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The Ghost and Mrs. Muir

The Ghost and Mrs. Muir(1947)

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  • Ever Lasting Love

    • Joe M.
    • 3/3/20

    I first saw the picture many years ago as a repeat on CBS late night movie on Sat. night I was 16-17 back in 1965. It always was a favorite of mine. I saw it again on TCM a couple of times. The casting was excellent, Rex Harrison was great as Capt. Gregg a total man with no apologies for it. Gene Tierney was not only a beautiful girl but played the part of a lady so well, she was perfect for the part. George Sanders as usual was himself always a professional and great at parts as he played in this film. I can say that the picture brings out love and devotion to a special level. I also think any one who has seen the picture wishes that dream story like this would happen to them in a similar way. For guys and girls of every age in life that have been together for a while really appreciate and love this film. For myself when the end is near or coming I would hope it will be as enchanting and beautiful. As for the overall picture, story line, setting, filming it was wonderful. A MEMORABLE FILM.

  • Simply a Wonderful Way to Spend Time

    • el debbo
    • 10/14/19

    Beautiful from beginning to end, an all-star affair. Gene Tierney is a pro, per usual, as is Rex Harrison. It's interesting how in his early films, in the 30's, he was kind of goofy-looking...he became a stunner as an older man, he is ever-so dashing in this round! It's true, when you see and converse with a spirit, it seems like a dream later. But wasn't.

  • a perfect film

    • enon
    • 3/24/18

    this has to be one of the most romantic and magical films ever produced. along with an incredibly evocative music score. i can't believe that i'd never seen it until a couple of years ago; and now i watch it every time tcm plays it.

  • victorious rex..or talk that talk..everyone wins.

    • a.morris
    • 1/4/18

    a gimmick from a cartoon show brought some interest back around to him.. but if you watch him in this.. you was his world.. and everyone else got to be a part of it.

  • A Haunting Comfort for War Widows

    • Darlene
    • 9/16/17

    This movie, made in 1947 and based on an English book from 1945, the last year of WWII, must have provided some comfort for those who lost men in the war. The British suffered much more deeply than the U.S. -- their war started in 1939, ours in 1941 -- and there were also women alive at the time who had lost men in WWI. Those who despaired of ever finding love again, who faced raising children on their own and having to earn enough to support them, must have related very strongly to Mrs. Muir's situation. They, too, must have felt overwhelmed, yet determined to maintain a stiff upper lip, as Mrs. Muir does. Depicting an afterlife where they could be reunited with their lost beloved, this film may have brought some of the bereaved a measure of comfort as they picked up the pieces.I first saw this movie on TV when I was 16 years old, and was spellbound by it. Although as an adult I wonder what the men see in Lucy Muir besides her good looks, and find it implausible that such a character would choose to spend her entire life alone after one heartbreak, the production -- including the marvelous costumes -- and the acting take it to a high level. And Rex Harrison is just right, roguishly handsome in that beard.

  • ghost/mrs. muir

    • kevin sellers
    • 1/19/16

    Like many great films it's more disturbing than it at first appears. Far from being a romantic, female version of "Topper" this is a somber study of a woman's inability to give vent to her inner passion or to find a (live) man with whom she can healthily share it. If, as I do, you regard Rex Harrison's character as a symbol of edgy excitement and sexuality, then the fact that Gene Tierney's outwardly repressed Mrs. Muir cannot partake of these life giving qualities, except in fantasy, is profoundly depressing. And lest you think I'm "reading too much into" what is simply a charming, sprightly love story, consider Bernard Herrman's wonderful, somber, brooding score that always seems to hover on the edge of nightmare. And the fact that screenwriter Philip Dunne and director Joseph L. Mankewiecz choose to present this rather dark tale with a blessedly light touch only adds to its overall air of melancholy. Throw in great performances from the two leads, Edna Best as the godmother of all faithful servants, George Sanders at his caddish best, and Anna Lee (one of my favorite character actresses) as an eerily enabling wife, plus lovely cinematography by Charles Lang that successfully uses the Mendocino for the English coast, and you can see why this film is an A.

  • Awesome!!!

    • Traci G
    • 1/16/16

    Great movie!! LOVED it!!

  • Another Lovely Turn for Miss Tierney

    • Tawny
    • 1/11/16

    Gene Tierney had an awesome agent. Or perhaps she represented herself? At any rate, to be cast in four jewels--The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, Laura, Leave Her to Heaven, and The Razor's Edge--is quite an accomplishment. I like her in this role as a strong-willed woman who's not afraid to cut her own path. The chemistry between the Captain and Mrs. Muir is so genuine and the story is wonderful. Why don't they make movies like this anymore?

  • Just magnetic!

    • RedRain
    • 1/10/16

    I've loved this film for many decades and delight in it again and again each time TCM airs it. Despite some commenters here believing this is a suspense or ghost story, it is a LOVE story that transcends time. Gene Tierney is, as always, beautiful and vulnerable, giving a performance of quiet dignity. Rex Harrison as the Captain/ghost just blows you away with his gruffness and then becomes endearing as the savior of the widow's finances, allowing her to remain in the cottage by helping her write a book about his sea adventures. As they grow closer, his love for her is palpable in his gentleness and kindness. The years pass and she grows old but the film ends exactly as you want it to, with both the Captain and the widow united in spirit again. Yes, it is fantasy but, for this of us who have lost someone we love, it is a fantasy we hope for when we too have passed this life. Perhaps, just perhaps, this is the reason why so many of us love this film so very much.

  • location, etc

    • Movie fan of yesteryear
    • 11/15/15

    to Olivia 2015-03-08 ...alot of it was filmed on the Mendocino and/or Sonoma County coasts, Calif, usa..the swim scene was Van Damme beach/state park.. aka, Little River, CAthey (Sanders, etc?) walked along the cliff/headlands of the Van Damme property, just a bit south of the beach.I thought/felt Harrison was perfectly cast as Capt Daniel ('blast, woman!').

  • Gene Tierney's Triumphs

    • Will Fox
    • 10/15/15

    For truth, Tierney stardom and sincere souls, see sea captain, "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir," (1947); "Heaven Can Wait," (1943); "The Mating Season," (1951); Oscar-winning, "Laura," (1944); and most realistic, "Advise and Consent." (1962).

  • thriller too

    • Reggie (Regina) Sheridan
    • 7/30/15

    I think the Ghost and Mrs. Muir should not be regarded as a romance but a thriller or suspensemovie I think its spooky and thrilling when Mrs. Muir first moves in and Mr. Coombe is scaredaway, and you can see Mrs. Muir is a bit nervous, but then has the courage to live there anyway.It is spooky when she is trying to light her candle and the Captain is trying to blow it out and hethen a little later appears to her I think this movie is a great ghost story and should be a suspensemovie I give it ten stars! I am also familiar with the tv series too starring Edward Mulhare who ismy favourite actor. the ghost and Mrs. Muir with Rex Harrison and Gene Tieriney is good , goodplot but should have been done in Technicolor, that would have made it even more Regina SheridanStreator Il.**********ten stars

  • Ghost and Mrs. Muir

    • Olivia
    • 3/8/15

    This film is worthy of Oscar! You'll never forget this beautiful story and setting.

  • Worth watching over and over again

    • Toni C
    • 3/8/15

    I bought this movie years ago before ever seeing it because I knew a Gene Tierney movie would mean it's a good "woman's" film. Well, this exceeds the usual '40's films...this movie is magic. You fall in love with the Captain (eventually) and you want so much for the two of them to be together forever. I watch it at least once a year and never tire of it. Gene is stunningly beautiful, as usual, and Rex is wonderfully gruff, manly and quite loving.

  • Favorite romantic movie of all time

    • Karyn
    • 3/7/15

    I saw this movie for the first time on the late show when I was about 13-years-old and never forgot it; that was over half a century ago. For years, I dreamed of living in Gull Cottage. Lucy's devastation over her betrayal and resignation to a single life is heartbreaking, but the ending is so romantic and beautiful. I, of course, have my own copy and watch it quite frequently. It never fails to move me to tears.

  • Top 50 of All Time

    • William
    • 10/9/14

    Without question one of the best movies ever made. A "must watch" every chance you get. Once again, thanks TCM

  • One lucky ghost.

    • Lance
    • 10/3/14

    Gene Eliza Tierney is the only reason I could think of to remain on Earth as a ghost and not be in a rush to be transferred to that "better place".The captain was a fortunate soul in having the most beautiful woman to ever exist insist on renting his cottage and he makes the most of it,though in the beginning he foolishly wants her out.The film is a romantic gem that steadily draws you in and leaves you with the hope that there is really a life after death,even if it is just for these two enchanting characters you can't help but love.I like to think that this film presents Gene as close as I imagine her to be in real life.If I am wrong,that's alright.To fantasize is good sometimes.

  • A Wonderful Film in Every Way

    • Judy
    • 4/5/14

    It's a wonderful film in every way - ethereal in performances, b&w cinematography, and music. Ms. Tierney is gorgeous, Mr. Harrison quite dashing, and the story just beautiful. It's a truly great, great film that can be viewed multiple times without tiring.

  • loved it

    • Patsy
    • 2/26/14

    This was my first time seeing it and just loved it. Went to sleep with this beautiful love story and music in my head. Glad I took the time to watch it for I would have missed out on a beautiful love story with Gene and Rex...2 of my favorites. Even bought it so I can watch it when I want something uplifting. Gene was BEAUTIFUL and did a great job. Rex was a dashing all man ghost.

  • Oh, to live at Gull Cottage!

    • Delving Eye
    • 2/24/14

    Before the movie even opens, you hear Bernard Herrmann's haunting score, played over the 20th Century Fox logo. The first scene is of a roiling sea, mysterious and thrilling -- an apt description of this film. Gene Tierney is so beautiful and Rex so manly; they are the perfect couple. Her struggles to cope with life's problems become his and he guides her to safe shores. Then he disappears. Decades pass until she is an old woman. The final scene of reunion is moving beyond words. But it is the music, Herrmann's hymn of the sea, that really buoys the spirit! This movie has offered me a lifetime of pleasure. (Special props to Edna Best, George Sanders and Robert Coote.)

  • The Ghost and Mrs. Muir

    • James Roy Graham
    • 9/2/13

    This is a wonderful little film. For me, even though a fantasy film, it ranks as one of the top five or six romances of all time. A true gem!

  • the ocean calling

    • denis wood
    • 10/4/12

    great story, great cast, great scenery, great music, great cottage and your on the ocean, what more do ya need? this 56 year old man still finds this the greatest love story ever filmed, and i still tear up with the ending.

  • The Ghost & Mrs Muir is WONDERFUL!

    • Pam
    • 9/20/12

    This movie is so good! If you have never seen it you must view it and enjoy!

  • The Ghost & Mrs. Muir

    • Dashiell Barnes
    • 7/7/12

    A perfectly enchanting romantic fantasy. Tierney gives her most tender performance as the strong-willed widow, matched with Harrison's gruffness. Charles Lang was nominated for his beautiful cinematography, and while not nominated, Bernard Hermann creates his most lyrical scores. A whimsy ghost story without scariness or over-sentimentality. I give it a 4.5/5.

  • Love at First Viewing

    • Zena49
    • 4/4/12

    I have loved this story for years. It is as great today as it was when I saw it a a teenager. Even now I will take it out, put it in the DVD on a Friday night, and have a wonderful night. It is the humor and the love that makes the movie unforgetable.

  • I love this movie.

    • Ron Roumanis
    • 3/2/12

    Rex Harrison and Gene Tierny are wonderful together. The film is magic; I've seen it several times and never cease to adore the lead characters and despise George Sanders' "Uncle Neddy". Much of the film's beauty is generated by Bernard Hermann's music; it adds another dimension to the story.

  • Don't shove off! You'll love this money

    • Alexandra
    • 1/28/12

    This movie popped up in my recommended queue on Netflix on a day I was missing my grandmother a lot. I can only imagine that if she were a ghost now, she'd be just as much a loveable curmudgeon as Captain Gregg in this movie. If you're a parent, trying to get your children interested in classics, take it from me, a 19 year old college student, this is a great one to get them started. Tierney and Harrison's chemistry is charming and the cinematography is beautifully done. Something of a romantic sea-side movie version of I Hate Hamlet.

  • The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947)

    • James Higgins
    • 3/24/10

    A delightful classic. What perfect casting, Rex Harrison is fine in one of his best performances from the 1940's. Gene Tierney is radiantly beautiful and does a wonderful job as Mrs. Muir. The film flows very well, and it blends comedy, romance and drama effortlessly. The score is excellent. It's still a fresh story. Thoughtful art direction and the beautiful black and white cinematography was nominated for an Academy Award.

  • I like this movie.

    • Teresa
    • 7/30/09

    For a 39 year old I got to say I like the Movie and the TV Series. Where can I buy the TV series? I'm a sucker for the classics.

  • Romantic gem

    • Kim Kimmel
    • 11/23/07

    One of the most romantic films ever made. Gene Tierney's beauty is so dazzling, you can't take your eyes off her. Rex Harrison is as atmospherically menacing and delightful as is possible. George Sanders plays the cad impeccably. The mood of this gem is haunting throughout and the musical score by Bernard Hermann is some of the most beautiful, lovely music ever written for any film. One of my all times favorites. In its own way a masterpiece.

  • My Top Romantic Movie

    • Laura Anne
    • 11/17/07

    Great cast, poignant story, first rate...Gene Tierney, just stunning, and sexy Rex Harrison light up the screen, lots of sparks. The supporting cast (George Sanders and a young Natalie Wood to name just two)are well done and the story could not be more charming. Four stars.

  • Gene and Rex

    • JGG
    • 4/7/07

    What a duo, this has got to be one of the all time best love stories.. Tierneys at her best, Harrison is great. The sparks fly between the two. Great supporting cast,well written great direction great acting and funny as hell. Blast,blast.LOL LOVE IT

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