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Hold That Ghost

Hold That Ghost(1941)

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The Andrews Sisters and Ted Lewis and His Orchestra are performing at the "Chez Glamour" nightclub, where Chuck Murray and Ferdinand "Ferdie" Jones are working as relief waiters. The two bumblers, however, are much more interested in playing dice than serving tables. Gangster Sidney "Moose" Matson arrives at the nightclub with his lawyer, Bannister, who tells him that "two-bit hood" Charlie Smith wants half the money from Moose's latest hold-up or he will go to the district attorney. Moose states that he doesn't plan to pay Charlie anything, as only he knows where the stolen money is. Meanwhile, Chuck and Ferdie are fired by the head waiter, Gregory, when they are caught eating their patrons' food. After they return to working at a gas station, Chuck and Ferdie find themselves servicing Moose's car when the police arrive, and the two are trapped inside the gangster's car during a high-speed shootout. Moose is shot and killed, and Chuck and Ferdie learn that they are the benefactors of his will, which gives his estate to whomever he is with when he dies. During a meeting with Bannister, they are told that they have inherited an old tavern. The next day, they travel by bus to the tavern, along with Charlie Smith, Jackson, a physician, Norma Lind and radio performer Camille Brewster. Once there, the bus driver announces that the weather is too bad to continue the trip, so the group becomes Chuck and Ferdie's first guests. Only when the bus driver takes off with their luggage, however, do they realize that they are stranded at the tavern. Examining the grounds, the group discovers hidden rooms and comes to realize that Moose used the tavern as a speakeasy during Prohibition. When Charlie goes into the basement, he is strangled to death by an unknown hand. Ferdie becomes convinced that the tavern is haunted, as strange things continually happen to him when he is left alone. Unable to find Charlie, the group decides to go to bed. In Moose's old room, Chuck and Ferdie discover Charlie's body, but when the police arrive unannounced, the body disappears. Each time Ferdie tries to go to bed, his room changes into a gambling parlor, but then it changes back to a bedroom when Chuck enters. Downstairs, Norma finds Jackson testing the tavern's water, and the two begin to feel a mutual attraction. After being chased by what appears to be a ghost, Ferdie and Camille sit together downstairs, where a floating candle causes Ferdie much concern. Chuck and Camille, meanwhile, try to figure out where Moose's money may be. As he had said that he kept it "in his head," Ferdie suggests the money is in the moose head on the wall, an idea which the others ridicule. Sticking his hand in the moose's mouth, however, Ferdie finds the money, much to Chuck and Camille's disbelief. The police finally reemerge, but reveal themselves to be members of Moose's gang who have been looking for his money for fifteen years. The gangsters chase the group throughout the house, with Ferdie knocking them out one by one with a bag of money. Alerted by the sound of a police siren, the gangsters scamper out of the tavern, unaware that the "siren" was actually Ferdie. Afterward, the group divides the money, and Chuck and Ferdie consider opening their own gas station. Jackson, however, tells them that they should turn the tavern into a health spa, as the water has great therapeutic values. Later, on opening night of the spa, Jackson and Norma arrive fresh from their honeymoon, and Ferdie tells them that he and Camille had a "runaway wedding": she wanted to get married, so he ran away. Ferdie works the cash register, but when Chuck checks it, he finds it nearly empty, then discovers all the money hidden in Ferdie's tuxedo.