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A Date with the Falcon

A Date with the Falcon(1942)

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When Waldo Sampson, a brilliant scientist who has developed a process for manufacturing synthetic diamonds, mysteriously disappears, police inspector Mike O'Hara turns to his friend, Gay Lawrence, the debonair sleuth known as "The Falcon," for help. Gay is planning a visit to his fiancée Helen Reed's family and is therefore reluctant to become involved in the case until he meets exotic jewel thief Rita Mara and deduces that the she is involved in Sampson's disappearance. When Gay returns to his apartment, an impatient Helen begins to quarrel with him, but their argument is cut short by the appearance of Rita, who kidnaps Gay but leaves her purse behind. Finding the address of Rita's hotel in her handbag, Helen follows them. On the drive, Gay escapes his captor by flagging down a police car and pretending that he is drunk. After returning to his apartment, Gay learns from his sidekick, Jonathon "Goldy" Locke, that Helen has gone to the hotel. Gay follows, and when he discovers that Waldo Sampson is registered at the hotel, he becomes suspicious and breaks into Sampson's room, where he finds the scientist's dead body. Before the police arrive, Gay removes a picture from the dead man's pocket watch. The police then burst into the room, but Gay convinces O'Hara to give him twelve hours to capture Sampson's murderer before arresting him. Gay then visits Sampson's laboratory, where he finds a fake telegram from Sampson's brother Herman, prompting the detective to examine the photograph that he found in the dead man's watch. To trap Sampson's killers, Gay tells Goldy to send Helen to meet him at a nightclub, explaining that the murderers will follow Helen and Goldy should follow them. At the club, Rita abducts Gay once again and takes him to her accomplice, Max Carlson, who is holding Sampson captive at his warehouse. Max has extracted the secret formula from Sampson, and instructs Rita to kill Gay and Sampson while he sells the formula. As Max drives off, Goldy sideswipes his car, and in the ensuing fight, Goldy is arrested for drunken driving. Soon after, the police arrive at Max's warehouse and rescue Gay and Sampson. After convincing Rita that Max plans to double-cross her, Gay disarms one of the officers and flees with Rita, who takes him to Max's meeting, where she shoots Max. Discovering that Max no longer has the formula, Rita knocks Gay unconscious and departs. Finding Gay with Max's body, O'Hara arrests him for murder and takes him to headquarters, where he is holding Helen as an accomplice. At that moment, O'Hara's assistant, Bates, bursts in with Rita and Max's gang in handcuffs. Gay then explains that by using the clues of the fake telegram and photograph, he deduced that the dead man was not Waldo Sampson but his twin brother Herman. The case is solved when Goldy produces Sampson's formula, which he took from Max during their fight. Helen and Gay then board their plane, but once on,board, a beautiful young woman greets Gay, arousing Helen's jealousy.