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A Woman's Face

A Woman's Face(1941)


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  • A Woman's Face

    • Albert Collins
    • 1/12/20

    Superb film. Joan Crawford is outstanding. Melvyn Douglas is first rate. Conrad Veidt has a small role as the bad guy, but he plays it well.


    • tom chelsey
    • 1/12/20

    It has been a long, hard debate as to whether Hollywood politics did in A WOMAN'S FACE, costing Joan Crawford a much deserved Oscar. MGM chief Louis B.Mayer thought the film too over the top, combined with the fact that Joan was nearing the end of her studio contract... A complicated business. But make no mistake that this is one of her best performances and a tribute to a great talent. The film has a definite following, a heavily promoted, long waited for film that has graced tv screens, from my vantage point, spanning over fifty years. Personally I have always thought of it as spot on for weekend viewings. The screenplay, definitely not for the faint of heart, about a woman's scarred face and her many character flaws to match, slowly evolves into a fascinating tale of good versus evil. Enter Melvyn Douglas as the dapper surgeon who literally changes her life forever, albeit a dose of poetic justice here and there, countered by one of filmdom's formidable villains, Conrad Veidt. Cukor was the right director for this one and, as Katherine Hepburn long said about him, he truly pulled out the best performances. Now in color, but somehow the black and white print retains all the memories....

  • Why is this on at 4 AM?

    • Anthony
    • 10/19/18

    It's October 21, 2018 and TCM has aired nothing but drivel in prime time for days on end, and this very good picture, which is not shown all that often, is relegated to the 4 AM graveyard slot. I just don't get it. I'll never understand your programming priorities.And while I'm at it, let me complain again this year about the prevalence of crummy horror pictures for no other reason than that Halloween falls at the end the month. Very few horror pictures are worth looking at. James Whale did some good ones. Other than that, it's slim pickings. We do not get saturation Easter pictures in April or Ireland pictures in March. Please limit the quotient of horror pictures next October. Halloween has been ruined anyway. It used to be about black cats and witches on broom sticks and Casper the Friendly Ghost; now its about knives, and blood and gore. All part of the general nihilism of modern, liberal culture. TCM should not be contributing to this.

  • a woman's face

    • kevin sellers
    • 6/26/18

    Very similar in look, mood, and overall quality to the earlier Swedish version with Ingrid Bergman. If you were to put a scalpel to my head and force me to choose I'd pick this one 'cause the screenplay, by Donald O. Stewart and Elliot Paul, is somewhat livelier. Give it, as I did its predecessor, a B. P.S. It will come as no surprise to the legions of Joan C. fans that she is able to go toe to toe (or scar to scar) with Ingrid. It may, however, bemuse the many Crawford haters out there whose mantra is "Yeah, she was good in 'Mildred Pierce', but...".

  • Bizarre, Unforgettable Film!

    • Raymond Banacki
    • 3/25/18

    As Lars-Eric, little Richard Nichols is an amazing asset to the film.

  • Solid, Well Done,Watch It

    • JimS
    • 3/23/18

    On the heavy side but very well done. Veidt and Douglas are 1st class, that is their normal. Crawford has given many top performances, this is another. In B&W as it should be. Well filmed.

  • the face

    • don letta
    • 4/1/17

    Bette Davis herself acknowledged that Crawford had a great face. Never has it been more celebrated than in this film.Like looking at a slightly off center pearl, and the profile...! Cuckor outdid himself directing this strange film that was at once dated and daring. Had Mayer not been busy promoting Garson as his next "discovery" Crawford might have had a chance to improve her lot at MGM. Instead, she was hurried out after two more box office misfires. On she went to Warner, where she showed Davis the door. The rest is history... watch Deception and Humoresque back to back and see how the dance played out... Back to Crawford's face, the makeup and hair departments had a lot to do with her progressively grotesque appearance. Too bad, but it's hard to place blame on any story that had the name Hollywood associated with it.

  • If you want evil, cast Veidt.

    • denscul
    • 4/13/16

    Most film buffs would immediately recognize Veidt as the Nazi Major from Casablanca. But he was a pussycat compared to his character from A WOMEN'S FACE. This not so well known film as an A star cast with supporting stars. Veidt plays a child killer to inherit his family wealth, and attempts to have Joan Crawford as his accomplice. She plays a character almost as nasty as Veidt's, but at least we can sympathize with her personality because she has a horrible scar which affects her life, until meeting Melvyn Douglas, who happens to be a plastic surgeon and out the goodness of his heart, decides to help fix her scars. The plot may sound even more bizarre when the meeting takes place in Douglas's home, where Crawford has come to extract blackmail from the good doctor's wife, who has beauty and a sheltered life, but not enough men. The film's location is not your ordinary setting, but a mine in Northern Sweden. Veidt is the younger brother of an hereditary family that owns an ore mine, castle, and has a grandson set to inherit it all as the direct descendant over Viedt, who would gain it all if the child is killed. Hence the main plot. Crawford at first agrees to kill the child, but is won over by the young heir, Douglas, who happens to be an invited guest for Christmas and realizes the plot. The ending is also not your average car chase but a sled ride in which Veidt gets shot and killed by Crawford, who goes before a Swedish Court. The Swedish Judicial System is different than ours. With Veidt out of the picture, the rest of the film has its expected happy ending with everyone getting their just desserts.--

  • A Woman's Face

    • Misty1
    • 7/12/12

    When will TCM show this film again. Joan's fans want to watch it and it has not been on in years.

  • A woman`s true face

    • V
    • 4/16/12

    Joan Crawford... her performance in this melts my heart, especially her inner struggles. But words are meaningless and forgetable, you need to see it and feel it, its the only way...

  • Interesting Choice by TCM

    • Brossard
    • 7/17/09

    I'm undecided about whether I believe this film is a classic or not. That's why I think it's an interesting choice TCM made to broadcast it. Perhaps I'll need to watch it again before I can decide. I wouldn't say it was one of Miss Crawford's better performances, but it's certainly not her worst.

  • Crawford at her MGM peak

    • Joseph Aa Crddeo
    • 7/16/09

    Why Joan Crawford was not nominated for an Academy Award in this magnificent performance is a mystery yet one that is fully explainable. Greer Garson was starting her ascendencey to the MGM throne as first lady replacing Norma Shearer. Louis B. Mayer who was the indisputable head of MGM never liked movies that had dark, somber, sinister themes such as A WOMAN'S FACE. He was very much against Crawford taking on such unsympathetic roles as this one or Crystal Allen in THE WOMEN. It would stand to reason that Mr. Mayer did not back Crawford in her bid for an Oscar and since the movie did not do phenomanally at the box office he didn't feel it worth the effort of promoting Crawford for an Oscar whereas Gree Garson was starring in the family oriented film BLOSSOMS IN THE DUST which was much better suited to Mr. Mayer's sensibilities and which performed very well at the box office thereby warranting his support of Garson when it came time to showing his support at Oscar time. So Garson got the bid for MGM's best actress instead of Crawford. It is a shame, because whenever Crawford branches out and does superlative work outside the MGM stereotype of what she should be she is never supported byt the hierarchy. This is one of her greatest performances heralding the wonderful work she would later do at Warner Borthers. Brava Joan. You may not have been appreciated in your time but those in the know are thorougly aware of your great, great contribution to cinema actin and art.

  • One of Crawford's best...

    • Mike
    • 7/30/06

    Joan Crawford's A Woman's Face is one of her greatest preformances. A must-see for Crawford and classic movie fans. Suprisingly, like most of Joan Crawford's MGM movies, it is not available on DVD. Classic movie distributers should release her better movies, instead most of her DVD movies are her poorer roles such as Trog and I Saw What You Did. Hopefully soon, a second Joan Crawford box set will be released with her earlier MGM movies and her greater preformances.

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