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Swing Shift Maisie

Swing Shift Maisie(1943)

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After learning that his boss at Los Angeles' Victory Aircraft has convinced the War Department to reject his flyer's commission, test pilot Brian B. "Breezy" McLaughlin makes an angry phone call while dining at the Propellor Club. Breezy's loud conversation annoys entertainer Maisie Ravier, who is onstage, trying to coax partner Horatio Curley's trained dogs to perform tricks. Breezy then drops his steak on the floor, prompting all of the dogs to abandon the stage. The hungry dogs fight over the meat, and chaos ensues. Later, Breezy, Horatio and Maisie appear before a judge, who rules that, as long as Breezy is willing to help Horatio get a job at Victory, all charges against them will be dropped. Although Horatio is excited about his new job, he expresses concern for Maisie, who joined his act back East in order to travel to California and become a defense plant worker. When Breezy insinuates that sexy Maisie is ill-suited to factory work, Maisie vows to prove him wrong. The next day, Maisie passes the factory's application test, but is in danger of losing her chance because she has no birth certificate. Anxious to help his former partner, Horatio signs an affidavit on her behalf, stating falsely that he has known Maisie since childhood. Maisie is hired for the plant's swing shift, and impressed by her determination, Breezy helps her secure a room at Maw Lustvogel's crowded boardinghouse. As part of her deal with Maw, Maisie agrees to take a roommate, and consequently, when she discovers her distraught neighbor, Iris Reed, apparently trying to kill herself, Maisie suggests that Iris move in with her. Iris, a failed actress, protests that she is broke, but Maisie assures her that she can find work at Victory. Maisie then begs Breezy to invite her new roommate along on their first date. Breezy at first refuses, but when he catches a glimpse of the attractive Iris, he changes his mind, and the threesome enjoy an evening of bowling together. The next morning, as Iris hunts for her own birth certificate, Maisie reveals how she tricked her way into her job. Iris is hired at the plant, but unlike Maisie, has trouble learning her assigned tasks. Seeing Iris exhausted, Maisie insists that she stay home instead of accompanying her on a date with Breezy. Breezy makes another date with Iris, then is forced to cancel his plans with Maisie because of work. By the end of their next date, Breezy and Iris have fallen in love and are engaged. Breezy then learns that his commission has come through and tells a stunned Maisie that he and Iris are marrying as soon as his training is over. Although Maisie wishes the couple well and promises to take care of Iris during Breezy's absence, she is heartbroken. Taking her vow to heart, Maisie enrolls Iris in every club at the plant, but is dismayed to discover that her roommate is a shameless flirt. Maisie is even forced to ask her acrobat friends, the German Schmitt Brothers, to tie up Iris "like a pretzel" to keep her from going out with a stranger. Later, Iris is fired for flaunting the plant's safety rules and causing an accident. Seeing an opportunity to rid herself of Maisie, Iris calls Breezy at his camp and asks that he wire her money, then makes a date with Judd Evans, a womanizing clerk. After a seemingly distressed Iris tells Maisie that, because she is broke, she is moving out, she leaves with Judd. Maisie finally deduces Iris' duplicity when Breezy calls the boardinghouse and reveals that he wired Iris one hundred dollars. Determined to prevent Iris from further hoodwinking Breezy, Maisie finds her at Judd's apartment and threatens to expose her infidelities unless she breaks her engagement to Breezy, who is planning to fly to Los Angeles the next morning on a one-day leave and marry Iris in Arizona. Although Iris agrees to Maisie's demands, the next morning she notifies the plant authorities about Maisie's application lie. While Maisie is taken in for questioning, Iris meets Breezy at the airport as planned and heads for Arizona with him. Unable to convince the investigators that she is not a saboteur, Maisie decides to implicate Iris and Breezy as her Nazi accomplices so that they will be stopped by the police. When the police tell a confused Breezy about Maisie's accusation, Breezy insists on returning to Los Angeles to help her. Iris' cold indifference to Maisie shocks Breezy, and he breaks their engagement. Once cleared of all charges, Maisie settles the score with Iris, who ends up with a trash can on her head. Despite Breezy's apologies and confession of love, Maisie refuses to marry him. Later, however, Maisie confesses to a group of pilots who have come to the boardinghouse that she is in love with another pilot and is delighted when Breezy pops up to embrace her.