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The Fighting O'Flynn

The Fighting O'Flynn(1949)

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In the year 1797, as Napoleon Bonaparte's army nears the shores of Ireland, the Irish poet and mercenary known as "The O'Flynn" journeys to the castle he has inherited. Along the way, O'Flynn comes across a stagecoach that is being robbed by outlaw Hendrigg's men. After foiling the robbery attempt, O'Flynn invites Lady Benedetta, the stagecoach's passenger, to his new castle. Although she initially refuses the invitation, Benedetta eventually changes her mind and instructs her coachman to take her to O'Flynn. Meanwhile, when O'Flynn arrives at the castle he finds the county bailiff, Dooley, waiting to arrest him for the family's outstanding debts. O'Flynn avoids being arrested, though, by telling Dooley that he will lead him to a treasure that is hidden in the castle. Shortly after Benedetta, who, unknown to O'Flynn, is the daughter of the Viceroy of Ireland, arrives at the castle, agents of Bonaparte, posing as lost travelers in the night, appear at the door. The agents have been sent to spy on Benedetta because she is carrying Bonaparte's plans to gain control of England and Ireland, which are to be delivered to her father. Just as the spies are about to attack Benedetta and take the plans, Dooley thwarts their attempt and escapes with Benedetta and O'Flynn. While fleeing, the three are ambushed by Bonapartists, but O'Flynn manages a daring escape. In Dublin, when the plans are safely delivered to the viceroy, O'Flynn is made captain of the Viceroy's army. Later, when O'Flynn discovers that Benedetta's fiancé, Lord Sedgemouth, is a Bonapartist, he engages him in a drunken duel with swords. O'Flynn easily defeats Lord Sedgemouth and vows to continue his pursuit of Benedetta's affections. He also promises to take Castle Knockmore in her honor. Sedgemouth, however, poisons Benedetta's feelings for O'Flynn by having her believe that O'Flynn is having an affair with courtesan Fancy Free. As the battle for the castle commences, O'Flynn, posing as a deserter to the enemy side, is taken to the enemy leader, General Van Dronk. O'Flynn gets the general drunk and later tries to intercept the plans for the takeover of England and Ireland by wearing Van Dronk's uniform and posing as him. The plan nearly works until he is caught by Van Dronk's lieutenant and sent to his execution. The firing squad misses their target, however, and O'Flynn manages to escape to Lord Sedgemouth's quarters. There he enlists the help of Fancy Free to find the attack plans, but Lord Sedgemouth discovers the two and makes an unsuccessfull attempt to shoot O'Flynn. When Benedetta learns that Fancy Free is actually Lord Sedgemouth's mistress, she returns to O'Flynn and kisses him. O'Flynn then accuses Lord Sedgemouth of treason and chases after him. After signalling the approaching Bonapartist ships to reverse course and retreat from Knockmore Castle, O'Flynn engages Lord Sedgemouth in a sword fight, which he wins with help of the Viceroy's troops. Having safeguarded England and Ireland from Bonaparte's attack, Benedetta and O'Flynn kiss.