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All About Eve

All About Eve(1950)

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  • awesome

    • Larry
    • 7/15/19

    There are no special effects, gratuitous sex scenes, lunatics with chain saws, no super heroes and no character morphs into anything else. This is brilliant acting, lively and piercing banter, powerful dialogue, a terrific cast. It's fun to watch George Sanders slice and dice the evil and coniving Eve (Anne Bancroft) with his deep, rich and satirical tone he uses to enrich so many films. Bette Davis is brilliant as is Celeste Holm. This is just a damn good human human drama.

  • All About Eve

    • Albert Collins
    • 5/17/19

    As usual, Bette is outstanding. Since the film was about an actress, I think she understood the subject so well.

  • The Best

    • Nancy Norris
    • 2/18/19

    This could be the best film ever made. Betty Davis gave so much of herself in her performances. Loved the wit and George Sanders: simply divine!

  • The fake dog

    • Movie Lady
    • 2/7/19

    I have seen this movie many times because I love the marvelously witty script and the perfect performances by the perfect cast, especially, of course, Queen Bette and the acidly brilliant George Sanders. Every time I see it, however, I am left with one question - what's the deal with the fake dog? If you've never noticed, there is a fake dog standing by the bed on the stage set for the play within the movie. It's clearly visible for long periods in several scenes. No one acknowledges its presence in any way. Did it have some hidden meaning for Joe Mankiewicz, the screen writer and director? We'll never know. Just one of those unexplained mysteries of film, I guess. In any event, don't miss this truly great movie . . . or the dog.

  • I still don't get it .

    • Terry
    • 11/24/18

    I still don't get it Bette Davis is OK but Anne Baxter is fantastic and no one talks about Gary Merrill , this guy was great in everything he did ,most underrated .

  • Now I get it!

    • Moose
    • 12/10/17

    When I was a kid, I always heard "Bette Davis is the best actress ever" I didn't get it. Her movies seemed boring to me at that time in my life. Then I grew up. I first saw ABE when I was 35. Not only did the lightbulb go on, it EXPLODED! I am now 59 and have watched BD movies with reverence ever since (especially ABE!) Simply the greatest performance by any actor in the history of American film! Imho

  • Perfect

    • Toni
    • 7/22/17

    Ahhh, love to watch this movie. I will watch it again and again. "Fasten your seat belts, it's going to be a bumpy night"...indeed.

  • Bette on the Big Screen

    • Maria Ramos
    • 3/9/17

    Thank you TCM for putting All About Eve on the big screen on March 5th! It was all about Bette. I was so excited to see her bigger than life. On the big screen she is a force to be reckoned with. I couldn't keep my eyes off of her. And for the first time I so appreciated the great writing or screenplay, and Bette delivered the lines superbly. Thank you again, but now please The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex on the BS, I want to see her in color. On a sad note, I am deeply sadden with Robert Osborne's passing. When he introduces a film I enjoy it so much more. Thank you for the memories Robert. We love you.

  • All About MarEvego

    • Clichae
    • 2/2/17

    It wasn't until today that the fact of this movie's title referred to A.B.'s character & not B.D.'s! My subconscious erred due to the latter's photo plastered on DVD cases & none of the former's image! Other than that, this motion picture is pretty good!

  • 31 Days of Oscar

    • Maria Ramos
    • 2/1/17

    This is a movie you must see over and over again to truly appreciate this film. The screenplay is intense. Each time I see this film I understand it a little bit more.

  • All About Eve

    • Sam
    • 1/15/17

    I watched this movie today on TMC not my first time. I love Bette Davis in this movie she is simple great as always. I really liked the supporting cast as well. I was surprised to see Marilyn Monroe so young. I just loved this movie!

  • One of my favorite films

    • Linda
    • 5/7/16

    This is one of my top films, along with Casablanca, Citizen Kane, GWTW, and The Godfather. Rented a highly touted film from last year and stopped it after twenty minutes. Dull dull dull. All About Eve is the ultimate betrayal in terms of friendship, marriage etc. I never tire of this film even though I know most of the dialogue. Fasten your seatbelts it is going to be a bumpy night.

  • All About Eve

    • michael whitty
    • 3/11/16

    Backstage Broadway was never more sophisticated and intellectual than with "All About Eve" which had 14 nominations and 6 wins,including Best Picture, in 1950. You had the aging star, the know-all critic, a younger director, the energetic writer, and others on the borders including the character Anne Baxter plays who comes in from the cold and goes through the system until she is awarded. All of this needed one of the greatest of screenplays by Joseph L. Mankiewicz who also directed. And there was a newcomer with a bit of an effect too....Marilyn Monroe. Now compare all of this creativity in this black-and-white classic to the new backstage Broadway film which also won the Academy Award which was "Birdman" and you will find the older classic was so much better written and acted. The ambitious and the aspiring representing different eras had a little more value...back then.

  • all about eve (cont.)

    • kevin sellers
    • 7/24/15

    Hmm. Think about that. The two best written Hollywood films and they're both penned by the Mankewiecz boys.

  • all about eve

    • kevin sellers
    • 7/24/15

    It's not the best directed American film, but it just may be the best written ("Kane" fans will disagree, I'm sure.) It's definitely the best film about the theatre. Give it an A plus.

  • Bette Davis' Most Classic Film

    • McCullers
    • 5/11/14

    When Bette Davis accepted the leading role of Margo Channing, screenwriter and director, Joseph Mankiewicz, could not have imagined what she would bring to the entire production of the film. That was the skill of Miss Bette Davis: striving to make every part of every film she became a part of the very best it could be. A staggering 14 Oscar nominations record was set as a result. Marilyn Monroe would make her screen debut. Bette Davis would make US cinematic history with her most dazzling performance of all time. One of the great casts was assembled and they play their roles to the hilt. To name but a few: Thelma Ritter, Celeste Holme, George Sanders, Gary Merrill, Anne Baxter. Mankiewicz's screenwriting is only surpassed by Davis' delivery of his lines. He became a double-Oscar winner. Miss Davis sets the screen ablaze, this time.

  • The Definitve Bette Davis

    • Judy
    • 3/15/14

    Tour-de-force performance by Ms. Davis and the one film I most associate as the definitive Bette Davis. Grand performances by all and I especially love Ms. Thelma Ritter and Mr. George Sanders in their supporting roles. It's just a wonderful film!!!

  • Fun to Watch Every Time

    • Jennifer
    • 1/29/14

    I enjoy this film every time I see it, mostly because it is so brilliantly made and full of such wit and drama. "All About Eve" is a complex, multi-layered picture with intriguing story lines and colorful characters. The cast couldn't be more perfect or better suited for their respective roles. It's almost impossible to imagine anyone other than Bette Davis as Margo Channing. Anne Baxter is amazingly skilled in her portrayal of Eve. George Sanders is very entertaining as the clever, sneaky and acerbic Addison Dewitt. Beyond all the fun, the movie also has depth and offers fascinating insight into show business. Jennifer Leigh WellsAuthor of "Rebecca: The Making of a Hollywood Classic"

  • Eve, Eve, Little Miss EVIL!

    • Delia
    • 12/12/13

    Just a marvelous film whose starring and supporting cast give sterling performances. Bette Davis is grande, as usual. She and Merrill throw dialogue back and forth with uncanny timing. George Sanders is scary splendid as a powerful entertainment columnist who discovers that he and snaky Baxter (Eve) are from the same piece of dead wood. Too many good quotes to remember, Marilyn Monroe in the party scene, and Thelma Ritter keeping it real. Amazingly, with all the topnotch acting here, one of the best scenes is one in which BD says nothing. After she hangs up the phone in bed after a late night call with her cutie Merrill, she now knows that little Miss Eve is up to something. She sits up in her bed, knocks the cigarette, lights the cigarette, and ponders the powers of little Miss Evil. Great scene. Wonderful commentary on the dog-eat-dog world of acting. "Nice speech, Eve. But I wouldn't worry too much about your heart. You can always put that (Eve's award) where your heart OUGHT to be." Classic BD.

  • ALL About Eve - The Best American Film Ever !!!

    • fanofbabs
    • 11/11/13

    I know many will disagree ...but this is a brilliant film, Intelligently written by the underrated genius, Joseph L. Mankiwiez, and that cast !!!!! BETTE DAVIS should have won her 3rd Oscar !!! Other nominees Judy Holiday (who won) was great as were Eleanor Parker and Gloria Swanson.. but her character of MARGO CHANNING is unforgettable, Bette created a legendary role which has been much imitated ANNE BAXTER was great also as was George Sanders, Gary Merrill. Hugh Marlowe, Celeste Holm and also Thelma Ritter... ( who stole almost every scene) & a young beautiful Marilyn Monroe as Miss Caswelland the dialogue biting, witty, bitchy and the basic story was repeated so often!!! I can watch and have watched it thousands of times and I discover another nuance, or moment that I hadnt noticed before 2 minor problems 2nd part lags a bit, but comes back and hits you in the face at the end!!! and Thelma Ritter 's character disappeared too early !!!! For me Thelma Ritter was the greatest Character/suppporting actress on the screen Loved eveyone of her films, and as Meryl Streep has said BETTE DAVIS was the greatest screen actress ever. I get bored with Gone With The Wind after awhile, annoyed by Citizen Kane often,, etc.But never get bored with "EVE" I think I'll pour a martini and watch Eve again BRAVO!!!

  • A film classic that stands the test of time.

    • DEKeith
    • 12/26/12

    This movie is A in all categories. Brilliant script, direction and a fantastic cast. The crown jewel for Bette Davis fans. A must see for every serious film student or film aficionado.

  • All About Eve

    • Aleida
    • 8/5/12

    I used to like Bette Davis but not love her acting until I watched this movie. After this one, I rented Now, Votage and other movies. I cannot imagen anyone but her in the part. The screen play is extremelly intelligent and witty. The actors were carefully selected and perfect for the parts they play. One of my favorite movies.

  • All about Eve

    • Dashiell Barnes
    • 6/14/12

    The film which broke the record for the most Oscar nominations . Davis is perfect as the lead, as is Baxter as the title character. Davis, Baxter, Holm & Ritter were nominated, while Sanders won for playing a cold & cynical critic. Mankiewicz's direction & screenplay is the perfect union for this "Best Picture" winner. Also worth mentioning, we see a young actress named Marilyn Monroe in her debut. I give it a 5/5.

  • Anything but a Bumpy Night

    • Michael
    • 2/27/12

    I absolutely adore this movie. It helps when I love Bette Davis, but this is something altogether different from your run-of-the-mill drama, much less your typical Bette Davis melodrama. First and foremost, the screenplay is quite simply one of the best ever written alongside Network and a few others. Mankiewicz's tremendous knack for biting language is glorious. He had shown shades of this gift in his screenplay for A Letter to Three Wives the previous year, but this screenplay is something else. A screenplay, nevertheless, can't singlehandedly make a film as brilliant as All About Eve. Mankiewicz pairs his writing with superb direction and the performances are splendid. Davis gives almost undoubtedly the best performance of her illustrious career as the aging Margo Channing and Anne Baxter turns in a quite good performance that sneaks up on you before her character, Eve Harrington, falls prey to herself. Celeste Holm is great as the conflicted friend of both Margo and Eve, Karen Richards. Thelma Ritter delivers a funny, yet powerful performance as Birdie, a part that is inconsequential at first glance. My favorite performance, however, is the absolutely magnificent supporting performance given by George Sanders as the cynical, sardonic, conniving journalist Addison DeWitt. His voice is perfect and his cane and cigarette holder are forever etched in my memory. As for the rest of the male portion of the supporting cast, save me. Hugh Marlowe as Lloyd Richards is really a blank, and so is not responsible for my needing to be saved, though a better casting choice probably would have resulted in a more complex interpretation of this admittedly bland character. Gary Merrill, however is a different story entirely. He is awful and probably only got the part of Bill Sampson because he was married to Davis at the time, much like Eddie Fisher in BUtterfield 8 in 1960. He singlehandedly lowers my ranking of the supporting cast by at least 1, maybe even 1.5, stars.

  • All About Eve

    • Misty
    • 11/13/11

    The dialog is this movie is superb. I would love to see it in a theatre. The DVD cannot do it justice. The thought of Better Davis on a big movie screen would be the only thing that could improve the movie for me. Her" if looks could kill" eyes are magnificent.

  • Favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Chris
    • 5/23/11

    Fasten Your seatbelts. Love this movie and everyone in it. Young Monroe is a knockout.

  • I never tire of this brilliant film!

    • Classy_Dame
    • 3/31/11

    The is one of my all time favorites. Brilliant directing.... superb performances. Bette Davis at her finest. It is one of those films that makes you think "They don't make them like this anymore" Can't wait for tonight!!

  • Perfection

    • David Atkins
    • 3/1/11

    Joseph Mankiewiecz and Daryl Zanuck created a perfect movie.Bette Davis inherited one of the great parts of all time when Claudette Colbert fell ill take the role of Margo Channing and creates an indelible portrait. I met Celeste Holm years ago at a big party in New York told told Ms. Holm how much I enjoyed the picture and her performance. Kudos to Davis, Holm, Anne Baxter, George Sanders, Gary Merrill, and to a star who would soon become a legend in her own right the great Marilyn Monroe!Ms Davis was nominated for an Oscar along with Anne Baxter but lost to Judy Holiday in Born Yesterday. (Truthfully as great as Davis, Baxter and Holiday were I would have voted for Gloria Swanson for her blazing performance in Sunset Blvd)All About Eve is a great movie

  • it's all about tempo

    • 2/25/11

    i have viewed all about eve so many times since 1987 when i was first instroduced to it..the sardonic wit and the biting dialogue blew me away mainly because of the time it was made.what i have realized in studying the film is the tempo of the movie plays like an orchestra. watch the scene where margo shows up late to her rehearsal with ms. caswell and has her scene with addison. whenever he talks to her she pauses to think for a second to take in what he has told her and she comes back with a comeback everytime. the timing of this scene and that with bill before the party plays out just like whenever she downs a martini. she takes a pause at the overwhelming circumstances around her and bites back at its ugly teeth. we're lucky to be in the age of digital media to view classics and to understand what made them great!

  • All About Eve

    • Donna
    • 1/3/11

    When will you feature this movie? One of the best classics and TCM does not have.

  • Awards, Accolades and Accomplishments

    • retabryant
    • 8/5/09

    "All About Eve," is all that needs to be mentioned for people who are saavy about classic movies to be able to quote the most famous line from it. Bette Davis delivers it and how. This film, as a production, is about team work. How a cast and crew kept up with the lead: Bette Davis, and turned out their very best. It was 1950's Best Picture and so much more. The plot's just a drama about happenings in the theater within a very tight knit circle of accomplished friendsand what one conniving young wedge could do to weasle her way between them. Her target was the toast of Broadway: Margo Channing (Bette Davis). She wasn't nothing less than her career and fiance',both. In short, Eve Harrington (Anne Baxter) tried her best to take all but the blood of the life of her idol just to become a star. This is one time that 14 Oscar nominations meant that the whole cast and crew had risen to the occasion in mighty big sets of ways.

  • Bette Davis: Becoming Margo Channing

    • Mirriam
    • 8/1/09

    I wonder what the cast and crew of "All About Eve" were doing when the AFI's nominations were announced for 1950? Did Director Joseph Mankiewicz's stomach do a flip flop or arms get goose flesh knowing that 14 nominations was record setting Oscar history? I watched this classic with my neighbor this week. For her it was the 1st time; for me, I've lost count. Mankiewicz's screenplay deserved the Oscar it won, was what I thought as I watched this time. The actorwho delivered, really delivered the best script lines, big time, is Bette Davis. By 1950, nothing less was expected of her. Imagine, in the midst of Hollywood'smost elite character actors being the one actor who could be called upon to head a cast into Oscar history. Becoming Margo Channing was one of the greatest achievements of Bette Davis' exceptional acting career because today this film is known as her all time greatest classic.

  • Triumph for Mankiewicz and Davis

    • georgies
    • 7/31/09

    This movie being the best classic ever made is due to the direction of Joseph Mankiewicz and leading lady Bette Davis. No motion picture had been honored with 14 Oscar nominations before 1950. This became the Best Picture and it remains the best movie in 2009.

  • The Oscar Nomination Record? 14

    • JClements
    • 7/28/09

    I've tried to find out if this movie holds the record for the most Oscar nomination film in history. But I couldn't discover if 14 nominations was ever exceeded. Wouldn't it have been great if this movie and its personell had won them all? Mankiewicz made directing and screenwriting history with this film, no matter how many different kinds of awards it or they won. Most anyone who'd followed the works of Bette Davis were prepared for her to finally burst forth with an all out powerhouse performance like this one. What couldn't be foreseen it that she'd do it with a director she'd never worked with & a not so all star cast, but veteran supporting actors nonetheless. By this stage of Davis' acting career she'd already made it big time. What could possibly motivate Davis to out do her own trunk full of classic performances? Perhaps nothing more than the fact that she could. And did. Over & over again.

  • Another Definitive Davis Classic

    • BeauB
    • 7/25/09

    Agreeing with "Steve," the previous reviewer, Bette Davis should have taken the Best Actress Oscar home for her performance as Margo Channing. With so many classic films to her credit, this is the one that still ranks highest in most public databases that I've seen. Director Joseph Mankiewicz had a superb cast to work with. After Davis' classic performance, I, too, would rank Thelma Ritter's as her best ever. When it comes up to questioning what really makes this film work well enough to earn 14 Oscar nominations, my answer is the script. Who wrote the script? The director, Joseph Mankiewicz. This was the best picture of the year and took home that Oscar along with 5 more. Davis earned around a half dozen Best Actress awards from every place but the AFI!

  • Mankiewisc & Zanuck Strike Hollywood Gold!

    • Steve
    • 7/21/09

    Ms. Davis should've won her 3rd competitive Academy Award and Thelma Ritter is a pure biting delight.Also, Gary Merrill must've been talking about himself in the picture when he say's to Margo "not everybody can be Gregory Peck" - true, Gary, true!

  • Anything But "Bumpy"

    • RaphaelFerris
    • 7/21/09

    Although I haven't watched every film or movie on Earth, I must go out on a limb to state that this is the best film I've ever watched. There are too many reasons to enumerate here so I'll limit it to the top ones on my mind at this moment. Bette Davis. Bette Davis. Bette Davis. Her acting overwhelmed me this time. The scene I like the most is when she's in the car, in a gorgeous fur coat, talking to Celeste Holme about being a woman as a full time job. It's a long monologue that Davis delivers with such feeling that she's no longer Bette Davis. She IS Margo Channing.

  • What If "Eve" Won All 14 of the Oscars?

    • Sandra.S
    • 7/18/09

    Ever think about that? I do. In some of our minds "All About Eve" did, regardlessof what the AFI decided. The odd part about that is the film's really just an ordinary drama. What happened to make it become such a success and sensation? The 1st 2 things that come to my mind are Bette Davis and a great script. That was, after all, the near magical combination that seemed to usually turn out a classic. I think Davis was ripe for sinking her soul into one heck of a script and as director Mankiewicz said, just give it to her and let her go with it. When the top player is in prime form it elevates the rest of the team to do their best work too. The timing of the filmmaking and the timing of the acting were so in sync that a little ole film made performance art history. That film remains indebted to Bette Davis.

  • All About Great Filmmaking

    • Vic_Kennedy
    • 7/13/09

    One actor usually does not an entire film make. In this case, the presence of a classic acting cast and director Joseph Mankiewicz created one heck of an Oscar history sensation earning 14 nominations. I'd call that a sweeping triumph in filmmaking history. Since this is such a small space to write review about such a gigantic film, maybe the names alone with help to indicate the kind of performances that made history in 1950: Bette Davis (lead), Celeste Holm (suppport), Thelma Ritter (support), Anne Baxter (co-lead), George Sanders (support), Gary Merrill (support) and Marilyn Monroe making her film debut. Anyone who knows anything about classic films already can quote Bette Davis' classic 'bumpy night' line. The script is a classic one as are all of the actor's performances of it. Mmost especially, Bette Davis. She earned too many awards as the Best Actress to count.

  • Bette Davis and Margo Channing

    • MarjorieAW
    • 7/9/09

    Bette Davis was rumored to have been "imitating" Tallulah Bankhead in her characterization of Margo Channing, the lead, in this Oscar sweeping classic and all time great set of performances. When one knows the works of Tallulah Bankhead it's an awful big leap to compare Channing with any of Bankhead's characters. Davis invented her own impression of Margo Channing and deserves full credit for carrying this film to its all time classic heights. For it's her presence and acting skill that makes this film what it is worth!

  • Pro-Bette Davis and Joe Mankiewicz

    • DeshawnRobson
    • 6/25/09

    Well it certainly wasn't a "bumpy night" at the AFI when "All About Eve" earned filmmaking history's 14 Oscar nominations! Then again, at the 1951 Oscars, this film was the year's Best Picture with the Best Director and Screenplay (among some of the Oscar wins that night). In 1950 Bette Davis was the Best Actress at the prestigous New York Film Critics Circle; 1951 Bette Davis was the Best Actress at Cannes; 1951 Best Picture at BAFTA and Thelma Ritter, George Sanders and Celeste Holm either won or were nominated just a often for awards for their incredible supporting performances. Mankiewicz won just about all of the directorial prizes imaginable around the world. Yes indeed, Davis and Makiewicz in their first and only film together created an all time classic, record breaking sensation. One for the books, as they say.

  • All Bette Davis and 14 Oscar Nominations

    • GrayJohnson
    • 6/22/09

    In 2009, this film is ranked as the top Bette Davis classic of all time. It is doubtlesly director Joseph Makiewicz's masterpiece that earned a record 14 Oscar nominations and a host of wins. Davis is due so much credit for her determination to make this film a sensation. Her performance is unbelievably great with lines we're not likely forget for as long as our minds work right. The cast is filled with great actors so credits due to the casting. Sanders and Holms both earned every ounce of their supporing Oscars. Davis should have taken several home on Oscar night. This is her classic film.

  • The Classic We Waited For

    • EstherMorgan
    • 6/16/09

    Does it still hold the record for 14 Oscar nominations? Bette Davis should have been awarded an Oscar for her outstanding performance as Margo Channing. To date her delivery of sharp-witted lines are memorable. Whenever images on television of classics cross the TV screen, there's usually one of Margo Channing featured making her most famous "Fasten your seatbelts. It's going to be a bumpy night," line. It wasn't just the script that made those words so memorable. It was how she delivered them. We knew Miss Davis was going to land a major classic that hit the all time top films and waited with baited breath as she kept giving breathtaking performances. Then she gave this one. A Mankiewicz masterpiece, with much thanks to Miss Bette Davis.

  • Love it

    • IamJean
    • 6/16/09

    This is the kind of film that I've come to expect of Bette Davis. She becomes a one-women force with whom to be reckoned as actress Margo Channing. I would guess that she has immortalized the character. She had quite a famous supporting cast to work with. Even Marilyn Monroe makes a brief screen debut. Of all the performances that Bette Davis didn't receive an Oscar for, this is probably the most blatantly mistaken overlook. I guess hindsight really is 20-20.

  • How Many Times Did the AFI Get it Wrong?

    • Chris_Crafton
    • 6/14/09

    This is the second time of reviewing a major Bette Davis classic when the AFI failed to award the Oscar her performancedeserved. Fourteen nominations, a record in filmmaking history, for a film that's totally centered around the magnificent performance Davis delivered, and no Oscar for the actor who made the film work. More than embarassing this time: down right humiliating they got it so very wrong. Time reveals that.

  • 1950 Oscar Sweeep: Best Picture

    • Jacksons
    • 6/14/09

    Fifty-nine years later lovers of Bette Davis classics still call this the best picture. Mankiewicz made a msterpiece when he directed this one. Bette Davis' performance is picture perfect. The rest of the lead cast goes all out. The supporting cast list looks like a who's who of Hollywood. Thelma Ritter may have never been better in a role. Geo. Sandersdoes his typical epitome of sinister sleaze routine and wins an Oscar for it. Davis receives just about every other type of Best Actress award but the Oscar! This is her most classic role.

  • Now About Margo

    • p.h.oenix
    • 6/13/09

    Interesting title for a film that's about Margo Channing (Bette Davis), not Eve Harrington (Anne Baxter). If the title means that Ever was all about herself, then it makes good sense. She didn't give a flip about anyone but herseelf and pretended otherwise. Thelma Ritter's 'Birdie', one of my favorite supporting characters in the film, has the wannabe Eve figured out at first sight of her. The only unbelievable part is that Margo Channing, saavy as she is, didn't. This is Davis' classic powerhouse performance that ever so subtly turns the gaze scrutiny back on Hollywood's double standards against almost middle age women actors (or older). The film's plot doesn't appear to be about exposing Hollywood's ageism against women actors. Joseph Mankiewicz's direction of a close to all star cast bears the mark of a very even hand. Interestingly, Celeste Holm of all the great supporting performances, won the Oscar for playing a woman as a goody two shoes conformist. The film as a whole is nothing less than an all time classic which is about Margo.

  • Thee Ultimate Bette Davis Classic

    • Millford
    • 6/12/09

    Since youth is so far behind me and middle age is nearly over, I find middle age women that look and behave like Bette Davis does as Margo Channing invigorating. Bette Davis' on screen life went through the same stages everyone else does. At 42 years of age, she was a matured beauty to a man my age. Her performance in this film is one of her finest. The cast, acting, script, settings, direction, music, costumes, film editing and every other aspect of this film rank at the level of a masterwork. This is what filmmaking is supposed to turn out like when a team effort gels so professionally well.

  • The Record Breaker

    • m_d
    • 6/7/09

    Practically nominated in every category for 14 Oscars, awarded for 7, then, awarded repeatedly by various other film associations, "All About Eve" is considered a Bette Davis classic. It ranks among today's viewers higher than all of her other films. Why, I really can't say. All of Bette Davis' classic performances were extraordinary because of her acting talents and techniques that she had so perfected to a fine art. I believe if she hadn't been a workaholicshe may not have had the opportunity to do this film. Since it turned out to be an Oscar sweeper, I'm glad for film history that she did. I can't imagine anybody else as Margo Channing or Birdie.

  • Bette Davis' & Thelma Ritter's Blend

    • Thomas_J
    • 6/6/09

    No matter how many times I've watched"All About Eve," I come away from the film with the same feeling: there was s nearly magical blend of on screen acting chemistry between Bette Davis and Thelma Ritter. Both are character actors who seem to use the very muscles of parts of their faces to convey their characters' unspoken responses. As Margo (Davis) begins to suspect Eve (Baxter) of being up to no good, Birdie (Ritter) is already way ahead of Margo. Birdie's been noticing Eve "studying" Margo. Before Margo ever asked Birdie about Eve, Birdie is trying to use unspoken attitude to convey her suspcions to Margo about Eve. Since Birdie's a cynic, Margo's slow on the uptake to accept what she notices from the moment Eve steps inside Margo's dressing room. Birdie's the only character who never bought into Eve's false facade. Margo followed shortly thereafter. Terrific acting combo between 2 great acting legends.

  • Record Breaking Bette Davis Classic

    • Eliza.beth
    • 6/2/09

    Bette Davis plays Margo Channing, around whom this film turns. Davis 42yo, acting as she's expected, as a fiery, beautiful virago, portrays Miss Channing at the top of her acting career, famous and the main attraction audiences pay to see on stage. When Margo's best friend, Karen Richards (Celste Holm), whose husband's the producer, notices a much younger fan of Margo's, Eve Harrington (Anne Baxter),Karen brings her backstage to meet her idol. Eve tells the group, including Margo's lady in waiting, Birdie (ThelmaRitter), a sob story. Margo's beau, Bill (Gary Merrill), is leaving that night to direct a film in Hollywood. Margo decidesto keep Eve with her. Birdie, in top Ritter satirical form, tries to warn Margo of Eve's real motives, to replace Margo as an actor and Bill's lover. Nominated for 14 Oscars, this is the Bette Davis classic that has remained among the top rated. It was the only time Joseph Mankiewicz directed Bette Davis and triumphantly so.

  • 14 Oscar Noms, 6 Wins, 3 Int'l Davis Wins

    • Zachry
    • 5/31/09

    Award records speak better than I can:(1950)Best Actress in a Leading Role Oscar Nomination for: All About Eve's Margo Channing (Bette Davis);(Bette Davis Won 1950)Best Actress New York Film Critics Circle Award for: All About Eve; (Bette Davis Won 1951)Best Actress Cannes Film Festival for: All About Eve;(1950)Best Motion Picture Actress, Drama (Bette Davis) Golden Globe Nomination for: All About Eve; (Bette Davis Won 1952)Best Actress, Foreign Film (Miglior Attrice Straniera) Silver Ribbon for: All About Eve.

  • All time Bette Davis classic

    • Terrance
    • 5/27/09

    Every of the 11 times that Bette Davis was nominated for an Oscar it was for Best Actress. She played supporting roles often enough; but, to her credit, when she did, the leads led and she supported their leading roles. That's not what many critics write about her. I think that's sexism at work. Bette Davis was a very healthy-minded, self-confident, powerhouse career actor. She blazed a wide trail for women that left still warm tracks for those who follow her now. She intimidated men who were less confident & less successful than she. In an interesting way that's sort of what this film is 'all about'. Vying for power. Davis is absolutely accurate in every aspect of this performance and leads the project to a record 14 Oscar nominations and 6 wins.

  • From Stealing Shows to Stealing Oscars!

    • LarryJoe42
    • 5/24/09

    Everyone's already said it all about Bette Davis' all time classic film. Cast as The Lead, Bette Davis didn't have to steal the scenes of this film. They were hers for the taking. But, she did it again! Every scene with her in it is hers, period. Something phenomenal happened with this whole film, not just Davis' scenes. Her performance being the central focus raised the level of the entire production to an all time high. 14 Oscar nominations high. Bette Davis had that effect upon so many of the sets she was performing on. She was so fixed upon making the best possible product that she couldn't help but bring everyone else along with her for a smooth glide. That's greatness in an actor and it's real rare, too. The perfect 10.

  • Davis, Ritter, Holm & Baxter Collaborate

    • pburnsky56
    • 5/23/09

    The genius of Joseph Mankiewicz's director may have been achieving the starring cast's collaborative performances. Specifically those of Bette Davis (Margo), Thelma Ritter (Birdie), Celeste Holm (Karen) & Anne Baxter (Eve). Their performances are essential to the striking success of the film. In contrast, George Sanders (Addison), Gary Merrill (Bill) & Hugh Marlowe (Lloyd) aren't nearly as noteworthy. Bette Davis' tour de force depiction of acclaimed actor, Margo Channing, whose acting career and romanctic relationship are being threatened by neophyte Eve Harrington is her all time greatest.

  • Great ensemble in film history

    • film_critiquer
    • 5/22/09

    Virtually nominated for every part of this film's cast & crew ensemble (14 nominees), it's Best Director Joseph Mankiewicz's masterpiece. The women actors play off of each other so well that all of the key players were nominated for Oscars: Bette Davis, Thelma Ritter, Celeste Holm & Ann Baxter.By her mid-career, Bette Davis was the master of drawing her co-acting team together. Her performance had the effect of elevating other's. George Sanders Oscar winning supporting performance was the best among the men. Baxter's Eve, the upstart backstabber who feigns being a needful twit all the while she plots taking over the acting career & lover of renounced actor, Margo Channing (Davis). Hollywood turns the gaze back on itself.

  • Love the photo above ^

    • Judge_Pierre
    • 5/19/09

    Too bad that the early films by Bette Davis weren't in color so that we could get the full effect of her flashing blue-green eyes (like the photo above). It's probably redundant to write what a great performance Davis gives in this, her most classic film. Her presence is enormous throughout so much so Monroe is hardly noticed, Baxter seems like a novice, Merrill's decentered, even Sanders' tame in contrast. Ritter's the only one who holds her own. I'd like to see it colorized in order to feel the full impact of one of Davis' powerhouse performances.

  • Davis' Ultimate Classic

    • Mrs.Staples
    • 5/15/09

    When aiming this cursor where to start reviewing Bette Davis' films & appearances, the pointer landed here first. Why? 14 Oscar nominations, 6 wins, still ranked in the top all time great classics and all for one main reason: superb acting. As Margo Channing, a mature Bette Davis was the cynical spitfire who audiences delighted in. Her performance elevated everyone else's since Margo was such a central character to this film. Bette Davis had the reputation of being a team worker who strove to create the best film possible. She gave whatever was needed to guide & encourage others on the set of "All About Eve."

  • Another Davis Classic

    • Ellissa
    • 5/14/09

    Everything about this film indicates it's a Bette Davis classic. Even Marilyn Monroe appears in a classic enough debut. Thelma Ritter's ever so funny, hitting every typical Ritter remark on the mark. George Sanders is the epitome of sleazy. Anne Baxter provides the mousey contrast to Davis' caustic cynicism. Gary Merrill rides the fence enough to drive many women crazy wondering about his loyalties. With all that said, the script's the thing. Bette Davis was the master at selecting and enacting killer scripts.

  • Margo Channing was the Bomb

    • ZZane
    • 5/6/09

    "Hang on to your seatbelts. It's going to be a bumpy night." Those memorable lines delivered with such attitude by Bette Davis, as Margo Channing, stick with me when I'm around back-stabbing, social climbing Eves. Miss Davis' performance elevates the entire cast & crew's, as she skillfully often did. Thelma Ritter's, as Margo's chambermaid, drips with cynicism. Marilyn Monroe's film debut is too cute. If Max is a "sly puss," then Geo. Sanders is a slimmy snake. This film turns the film industry inside out, exposing its gender & age biased double-standards, Davis style.

  • All But Bette?

    • SadieR
    • 5/2/09

    With a clean Oscar nomination sweep and a landslide of wins, it's odd that the leading lady who makes the movie so grand didn't win an Oscar. Judy Holliday's Oscar-winning performance in "Born Yesterday" is still a delight. Nevertheless, hindsight provides insight into what is now classic. Davis' Channing has passed the test of time. Her performance remains in the top all time great classics. Plus, Margo Channing ala Bette Davis is a character who's true to life yesterday, today and will be tomorrow. All of "Eve" was elevated by Davis' performance.

  • Nailing the Part

    • Crickle
    • 5/1/09

    Bette Davis personified just about every kind of character. Margo is the one she had to go so far against her grain to portray that as she did so, the entire film's cast and crew seems to have been drawn into the intensity of Margo with her. That was Davis' cutest trademark. Nailing her part and carrying the cast and crews along with her. Margo's nothing like Miss Davis. Especially her career insecurity. Ageist sexism in Hollywood's the main theme. An ugly historical reality that has been banished now. This film dissects why 'actresses' feared aging.

  • All Credit to Davis for "Eve's" Status

    • DavidaH
    • 4/29/09

    Mankeweicz knew Davis well enough, although this was the only time he directed her, to give her the script and let her rip through it! That's precisely what Davis did. It's exactly why this film holds the record for 14 Oscar nominations. It's all about Margo Channing (Davis). Davis' top rated classic to date. She's portraying the kind of 'movie star' she detests in real life and does so with unleashed seething venom. This is Bette Davis, the all pro actor, damning the kind of egocentric drama queen she couldn't stand to be around by depicting what she hates.

  • Davis & Ritter

    • soulforcee
    • 4/25/09

    The interactions in "Eve" that I like best are between Bette Davis & Thelma Ritter. Both were great comedians apart. Together they crack me up every time. Ritter's expressions of doubt, from the start, about Eve are as priceless as Davis'respones to them. Poor Baxter had the worst lines & role; plus, towering actors over-shadowing her every scene. Sanders being evil incarnate. Monroe's debut befitting. Merrill's Merrill. Davis, though, was ablaze in every scene, whether it was a brief comical, romantic, raging, worried or drunk one. She nails them but good.

  • 1950 Oscars Was a 'Bumpy Night'

    • Cal
    • 4/25/09

    What about Davis as Best Actress? Sure "Sunset Blvd." with Gloria Swanson is a classic drama. Indeed, "Born Yesterday" is classic comedy due a performance only Judy Holiday could've done. But, which film is still ranked in the top 100 all time greats? This one is because it was all about Margo Channing. Who'll forget Davis' delivery of this line, "Hang on to your seat belts. It's going to be a bumpy night"? Maybe the AFI was so used to Davis being nominated for stellar performances that they couldn't see this as her classic one.

  • Middle Era Favorite

    • DC_DR
    • 4/24/09

    That this film was nomination for 14 Oscars, including Best Actress for Bette Davis wasn't an AFI lark! "Sunset Blvd." was in the running in 1950 too. Although just about every performance that Bette Davis was nominated for Best Actress deserved to be won, I'm glad the Judy Holiday won the 1950 Oscar for her marvelous performance in "Born Yesterday." Maybe this was Davis' best of her mid-career era performances or not. It's my personal favorite because she dares to be the kind of person she personally detested.

  • About Bette Davis on Set

    • f2008ilmzzz
    • 4/22/09

    Bette Davis had long been the first lady of US cinema before making this film. Her presence on sets reportedly elevated nearly everyone else's levels of performance. Davis helped to create many other actors' careers. But, her great skill, beyond being the classiest US actor in cinema & TV, was her gift of empowering an entire film cast & crew to reach for their best work. That's why this film earned a historical 14 Oscar nominations. Everyone wore their seatbelts while Davis drove this film into history.

  • Best Dialogue in Cinema History.

    • 1/17/09

    Quick witt and personalities fly! Bette Davis in her crowning role with one of the best ensamble casts in cinema. All About Eve is about All of Those who are All About Celebrity. A Classic of Classics

  • She's the Queen!

    • CaliforniaGirl
    • 4/6/08

    Bette Davis is simply the most versatile American actress in movies past or present. The Corn is Green, Jezebel, All About Eve...the list is endless. This movie is my favorite.Spent yesterday watching three of her films and discuss it on my blog.

  • better than a book on feminism

    • sarah macmillen
    • 3/1/08

    This film is better than a whole library of feminist books. It makes so many essential observations about the relationships between women in a society and social system controlled by men, and the sacrifices of "self" that a career woman within that space must make. It deals with the nature of objectification, and the "acting" all women do to gain status in the world of men. It is about the instrumentalization of love, and the anger at that instrumentalization. Davis' character represents the anger of a woman who is rejected for having character and something beyond her body. "Eve's" innocence is false, and shattered; her name is perfect. Marilyn Monroe's character "Phoebe," also aptly named, anticipates the shining future of liberation for women, but also the sixties simultaneous/schizophrenic objectification of women bombshells and the beginning of Playboy Magazine. Marvelous film. Timeless yet historically significant.

  • All About Eve

    • Wendy Winkler
    • 3/1/08

    This is one of the best movies all of time. George Sanders gives a superb performance. This is a perfect example of a classic movie, classic writing, directing, and acting. I am so glad that All About Eve is part of the TCM film library.

  • Great Movie-a must see

    • j_chantel
    • 2/11/08

    All About Eve is simply a great movie...the writing...the cast...the directing was excellent. It is a must see classic.

  • Rarely does a movie get this good.

    • Patrissha
    • 7/18/07

    As one reviewer has previously mentioned this movie is a perfect example when everything comes together perfectly to make a standout picture. Smart, witty, beautiful, insightful. The characters are so good you literally forget you are watching a movie. I feel more like a fly on the wall with this one. The female cast of this one crackles! The acting and writing gives a truthful idea of what it like to be strong career minded woman, and the admission of sacrifices one has to make whether married to someone or their career. Mankowitz' writing is right on- incredible lines one can still use today!!..You won't have a bumpy night with this one!

  • One of the greatest

    • Marcos Augusto
    • 6/19/07

    From the diraction to the screenplay, to the acting is perfect, intelligent, compeling. A must see classic!

  • A Class Act

    • Ben
    • 3/24/07

    An excellent Darryl Zanuck production - excellent music, and an air of ultra-class complete this superior satire. And, it had Marilyn Monroe, too.Joseph L. Mankiewicz, wrote and directed this film, the story of an ambitious actress's rise from glamour-struck girl in a theater alley to broadway star. Mankiewicz has gathered up a saga of ambition and conceit, pride and deception and hypocrisy, that just about drains the subject dry. The self-seeking, ruthless Eve, who would make a black widow spider look like a ladybugis the motivating figure in the story and is played by Anne Baxter with icy calm, the focal figure and most intriguing character is the actress whom Bette Davis plays. This lady, an aging, acid creature with a cankerous ego and a stinging tongue, is the end-all of Broadway disenchantment, and Miss Davis plays her to the hilt.The supporting cast is brilliant and inclues award winning George Sanders, Celeste Holm, Thelma Ritter, and Marilyn Monroe. It is easy to see why this was the Best Picture of 1950.


    • Chantel
    • 2/19/07

    All About Eve is a terrific movie. It was great from start to finish.

  • A Great Movie

    • Elleen
    • 1/10/07

    I wish you would show this movie, so people could watch this great movie with Bette Davis, with an all-star cast, to-boot. It is one of my favorite movies with Bete Davis.

  • Seriously, we need this on TCM

    • DebraW
    • 12/23/06

    I'm guessing All About Eve isn't on your schedule because it belongs to Fox? There's got to be a way for you to get the right to show it. This film is simply too wonderful and important not to be shown on TCM. Somewhere Bette is spinning.

  • A Screenplay Gem

    • SwingDancingRed
    • 2/14/06

    Remarkable writing. The acting isn't bad either.

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