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Three Men in White

Three Men in White(1944)

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After warning ambitious intern Randall "Red" Adams about the dangers of "blondes," noted Blair Hospital physician Dr. Leonard Gillespie confers with Red and fellow intern Dr. Lee Wong How about their future. Both Red and Lee want to be Gillespie's assistant and, hoping to impress him, each takes turns bragging about his latest diagnostic accomplishments. Torn between the two men, the irascible Gillespie, whose self-imposed deadline for making the decision is fast approaching, announces that he will be assigning a special case to each one. The wheelchair-bound Gillespie then asks Red to attend a medical forum with him later that week, and while they are at the forum's hotel, they notice a beautiful young woman stagger to her car, apparently drunk. The woman then hits a parked car and, while she is being questioned by an angry policeman, passes out. Red intervenes on the woman's behalf and, with Gillespie's help, convinces the officer to allow him to take her to a hospital. On the way there, the woman reveals to Red that she was only pretending to be unconscious but insists that she is not drunk. After the woman passes out in earnest, Red checks her into the hospital, and the next morning, informs the policeman that she had no alcohol in her system. Although Red expresses concern about the woman's health, she checks herself out without having given her name. Later, however, Red tells Gillespie about the woman and suggests that she become his test case. Gillespie, who has just assigned Lee to find out why young patient Mary Jones went into convulsions after eating candy, at first disapproves of Red's choice, but then gives him the woman's purse, which she had tossed out her car window on the way to the hospital. From her driver's license, Red discovers the woman's name is Jean Brown and goes to see her. To his surprise, Jean lives with her father and invalid mother, who has been crippled by incurable spinal arthritis. Pressed by Red, Jean confesses that she went to a party the previous night, hoping for a temporary escape from caring for her mother, and took someone else's prescription medicine, which Red deduces caused her inebriated state. After Jean reveals that she broke up with her fiancé because of her mother's condition, Red pledges to reexamine Mrs. Brown. Later, Red confers with Gillespie about Mrs. Brown's disease and learns that her arthritis is indeed incurable. Though discouraged, Red undertakes to lighten Jean's load by finding a way to make her mother mobile. The hard-working Lee, meanwhile, has put Mary on a sugar-free, vitamin-supplemented diet and is confident that he will soon have her cured. On the eve of Gillespie's deadline, Red agrees to drop by the rich, marriage-hungry Ruth Edley's apartment, but asks Lee to make a phony emergency call to him to ensure that he will not succumb to her charms. Lee calls Red at Ruth's as planned, and on their way back to the hospital, Lee takes his rival to watch a little boy hopping playfully down the street with one leg on the sidewalk, the other in the street. Lee explains to a confused Red that Mrs. Brown's arthritis may have caused one of her legs to become shorter than the other, which would account for the extreme pain she feels while walking. Having solved Red's case, Lee then takes the final step in resolving Mary's problem. Prepared to administer insulin, Lee orders Mary to eat several candies and waits to see if she has an adverse reaction to them. She doesn't, and the next morning, Lee proudly reveals to Gillespie that Mary was suffering from a mineral deficiency that caused her to crave sugar and have convulsions. Gillespie informs Lee that, although he was unaware of it at the time, he aided him in much the same way Lee helped Red. Gillespie then discovers that Red has suddenly withdrawn himself from the "competition" and goes in search of him. At the Browns's, Red presents Mrs. Brown with orthopedic shoes and watches with satisfaction as she begins to walk for the first time in years. As he is leaving the Browns's, Red is intercepted by Gillespie, who, having spied Mrs. Brown walking, offers him the assistant's job. The intern turns him down, however, saying that Lee is the more worthy physician. Later, however, Lee learns that Gillespie has arranged for him to join the Chinese Red Army medical corps, an assignment for which he has long yearned, and vows to help bring back Red. As Red is preparing to depart for Chicago, Ruth connives to meet with him one last time at the hotel and is pleasantly surprised when Hobart, having been sent by Lee, knocks him out in the parking lot.