I disagree with the TCM synopsis saying Jenny is a ghost. I feel she came from another time.

  • Wonderful Movie

    • David Williams
    • 8/18/09

    Mary,I share your sentiments. I've watched this movie a hundred times and each time I come away feeling enchanted. This movie is an ageless treasure and Jennifer is so magical.I echo your thoughts and more. I'll follow your lead and go go out and buy DVD, so I'll have it to watch and dream and watch and dream over and over and look for that special Jennie.Come back and post here often and we can talk about our favorite JJones movie and of course, our beloved Portrait Of Jennie

  • The Most Beautiful Fantasy Ive ever seen

    • Mary DelVecchio
    • 8/17/09

    It is a Movie Ive watched since Im a little Girl, I now own the DVD, I watched it everytime it was on tv.and I always came away with the same good feeling, such a beautiful Love story, makes you feel good, Jennifer Jones is Magnificent as Jenny, she always had a magic about her and this movie shows it. Ihave always wished a could get a picture of the Portrait so I could keep looking at it, Ilove it that much.

  • Hidden Gem!

    • talan
    • 1/16/09

    This is probably the least known and unrecognized classics I've ever seen. Tell everyone you know to find "Portrait of Jennie". They'll be swept away. ATTENTION HOLLYWOOD...THIS MOVIE NEEDS TO BE REMADE ASAP!!!

  • Destiny of true love

    • Jackie
    • 12/30/08

    I believe this movie holds a fascination for anyone or any couple that can identify with the ultimate destiny of two people that were meant for each other, and perhaps have found each other through somewhat unlikely circumstances - against the odds as it were. Not likely to be as against the odds as for Jennie and Ebem, but nevertheless for those who see in their own lives that finding one's true love is, or can be, somewhat more than by random chance.

  • Nostalga At Its' Best

    • Eddie
    • 10/14/08

    I loved the entire story and have seen it, perhaps, 5 times. You see I am a romantic and this story fits into my heart, and although I am in my 70s, it reminds me of my deceased wife. Call it what you may, say it is romantism, eerie, of somewhat dreamy......but I shall always want to see it again and again and somwhow cuts a hurting but delicious spell on myself and I always longed and believed in a preddictiment like that marvoulous epic..."Portrait Of Jeannie"Ed.

  • One of the best love stories

    • David williams
    • 10/11/08

    I'm totally in love with this movie.It's unbelivable that Jennifer Jones is so good. She's a real movie star in my book. What an actress. this movie is tops of this genre. I highly recommend it. I can't stop watching itover and overMy favoriteI'm moved by it.

  • This is a film that will take you away, for sure!

    • Laurie Weaver
    • 9/22/08

    "Portrait of Jennie" - Has been one of my favorite movies, since I was a little girl. This movie is a beautiful piece of work by all involved, it evokes a myriad of feelings. This is a film that will take you away, for sure! I recommend this movie to all fans - of any genre; it will move you, one way or another. So, unless you don't want to be moved, be sure to take the time to sit and watch "Portrait of Jennie", un-interrupted. You won't be disappointed.

  • A great movie.

    • Julie
    • 5/15/08

    This is a really good movie and I enjoyed it very much. The ending was so sad, I would have loved to see them together. The story alone is quite haunting and I recommend it to those who love a good romantic movie.


    • CINDY
    • 2/27/08

    I really feel "helpless" in describing this movie.It is a movie that you can only understand if you've been in love,and then lost the love of your life.Besides "Wuthering Heights" I can't think of a more romantic movie. I love the opening "shots" of Central Park,filmed to look like "canvas" BEAUTIFUL cinematography,BEAUTIFUL music, BEAUTIFUL story,BEAUTIFUL Jennifer Jones.P.S. enjoyed Mark Blankenships' editorial!

  • timeless.. never get tired of it..

    • hrlaser
    • 12/16/07

    Hi.. others have pretty much said it all.. they don't make movies like this any more.. i've watched it dozens of times and its haunting story and perfect acting and direction never fails to impress and make me want to tell people who have never seen it about it and get them to watch it.. Jennifer Jones is a classic beauty.. radiant and simply perfect.. Joseph Cotten, too, was perfect in his role as Adams, the tortured artist trying to grasp and hold onto the one true love of his life as though she were a wisp of smoke.. the whole experience of the opening narration, the Debussy music, the dream-like shots of NYC in the winter.. the fog.. the excellent supporting cast (especially Ethyl Barrymore).. and the surprising Technicolor ending make this film a truly memorable experience.. and one would have to be made of stone not to be moved by it.. this is the kind of film that truly puts the word "classic" in Turner Classic Movies..

  • Memento Mori

    • Mark Blankenship
    • 12/16/07

    I grew up along the Massachusetts coast, when some 55 years ago my maternal grandparents first told me the poignant ghost story of the wistful revenant Jennie Appleton. I later saw the movie and then read the Robert Nathan novel. Thereupon the obsession and strange unearthly love affair began. Ever since, my avocation has been to determine Jennie's reality: several times I have visited the Pamet River (the novel's setting for Jennie's end) in Truro on the Cape (also situs of Nathan's longago summer home); I have sought to identify the actual painter "Eben Adams" (a Wyeth?) and to find the painting, including the imitation featured in the movie; I have sought Jennie's scarf, according to my grandparents a real memento mori; and I have even rigorously studied the physics of time. Unabated, the search for the desideratum (and perhaps fata morgana)of ideal love continues. I have no doubt that when my time comes, it shall be Jennie who will lead me to The Light.... In sum, I can think of no movie more evocative than this to teach us of the essence of dreams, the longing for meaning, and the eternality of love.

  • My Personal Favorite Romantic Fantasy

    • Bob Stutsman
    • 11/30/07

    I don't know what it is about this movie that so intrigues me and indeed anyone who falls under its spell. Is it the opening credits with the mystical quotations; is it the haunting Debussy inspired score; or is it the beautiful cinematography?I believe this movie sets a mood that captivates the viewer from the beginning and holds you in its grip right to the end, when the stormy tidal wave forever separates the doomed lovers. Or are they separated? For at the end of this beautiful, magical film, Jennifer Jones as Jennie affirms that love joins them forever, and time and space are merely illusions. The movie ends with the colored portrait of Jennie, whereas the film itself has been shot in an eerily lit black and white sepia.Perhaps it is the most mystical and Bhuddist of all 40s movies, in the line of Enchanted Cottage. Whatever it is, I cannot help but get caught up in the grip of this most evocative of films from the Selznick studio.A must see for romantics of all ages.

  • Hauntingly Beautiful

    • Jessica P.
    • 4/26/07

    One of the best ghost/love stories. Jennifer Jones is luminous in this movie and I can't imagine any other actor besides Joseph Cotten playing the tortured, haunted artist. I agree that they don't make movies like this anymore.

  • Three uncredited actresses

    • David
    • 4/25/07

    A bit of trivia. At the end of the movie, the often uncredited three young women viewing the portrait in the museum are: Nancy Davis ( Hellcats of the Navy, and the future Mrs. Ronald Reagan ), Nancy Olson ( Sunset Boulevard, and the future Mrs. Alan Jay Lerner ), and Anne Francis ( Forbidden Planet, Bad Day at Black Rock, Blackboard Jungle, & Honey West )

  • strictly class

    • Robt Umpleby
    • 1/13/07

    I have several copies of this movie,including a speclai package i bought several years ago.wonderful dialogue, lovely story and cast...and the beautiful COLOR portrait at the end really tops it all....they just.dont make class pix such as this one anymore..I especially liked the comment "there is no life till you are loved,and then there is no death"how very meaningful.

  • Portrait of Jennie

    • Dora Jean
    • 11/20/06

    I was a young teenage girl back in the 60's when I first saw this movie. It has been my favorite movie since. I purchased it on VHS on then later on DVD...They just don't make movies like this these days..

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