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Kings Row

Kings Row(1942)

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  • Kings Row

    • John
    • 2/1/20

    I think it is one of the great forgotten (by most) movies of all time. Once you see it you really never can forget it. I would love to see it more often. It was shown about once a year the reason I have it recorded, and watch it when I want to. I still would love to see it colorized just once.

  • Reagan At His Best

    • rains!
    • 12/30/18

    Reagan would've worked as either lead.Cummings was average.Quite involved with psychological goings-on with various characters.Garfield might do as Parris,but not Drake-Ronnie ran with it for a TD,Ann Sheridan the heart and soul,too.

  • OOps!

    • Alice
    • 12/30/18

    Sorry, made a mistake. I should have said, Robert Cummings, not Dwayne Hickman. Don't know why, have always gotten those two mixed up. Still a must see, wonderful film. What a story; what a cast.

  • Unforgettable

    • Alice
    • 12/30/18

    This film is both impressive and unforgettable. Impressive, because of both the starring cast, as well as the supporting cast and director. I have seen the members of the cast in many, many films. This film seems to have brought out the best in each of these wonderful actors. It could be that the story is so impressive. What a story this is. It is no wonder it was a best seller, back when people read books. What a loss that has been (I digress). This is truly a disturbing, yet unforgettable classic film. As far as I know, this is Ronald Reagan's finest performance. He is great, as is Dwayne Hickman and Ann Sheridan. I could go on. What a film. Please keep showing this one. I would also like to see more Ronald Reagan films, especially the law enforcement type of films. Thank you so much for showing this film. Please put it on a "regular" list, maybe once or twice a year.

  • Kings Row

    • Nina
    • 12/30/18

    I've watched this movie three times on TCM and just don't understand the high rating. It's an unpleasant movie experience given the unlikeable characters, sadism, and mixed acting. I thought Cummings was weak (as usual) and not interesting enough to be the lead. Reagan was surprisingly appealing. The first time I watched the movie I found the plot so bizarre that I wondered if I was watching a witless satire. But it's just an unpleasant story about unpleasant people put together in an unpleasant way. There are better things to watch so skip this one.

  • Kings Row

    • George
    • 10/16/17

    I am in my 70's. This is one of my favorite TCM classic films. All performances are great especially RonaldReagan. I can watch this over and over again. Pretty dark film for this period of time but is a great movie.I love Warner Bros. films of this period of time. I watch a movie like this and think this is film making at itsbest. I love TCM especially the introduction of the films sometime. I enjoy the 31 days of Oscar at AcademyAwards time. I hope TCM never goes away. I watched the Razors Edge awhile ago. Another great film.

  • Love this movie. 10/10. Spoilers ahead.

    • annie
    • 2/15/16

    Love this movie. 10/10. I read the book first. Book darker than the film, but I still like this film. This movie has no song and dance routines, that are my favorites. This film is interesting, being a tale of small town America before World War One. I have also read and studied the book, Winesburg, Ohio. Anyone for Peyton Place? In Kings Row (the small town), a wealthy grandmother houses a prodigious grandson, Parris Mitchell, who is nice, handsome, honest and privileged. His best bud just happens to be portrayed by Ronald Reagan. Reagan's character, (Drake), is a wealthy wastrel and womanizer. He even likes young women from the other side of the ubiquitous railroad tracks. Drake gets his COMEUPPANCE (ala Winesburg, Ohio) (SPOILER) by (UGH) getting his legs wrongly surgically removed by an idiotic, sadistic surgeon. Where's the rest of me? That's Reagan's famous quote. Meanwhile, the hero, Parris Mitchell, goes to European medical school on Grandma's money, comes home to Kings Row USA and tells Drake to get a new life and quit feeling sorry for himself. The book translated to this film amid much opposition from the Hats Office, since the film is actually a whitewashed version of the bizarre sins and broken mores of the novel. This novel was written after Winesburg, Ohio, which was a classic in itself.

  • Don't Care-Drake is Heroic

    • thebestofreagan
    • 2/15/16

    Cummings is my only objection-Fonda would've been ideal.Coburn as the doctor who's caused more suffering is against type for him,IMHO.Loved him in The More The Merrier.The two doc town-Rains & Coburn,as much as Dr Tower is kind,but hiding deep,dark secrets,doesn't make me feel too safe.Reagan really deserves credit for his role,yes he's self-pitying after disasterous accident cost him his legs,and highly doubt anyone would react like he did after Parris tells him the truth.But I consider his moving on as a tribute to anyone who's lost limbs due to accident,military service,disease,etc as a salute to their efforts to live and thrive.

  • Meh...

    • RedRain
    • 1/10/16

    You ever see a film once and want to like it so you see it again but can't change your mind about it? That's me and this film. The acting is horrible, the film is too danged long, the dialogue is ridiculously preachy and there are too many assumptions made. I actually did like Ronald Reagan's acting in the first part of the film when he was just the devil-may-care Drake; however, after his legs are gone, he dissolves into a maudlin mess and has no dialogue to say that is in the least bit redeeming. Robert Cummings is dreadful as a remarkable prig and his righteous indignation made me cringe. His hopping back and forth across the Atlantic was unbelievable, as he had little money and each of the trips would have taken a long while, as ships were the only mode of travel then. The idea that a tiny town is something a professional psychiatrist would return to is ludicrous, as he could never make a living in such a place. I now steer clear of this film, as I consider it a total waste of my time. ...but the cinematography is great!

  • Better with each viewing

    • Jack
    • 7/1/15

    Intriguing story, excellent photography and score. Superb performances by Field, Reagan, Raines and Elise provides the perfect mate for Parris at that stage of his life. This question never came to mind until my most recent viewing, was Cassie pregnant after her night with Parris and did that contribute to her father's murder/suicide?

  • A very mesmerizing movie

    • Danielle
    • 4/24/15

    I just saw this film for the first time last night and was quite pleasently surprised. I thought it was a very engaging story and I definitly will be reading the two books the films based on.

  • king's row

    • kevin sellers
    • 4/24/15

    The first hour is small town Gothic at its darkest (for 1943, that is) while the second hour is mostly standard soap opera BS. It's never a good idea to kill off your most interesting character halfway through the movie. Talking, of course, about Claude Raines as the wise but very eerie Dr. Alexander Tower. Because Raines is such a magnificent actor we believe him capable of both great generosity toward Robert Cummings' medical student and abject cruelty toward his daughter (played by the shrill Betty Field, whose scenery chewing works better here because her character is nuts.) A lot of the wonderful macabre feeling of this movie left the room when Raines dies ( and offscreen, to boot! What were screenwriter Casey Robinson and director Sam Wood thinking?) and it completely evaporates when Charles Coburn's sadistic, moralistic quack doctor dies three fourths of the way through (also offscreen!) The last fourth of the film leaves us largely with Robert Cummings, who is a bit of a stick, and his extremely dull love affair with a Vienese gal. As for Ronald Reagan, the fact that this merely competent performance is ranked as his best speaks volumes about our 40th pres. as an actor. Let's give it a B minus for the first hour and the great Erich W. Korngold music. P.S. Almost forgot to mention Ann Sheridan. Not bad. Nice, relaxed performance. A welcome relief from Field and Nancy Coleman's histrionics.

  • Reagan's Best

    • josiemannion
    • 4/19/15

    While Cummings is impressive,my attention is to Rains & Reagan.Ronnie really proved he could act.It's different from the book,no incest-instead inherited psychotic disorder;no prostitution,and by any standards,there's nothing wrong by 40s or 2000s standards.This was and always will be a classic,mostly known for Reagan's "Where's the rest of me?"How relevant to the world today with ISIS,Al Queda,and homegrown terror causing devastation to lives.

  • Outstanding Movie - One of My Favorites!

    • Myra
    • 12/6/13

    Robert Cummings, Ann Sheridan, and Ronald Reagan gave magnificent performances in this movie. It was definitely one of their best. Because Robert Cummings has always been known for his comedic roles, I think he was underrated as a dramatic actor. I loved his portrayal of Parris Mitchell. Ronald Reagan's portrayal of Drake McHugh was probably his best, and Ann Sheridan's portrayal of Randy Monaghan was one of the few dramatic roles that I've seen her perform. The actors were great and I always enjoy Claude Raines. Having read both "Kings Row" and "Parris Mitchell of Kings Row," I can understand the problems the studio had in adapting the story of Kings Row to the screen, especially with the opposition they faced from the censors of the 1940's. There are so many more characters and so much more to the story (Renee, Jamie, Benny, Parris' work at the State Hospital, and Drake McHugh's death) that it would take a mini-series to include it all. Korngold's musical score was fabulous! I have the soundtrack and play it over and over again. For a black and white movie, the photography, art direction, etc. were excellent. I have the DVD and have watched it a dozen times. I understand that a colorized version was made of the movie, but I think color would detract from the dramatic effect of the movie.I would recommend this movie to everyone.

  • Wonderful !

    • Alice
    • 7/30/13

    I am a regular viewer and cheerleader for TCM because of the multitude of terrific movie classic they bless each of us with. However, there are also, the truly exceptional films that rise up above and beyond the already wonderful, "regular" classics. "King's Row" is one of those films that fall into that "exceptional" films category. What else can I say? The story, direction, cinematography, and acting are wonderful. This film is one I know I will watch every time I can, when you show it. One final thought. Ronald Reagan is one of those people I admire more and more, as the years go by, even though He has passed. Thank you, TCM. You get better and better, for the most part.

  • A Truly Great Film

    • couldnothavebeenbetter
    • 7/29/13

    No other cast could've been an improvement.These actors are the best.Truly inspiring story.

  • Excellent Movie!

    • Cecilia
    • 6/2/13

    5 Stars!

  • Kings ROw

    • FrankThomasMartinJr
    • 2/3/13

    From the overwhelming majority of positive reviews on this page I was expecting a real treat. Escpecially since some of my favorite actors were in this film (Sheridan, Rains, Coburn). Now I'm left wondering ..... DId I see the same movie as everyone else here?!? The unbelievable premise, the amateurish acting, the overwrought dialog, not to mention annoyingly abrupt scene-cuts make this WAYYYY too long film a total waste of time. Watch at your own risk!!

  • a seriously flawed film

    • Russ77
    • 2/3/13

    Had to see this film for myself to believe it .. wow, is it silly. A docotr in a small town who doesnt give his patients anestetic? Seriously?? And those that survive don't tell anyone this & let him continue to practise? That idiocy aside Ann Sheridan is one of the few actors in this that do their best witha hopeless story. And I agree that ole ronnie is one helluva poor actor. Why is it all the truly bad actors get elected to political positions,anyway? And they're equally bad at that too. I'd only reccommend this flick to those who enjoy simultaneously laughing and throwing up.

  • Five Stars

    • Josie
    • 2/2/13

    I woke up to a surprise this morning. Showing on TCM was the 'Kings Row.' Our ex-president and some pretty boy were best friends and doing the things friends do. The pretty boy, Parris, was studious, while Drake was an honorable young man and friend. My eyes were glued to the television although I was on a schedule to go grocery shopping and run Saturday morning errands. The movie continued on, leading down different unexpected paths, much like life. I give 'Kings Row' FIVE STARS, I can not wait until it is played on TCM once more. Until then, I will scour the monthly schedules and devote 130 minites of my life to the film. <a href= >baixar videos do youtube</a>

  • Complete and utter shite

    • Mr. Blandings
    • 1/31/13

    Based on the type of pulp trash novel that tries to make a buck with sensationalist, idiotic, soap-opera hackwork, this fairly invicerated adaptation is equally horrendous. No, it's worse because in a film you have to actually see someone spout this horrible, trashy dialogue, and that's never a easy thing to take. And here I'd thought Coburn played a bad guy in Princess O'Rourke ... in this he's an out-and-out one-dimensional psycho! The acting is substandard all around, but Ronald Reagan ... How ...???? It leaves me speechless just how bad an actor he is. Acting ability must be genetic or something and he's just plain missing those genes. But his lack of talent fits this worthless piece of celluloid sleeze PERFECTLY. However, I feel very sorry for Robert Cummings and Charles Coburn for having garbage like this on their filmographies. This is one of the worst films I've ever had the misfortune to witness. 0/5


    • Melissa
    • 11/24/12

    I could watch this every day and not tire.

  • Better that I thought it would be

    • Pat Turman
    • 2/21/11

    Saw this over the weekend & it was better than I thought it would be. I haven't read the novel but I'm betting this was a hard book to adapt to the screen: the sprawling story covers multiple decades and mulitiple characters. And the ending is a little too neatly resolved (especially with today's modern sensibility). But the characters felt three-dimensional and real. As did the situations they found themselves in. It sneaks up on you & you find yourself caring about what happens next.

  • Excellent

    • Martha Lillard
    • 2/19/11

    King's Row is without doubt one of the most amazing films to come out of Hollywood. Robert Cummings and Ronald Reagan do a splendid job of acting in this movie, as do the supporting actors.I can't say enough about the use of contrast in this black and white film. Many scenes are just breath-taking in their beauty.The landscapes and trees, homes and streets are all carefully constructed to convey a particular mood, and are artfully done.Ann Sheridan, Claude Rains and Betty Field all give spectacular performances.This is truly a story about life and the coming of an age. I think it ranks with "Rebecca" in it's mystery, acting and staging.Definitely recommend this picture!

  • Cheesy, but fun

    • Duke
    • 11/16/10

    Kings Row follows two friends and the women who love them, and makes a pretense of showing the scandal lurking just beneath the surface of a prim small town. The novel, I am informed, was sanitized to make the film, and it plays a precursor to Peyton Place, without the prurience or edginess (or even the gorgeous Technicolor) which made the latter film so much fun. Ann Sheridan plays Randy Monaghan with a great combination of coquetry and poor-girl grit; Ronald Reagan gives the character of Drake McHugh (what a name!) the right amount of breezy insouciance (he's a bit less convincing in the las act). Robert Cummings is really too bland to be effective as Parris Mitchell (what a name, part 2!). This is exactly the sort of acting that Marlon Brando was going to shred within a few years. The picture's cinematography is good, if the film is a bit studiobound. One of the better scores among 1940's films. A frothy potboiler of a movie, but it moves along amiably.

  • kingsrow

    • Herbert Bott
    • 5/2/10

    What can I say? KINGS ROW is my all-time favorite movie.I first saw it when I was eleven or twelve years old and it msdean indelible impression. Since then, I have watched it count-less times, initially on video and, more recently, on DVD.I even have a recording of the complete Korngold score.Has anybody else ever wondered what the film would have been like had Warner Brothers succeeded in borrowing TyronePower for the part of Parris Mitchell?

  • Sinister story makes compelling movie

    • Mikey Lacy
    • 6/4/09

    I've always loved this movie, so much that I searched antiquarian book sites to purchase a first edition. For once, the trailer delivers it's promise...the movie captures the theme of the book...and just might be greater than the book. The acting is superior...Reagan's finest performance. The music...Korngold precedes Star Wars by 35 years. The art direction...Memzes creates creepy town that undulates with evil underbelly. To miss this important film is to miss a rare cinematic treat. You'll never get bored with this picture. Excellent! A well deserved best picture nominee.


    • Jordan
    • 4/6/09

    Kings Row provides many unexpected plot twists and turns. Ronald Reagan's character is a magnificently fun, happy guy to watch. His horse and buggy scenes were great. Sadly, this is the first movie of Charles Coburn's where he portrayed an unpleasant, cruel man. Usually he is quite likable. I am curious why they would name such a pretty lady Randy (Ann Sheridan) and then a man - Parris (Robert Cummings)? Both were quite engaging in their roles. This movie will leave you happy and sad with all points in between.

  • great actor

    • kelly clifton
    • 2/26/08

    Ronald Reagan was one of the handsomest actors of that era and so much better looking than any in this generation of Hollywood so called actors . Contrary to his political detractors, he was also a fine actor.

  • Outstanding!!!

    • Pat
    • 2/1/08

    This is the only movie Ronald Reagan made that I will watch. His acting isn't that bad either. His classic line of "Where's the rest of me?" is almost laughable. It's a great character study and Robert Cummings is outstanding.

  • One of My All-Time Top Ten Movies

    • Donna
    • 10/30/06

    I just watched this movie for the first time this past weekend and it has become one of my top ten movie favorites. Ronald Reagan, Robert Cummings and Ann Sheridan were magnificent. I never knew Robert Cummings was such a terrific dramatic actor. I've always seen him in comedies. Ronald Reagan was amazing! This movie should be shown during the holidays so families can watch together and discuss how important friendship is and the importance of people being allowed to make their own choices in life. This is an absolute classic! I just ordered the Ronald Reagan collection. I can't wait for it to arrive.

  • Unique in every aspect!

    • FrankieCee
    • 9/28/06

    A classic tear-jerker, yet a unique story. I think this movie depicts many of the elements which were dominant in a world that was technologically speaking, in its infancy. We were on the verge of many "breakthroughs" both industrially as well as medically. The movie has the ability to take you through every emotion, like a rollercoaster, and happily, leaves us off on a high note. Wonderful in every aspect of production and performance. Great Film!

  • my fave movie of all-time

    • michael york
    • 9/28/06

    i love this movie most of all! story, acting, directing all superior and with wonderful howe photography and the fantastic score by korngold

  • i loved this movie.

    • danielle
    • 6/25/06

    i like to think of this movie as an old fashioned love story. almost like a, at that time, a modern day romeo and juliet. i agree with others when asking DVD please!!!


    • Jonnie
    • 5/9/06

    I love old black and white movies. This one was well acted and directed. Wish it came on DVD. I have a VCR copy. I have not read the book, but I will when I get a chance.

  • Kings Row, awesome movie!

    • Debbie Crawford
    • 3/15/06

    The acting in ths movie was superb.I loved the story line, the backdrop, the time perio.DVD please!

  • Reading the Book

    • Kim
    • 3/14/06

    They did a good job of adapting this book. I haven't seen the movie in years but I can clearly picture the actors while reading. I really enjoyed Ronald Reagan and Ann Sheridan. The book has been a surprise. Alot of the story lines were cleaned up for the movie. I can't wait for April, this story has as many twists as any in the theaters now.

  • Must see...

    • Keena
    • 2/24/06

    I found this to be a very moving film, which applies to today as well as the time in which it was made.

  • DVD

    • hlm
    • 2/15/06

    Would like to see on DVD.

  • Kings Row, Cinema at it's Finest!

    • Roxxee
    • 2/9/06

    Kings Row is a wonderful movie, that is just as powerful and relevent today as it was in 1942. I am amazed at Ronald Reagan's work. His work in this film is truly the best work he has ever done. I would actually love to see a modern adaptation of the novel. I think if it was remade, it would have to be kept in it's original time period. I mean, a lot of the movie is about the introduction of psychiatry as a modern medicine. I would love to have this movie on DVD! Please consider it. And to all who have not watched this gem of a film, please watch it, you will not be disappointed.

  • A WONDERFULL movie

    • Rita Shellie
    • 2/5/06

    PLEASE consider putting this movie out on DVD. This is a movie everyone should see at least once in their lifetime.

  • super movie

    • Mike Potter
    • 2/5/06

    I would really like to be able to buy this on DVD SOON!

  • Kings Row

    • Linda Handy
    • 2/5/06

    You must release this great movie on DVD. They don't make movies like this anymore. Thanks

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