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The Billion Dollar Scandal

The Billion Dollar Scandal(1933)


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"Fingers" Partos, known by fighters for his great massages, is paroled from prison and returns to straighten out his brother, "Babe." Fingers is convinced that Babe should be a classy person and insists that Babe give up women and liquor. Through a car accident with his buddies "Kid" McGurn and "Ratsy" Harris, Fingers gets a job with billionaire John Dudley Masterson, whose daughter Doris is on an alcoholic binge. After three months, Fingers helps Babe get a job on the stock market through his connections with Masterson. Meanwhile, Masterson brings in other wealthy men to his private gym where he has Fingers act as a trainer. These sessions also serve as a business meeting for the powerful men, and Fingers hears about many stock tips through which he is able to earn more money. Masterson becomes angry when he discovers that Doris, who is no longer drinking, is dating Babe. Fingers is also against the relationship because he believes Doris is a lush. When Doris refuses to dump Babe, Masterson frames him by letting Fingers overhear a false stock tip, which Fingers then relates to Babe. Babe's boss is wiped out by the tip, and Fingers realizes that Masterson is crooked, even though he always revered the upper classes as being the "best people." Masterson fires Fingers, who opens a massage parlor with the help of his friends and girl friend Anna. Reporter Albert Griswold informs Fingers that Masterson's business dealings are being investigated and that Fingers is the only person who can reveal the truth. Fingers agrees to help after Griswold convinces him that he will be a hero. Masterson tries to bribe Fingers, but when he refuses to accept, Masterson hires professional killer Carter B. Moore to prevent Fingers from testifying in Washington. Moore sends a thug to Fingers' hotel room to kill him, but the thug is killed and Ratsy and Kid are arrested for the murder. Moore tries to use their arrest as leverage to prevent Fingers from testifying, but Fingers refuses to be intimidated and points out one of Mastersons' cohorts as the murderer, and he immediately commits suicide. Fingers' testimony convicts Masterson's pals, and lack of evidence frees Kid and Ratsy. When all is over, Griswold is unable to help Fingers get back on his feet, informing him that although he was the man of the hour, there is nothing so cold as yesterday's news. After seeing an article on Babe and Doris' marriage, Fingers goes out into the street to join his cold and hungry companions, Kid and Ratsy, and once again start his life over from the bottom.