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Arabian Nights

Arabian Nights(1942)

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Arabian Nights Half-brothers vie for an... MORE > $11.21
Regularly $14.98
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After unsuccessfully attempting to overthrow the lawful regime of Haroun-al-Raschid, his brother, the Caliph of Bagdad, Kamar al Zaman, is sentenced to "the slow death." Seven days later, however, Kamar still lives, but before Haroun can give him to a merciful death, he makes his escape with the help of his followers. During the ensuing battle, Haroun is wounded and his troops are defeated. He is later found by Sherazade, a poor dancing girl who is the object of Kamar's unwanted affections, and Ali Ben Ali, an acrobat. In order to protect the injured Haroun, Ali places his royal ring on the finger of a dead rebel, and mistakenly believing his brother is dead, the people proclaim Kamar the new Caliph. He is unable to place Sherazade on the throne beside him, however, as her circus has gone into hiding. Meanwhile, Haroun is nursed back to health by Sherazade and Ali, with only the young acrobat knowing his true identity. The circus troupe then learns of Kamar's accession to the throne, but rather than being brought to the new Caliph, Sherazade and the circus performers are sold into slavery by the Captain, who had been ordered by Nadan, the Grand Vizier and Kamar's closest advisor, to kill the dancer. Kamar learns of the Captain's actions and goes in search of his love, while Nadan alone knows that Sherazade and the others are in the hands of slave trader Hakim. Nadan then purchases Sherazade at the slave auction just as Haroun and the others escape from their cell. Haroun saves Sherazade from Nadan's clutches, and, along with Ali and the others, they go to a nearby village, where they are released from their chains by a local blacksmith. Before they can escape by boat across the river, however, Kamar arrives and takes them to a desert city he has built in Sherazade's honor. Once there, Haroun is called before Nadan and is arrested for his love of Sherazade. Ali then sneaks into Kamar's harem to tell Sherazade of Haroun's plight, only to have Nadan arrive and offer to have Haroun released if she agrees to poison Kamar at their wedding banquet. Knowing that Nadan plans to have Haroun killed once his escort reaches the river, Ali and the others, who have finally learned Haroun's true identity, race to the river town to save their Caliph. Haroun then arrives at the wedding banquet just in time to stop Sherazade from drinking the poisoned wine. The two brothers then battle over the throne and Sherazade, while Ali arrives with soldiers loyal to Haroun. Kamar is about to kill Haroun, but is stabbed in the back by Nadan. After Ahmad, the circus owner, stops Nadan from killing the wounded Haroun, Nadan himself is killed by Valda, the circus strong man, as he attempts to escape. With order restored, Haroun regains his throne, and with it, the hand of Sherazade.