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Campus Honeymoon

Campus Honeymoon(1948)

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When a couple of war veterans, Rick Adams and Bob Watson, arrive for their first of day of college at Opalacka University, they are told that because school facilities are full, they will need to show proof of lodging before they will be allowed to enroll. Rick and Bob are hunting for accommodations in town, when they are forced to share a table at a local diner with twin sisters, Skipper and Pat Hughes. Sgt. Bessie Ormsbee of the WAC sees the students together and mistakes them for two married couples. When she overhears Rick and Bob talking about the war, she tells them that they will find lodging at the Whole Veterans Housing Agency in nearby Blissville. Bessie explains that she and her husband Busby, a psychology professor at the university, are the directors of the project. The students are welcomed in Blissville by Busby, who presuming them to be married, assigns them two bungalows. When the students realize the mistake, the sisters want to tell Busby the truth, but finally agree with Rick and Bob to pretend that they are married until they find other accommodations. The sisters decide to take one bungalow while the men take the other, and the students register for classes and begin their studies. When the sisters' uncle, Senator Andrew Hughes, learns about the Whole Veterans Housing Agency, he campaigns against it in an effort to cut government spending. Meanwhile, the Ormsbees' schizophrenic nephew Junior begins to suspect that the students are not really married. Later, when Busby remembers that he has not yet asked the students for their marriage certificates, the students make up a story about proxy marriages, saying that their certificates are still in Manila. The students tell Busby that it will take weeks for the certificates to arrive, but promise to send for them right away. Sometime later, the students dance at an Agency party when the men notice Polly Walker, Bob's ex-fiancée, there. Meanwhile, Benjie Briggs, a friend of Skipper's, inquires pryingly about her living situation, and the students fear they will be found out. After the dance, Skipper tells Bob that her uncle would be furious if he found out about their arrangement, so he proposes to her. Believing that he wants to marry her for school purposes only, Skipper rejects the offer even though she too is in love. Later, when Busby receives news that there is no record of the couples' marriages, the dean of the university expels the students. When Senator Hughes learns about his nieces' expulsion, he goes to the library, where he finds a law book stating that the couples are now in fact married due to state laws regarding common law marriages. Hughes takes the books to the couples, who decide to get married anyway. They then return to the Agency with their certificates and are allowed to continue their studies.