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The Bad and the Beautiful

The Bad and the Beautiful(1953)

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  • January 4, 2014

    • Jeff Boston
    • 10/12/18

    The date that quite possibly the best User Review in TCM website history was posted, and it was posted under this esteemed behind-the-scenes Hollyweird wonder, where angry Kirk plays another angry jerk and luscious Lana plays another luscious fauna.

  • Inside Stuff...

    • Richard
    • 2/19/18

    About the Hollywood known well to gossip queens, Hedda and Louella.For starters, Minelli directs best efforts by Kirk and Lana backing them up with a first string supporting cast headed by Walter Pidgeon and Gloria Grahame.David Raskin, whose theme haunts us with Laura, does it again with the music of The Bad and the Beautiful.

  • the force of nature is still strong in him.

    • a.morris
    • 12/20/17

    not even the weather channel could keep track of the storm of emotion kirk douglas displayed in this. the version of holly wood business was interesting. melodrama.. yes. some things that weighed the story down.. check. one of the reasons kirk douglas is one of the biggest icons of film.. without a doubt.

  • Kirk's Prequel to Two Weeks In Another Town

    • nertztomertz
    • 11/14/17

    Love the cameo with Steve Forrest opposite Ms Lana Turner.Decent film,strong supporting roles.

  • Love you too

    • Mike
    • 8/8/17

    At the end of the yellow brick road, the iconic trio of ex's begins to forgive and come alive again. It was always about loving life, Kirk Douglas being the one to always remind us.

  • love is for the very young

    • don letta
    • 4/9/17

    In the early fifties, Hollywood decided that showing the movie going public a glimpse of what it was really like, would be entertaining, and as a result, they would leave their TV's to pay to see it. They were right. They produced some revealing facts in the form of glossy film and brought the people back to the theaters. Among the better tell-all's are The Big Knife, Sunset Boulevard, A Star is Born and The Bad and the Beautiful.The amazing cast of TBATB made it the more popular, with Kirk Douglas, Lana Turner and Gloria Grahame turning in their best performances. Add a wonderful score, art direction and cinematography and you have a winner. Some have disparaged Gloria's take on a southern belle...I suggest they never met an early fifties proper southern belle. She deserved her Oscar.This period of self revelation soon ended, and the big western took over... too bad.

  • Hollywood Schmaltz at Its Best

    • Tawny
    • 11/28/16

    Kirk Douglas is your mega maniacal narcissist who, as Don Henley sings in "Dirty Laundry," kicks 'em when they're up and kicks 'em when they're down. With a delusional desire to become Hollywood's biggest studio owner and producer, he parlays favors into downfalls. The guy is willing to do anything to get the right actors, writers, and publicity for his pictures. Lana Turner is gorgeous as the would-be actress he turns into a star. Dick Powell is good as the writer who sweats blood to see his work turned into a motion picture. Walter Pigeon is in here, too. Kirk is a snake here and gives a bang-up performance as a puppeteer who pulls strings to get the goods. He's not above ruining marriages for the sake of publicity. Eventually, they all hate him for the rotten skunk he is and vow to never work with him again. Or will they? Interesting theme on the illusion behind the illusion of Hollywood along with the rise, fall, rise of those who create and perpetuate illusions.

  • The Bad and the Beautiful

    • michael whitty
    • 7/20/16

    An effective Hollywood story as we run around with ambitious producer Kirk Douglas trying to make the big hit film. Actress on the rise Lana Turner tries to make a hit with Kirk as does Barry Sullivan and Walter Pidgeon and screenwriter Dick Powell. Director Vincente Minnelli, who made the Oscar winning "An American In Paris" the year before, comes up with a surprising insight into the Hollywood world as "The Bad and the Beautiful" also won some Oscars for its technique.

  • Solid my ass!

    • Fz
    • 10/29/14

    TCM's inexplicable ( and surely vastly overpayed moronic mouthpiece) Mr. Maltin calls this remarkable film" Solid "No Mr. Maltin , It is brilliant !With an array of dazzling performences. A great screenplay and a groundbreaking score. " Solid " my foot!

  • Frogs.

    • God Almighty
    • 1/4/14

    Cat urine and pop tarts aside, hairbrush jello frogpants with shoes is more than likely snow hate kill hug. But on the other hand, theres a golden band...In closing, i can feel the hand of a stranger, and its tightening around my throat...Heaven help me...Heaven help me...Take this stranger from my boat...I love you Natalie and i miss you very much...Frogs.P.S. Please fire whoever chooses the movies for TCM Underground...TCMU used to be the highlight of my week, but you havent played anything decent in probably three months..Seriously if anyone reads this please bring back the horror movies to TCMU.P.P.S. Frogs. FIN.

  • Title is totally descriptive!

    • RedRain
    • 7/15/13

    Few films describe the characters in the title as well as this one does. When I first saw this film, many years ago now, I was stunned at what a powerful and sinister performance Kirk Douglas gives. Lana Turner was 31 when she made this film but she looks ten years younger and is just gorgeous and vulnerable at the same time. I was extremely upset at Gloria Grahame getting the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, as her interpretation of a Southern belle is so annoying you want to strangle her yourself! If anyone deserved a "supporting" award, it should have gone to the great Gilbert Roland who plays "Gaucho" and the man Douglas pays to romance Grahame's character. This film belongs to Kirk Douglas and Lana Turner and their acting is beyond reproach here. Mention should also be made of the performance of Barry Sullivan, as Douglas' best friend, as Sullivan really gets to show his acting chops in a role wherein he isn't a cop!

  • Lana Turner Superb

    • Adventure
    • 9/21/12

    Vincente Minnelli directed this fine MGM film starring Kirk Douglas who is outstanding but the real suprise to me is the brilliant performance of Lana Turner in this movie. Lana Turner was a great actress with a body of work such asThe Postman Always Rings Twice, Peyton Place, Imitation of Life, Madame X and this film.

  • Not bad, Some Beauty

    • Commenter77
    • 3/7/12

    Like most viewers, I have favorite segments. I agree that it is dated and not in the classic line at all. But in 1952 it was probably a big splash because it was different for the era (maybe even considered a bit racy), and probably compared more favorably with other films of the year.It has been said that this was some of Lana Turner's best work. A line about her character in the film echoes my take on her as an actress in general. It's when Shields (Douglas) comments on her character's poor audition, saying that he wanted her for his lead part anyway because she had star power. He said that as bad as she was in the audition, every eye was on her in her scene. It seems that people become fascinated with some personalities and will flock to see anything with them in it. They just have a draw. Many of these are not really very good performers, even though they are around long enough to pick up some awards. They get lots of chances to hit, being kept at work in film after film because of their box office draw.Dick Powell's character in this interested me more than any I think I've seen of him. Gloria Grahme's Oscar was deserved, even if some complain that it was for this picture. She has competently played a wide range and well. It's a well enough done film and has interest. Ever so often for me, not on a favorite's list.

  • The Bad & the Beautiful

    • Dashiell Barnes
    • 1/30/12

    A sophisticated drama feauturing an ensemble cast, including Grahame who won the 'Oscar' as 'Best Supporting Actress.' Douglas & Turner give the best performances in their careers in this film. The most beautifully shot black-&-white film I've seen. A great film about various lives in Hollywood. I give it a 4/5.

  • B & B

    • MIke
    • 10/24/11

    There is wonderful acting from all concerned, but particularly Kirk Douglas and Lana Turner in perhaps her definitive role.

  • TBATB - Hollywood Behind The Scenes

    • Bruce Reber
    • 9/15/11

    "The Bad And The Beautiful" (MGM 1953) is a fascinating look at the film industry and those involved; the producers, directors, actors and screenwriters, and their conflicts with each other and within themselves. Kirk Douglas plays Hollywood producer Jonathan Shields (a role for which he earned an Oscar nomination and should have won), who uses anything and anyone in his rise to the top. It's been said that Shields was loosely based on David O. Selznick. probably the most famous of the classic film era independent producers. There are several scenes in TBATB which appear to relate to actual filmmaking - the making of the horror film on a shoestring (Val Lewton and the "Cat People" films), and the making of "The Faraway Mountain" and "The Proud Land" (Selznick and "Gone With The Wind"). The rest of the cast (Lana Turner, Walter Pidgeon, Dick Powell, Gloria Grahame, Barry Sullivan, Paul Stewart, Gilbert Roland, etc.) is superb, and working under the direction of the great Vincente Minnelli they give fine performances. Also a great music score by David Raksin. TBATB was loosely remade in 1962 as "Two Weeks In Another Town", also directed by Minnelli and starring Douglas, Edward G. Robinson, Cyd Charisse, Claire Trevor and George Hamilton.

  • bad and the beautiful

    • john
    • 3/1/11

    An excellent portrayal of the old studio system, the struggles of the moviemakers, the financing, the star system and Hollywood in general. Kirk Douglas, Paul Stewart, Barry Sullivan were particularly effective. Lana Turner proved her "star quality" and the script was excellent. The soundtrack was impeccable. In my mind Paul Stewart was one of the best character actors ever. This film, "Mr. Lucky" with Cary Grant, and others he made with "Bogey" would support this opinion. Walter Pidgeon's tight pockets reminds one of a composite of Jack Warner, Louis B. Mayer, and Mr. Cohn all rolled into one. I loved this picture.

  • Good Movie

    • Lin S
    • 12/15/10

    This is an excellent movie about the movies.

  • Kirk Douglas at his best!

    • TexasTea
    • 7/30/10

    I've seen all of Kirk Douglas' films at least twice each and I find this one the most intriguing. His normally over-the-top persona is absent here and he gives an outstanding performance as the man everyone loved & hated. I enjoyed Dick Powell's performance very much and, as an author turned screenwriter by Douglas, this is a great departure from Powell's song & dance days and his later, not-so-great, detective films. I didn't know what to make of Graham being given an Oscar for her turn as Powell's wife and I've no idea what the Academy was thinking! I've seen the film four times now and I still don't get it! That part could have been played by numerous actresses and some could have done it better. She is the one who is over-the-top here and, whether it is intentional or not, it isn't that great. I do love this film, though!

  • The Bad and the Beautiful (1952)

    • James Higgins
    • 1/21/10

    One of the best films of the 1950's. I feel it's Vincente Minnelli's finest film. The cast is incredible, Lana Turner has never been better, Kirk Douglas and Dick Powell are excellent. The supporting cast is amazing, Gloria Grahame deservedly won an Oscar for her role. Outstanding cinematography, excellent art direction. Top notch production. A truly great classic.

  • Good, but some things not so great...

    • Username
    • 9/6/09

    This movie was entertaining, but somewhat disappointing. I found the ending to be corny and not very believable compared to the rest of the movie. Also, it is hard to get a sense of the true Shield's he a misunderstood good guy underneath all the the exterior or is he nothing but a self-serving opportunist until the end...did the filmmakers purposely leave the character vague? Overall all of the portrayals of the character seem somewhat superficial...

  • Not enough Turner or Powell!

    • Steimo2
    • 8/16/09

    And Gloria Grahame w/ a southern accent is far from believeable!

  • "Bad & the Beautiful" aint so bad:)

    • Briana
    • 3/18/08

    I was first introduced to this movie when I ordered it on Charter on Demand. I loved it so much that I ordered it a second time! (and trust me I'm not one that's easily entertained) But this movie had a great storyline and it opened my eyes to what the entertainment industry is truly like. It was so wonderful that it actually inspired me to be a director. Ok so your probably wondering what about the actors performances? Well, I dont want to give away to much because I firmly believe that everyone should watch it and judge for themselves. Wanna know my opinion? Lets just Kirk Douglas gave a very honest, stomach turning, heart-wrenching performance but, that is just my opinion. I reccomend that you watch this movie and find out for yourself:)

  • Great film.

    • Joe
    • 11/20/07

    Kirk Douglas has such a radiating presence, he can play anything from over the top to subtle suggestion. This film captures a perfect balance, where he is at his best, where you can sense a seething anger, percolating just beneath the surface, just asking for an excuse to boil over. I first tuned into the film, in the middle of one of the triple montages, and was a tad confused, but no more confused than tuning into Citizen Kane for the first time, because you can sense an excellent film in an instant, and can watch from any moment, and love every minute. Glad to see three and one half stars- four stars would be perfectly appropriate when more people come to appreciate this one.

  • 'The Bad' is far from bad, it's excellent!

    • George H.
    • 3/8/07

    My first experience with this film was a clip on TCM Scene It. I merely loved Kirk Douglas yelling "Shut up and get back upstairs!" Of course I knew nothing about the film or what the scene actually meant at the time.Then when I was reading 'A Personal Journey With Martin Scorsese Through American Movies' I noticed that Marty constantly referred to 'The Bad and the Beautiful' as an example of what making a movie is like. Then it was on TV so I knew I just had to watch it.I was very impressed by it and the performances, story, nearly everything was excellent. The film follows the individual stories of a director, an actress, and a writer, all highly successful, as they recount their experiences with a loathesome producer. Although it does seem like three separate, almost unrelated stories spliced together into a frame story, it is forgivable since the stories are all great.I will not give away the plot, you'll just have to see it for yourself and see why Douglas yells,"SHUT UP AND GET BACK UPSTAIRS!"

  • The Bad and the Beautiful

    • Wendy Winkler
    • 2/27/07

    Lana Turner gives one of her best performances in this movie. I think there are people who can't get past Lana Turner's beauty and see what a good actress she really was.

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