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Her First Romance

Her First Romance(1951)

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Teenager Betty Foster admires schoolmate Bobby Evans' athletic good looks and is annoyed to discover that pretty Lucille Stewart does too. When Betty introduces herself to Bobby, she finds out his father is her father's lawyer and is delighted when Bobby invites her and her family to his upcoming birthday party. The night of the party, Betty confesses to her mother that she has a pair of nylons, but no garter, so her mother lends her one of her garters, which they hold up with a safety pin. At the party, hoping to distract Bobby from Lucille, Betty puts on a swing record and jitterbugs enthusiastically, unaware that the garter safety pin has come undone. In moments the garter slips to her ankle and Betty is humiliated. Determined to regain her standing with Bobby, Betty offers to tutor him in poetry at school, using baseball terms to help him. During the exam, Betty notices Bobby is stuck and throws him a note with a baseball word on it. They are both sent to the principal, Mr. Gauss, but neither confesses and Bobby is allowed to retake the exam. Later Bobby chastises Betty for carelessly considering cheating, even to help. When Betty discovers Bobby will be going to Camp Chipawa once school is out, she pleads with her father Joe to allow her and her brother Herbie to go. Joe promises that once he clears up a business matter, he will know whether he can afford the six-week camp. Betty and Herbie then follow their father to his ice-making company, sneaking in through a hidden entrance to spy on his meeting. Joe's partner, Paul Powers, the son of the plant's now deceased founder, is determined to sell the company for quick money. Joe's lawyer, Val Evans, opens the office safe and produces a note from Powers' father, handwritten on blue paper. The note passes the majority of stock to Joe, who Powers knew would never sell, thus forcing Paul to remain responsibly in business. With the company secure, Betty and Herbie attend Camp Chipawa, where Mr. Gauss is head. He initiates a contest in which all the campers will participate in athletic and creative competition. The top ten scoring boys will then each make a special final project and the winner will be named the camp's Mardi Gras king and select his queen from the ten highest scoring girls. Betty and Lucille immediately fall into fierce competition, with Lucille excelling in sports and Betty in scholastic projects. Lucille finishes first and Betty tenth. When Bobby, who has made the top score for the boys, plans an ambitious boat slide for his final project, Betty is crushed because Lucille has promised him the $25 for the lumber he needs. When Lucille is unable to get the money, however, Betty hatches a daring plan with Herbie. At night they sneak out of camp and hitchhike back to town and to Joe's office. Although Herbie is worried they are stealing, Betty assures him they are only borrowing the money and plans to leave an IOU. She takes a blue scrap of paper from the safe and tells Herbie to write a note for the $25. In a moment of panic, Herbie accidentally sets off the alarm and the two just manage to evade security. Back at camp, Betty gives Bobby the money and helps him with a crucial design detail for his slide, which is a resounding success. When the campers' parents visit for Mardi Gras day, Betty is shocked to discover that Joe may be losing the company, as a critical piece of blue paper disappeared after the mysterious break-in. Realizing their involvement, Betty and Herbie retrace their actions and locate the paper. When Betty presents it to a relieved Joe, she confesses she took the money and why. Joe is understanding, but scolds her for stealing. Chastened, Betty attends the Mardi Gras crowning, but when Bobby names her his queen, she refuses, claiming she is not worthy. Joe, Mr. Gauss and Bobby are all pleased with Betty's unexpected maturity. As Bobby shyly asks Betty to be his steady, she abruptly notices a handsome young man in a military school uniform.